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How to make pony OC for SFM Gmod OLD

From Youtube.com - Posted: Apr 06, 2013 - 87,839 views3d Game | How to make pony OC for SFM Gmod OLD | How to make pony OC for SFM Gmod OLD
How to make pony OC for SFM Gmod OLD
How to make pony OC for SFM Gmod OLD
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How to make your pony OC for SFM or Gmod? I show you! (steps for short and more info at the end of description)NEW COMPILE METHODYou don't need SourceSDK or GUISTudioMDL anymore.. Here how it works:You'll need to have a "studiomdl.exe" in "..common\Team Fortress 2\bin" or "..common\SourceFilmmaker\game\bin" If you use SFM's studiomdl.exe, THE MODEL WON'T WORK IN GMOD!! (so use the one in TF2) There's no studiomdl.exe in Gmod's folder.If you don't have a "studiomdl.exe" in TF2's folder than do this: -Go in your Steam library -Right click on TF2 - Properties -Go on "Betas" tab -Select "sdktools_beta" -close it -run the game once ;)So, if you have the exe:Open up notepad. make a command line like this: "studiomdl.exe path here" -nop4 -r -game "game folder here" "%1"It's ONE LINE!For example (my line): "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\studiomdl.exe" -nop4 -r -game "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\usermod" "%1"Save the file as a .bat file! (save as - select 'all files' and name it "compile.bat")Now you can drag a qc file in it, and it will work ;)(if you got error, and the window closes.. umm.. I don't know how to read the error message really.. I'm new in this too)The model files will be in the folder you set in the second path in the command. (".../usermod" in my case, so my models go to ".../usermod/models")If you put the "@pause" (with no quotes) command in the second line in your .bat file, the window won't close immediately. Only if you press a key. (it's very helpful if you have an error message, because you can see it :3)MORE INFO ASAP!====Links: (comment if I messed up the links :P)Pony source files: fav.me/d5xkh1nPony model pack: (mlp_overhaul addon for Gmod) fav.me/d5wylweVTFEdit: nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?c=178The model I made (incl. QC and material references): www.mediafire.com/download/l7n68r98x325zqn/COtemplate.rarSource Filmmaker: www.sourcefilmmaker.com/SFM scripts for ponies (IK rig, emotion and phoneme stuff): filesmelt.com/dl/SFM_stuff.rar====Music:All from RaRa Leaire! Rara's channel: www.youtube.com/user/RastasandrainbowsTracks (in order):RaRa - Satellite: RaRa - Slapadiddle: RaRa - Mibs: RaRa - Sidewalk Ocean: RaRa - Drums & Heartstrings StepparD and AlexSan - Ponies Are Beautiful (RaRa Remix):====Male body? If you decide to make male OC, read this!There are some things different or outdated in the qc file of Doctor Hooves (drhooves.qc)1. File paths!The qc searches the vta files in the same directory where the qc is. Those files are in "ponies_source\flexes\male". Use the replace in your text editor and replace every [ flexfile " ] to [ flexfile "flexes/male/ ] Also make sure that the mane/tail/horn/wing/physics model's paths are correct!2. Eye fix! Put this 2 line after the "mouth 0 "mouth" Head 0.000 1.000 0.000" lineflexcontroller eyes range -90 90 eyes_updown flexcontroller eyes range -90 90 eyes_rightleft3. For pegasi, add these too (or it crash gmod):$jointconstrain "leftwingopen" x limit -80.00 80.00 0.00$jointconstrain "leftwingopen" y limit -50.00 50.00 0.00$jointconstrain "leftwingopen" z limit -25.00 100.00 0.00$jointconstrain "rightwingopen" x limit -80.00 80.00 0.00$jointconstrain "rightwingopen" y limit -50.00 50.00 0.00$jointconstrain "rightwingopen" z limit -25.00 100.00 0.00$jointconstrain "leftwingclosed" x limit -20.00 20.00 0.00$jointconstrain "leftwingclosed" y limit -20.00 20.00 0.00$jointconstrain "leftwingclosed" z limit -70.00 10.00 0.00$jointconstrain "rightwingclosed" x limit -20.00 20.00 0.00$jointconstrain "rightwingclosed" y limit -20.00 20.00 0.00$jointconstrain "rightwingclosed" z limit -70.00 10.00 0.00

