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Funniest Horse Videos 2014

From Youtube.com - Posted: Jan 20, 2014 - 1,833,203 views3d Game | Funniest Horse Videos 2014 | Funniest Horse Videos 2014
Funniest Horse Videos 2014
Funniest Horse Videos 2014
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Animal Cuteness : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV9_n_--2oYJoin our Youtube Network : tinyurl.com/p6cg393www.cutepetmedia.comMost Funny Horse Videos 2014. The World's Most Funny Horse Videos 2014

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Animal Cuteness : https:www.youtube.comwatch?v=wV9_n_--2oYJoin our Youtube Network : http:tinyurl.comp6cg393http:www.cutepetmedia.comWorld's Most Funny Horse Videos March 2014. Funniest Horse Videos 2014. Funny Horse Compilation. Cute Horses 2014.
1,863,283 views | Mar 28, 2014
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Horses, Ponies and Fails Compilation

IN this funny horse compilation, tune in to see some of our favorite horse videos from the Petsami vault.SUBSCRIBE TO PETSAMI: http:bit.ly16JmSEQWatch More Animal Videos at: http:www.youtube.competsamiLike us on FACEBOOK: http:www.facebook.comPetsami GET ON THE LIST: http:on.fb.me15Qnw7T Follow Petsami on TWITTER: https:twitter.competsami Follow us on TUMBLER: http:www.petsami.tumblr.com Check us out on PINTEREST: http:www.pinterest.competsami Follow Petsami on INSTAGRAM: http:www.instagram.competsamiPetsami delivers your daily fix of LOL pet clips and premium original shows for animal lovers of all ages. From the soft and furry to the fun and funny, embrace your inner animal instincts and stay wild with Petsami at http:youtube.competsami. For media inquiries please email: bbrown@fbwmedia.com
3,373,404 views | Nov 25, 2013
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Best Funny Horse Videos Compilation 2014 NEW HD

Most Funny Horse Videos | Funny Horse Videos | Funniest Horse Videos | Funny Horses | Horses | Horse Fails | Horse Kicking | Horse Jump FailsPuppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time! Subscribe: https:goo.glk6DwND Follow: https:www.twitter.comfunnyplox Facebook: https:www.facebook.comfunnyploxAll content is used in adherence with the "fair use" copyright agreement. Allowance is made for transformative purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is permitted by Copyright Statute that might otherwise be infringing. If you have any questions or concerns send us a message or visit: http:www.youtube.comytcopyrightfair-use.htmlExtra Tags:"funny videos, horse, funny, funny videos 2014, funny horses, funny horse videos, horse fails, funny horse, horse videos, funny video 2014 new, new videos 2014, new funny videos 2014, best funny videos, funny horse fails, funny videos 2014 new, best videos, horse funny, best funny videos 2014, new videos, best funny, funny horses videos, horse fails 2014""funny videos, funny, horse, funny videos 2014, funny horses, funny horse videos, funny horse, funny video 2014 new, best funny videos, horse videos, new funny videos 2014, funny videos 2014 new, funny 2014, horse funny, best funny, funny compilation, new videos 2014, funny videos, best funny videos 2014, best videos, funny videos compilation, videos 2014"
3,731,310 views | Apr 16, 2014
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pet and animal vine compilation 2014 funny animals

✓ Subscribe : http:goo.glnx4m3F ✓ Twitter : https:twitter.comtopcompilation ✓ Facebook : https:www.facebook.comfunnyvinescommunity Do it for the vine compilation : http:youtu.bes8OlZieZGlY Nash Grier top 50 vines:http:youtu.beAJf5SttCs44funny animal vines
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Funniest Horse Act Ever! Tommie Turvey and Pokerjoe!

