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Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade

From - Posted: Aug 15, 2013 - 42,874 viewsAdventure Game | Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade | Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade
Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade
Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade
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Contra Evolution Walkthrough HD 2 Player Coop PC

Me and my brother kicking some ass :DThanks for watching, remember to subscribe for more videos!
54,592 views | Oct 29, 2013
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Contra Shattered Soldier PLAYSTATION 2 Inv Part 1

With invincibility, cause this game needs one,,,seriously
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Contra 4 Video Walkthrough

This is a video walkthrough playthrough runthrough etc of the Nintendo DS game Contra 4.This was a game I would play nonstop between my college classes. I had a lot of practice with it needless to say.I used Lance in this playthrough since I haven't had a chance to use him in previous videos, so I thought I would give him his moment to shine, while he still had one....You'll notice I only use the spreader and laser once I get them. I've always liked those two weapons best, and as you can see, they serve me rather well. Also, I'm sure my boss strategies aren't exactly the best in some cases, but at least I survive them...I do have a few close calls, but in the end, I'm able to go through it without getting killed. I will admit this took quite a few tries, but playing all those challenges in the past and going through the game a whole bunch of times helped. :PAlso, I always loved the first bit when you turn the game on and hear the music while the flaming C is formed....Good times...
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Contra Shattered Soldier PS2 Perfect Play 100 All Stages No Miss

Contra Shattered Soldier PS2 - Perfect Play (100% All Stages + No Miss)
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Arcade Longplay 390 Knights of the Round

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: SCHLAUCHI
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Super Contra NES Playthrough No Death, No Power Ups

Super Contra (NES) Playthrough (No Death, No Power Ups). Played by ArekTheAbsolute. NO TAS!!! (this is NOT tool assisted walkthrough: no save states or any cheats used), only real skill! This game is also known as "Super C". I hope you'll enjoy this walkthrough. ;)
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Wii Longplay 003 Contra Rebirth Played by: Valis77 Wow! I never thought this game could be so much fun well it's Contra after all. Enjoy! Stage1 02:30 Stage2 05:15 Stage3 09:09 Stage4 16:22 Stage5 21:21 Final Battle 24:55
157,116 views | Mar 28, 2010
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Top 5 Contra Games! Ft. The Gaming Historian

Here is a list of what we consider the Top 5 Contra Games ever made! What is your list?Check out the awesome Gaming Historian! us on Facebook http:w
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TAS HD DS Contra 4 USA in 22 31.42 by cpadolf zggzdydp

http:tasvideos.org1326M.htmlContra 4 (2007) is largely a combined remake of the early NES and SNES Contra titles, featuring remixed music and vastly improved visuals utilizing both screens of the DS as if they were one contiguous screen. Watch Bill Rizer embark on a new colorful adventure in the shirtless land, this time making even less sense than ever before. To quote the game's ending: "Whatever the truth may have been, it was lost to time as the invaders became a mere footnote in the pages of history. A footnote which read: they sure blew up good." Amen.
13,312 views | Dec 28, 2011
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Contra 1, 2, 3 ALL Bosses

How do you get better? you make a video, read the feedback and do another one... well after my first Contra tribute people said I should have used the Contra music, I should have followed the other of th levels and that I should have inclouded the precuels. And now i did:Contra - For the NES (Levels 1 - 8) Super C - For the NES (Levels 1- 8) Super Contra 3: The Alien Wars - For the Super NES (Levels 1 - 8)and why this video? Just because I'm so buying the new one!!btw, I'll try replying everyone this time arround
210,507 views | Dec 05, 2009
adventure game

NES Super Contra 2 полное прохождение

Хак переделанный с первой части "Contra" по сути, это та же "Contra", тоесть удлинённая и усложнённая. Модифицированная "Contra", но под названием "Super Contra 2", пираты усложнили на этот раз задачу главным героям, здесь и все восемь уровней, и боссы стали очень сложными. Также, если в оригинальной игре после гибели игрока оружие возвращалось к начальному, то здесь оружие остаётся таким же, каким оно было до гибели. Ещё вместо 3 жизней теперь 5, хотя с такими уровнями и 50 жизней будет мало.NES: Contra (RUS) полное прохождение
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Official Walkthrough For Help Me

An alien stuck in a foreign plant. help him escape wisely, and return safely to the spaceship. Learn how to do so pefectly in this full walkthrough.
155,395 views | Oct 03, 2013
adventure game

Street Fighter Arcade History from 1987 to 2010

****ADVICE****I haven't included "Street Fighter: The Movie" (Incredible TechnologiesCapcom - 1995) because I think that it's a poor quality spin-off of the original series.I haven't included "Street Fighter EX 3" (CapcomArika - 2001) becase it was released only on Sony Playstation 2 and NOT on arcade coin-op format.******************The complete "STREET FIGHTER" history, the greatest fighting game made by Capcom, displayed complete attract mode of all chapters and some gameplays, best vision in 720p HD.Titles present in chronological order:1. "Street Fighter" (Capcom - 1987) - 0:05 2. "Street Fighter II - The World Warrior" (Capcom - 1991) - 1:36 3. "Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition" (Capcom - 1992) - 3:12 4. "Street Fighter II' - Hyper Fighting" (Capcom - 1992) - 5:03 5. "Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers" (Capcom - 1993) - 6:26 6. "Super Street Fighter II Turbo" (Capcom - 1994) - 8:32 7. "Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams" also known as "Street Fighter Zero" (Capcom - 1995) - 10:12 8. "Street Fighter Alpha 2" also known as "Street Fighter Zero 2" (Capcom - 1996) - 11:36 9. "Street Fighter EX" (CapcomArika - 1996) - 13:19 10. "Street Fighter III - New Generation" (Capcom - 1997) - 15:03 11. "Street Fighter EX Plus" (CapcomArika - 1997) - 16:57 12. "Street Fighter III 2nd Impact - Giant Attack" (Capcom - 1997) - 18:37 13. "Street Fighter Alpha 3" also known as "Street Fighter Zero 3" (Capcom - 1998) - 21:03 14. "Street Fighter EX 2" (CapcomArika - 1998) - 23:19 15. "Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - Fight for The Future" (Capcom - 1999) - 25:05 16. "Street Fighter EX 2 Plus" (CapcomArika - 1999) - 27:19 17. "Hyper Street Fighter II 15th - The Anniversary Edition" (Capcom - 2003) - 29:12 18. "Street Fighter IV" (CapcomDimpsCriware - 2008) - 30:25 19. "Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition" (CapcomDimpsCriware - 2010) - 35:44
716,433 views | Sep 14, 2011
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NDS Contra Dual Spirits Normal Level 魂斗羅 DS

Japan has received damage due to the severe earthquake. Please support Japan. Thank you.
192,824 views | Mar 16, 2011
adventure game

ps2 Contra 6 neo Contra

20,239 views | Jun 26, 2013
adventure game


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