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Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade

From - Posted: Aug 15, 2013 - 49,609 viewsAdventure Game | Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade | Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade
Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade
Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade
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Contra Evolution Walkthrough HD 2 Player Coop PC

Me and my brother kicking some ass :DThanks for watching, remember to subscribe for more videos!
73,600 views | Oct 29, 2013
adventure game

British NES Ports Part One Contra versy!!! Games Yanks Can t Wank

The NES wasn't the most successful of machines in Europe. Though while it didn't bomb, publishers were often forced to port their games to more popular European computers and consoles to make money.So In this episode of Games Yanks Can't Wank, Guru Larry takes a look at the bizarre British ports of everyone's favourite shooter, Contra.Check out more Bizarre games only released in the UK in the Games Yanks Can't Wank series:Cover Art Rip-Offs: http:bit.ly1kml9uzDoctor Who: http:bit.ly1lVy1cvDon't Buy This; Five of the Worst Games Ever!!!: http:bit.ly1rm1HYBBritish Rip-Offs: http:bit.ly1wv4OOeHorror Movie Games: http:bit.ly1hhB6rE7 Sins: http:bit.ly1iwXmsfRockstar Ate My Hamster: http:bit.ly1rm1xABHalloween Special II: http:bit.ly1k5KiQaCrazy Frog Racer 2: http:bit.ly1k5LBhXJet Set Willy: http:bit.ly1mwQCgDLondon Racer: Police Madness: http:bit.ly1njhD7C
55,303 views | Dec 15, 2010
adventure game

Top 5 Contra Games! Ft. The Gaming Historian

Here is a list of what we consider the Top 5 Contra Games ever made! What is your list?Check out the awesome Gaming Historian! us on Facebook http:w
29,016 views | Nov 16, 2013
adventure game

Contra 2 player walkthrough NES

Hey! How is it going? Haven't uploaded any videos in a while so there you go - 2 player walkthrough for Contra on NES. Player 1 is my bro - robgu Player 2 is me - ryskag Enjoy! More 2 player walkthroughs are coming soon. Also, please let us know what game you would like to see!
64,678 views | Mar 12, 2011
adventure game

Contra 4 Video Walkthrough

This is a video walkthrough playthrough runthrough etc of the Nintendo DS game Contra 4.This was a game I would play nonstop between my college classes. I had a lot of practice with it needless to say.I used Lance in this playthrough since I haven't had a chance to use him in previous videos, so I thought I would give him his moment to shine, while he still had one....You'll notice I only use the spreader and laser once I get them. I've always liked those two weapons best, and as you can see, they serve me rather well. Also, I'm sure my boss strategies aren't exactly the best in some cases, but at least I survive them...I do have a few close calls, but in the end, I'm able to go through it without getting killed. I will admit this took quite a few tries, but playing all those challenges in the past and going through the game a whole bunch of times helped. :PAlso, I always loved the first bit when you turn the game on and hear the music while the flaming C is formed....Good times...
97,662 views | Nov 02, 2012
adventure game

Contra Shattered Soldier PLAYSTATION 2 Inv Part 1

With invincibility, cause this game needs one,,,seriously
33,536 views | Mar 12, 2013
adventure game

!WTV SHMUP Contra Shattered Soldier

------------------------------------ STAGE LIST ------------------------------------ 0:02:18 - Stage 1: Fortress 0:07:23 - BOSS: Turtle 0:10:46 - Stage 2: Train 0:16:17 - BOSS: Robot 0:18:46 - Stage 3: City 0:22:22 - BOSS: Centipede 0:25:44 - Stage 4: Seabed 0:32:18 - BOSS: Fish 0:35:25 - Stage 5: Archipelago 0:37:35 - BOSS: Lance 0:45:33 - Stage 6: Sanctuary 0:49:09 - Final Boss 0:55:17 - Stage 7: True Final Boss------------------------------------------------------- ENGLISH: This is playthrough of Contra: Shattered Soldier on Playstation 2. The gameplay of this one was slightly chaged, There is no power-ups players can find by killing enemies. Instead, the game gives you the choice of three different weapon you can use for different strategy. The only downside of this one is that there is too much mini-boss fights. Some of them are really long. I might not be as good as Contra 3, but it's still a great entry in the serie.Enjoy!Rating: 4 5 For more, please check out: FRANCAIS: Voici un ''playthrough'' de Contra: SHattered Solider sur Playstation 2. Le gameplay de celui-ci a été légèrement changé. Il n'y a plus de power-ups que les joueurs peuvent trouver en tuant les ennemis. Au lieu de cela, le jeu offre un choix de trois types d'armes que le joueur peut utiliser pour différente stratégie. Un des défaut du jeu est son nombre élevé de mini-boss. La plupart de ceux-ci sont longue et certaine ennuyeux. Pas aussi bon que Contra 3, le jeu est tout de même une excellent entré de la série.Bon visionnement!Rating: 4 5 Pour en visionner plus, visitez:
9,579 views | Mar 23, 2013
adventure game

NES Super Contra 2 полное прохождение

Хак переделанный с первой части "Contra" по сути, это та же "Contra", тоесть удлинённая и усложнённая. Модифицированная "Contra", но под названием "Super Contra 2", пираты усложнили на этот раз задачу главным героям, здесь и все восемь уровней, и боссы стали очень сложными. Также, если в оригинальной игре после гибели игрока оружие возвращалось к начальному, то здесь оружие остаётся таким же, каким оно было до гибели. Ещё вместо 3 жизней теперь 5, хотя с такими уровнями и 50 жизней будет мало.NES: Contra (RUS) полное прохождение
28,079 views | May 15, 2012
adventure game