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How to make your own pony model for Garry's mod and Source Filmmaker? I show you! (Q&A will go to the end of the description)(my) .BAT file: "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\studiomdl.exe" -nop4 -r -game "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\usermod" "%1" @pausemlp_overhaul pack(for materials): http:goo.gl8BC96YPonies_source: http:goo.glpP3NQg or http:goo.glQPwk1XNotepad++: http:goo.glE81qQnVTFEdit: http:goo.glld2fqqFor male ponies:1. Copy a .qc from the QC folder to the ponies_source folder. (if you want wings, I recommend to pick a pegasus' .qc) This will be your qc.2. Open the copied one and remove ALL the blocks like this:flexfile "flexesfemalefluttershyl_angry.vta"flex "l_angry" frame 1flexcontroller "phoneme" "l_angry" "range" 0 1%l_angry = l_angryDO NOT remove these:flexcontroller eyes range -90 90 eyes_updownflexcontroller eyes range -90 90 eyes_rightleft3. In the QC folder, open "drwhooves.qc".4. Copy ALL the blocks like this:flexfile "angry.vta"flex "angry_r" frame 1flexcontroller "phoneme" "angry_r" "range" 0 1%angry_r = angry_rand paste in your qc after this line:mouth 0 "mouth" Head 0.000 1.000 0.0005. Open the "replace" function in Notepad++ (Ctrl+H)Replace this: (space and quvote too) flexfile "With this: flexfile "flexesmaleClick "replace all" and close.Those block have to look like this now:flexfile "flexesmaleangry.vta"flex "angry_r" frame 1flexcontroller "phoneme" "angry_r" "range" 0 1%angry_r = angry_r6. You can follow the video from here :)
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This is a from start to finish on how to create a Pony from My Little Pony Friendship is magic in Zbrush 4R5. Sorry there is no audio or music just the basic how I create a pony in Zbrush. I usually only use the "Move Topological" brush for most of my work, along with the "Dynamesh" option enabled at a low setting to start. I do the same process for everything I create, it's sort of the reason why I can complete a model in about 30 minutes. I also wanted to show I how I got about creating a pony to encourage others and show once you know the controls for Zbrush you can do anything. I hope this helps those people that are starting out with Zbrush and those that might be having issues. It's very basic, but that is the point. So I didn't show how I create the hair, clothes, or other items that I going to use in the model. Along with some minor tweaks I do for balance and looks.
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A Brony's worst nightmare.WARNING: Definitely not for the faint of heart.GMOD STUFF: Pony models: http:www.equestriadaily.com201107garys-mod-ponies.html Pony Engineer (Eppaljeck) model: http:www.mediafire.com?oukcs6lgb9f2q3k Map: http:www.garrysmod.orgdownloads?a=view&id=122785 Eppaljeck blips: http:www.mediafire.com?vlb9er0djq1vnipSONGS: RainbowCrash88 - You've Got To Share (8-Bit) (http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=1hH02807eck) Soundtrack from Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
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WANT PART 3?!?! SHARE THE HELL OUT OF THIS PLEASE!!!! Part ONE https:www.youtube.comwatch?v=uLGkEAnt49UThis is NOT a sequel to the MLP episode titled "Rainbow Falls". This is a sequel to my animated Gmod video coincidentally titled "Rainbow Falls". In which I made over a year and a half ago. Maybe I have a fan working at Hasbro lolPlot: Rainbow Dash owes the evil gang lord Mr. Flowers a lot of money. So Mr. Flowers sends his best associate Miri to kidnap Twilight Sparkle. Dash refuses to let her best friend be taken and thus begins an epic story of action, drama, suspense and swag! As Rainbow Dash says in the video "Another Big Dumb Action Movie"This was made ENTIRELY in Garry's Mod. I did not use Source Film Maker. Most of the shots were composited in Adobe After Effects.
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Screenshot http:fav.med60shcy If you scared: http:fav.med61a7kv EqD: http:www.equestriadaily.com201304sfm-pink.html
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Download for the Big Brian model: http:garysmodx.deviantart.comartBig-Brian-from-Banned-From-Equestria-DOWNLOAD-445502690?ga_submit_new=10%253A1396770208&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1YES! I HAVE RETURNED WITH A BRAND NEW VIDEO THAT I CAN SAFELY SAY THAT I AM PROUD OF!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I doFunfact: This is the VERY first gmod video to EVER feature Big Brian the red pony from Banned From Equestria! :DAnother Funfact: The pain that has been inflicted on Brian has absolutely NO intention on anything but being humorous.The voice of Fluttershy is from the talented and OH SO LOVELY IMShadow007: http:www.youtube.comuserIMShadow007The voice of Brian and Big Macintosh were from ME!
