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Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade

From - Posted: Aug 15, 2013 - 52,108 viewsAdventure Game | Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade | Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade
Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade
Contra Evolution Revolution PC, Arcade
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Contra Energy Zone Boss Remastered Time Lapse Speed Art

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Although I do not make any money from these fun re-masterings of classic games you can show your appriciation by donating to my HeartWalk page to help raise money to reduce death and disability from cardiovascular diseases. My goal is to raise $395 by September 7th. http:heartwalk.kintera.orgdallastxtjtownsend You can also download and print the high res image from the link below for free. Download the image here... http:elemental79.deviantart.comartContra-Energy-Zone-Boss-353834306 For this project I decided to start with the 8-bit Nintendo game Contra and up the resolution to 9600x5400 pixels. The Nintendo game Contra was one of the more popular NES games about some guys who looked like Rambo trying to defeat some aliens on an island. Or at least that is what I think it was about. I tried to match the style of the game as close as possible, but took some creative liberties where I thought it really needed it. I figured the Level 6 boss, who I think is a robot, would be the coolest looking boss. The last boss is a giant heart and that seems too easy. The other bosses are not really characters. The songs in this video are from the games Gears of War (Hope Runs Deep) and Bulletstorm (Battle High). There is also a bit of music from Riptide (They Came From the Blue). Each frame in this video represents 10 seconds of work. The image spans across 3 PSD files with over 500 layers at a resolution of 9600x5400 pixels. The project took 25 hours to complete over the course of 6 days.
73,198 views | Jan 30, 2013
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Arcade Longplay 390 Knights of the Round

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: SCHLAUCHI
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British NES Ports Part One Contra versy!!! Games Yanks Can t Wank

The NES wasn't the most successful of machines in Europe. Though while it didn't bomb, publishers were often forced to port their games to more popular European computers and consoles to make money.So In this episode of Games Yanks Can't Wank, Guru Larry takes a look at the bizarre British ports of everyone's favourite shooter, Contra.Check out more Bizarre games only released in the UK in the Games Yanks Can't Wank series:Cover Art Rip-Offs: http:bit.ly1kml9uzDoctor Who: http:bit.ly1lVy1cvDon't Buy This; Five of the Worst Games Ever!!!: http:bit.ly1rm1HYBBritish Rip-Offs: http:bit.ly1wv4OOeHorror Movie Games: http:bit.ly1hhB6rE7 Sins: http:bit.ly1iwXmsfRockstar Ate My Hamster: http:bit.ly1rm1xABHalloween Special II: http:bit.ly1k5KiQaCrazy Frog Racer 2: http:bit.ly1k5LBhXJet Set Willy: http:bit.ly1mwQCgDLondon Racer: Police Madness: http:bit.ly1njhD7C
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Contra Hard Corps

Playing through the [supposedly] hardest Contra game ever. All stages are shown as well as endings. Savestates used for multiple decisions and in case of distractions. I did planned to try not to lose a life, but I got tired of going through the same boss over and over or dying against that one boss over and over (Stage 6A first boss. Unpredictable) Hm.... -CTRL+C, CTRL+V Notepad text- Stage order as present in the video: Stage 1 - City Stage 2A - Highway (Chase Dead Eye Joe) Stage 2B - Research Center (Rescue the Research Center) Stage 3 - Junkyard-Arena (Ending) Stage 3 - Junkyard Stage 4 - Jungle (Dead Eye Joe edition) Stage 5A - Space Station (Ending; Chase Dead Eye Joe-Surrender and fight later) Stage 5B - Military Train (Rescue the Reseaerch Center-Surrender and fight later) Stage 5C - Doc's Experiments (Fight to the end) Stage 6A - Bahamut's Alien Lab (Ending; Rescue the Research Center-Surrender and fight later) Stage 6B - Alien Lair (Ending; Chase Dead Eye Joe-Fight to the end) Stage 6C - Ocean (Rescue the Research Center-Fight to the end) Stage 7 - Bahamut's HQ (Ending; join Colonel Bahamut) Stage 7 - Bahamut's HQRocket Climb (Ending; Refuse) A "chart": Chase Dead Eye Joe-Surrender and fight later- 1 - 2A - 3 - 4 - 5A Chase Dead Eye Joe-Fight to the end- 1 - 2A - 3 - 4 - 5C - 6B Rescue the Research Center-Surrender and fight later- 1 - 2B - 3 - 4 - 5B - 6A Rescue the Research Center-Fight to the end- 1 - 2B - 3 - 4 - 5C - 6C - 7 Candidate for hardest stage: Alien Lair Candidate for favorite boss: Big Magnum
80,723 views | Jan 03, 2011
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NES Longplay 009 Super C 2 Player

http:www.longplays.netPlayed by: Ravenlord & 18Delta Second part of the one of the best Nintendo shooters, finished in two player mode.
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History of Gaming Contra on the NES NODE

