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Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer

From Youtube.com - Posted: Oct 13, 2011 - 102,328 views3d Game | Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer | Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer
Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer
Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer
Game Trailer Duration: 2 minutes 47 seconds 
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(Source: youtube.com).
Cave Story is heading to another dimension as the classic platformer heads to 3DS in November.

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3d game | Cave Story has a Fourth Ending

Cave Story has a Fourth Ending

The original Cave Story has been out for almost eight years, and only recently has the fourth ending been discovered. This "fourth ending" consists of an alternate path through the game which enables you to save the lives of King, Toroko, the Colons, and lets you and Curly Brace go home with the Sakamotos. For some time, even NICALiS was not aware of this. And the members of the Cave Story Tribute site forums condemn any idea of there being a fourth ending. This will likely shock a lot of people, seeing as how some other parodies have been made about a possible fourth ending in Cave Story. Note that there is a lot of skipped new content in this video, such as the ability to upgrade the missile launcher that Kanpachi catches, the cutscene in the Core room, and much more. So really, the only way to see all of this new content and for it all to make sense is for you to try this yourself.EDIT: APRIL 3, 2013 APRIL FOOLS!!!!!Yep, this video is fake. There is no fourth ending to Cave Story. The whole fourth ending was an April fools prank that used gameplay from a mod that I made in an attempt to look like it's a part of the official game. In addition, all videos that attempt to support this as true are equally fake. And people who claimed this is real either fell really hard for this, or were playing along. Well, it took about a year for it to finally stop being funny. I decided to end this prank due to how far downhill the reception on my second video went, as well as some encouragement from some of my friends to lay this hoax to rest. For those of you who want to experience what's presented in the video, you may download my mod here:http:www.cavestory.orgforumsindex.php?topic3858-cave-story-with-a-fourth-endingFor pretty much the past year, the members of the Cave Story Tribute Site forums have been watching the reactions of people elsewhere and all laughing together:http:www.cavestory.orgforumsindex.php?topic4051-funny-april-fools-joke-i-played-on-unsuspecting-youtubersWell, that was fun, but eventually it stopped being funny, so I've decided to spill the beans. After a year, the joke has finally stopped being as funny as it used to be, and there's been a spike in negative reception on my second video, so I think it's time for this hoax to stop wasting so much of other people's time.EDIT: January 1st, 2015:This mod can now be played on Cave Story+ by downloading the port and installing is with Plus Porter: http:www.cavestory.orgforumsindex.php?topic5338-plus-porter-beta-1020Click here to see a let's play of this mod in Cave Story+: https:www.youtube.comwatch?v=-Nw9-TQQ4V0
4,893 views | Mar 31, 2012
3d game
3d game | Top 10 3DS Games

Top 10 3DS Games

With so many great games, how can we choose just ten? Well, we did, and you'll never believe which games made the list.
4,338 views | Apr 23, 2014
3d game
3d game | Cave Story Part 15 True Final Stage Sacred Grounds 3 HP Minimal Weapons NO DAMAGE

Cave Story Part 15 True Final Stage Sacred Grounds 3 HP Minimal Weapon...

► Playlist with playthrough: https:goo.glyBmz34 ► SUPPORT MY PATREON: https:www.patreon.comMinoruLeonardo This was so NOT fun to do.This isn't a speedrun, if you say anything like "X is faster and better" or "I can do it faster" consider yourself blocked. I'm tired of deleting stupid commentaries here.NOTE: This is the **original** PC version, not the Wii neither Plus (Steam Version).Sacred Grounds is brutal and won't forgive even the slightest mistake you make, it is freaking long and has way too many things that deals a lot of damage. Bosses: Giga Heavy Press - 03:10 Ballos 1st - 04:52 Ballos 2nd - 05:30 Ballos 3rd - 06:12 Ballos 4th - 07:08
3,201 views | Oct 26, 2011
3d game