678,849 views | Jul 22, 2013
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EDIT: One million views on this video! Thanks you guys, means a lot!It's done in time!! Yes! I'm glad it's finished...even though there's another one already out. IM SORRY D; Have a merry Nightmare Night-wait.Credits go to:WoodenToaster, or Glaze, if you prefer, for the AWESOME SONG. It was the first one I listened to ;) http:www.youtube.comuserWoodenToaster?feature=watchPoninnahka, for his awesome pony overhaul models that I should mention with HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS. http:poninnahka.deviantart.comBlaze, for moral support and giving me some sort of weird inspiration. http:www.youtube.comuserblazemoosic?feature=watchNorpo13, for the awesome Scout model he made! Actually, he made 11 models, one for each class, and two for scout, and another for femscout, you should really check out his stuff!
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I present you the completed collab project, The Pony Idiot Box! There was supposed to be a little bit more from my end that I wanted to put into this collab project but unfortunately Gmod has been broken for a while and is still broken during the time this collab was supposed to be open. So since you all finished early and it still looked pretty good even without my full input, I decided to finish it up early. Nice job to all of those who contributed and maybe if you stay around in the future, maybe I might do another one. I am also happy to say we are one of the first collab projects to feature videos created using both Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker! Thanks everyone!Anyway welcome to the Pony Idiot Box! It's a video compilation of all those stupid moments ponies (and sangheili) have. Credits and deleted clips are at the end of the video. Enjoy!
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Meet the .....

The little red team stumbled upon someone to tough to handle. The blue team scout, because he's sick and tired of loosing to the red team and their bunch of ponies decides to call an old friend for help. And this friend brings along a hole team. This is what happens when I get bored and find new models to play with, I drop videos like this. I'll be doing a little series of videos like this for the mean time. Disclaimer.I own nothing. sonic models can be found here. https:dl.dropboxusercontent.comu27874399GModApocModels.htmlMLP belongs to hasbro.Sonic and affiliates belongs to sega.Team Fortress belongs to Valve.PS : I still miss a model to be demoman, but I'm hopping it wont be far before the model I'm thinking of is released. ^^
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Pinkie Pie finds a cake

My first Gmod video... with PONIES ! (And also my first attempt to mix Flash animations with Gmod animations)Update : Over 7000 views ?! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! :-)Music : Ren and Stimpy Soundtrack - Dancing Balkans Ren and Stimpy Soundtrack - Metropolis Ren and Stimpy Soundtrack - Tom Fool
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Equestria Daily?!? WOOT! This is my second SFM, after some more practice, i think i became a bit better. thanks to Gonzalolog for the Filly Rainbow Dash model! Gonzalolog: http:gonzalolog.deviantart.com
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Okay Guys, I gota tell you something, there is this New error that is fucking up The SDK... So you can look to here http:kawafeel098.deviantart.comjournalSourceSDK-GUIStudioMDL-help-pls-407759823 Use this to fix it... Okay Mates I haven't seen you guys in Youtube, Ps: I'm not Dead...... I was busy and gone a long time.... Here My new way of making OC The Gmod way.(steps for short and more info at the end of description)Use Source Filmmaker And Garrys mod to Compile!In SDK select "Edit Game Configuration", click "Add", give it to a name (anything.. SFM Gmod Tf2 .ect or usermod or.. asdasd), at directory set "...steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\gam­e\usermod", OK, OK, Close, Garrys mod same thing as SFM! In your usermod folder open that gameinfo.txt and change the "1840" values to "1841". Done. Now in GUIStudio you can select this under "Target Mod".==Can't find gameinfo.txt ?If you use Gmod for compile, check in SourceSDK, Edit Game Configuration, select your Garrys mod config, and check the line under "Folder". It have to end with "...garrysmod" and do not go to sourceengine, platform, or bin.....". Okay? Good!