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We re Leaving On a Jet Plane This Is Only a Test 185 9 19 2013

From Youtube.com - Posted: Sep 19, 2013 - 12,031 views5 Minute Game | We re Leaving On a Jet Plane This Is Only a Test 185 9 19 2013 | We re Leaving On a Jet Plane This Is Only a Test 185 9 19 2013
We re Leaving On a Jet Plane This Is Only a Test 185 9 19 2013
We re Leaving On a Jet Plane This Is Only a Test 185 9 19 2013
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Subscribe to the audio edition of This Is Only a Test using RSS: j.mp/13l6lsn or iTunes: j.mp/1fD0hxI On this week's show, we discuss the launch of iOS 7, iPhone 5s and 5c reviews, Bing's new logo, Voyager 1 leaving the solar system, and answer reader mail. Enjoy!

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