NDS Contra Dual Spirits Normal Level 魂斗羅 DS

Japan has received damage due to the severe earthquake. Please support Japan. Thank you.
207,727 views | Mar 16, 2011
adventure game

Contra Shattered Soldier PS2 Perfect Play 100 All Stages No Miss

Contra Shattered Soldier PS2 - Perfect Play (100% All Stages + No Miss)
74,059 views | Sep 05, 2012
adventure game

Deconstructing the McRib

The McRib is back! But where did it come from? GMM 343! Good Mythical MORE: http:bit.lyMoreMcRibSUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: http:bit.lysubrl2 **** PREVIOUS episode: episode: the GMM Coffee Mug! http:dftba.comproduct1bvGood-Mythical-Morning-MugGet the GMM Signed Poster plus the GMM T-shirt! http:dftba.comartist26Rhett--LinkMAIN YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http:youtube.comrhettandlinkListen to Ear Biscuits! iTunes: SoundCloud: https:soundcloud.comearbiscuitsJOIN the RhettandLinKommunity! http:bit.lyrlkommunityLIKE us on FACEBOOK! http:facebook.comrhettandlink FOLLOW us on TWITTER! http:twitter.comrhettandlink FOLLOW us on TUMBLR: FOLLOW our INSTAGRAM - http:instagram.comrhettandlink JOIN our circle on GOOGLE PLUS: Mythical Morning is available for download on iTunes! Video Podcast: http:bit.lyxuJVPc Audio Podcast: http:bit.lyzSewZ6We are two Internetainers dedicated to giving you a daily dose of casual comedy every Monday-Friday on our show "Good Mythical Morning" at youtube.comrhettandlink2. Thanks for making us a part of your daily routine. Be your mythical best, mythical beast. - Rhett & LinkMail us stuff to our P.O. Box Go to http:rhettandlink.comcontact for details.CREDITS: Produced by Stevie Wynne Levine Co-producer, Camera, Editor: Jason Inman Show Graphics Package and Lighting: Ben Eck Intro Illustration: Kendrick Kidd Intro Motion Graphics: Eden Soto Set dresser: Cassie Cobb Set construction: Jason Inman Wheel music: Microphone: The Mouse from Blue Microphones: http:www.bluemic.commouse
1,350,025 views | Dec 05, 2013
adventure game

NES Contra Force RUS полное прохождение

Действие игры начинается в вымышленном городе "Нео-Сити" в 1992 году. Там находится центр оперативного противодействия организованной преступности, именуемый "Contra Force", во главе которого находится человек по фамилии Бёрнс. Перед оперативниками поставлена задача уничтожить криминальный синдикат под названием "D.N.M.E". Бёрнсу звонит некто Фокс (Fox), информатор, и сообщает, что неизвестные угрожают руководителю разведки. Бёрнс назначает информатору встречу, чтобы узнать больше подробностей. Однако, когда Бёрнс прибывает в порт, где была назначена встреча, выясняется, что Фокс уже мёртв. Бёрнса и его отряд внезапно атакуют вооружённые бандиты. Теперь герои должны очистить город от террористов...Продолжение первых двух контр, не имеющие ничего общего, четверо героев на выбор, возможность замены во время игры, а также вызова компьютерного напарника. Разработчики конечно перестарались... наворотили игру так, что она тормозит - это особенно ощутимо при игре вдвоём, но всё же это не помешало ей стать хитом. Как обычно в конце каждого уровня вас ждёт босс - иногда здоровенный главарь, а то и целый вертолёт. Можно играть вдвоём.
30,000 views | Apr 23, 2012
adventure game

Wii Longplay 003 Contra Rebirth Played by: Valis77 Wow! I never thought this game could be so much fun well it's Contra after all. Enjoy! Stage1 02:30 Stage2 05:15 Stage3 09:09 Stage4 16:22 Stage5 21:21 Final Battle 24:55
163,825 views | Mar 28, 2010
adventure game

Hard Corps Uprising Bahamut Arcade One Life Clear

Stage 1: 0:00 Stage 2: 5:17 Stage 3: 12:15 Stage 4: 17:54 Stage 5: 26:31 Stage 6: 35:33 Stage 7: 41:33 Stage 8: 53:37 Ending & Credits: 1:04:31
30,837 views | Mar 05, 2013
adventure game

Contra Energy Zone Boss Remastered Time Lapse Speed Art

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Although I do not make any money from these fun re-masterings of classic games you can show your appriciation by donating to my HeartWalk page to help raise money to reduce death and disability from cardiovascular diseases. My goal is to raise $395 by September 7th. http:heartwalk.kintera.orgdallastxtjtownsend You can also download and print the high res image from the link below for free. Download the image here... http:elemental79.deviantart.comartContra-Energy-Zone-Boss-353834306 For this project I decided to start with the 8-bit Nintendo game Contra and up the resolution to 9600x5400 pixels. The Nintendo game Contra was one of the more popular NES games about some guys who looked like Rambo trying to defeat some aliens on an island. Or at least that is what I think it was about. I tried to match the style of the game as close as possible, but took some creative liberties where I thought it really needed it. I figured the Level 6 boss, who I think is a robot, would be the coolest looking boss. The last boss is a giant heart and that seems too easy. The other bosses are not really characters. The songs in this video are from the games Gears of War (Hope Runs Deep) and Bulletstorm (Battle High). There is also a bit of music from Riptide (They Came From the Blue). Each frame in this video represents 10 seconds of work. The image spans across 3 PSD files with over 500 layers at a resolution of 9600x5400 pixels. The project took 25 hours to complete over the course of 6 days.
70,911 views | Jan 30, 2013
adventure game

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