★Here the things that your going to need for this Quest:★GUIStudioMDL: http:www.wunderboy.orgappsguistudiomdl2.php★Pony source files: ★Pony model pack: (mlp_overhaul addon for Gmod) http:poninnahka.deviantart.comartPony-Overhaul-Females-Release-357693278★VTFEdit: http:nemesis.thewavelength.netindex.php?c=178If you are a Garrymod Maker:★Gmod Maker: http:www.garrysmod.comOr SFM Marker like me★Source Filmmaker: http:www.sourcefilmmaker.comMusic used:Here all of them: http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=umDBJazES-M&list=RD02jbJB1D_W5k8====Steps (for short):1. Download SourceSDK from Steam. You'll fint it in the Tools. After download it, launch it one, than select "Refresh SDK Content". After that "Reset Game Configurations"2. Download GUIStudioMDL and configure the Orangebox Tools Path. ...\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\sourcesdk\b­in\orangebox\bin3. Download the pony models' source files. Create your qc file of the model. You can use an existing qc for reference. You can use notepadnotepad++editplus whatever :D4. Open the qc file in GUIStudioMDL and click Complie. Copy the model's files to.. SFM: ...\usermod\models Gmod: ...addons\VN_mlp\models5. Download VTFEdit. Make your "skin" of the model. You can open existing vtf files and export the images for reference. The vtf files in ...\materials\models\VN_mlp\PONYNAME\ You'll need to save your images as TGA. (using Photoshop or Gimp) Import the TGAs one by one in VTFEdit and save the vtf files where your model's materials are have to be. ("$cdmaterials..." line in the qc) Also you must have the vmt files in there too. (you can copy vmt files from other pony's folders, but you have to edit them to have the correct file paths in them)6. I hope you get my way of doing it in the Garrysmod way, btw if you don't get it, Rick SFM way: http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=7kS3E79FK0U If still not: READ........: http:poninnahka.deviantart.comjournalNahka-s-pony-compiling-tutorial-316528734 NanKa Book.....Enjoy Mate :P
2,177 views | Sep 28, 2013
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This honestly should've been finished a month ago but I got lazy. Wasn't until I woke up with a massive toothache and an upset stomach that I decided to finish. This is the first cartoon that ToxicThunderCloud helped out with. He wants to help with doctor whooves episode 4 and this was more or less a way to see what he can do. He handled Melissa.You can find toxic at http:www.youtube.comtoxicthundercloudThis cartoon was more of an exercise of body language and animation. I tried out using the forelegs more often and based on the rigs made by Zach Rich and Dileak.For some reason Google is being a butt and as of April 1st, I haven't earned a cent in Adsense. I don't know what's going on, nothing has changed on my profile or settings and the number of views and such haven't really slowed down. Perhaps it's because youtube keeps updating and certain components aren't compatible. Who knows?Vectors courtesy of MLP-VectorClub and the mentioned artists.UPDATE: From what I have been able to gather, the day-to-day progress of my adsense performance will not be shown on the adsense website (only the finalized total will). The day-to-day stuff will be handled by youtube in the analytic section of your profile. I don't know how this will affect net earnings each month since youtube itself doesn't pay much compared to Adsense content host. Still sucks since I was able to earn about 500+ a month but when the new year started it dropped to 230 or so.Woo! Another feature on EqD: http:www.equestriadaily.com201304animation-pony-insomnia-so-much-left-to.html
103,780 views | Apr 05, 2013
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SFM Meet the Rainbow Scout

The youngest of eight fillies from the south side of Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash learned early how to problem solve with a swift buck to the jaw. With seven older sisters on her side, fights tended to end before the runt of the litter could maneuver into kicking distance, so Dash trained herself to fly. She flew everywhere, all the time, until she could beat her pack of mad dog siblings to the fray.Made with Source FilmmakerVarious wallpapers here: http:i.imgur.comnYCxB1Q.jpg http:i.imgur.comvZUKpBw.jpg http:i.imgur.com4CtGLeI.jpg http:i.imgur.comcmPhkYO.jpg http:i.imgur.comyWaEBS8.jpg http:i.imgur.comDbcYk1j.jpg
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SFM Fluttershy s Lament compared with Original Video

I just merged the audio waves to synchronize ______________________________________________[SFM] Video created by: ►http:www.youtube.comuserStarkiller160793◀Original [SFM] Video: ►http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=Twl5UB4ye44◀Original Video: ►http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=b5YfYtZ32d4◀Original Song: ►http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=oSLvjfrxynA◀Mp3: ►http:www.mediafire.com?o96qz6adad85q46◀Map: cp_canterlotwargames_b2 ►http:www.mediafire.com?v0pqm941pyxo5ox◀______________________________________________This song is part of a free pony album called "The Pony Way" Pick that up here: http:alllevelsatonce.bandcamp.comalbumthe-pony-way
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