Tommie Turvey and his horse, Pokerjoe perform the comedy act "the Riding Instructor" in front of thousands at the MCI Center in Washington DC during the Washington International Horse Show in 2002. Tommie and Pokerjoe, along with Ace and Joker, performed at this event in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. (c) Equine Extremist EntertainmentTommie Turvey www.equineextremist.com
4,702,410 views | Aug 09, 2009
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Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2014 NEW HD

Funny Cats and Dogs Love Babies | Cats and Dogs Love Babies | Cats Love Babies | Dogs Love Babies | Animals Love BabiesPuppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time! Subscribe: https:www.tinyurl.comfunnyplox Follow: https:www.twitter.comfunnyplox Facebook: https:www.facebook.comfunnyploxAll content is used in adherence with the "fair use" copyright agreement. Allowance is made for trans-formative purposes. Fair use is permitted by Copyright Statute that might otherwise be infringing. If you have any questions or concerns send us a message.Extra Tags:"babies, dogs and babies, babies and dogs, cats and dogs, dogs babies, cats and babies, dogs love babies, dogs with babies, cats love babies, babies with dogs, cats and dogs love babies, cute dogs and babies"
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Animal Cuteness : https:www.youtube.comwatch?v=wV9_n_--2oYJoin our Youtube Network : http:tinyurl.comp6cg393BEST FUNNY ANIMALS COMPILATION 2014, Funny Animals includes cats, dogs, elephants, goats, otters, seals, birds, monkeys, Funny Cats, Funny Dogs, hilarious pets, Funny Animals Fails, comic animals fails,Epic Funny Animals Compilation 2014, Awesome Funny Animals,humour animals,
2,148,197 views | Mar 05, 2014
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BEST FUNNY ANIMALS COMPILATION (2013 - 2014), Funny Animals includes cats, dogs, elephants, goats, otters, seals, birds, monkeys, Funny Cats, Funny, Dogs, hilarious pets, Funny Animals Fails, comic animals fails,Epic Funny Animals Compilation 2013-2014, Awesome Funny Animals,humour animals,
20,449,263 views | Jan 08, 2014
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"SAILOR" is a registered American Quarter Horse colt who was only two weeks old when this video was shot. The American Quarter Horse is an American breed of horse that excels at sprinting short distances. Its name came from its ability to outdistance other breeds of horses in races of a quarter mile or less; some individuals have been clocked at speeds up to 55 mph (88.5 kmh). The American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in the United States today, and the American Quarter Horse Association is the largest breed registry in the world, with more than 5 million American Quarter Horses registered.The American Quarter Horse is well known both as a race horse and for its performance in rodeos, horse shows and as a working ranch horse. The compact body of the American Quarter Horse is well-suited to the intricate and speedy maneuvers required in reining, cutting, working cow horse, barrel racing, calf roping, and other western riding events, especially those involving live cattle. The American Quarter Horse is also shown in English disciplines, driving, and many other equestrian activities.
949,045 views | May 10, 2012
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The Funny Horse Scout HD German Das Lustige Pferd Scout HD Deutsch

2010 Mercedes CSI Show. Hallenstadion Oerlikon Zürich.
2,505,282 views | May 28, 2011
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Golden Sunset Shilas Eva Fantastic Evening!

READ THIS PLEASE! (added september 15th 2012)Because of all the questions and comments on this video, I decided to reply to some of the common one's. 1) Shilas is a 11-year old Gelding. 2) Shilas is a purebred haflinger horse, 1.56 meter high. 3) I'm training Shilas for 4,5 years now.4) Shilas has his willy out because that is his way of telling me; I'm relaxed, i'm happy with what i'm doing, I love working with you and this is how I show it. I understand this is funny or a bit gross to see to many of you, but it's actually a very normal gelding-behaviour. I think many people don't upload footage with horses doing this because it's concidered dirty, but I think it's just nature and normal. At least, i'm used to it! :)5) Shilas is a experienced show horse, which means that he performs. Eventhough he's a showhorse, all the tricktraining you see is PLAYING. I hate calling it working, because it's just having fun with your horse on his way. Ofcourse, we train as well to improve or get stronger, but I still see it is fun and playing. 6) I'm 19 years old and i'm a horse trainer for 5 years now!Thank you for reading! Eva
1,313,210 views | Jul 01, 2012
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Take a look inside a horse and why you should wear horse boots to prot...