3d game | Let s Play Cave Story 3D Part 1 Welcome to Mimiga Village

Let s Play Cave Story 3D Part 1 Welcome to Mimiga Village

I'm back to Let's Playing! The game I chose to make my return with is Cave Story 3D!Follow me! Twitter | https:twitter.comPlay4Thrill Skype | Play4Thrill
3,146 views | Nov 30, 2014
3d game
3d game | Cave Story 3D Gameplay Nintendo 3DS Capture Card

Cave Story 3D Gameplay Nintendo 3DS Capture Card

Cave Story 3D - Gameplay Nintendo 3DS Capture CardVisit us at http:www.godgames-world.com for moreCave Story 3D is a 3D version of the game developed by Nicalis and published by NIS America as a retail title for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released on 8 November 2011 in North America, 11 November 2011 in Europe and 26 July 2012 in Japan. The game was built from scratch using 3D character models, featuring a dynamic camera system and another additional level, as well as a remixed soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky.The Japanese version features crossover content from various NIS franchises such as Crazy Climber, Ikki, and Dragon Slayer.In order to devote more time to perfecting the title, Amaya quit his job as a software developer to become director of Cave Story 3D.He remarked that the transition to 3D was difficult because it required the consideration of so many more details.::::: Rate, Comment & Subscribe :::::
4,326 views | Mar 10, 2015
3d game
3d game | Cave Story 3D walkthrough 016 Welcome to Hell!

Cave Story 3D walkthrough 016 Welcome to Hell!

2,631 views | Mar 17, 2013
3d game

3d game | Cave Story │en Español por TulioX│ Parte 1

Cave Story │en Español por TulioX│ Parte 1

¡SI! Comenzamos con un nuevo juego, está muy bueno y muy entretenido.¿Te gustó el video y quieres ver más?Puedes suscribirte a mi canal para ver más contenidos. Además puedes seguirme desde Facebook o desde Twitter para estar al tanto de los nuevos videos que subiré.Facebook: http:www.facebook.compagesTulioX210451555671151 Twitter: https:twitter.com#!TulioX10Espero que este video te haya gustado, en ese caso puedes darle en "Me Gusta" o ponerlo en "Favorito" . Si quiere ver más videos puedes suscribirte a mi canal para seguirme con los nuevos videos que subiré. Y no te olvides, si quieres y puedes, ponlo en HD (720p) para ver el video mucho mejor.
2,343 views | May 30, 2013
3d game
3d game | Johnny vs. Cave Story

Johnny vs. Cave Story

An evil doctor is kidnapping and experimenting on Mimiga; the inhabitants of Mimiga village. You take control of a boy. You're not sure why he's there, but he is, and you have a day to save. But what is the deal with this cave system? What is the doctor planning on doing? How does the boy connect with it all? It's mysterious, and it's short. It's Cave Story, by Studio Pixel.
2,545 views | May 24, 2013
3d game
3d game | Cave Story 3D Teaser HD

Cave Story 3D Teaser HD

Cave Story 3D doesn't have a date of release yet but is already broadcasting a first video. Latest &hottest game trailers with GameNews : http:wizdeo.comsgamenews ©JeuxActu.com Distribution Wizdeo.
4,619 views | Mar 28, 2011
3d game

3d game | Vinesauce Vinny Cave Story 3D

Vinesauce Vinny Cave Story 3D

Vinny streams Cave Story 3D for 3DS live on Vinesauce! Subscribe for more Full Sauce Streams ► http:bit.lyfullsauce YouTube Gaming and Twitch Livestream of Cave Story 3D! This is a video game for Nintendo 3DS, the stream was recordededited by Vappyvap (Vappyvap88). Stream date: February 27, 2016 Follow Vinesauce on Twitch: http:www.twitch.tvvinesauce Follow Vinesauce on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comvine.sauce Follow Vinesauce on Twitter: https:twitter.comvinesauce Subscribe to Vinesauce! ► http:bit.lyvinesaucesub Check out my Bandcamp! ♫ https:vine.bandcamp.com Follow me on Twitter: http:twitter.comvinnyvinesauce Draw something for the Vinebooru! ► http:vinesauce.booru.org Tagging tutorial for the Vinebooru: http:bit.ly1SaM2ZB STORE: http:vinesauce.comshop *Stream Playlist* ► http:bit.ly1IzbRx3
3,309 views | Feb 27, 2016
3d game
3d game | Cave Story Doukutsu Monogatari Mod Ballos Story With a few... Speedy Adjustments

Cave Story Doukutsu Monogatari Mod Ballos Story With a few... Speedy A...

