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We re Leaving On a Jet Plane This Is Only a Test 185 9 19 2013

From Youtube.com - Posted: Sep 19, 2013 - 12,438 views5 Minute Game | We re Leaving On a Jet Plane This Is Only a Test 185 9 19 2013 | We re Leaving On a Jet Plane This Is Only a Test 185 9 19 2013
We re Leaving On a Jet Plane This Is Only a Test 185 9 19 2013
We re Leaving On a Jet Plane This Is Only a Test 185 9 19 2013
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Subscribe to the audio edition of This Is Only a Test using RSS: j.mp/13l6lsn or iTunes: j.mp/1fD0hxI On this week's show, we discuss the launch of iOS 7, iPhone 5s and 5c reviews, Bing's new logo, Voyager 1 leaving the solar system, and answer reader mail. Enjoy!

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It's Jamie's first Dragon*Con! Jamie and Adam take the stage at a packed ballroom at Dragon*Con 2013 to chat with podcaster Ken Plume about blowing stuff up for science.
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Still Untitled The Adam Savage Project 13 Raiders of the Lost Ark 9 18...

On this week's show, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Adam makes a strong case that it's a perfect movie.
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Making a Real Life Halo Needler Prop

See high-res photos of the prop and the detailed build log here: http:www.tested.comartmakers458215-building-halo-needler-propHow do you bring something that has only existed in a video game into the real world? That's a question that Harrison Krix (Volpin Props) faces every day in his job as a professional prop maker. We challenged Harrison to make a realistic Needler gun from Halo Reach, and brought the finished prop to this year's Dragon*Con to put in the hands of Halo cosplayers. Find out more about the Halo Needler prop at http:www.tested.com and http:www.volpinprops.com
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A Bunch of Dads 3 7 2013

This week, we introducing a new show with some familiar faces. Jeff Green, Vinny Caravella, Dave Snider, and Will Smith sit down to talk about being dads. Vinny, Dave, and Will all get terrifying glimpses into the future, and a good time was had by all. This Is Only a Test will return next week!
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Tested In Depth Nvidia Shield Handheld Game Console

We test the Nvidia Shield console for its merits as a tablet alternative, an Android gaming system, and as a way to stream PC games to a handheld console. See how Shield performs with a mid-range graphics card and in games like Geometry Wars, Bioshock: Infinite, and Saints Row IV.
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Tour of Adam Savage s Home Office

Adam invites us inside his home to share the collection of prop replicas, 3d prints, oddities, and artifacts he keeps in his personal office for inspiration. And yes, that's the Bride's sword from Kill Bill.Find more from Adam's shop and see more of his creations at http:www.tested.com
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Tested In Depth Leap Motion Controller

Will and Norm test the Leap Motion, a small USB device that sits on your desk that can sense hand motions and gestures with a claimed precision of 0.01mm. We explain how the controller works, show what you can do with it in games and Windows, and discuss whether desktop computers need gesture controls.
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Coconut Water This Is Only a Test 188 10 10 2013

Subscribe to the audio edition of This Is Only a Test using RSS: http:j.mp13l6lsn or iTunes: http:j.mp1fD0hxI This week, Will, Norm, and special guest Loyd Case discuss the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Nest's new smoke detector, AMD's new API, puffing guns, and HP's latest hardware. Oh, we also announce the date for OCTOBERKAST 2013. Enjoy!
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Show and Tell Rollin With Sphero 2.0

Update: After this was shot, Sphero released an update to their app that adds the option to skip the leveling up business and remove shields from the app. It's possible that this would make this a much better product than this review indicates, but we haven't tested it with the updated apps yet. Remember the Sphero? It was a smartphone-controlled ball that you could send zipping around your house and drive your pets crazy. The second generation Sphero was just released, and Will tests it this week to see what's improved.
75,778 views | Sep 12, 2013
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Adam Savage, Phil Plait, and Veronica Belmont Talk Science

Adam joins Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy blog) and Veronica Belmont on stage at Dragon*Con 2013 to talk about the challenges and responsibilities of communicating science to the public in popular media. Just how much science are viewers supposed to take away from an hour-long television show?(Apologies for the audio quality, as the convention could not provide a direct audio feed for this panel.)
31,189 views | Sep 03, 2013
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Chris Hadfield readjusts to earthling life