MORE INFO: http:www.kentucky-horseshop.comenhomeKENTUCKY HORSEWEAR TAKING PROTECTIVE HORSE BOOTS INTO THE 21ST CENTURY!Kentucky Horsewear was established back in August 2010, yet it is rapidly becoming the 'must have' brand, for protective horse boots across all disciplines. With a growing band of top international riders riding, training and competing in the boots, including international names such as Bettina Hoy, Eiken Sato, Lars Nieberg, Harrie Smolders, Shane Breen and UK event riders Francis Whittington and Laura Collette, the company already sells its collection throughout Europe, the USA and Australia.The name is a licence of the famous German clothing brand Kentucky Reitmoden established in 1961. Both companies are run separately and only share the same brand namelogo and distribution network worldwide. The Kentucky Horsewear offices are based in Belgium, under young entrepreneur, Kentucky Horsewear owner and MD Thomas Tuytens' watchful eye.An experienced horseman and event rider, Thomas Tuytens studied marketing in Breda in Holland, before moving to China at the age of 23 where he opened the Shanghai office of Concordia Textiles, his Belgium based family business specialized in manufacturing technical fabrics such as Cordura and Kevlar for Military, Medical and work wear applications. In 2007 he also opened the new production plant in Suzhou (China) for Concordia Textiles.In 2009, frustrated by the lack of technical equine products available on the market, Thomas Tuytens decided to marry his passion for textiles and horses and sought to create technically advanced protective horse wear with a difference. Working with professional riders and industry experts, whilst having direct access to the best textile materials (fabrics) in the world, meant that Thomas had the knowledge and contacts to develop horse boots like nothing else ever seen before. In 2010 he bought the licence of Kentucky Horsewear in Germany and the worldwide exclusivity of three patented technologies: D3O, Solimbra and Recuptex.With a company ethos firmly on "producing the best: as oppose to simply being 'the biggest', Thomas is adamant that this won't change, regardless of the anticipated company growth."My focus has always been to specialise in exceptional horse leg protection and to become in time, hopefully a benchmark to which other brands aspire to.With a growing collection of protective and therapeutic horse boots and healthy sales growth worldwide, will the Kentucky Horsewear collection look to move into other areas in the future?Never say never but Kentucky Horsewear really wants to focus and be the reference in horse leg protection worldwide
716,024 views | Oct 27, 2012
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Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car Latest Wildlife ...

Tourists hanging out of their car at a lion sighting. This lion felt threatened and barked at the tourists. If he had decided to attack, there wouldn't have been enough time to get in the car and close the window. SANPark's Rules: No part of the body may protrude from the car, either through the window or a sunroof, unless in designated areas.Taken on the S1 near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.comFor live wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park: http:www.latestsightings.comAnd like our Facebook page for great sightings and photos: https:www.facebook.comlatestsightingskrugerFollow us on Twitter: @LatestKrugerSubscribe to us on YouTube: http:www.youtube.comuserAnimatedcams
27,610,024 views | Jan 19, 2014
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The Path of the Horse Full Length documentary

* Follow the Path of the Horse at http:www.ourhorses.org* Join us on Facebook! https:www.facebook.comourhorses.org* Buy the DVD with bonus features and subtitles in French, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Danish, and English: http:ourhorses.orgproducts* Download the free Path of the Horse eBook documenting research done for the movie as well as telling more of Stormy's story in the years following the release of the documentary. http:ourhorses.orgproducts* Donate to support the OurHorses sanctuaries and service projects: http:ourhorses.orgsupportIf you value what is presented in this movie, please go to http:ourhorses.org where you can support our sanctuaries and service projects by making a donation. You can also become part of the OurHorses community exploring the future of horse human relationships focusing on creating new, peaceful ways for horses and humans to heal each other and the planet. Film Synopsis: Watch The Movie That's Changing Lives...'The Path of the Horse' documentary explores the future of horse-human relationships. Join former horse trainer Stormy May as she travels the world to interview today's leading horsemanship teachers and visionaries; Alexander Nevzorov, Klaus Hempfling, Linda Kohanov, Mark Rashid, Carolyn Resnick, and equine artist Kim McElroy.http:www.OurHorses.orgYou can find the song, Set me Free, on Angelika's album, "Love keeps singing (Love songs for the true self)" at http:angelikahealingmusic.comMusic
1,148,617 views | Oct 15, 2012
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Dressage horse freaks out at the London 2012 olympics

David Marcus riding Capital from Canada. I was a short sharp shower.
335,849 views | Aug 02, 2012
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