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Touch New 3D K POP game!

From Youtube.com - Posted: Dec 18, 2013 - 26,914 views3d Game | Touch New 3D K POP game! | Touch New 3D K POP game!
Touch New 3D K POP game!
Touch New 3D K POP game!
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You can find this game through Facebook; link - (App Page) : https://www.facebook.com/4GamesTouch link - (game) : goo.gl/qLEhFxor, the official website; link : t.4games.com/en/Mode : Touch Song : HISTORY by EXO-K bpm:110 Difficulty : x6 Server : Fantasy Sky I played this with my fellow guild mates Orange & Mikata and my close friend InS_Jw =). Btw DGNereus, here's the song i told u about.Edit(7/4/12) : OMG wow! Thank you Touch & Mstar players for 1.5k views! & the 6 likes ^^ + 1 dislike :P Oh, & thanks for making my vid one of the top search list for the game (I was searching Touch's official website one day & I saw this video) I'm not one to brag or show off but, it's just I'm just so happy. Thank you so much & Happy Touch-ing~! ^^I do not own this game nor the songs. Recorded with bandicam

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BEAST B2ST Touch Love Official MV HD

[Disclaimer] Full credits to the owner of this video, no copyright infringement intended.Beast is the face of the new Chinese 3D game called: TOUCH. Here's the official music video in HD-quality. Enjoy!
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TOUCH 觸動 MAMA EXO K 標準模式 6星 99.89 2Cool

第一關按到兩個Cool後面居然全P 整個悲劇XD我懶的練到全P了 哈哈 第6關跟第11關應該是最難的
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In the previous game, there was a couple bugglitch with 2 couple. In this vid, another couple was added & we thought there'll be another glitch. As said in title, it was a fail assumption xDYou can find this game through Facebook; link - (App Page) : https:www.facebook.com4GamesTouch link - (game) : http:goo.glqLEhFxor, the official website; link : http:t.4games.comenMode : Couple Touch Difficulty : x5 Song : BUBIBU by Apink bpm :113I do not own the game nor the song. Recorded with Bandicam
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TOUCH ONLINE มือใหม่หัดแตะ แตะทีไมค์สั่น

ชื่อในเกม KNcrazy ลิ้งเกมส์ http:touch.mygame.in.th Face : https:www.facebook.comkwan.fc.9 Fanpage : https:www.facebook.compagesKN-CraZy306536782689899?ref=hl
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