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield speaks with CBC's Kim Brunhuber about getting used to life on Earth after 5 months in outer space.Canada's space ambassador, Chris Hadfield, is still readapting to life on this planet after spending 146 days in zero gravity as commander of the International Space Station. For now, though, he's taking his homecoming one step at a time."Just learning to walk — that's enough," Hadfield said of the "bizarre" experience of being back on Earth after five months in outer space.How Chris Hadfield turned earthlings on to space "Just holding my head up is a bizarre new experience. I haven't had to hold my head on top of my neck for five months. I've been living in a cave. I haven't had the sun in my skin for five months," he told CBC News via Skype from the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Tx."[I'm] just trying to readapt myself and get myself back to being an earthling again after what was just a magnificient human experience," he added.The Canadian astronaut with a deft touch at social media also spoke about his newfound Twitter fame since his mission as part of the crew of Expedition 35 began last December.'Learning to walk' Hadfield, who now has nearly a million followers on Twitter, said the huge social-media interest generated by his posts "took on a life of its own.""As soon as I started taking pictures of the world in real time, showing people the brushfires going on in the Outback of Australia or Mount Etna erupting or just the city lights of a big city, it immediately touched this huge internationally resonating chord that social media allowed to feed back to me," he said.As for his thoughts on the future of the Canadian Space Agency, which faces budget cuts and sweeping changes to the program, Hadfield said the outlook still looks promising, noting that having a Canadian command the ISS is an achievement that he knows other young Canadians aspire for some day."That's been my job for the last 21 years as an astronaut is to help us get to this stage and keep the doors open for the future," he said.For the time being, though, he's focusing on his personal physical rehabilitation after his muscles atrophied from underuse."I'm just learning to walk. Really, truly, I'm learning to walk again," he said. "It's difficult."=============================== chris hadfield, chris hadfield back on earth, chris hadfield walking, chris hadfield walking on earth, astronauts getting used to earth, astronauts getting used to gravity, chris hadfield getting used to gravity, chris hadfield returns to earth, astronaut getting used to gravity, hadfield, chris hadfield trying to walk, astronaut getting used to earth, astronaut readjusting, chris hadfield homecoming, chris hadfield canada day, chris hadfield coming back to earth, astronaut readjusts, chris hadfield can't walk, chris hadfield now, chris hadfield mount etna, chris hadfield first steps back on earth, chris hadfield rehabilitation, readjusting to gravity, chris hadfield back to earth, chris hadfield head, russian astronauts rescue, astronaut readjusting to earth's gravity., space,hadfield, ground control to major tom, video from space, canadian space agency, astronaut readjusts, astronauts readjusting to earth,
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How Star Wars Episode 2 Could Have Saved Everything

Binary Bastard shares his thoughts on how a few changes to the story and structure of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones could have salvaged the film, the prequel trilogy, and even re-invigorated the Star Wars franchise.To be clear: this is a "revision" operating under the hypothetical scenario "what if Lucas had decided to make it like this all along". It is not a viable theory for the existing canon. Addendum: Based on discussion, the conclusion has been reworked as its own standalone video: http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=-3oJU4Ev_7MTo be clear, this video is not suggesting Lucas should have copied Nolan (not the least of all because such an argument would be an illogical anachronism). This is not a case for The Dark Jedi Rises, instead the video suggests that the film would have been better served if it understood character and story as Nolan does, where plot and character are natural extensions of one another. Or in case of The French Connection, where an action scene can be both entertaining and reveal subtle character information. References to The Dark Knight are used merely for illustrative purposes (since most people are probably aware of that film) rather than a model to emulate.Alsø alsø wik: If some of these points bear similarities to instances in the plot of Episode 2 and 3, it's because they should, the video attempts to show how the largest problem plaguing the film is not so much the plot as it is the delivery and execution of these story and character elements.It you want to read more, get a complete rundown on the video, or are hard of hearing (unfortunately the video isn't subtitled), head on over to http:digitaldidascalia.wordpress.comIf you like where my words are going, follow me on Twitter @binarybastardCopyright notice: So far as I know I've followed the terms of fair use to the letter, so for any lawyers with any respective studio (or George Lucas), please don't sue, it's all intended as just a bit of fun speculation.Films cited: Star Wars Episodes 1 through 6 The Maltese Falcon The French Connection Amadeus The Bourne Supremacy The Bourne Ultimatum Psycho Raiders of the Lost Ark The Dark KnightAlso cited: The Legend of Zelda - The Animated Series Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
581,253 views | Jul 18, 2013
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The DuoCast This Is Only a Test 192 11 7 2013

Apologies for the short show this week, but we barely managed to squeeze this in between other shoots this week. Topics discussed include iPad Air impressions, the Nexus 5, Android KitKat, the Surface 2, and JJ Abrams' new book S. Enjoy!
9,708 views | Nov 06, 2013
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The Rise of the Eurasian Beaver This Is Only a Test 199 1 30 2014

This week, Will, Norm, and special guest Jeremy Williams discuss the B-wing's legacy in Star Wars, the rise of the Eurasian beaver, the non-existence of black holes, the sale of Motorola by Google, and how to protect yourself online. All that, plus your questions answered, what we've been testing, and fake outtakes. Enjoy!Here's the Steam group, if you want to join: http:steamcommunity.comgroupstestedcom
21,319 views | Jan 30, 2014
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Adam Savage Answers Etsy s Questions Still Untitled The Adam Savage Pr...

In this week's super-sized episode, Adam answers questions submitted by Etsy users, including how he finds the best stuff on Etsy, how the indie crafts movement stacks up to mass production, and whether it's possible to swim in mayonnaise. Photo of Adam's knolling here: http:www.tested.comartmakers455161-etsy-questions-answered-4302013
45,493 views | Apr 29, 2013
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