Ballos Story is a mod by Fuzz on the Mirai Gamer Forums that takes the Sacred Grounds area & turns this Cave Story upside down: Now Ballos is the hero & he has to defeat... Quote?! This isn't an ordinary run through this mod, however, as I made a few hex edits using XVI32 to give Ballos some of the abilities he normally possessed- namely, the Infinite Booster (Discovered by RuneLancer, who also made the amazing, yet discontinued, Original Sin mod) & a faster speed while boosting horizontally (Found by OpethWC), though the vertical boosting speed remains unchanged. The sprites for Ballos & Quote were created by Andwhyisit. All other sprite edits (The Quote heads replacing the damaging bones, for example) & the dialogue changes were done by Fuzz. You can find the mod here- http:miraigamer.netforumsshowthread.php?t=1229 Note: If anyone had seen JacobX89one's Let's Play Ballos Story videos before he removed them, you'll know that Ballos will get stuck offscreen & will eventually drown after the scene where Sue is put in the cage in Mimiga Village. Fortunately, a save file is already included with this mod that'll take you where you need to be, but all of the Super Missile ammo (Except the set in the last treasure chest) is missing, hence why I didn't use it at all in this video...
3,168 views | Feb 21, 2009
3d game
3d game | Mini Hp presentando cave story

Mini Hp presentando cave story

Uno de los juegos indies de plataformas ya esta aquí para ustedes ;) Like,comenta,favoritos y suscribete para mas!Cave story+: http:www.mediafire.comfile5s6u6ef5r6k8afgCave+Story%2B+By+Canguro.rarNota*: esta es la versión remasterizada con mejores gráficos y soporte HD. que lo disfruten!Sígueme en las redes sociales ;) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- pagina de facebook: https:www.facebook.comShadowproductionSW (Like)My facebook: https:www.facebook.comsombra.fantasma.7 (suscribete) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- twitter: https:www.twitter.comShadowProductio ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Google+: https:plus.google.comu0b116211094869185598170116211094869185598170about
1,918 views | Jun 20, 2014
3d game

3d game | Cave Story Wii Boss Rush 7 36 0 S RANK

Cave Story Wii Boss Rush 7 36 0 S RANK

Although this is the WiiWare version, this is how you accomplish an S-Rank on Cave Story+ boss rush mode. What's done here can be done on the Steam version too.That's it, I'm done. I don't think I can possibly top this record, this went so damn well. I was especially lucky to defeat Puu Black before he leapt up. Mistakes were very minimal in this run, and if they were made, they were mostly outside of boss fights.Oh by the way, that random sound at the end of the Rabid Toroko fight? That was my email.
1,102 views | Feb 24, 2011
3d game
3d game | Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Is Aloy's adventure worth taking or is it bound to go extinct much like the ancient dinosaurs? (not the robot ones) Find out in our GameSpot review!
2,034 views | Feb 17, 2017
3d game
3d game | Cave Story REVIEW BGR!

Cave Story REVIEW BGR!

WARNING: From start to finish, this video is filled with Cave Story spoilers. Don't watch if you don't want to be spoiled, but by now you should know that it's a great game. Play it. This was kind of unavoidable seeing the name of the main character's even a spoiler. For more awesome gaming videos, head on over to http:www.hiddenblock.comFOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK! - http:www.facebook.comBalrogGameRoom FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! - http:www.twitter.comBalrogGameRoom FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH FOR FUTURE STREAMS! - http:www.twitch.tvBalrogTMBecome my Patron! - http:www.patreon.comBalrogTheMasterChannel design by: Nico Vliek http:www.twitter.comWhaddupNico
4,382 views | Apr 06, 2015
3d game

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