Happy Thursday Node! WE HEARD YOU LOUD AND CLEAR! Today on the History of Gaming, we are playing Contra for NES.As suggested by YOU!We grew up on video games. From Pong to Mass Effect, old school video games have become nostalgic like books or records. Each episode, our talenthost goes into our amazing and impressive collection of old school games to play, commentate, and remissness!Got an old school you want use to play? Leave a comment! We want SUGGESTIONS!Thank you for all your SUPPORT!Find us on Facebook and Twitter! http:facebook.comnode http:twitter.comnodestudiosMake sure you SUBSCRIBE to Chad's Channel:
47,205 views | Mar 07, 2013
adventure game

Contra 4 Hard mode co op Speed Run 24 13

Had a few deaths but we recovered very fast by adjusting the weapon route on the fly. The weapon dropping mechanic was key in completing the game as fast as we did; powerful weapons collectively for 2 players at every situation is pretty amazing. Performed this speedrun at the Contra Conference with Mr. K! As far as I know, this is the first co op speedrun for the DS ever.
4,766 views | Aug 16, 2013
adventure game

CONTRA Megaman vs Mario NES

Играть-копать! - (СУПЕР СЕРВЕРА!) Супермариокросовер - http:www.explodingrabbit.comgamessuper-mario-bros-crossover __ Заказ рекламы и сотрудничество - http:vk.cc1IWYM6 Омский проект Minecraft - Омский магазин -
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NES Longplay 015 Mega Man 4 Played by: MontyMole
76,417 views | Sep 05, 2009
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Contra NES Full Walkthrough No Death, No Power Ups

After recording walkthrough of another game from Contra series, Super C (you can watch it here: ), I decided to try and complete the first one (which I consider to be more difficult) with the same conditions. I got a little too nervous during the latter stages, but still managed to complete the game without dying.
28,019 views | Jun 24, 2011
adventure game

Marshwood Hawks Football Playoff versus Fryeburg

The Marshwood Hawks Football Team continues their 2014 season with this playoff age versus Fryeburg.
249 views | Oct 31, 2014
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Let s Compare The Classic Contra Series

Video Locations:Arcade 0:35 Contra Arcade 1:35 Super Contra ZX Spectrum 2:35 Gryzor Amstrad CPC 3:27 Gryzor Commodore 64 4:20 Gryzor Gameboy 5:20 Operation C Gameboy 6:21 Contra 3 The Alien wars MSX 7:21 Contra NES 8:20 Contra Force NES 9:16 Contra NEs 10:16 Super C GBA 11:17 Contra Advance The Alien Wars Super Nintendo 12:18 Contra 3 The Alien Wars Genesis 13:16 Contra Hard CorpsDescription Source:http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiContra_%28video_game%29Contra (????), known as Gryzor in Europe and Oceania, is a 1987 run and gun action game developed and published by Konami originally released as a coin-operated arcade game on February 20, 1987. A home version was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988, along with ports for various computer formats, including the MSX2. The home versions were localized in the PAL region as Gryzor on the various computer formats and as Probotector on the NES, released long later. Several Contra sequels were produced following the original game.The main character is equipped with a rifle with an unlimited amount of ammunition. The player can also jump, move and fire in eight directions, as well as move or jump simultaneously while firing. A single hit from any enemy, bullet, or other hazard will instantly kill the player character and discard the current weapon. There are a total of four weapons the player can retrieve from flying weapon capsules or pill-box sensors: a Machine Gun, a Laser Gun, a Fire Gun, and a Spread Gun. There are also two additional supplemental power-ups: a Rapid Fire power-up which increases the player's firing speed, as well as a Barrier that will grant the player temporary invincibility for many seconds. All the power-ups in the arcade version are represented by Eagle-shaped letter icons with the exception of the Machine Gun and Laser.There are a total of over 10 areas in the game.[1] There are two types of stages in Contra. In addition to the standard side view stages, Contra also features stages in which the player character is seen from behind and must move towards the background in order to proceed. Each of these "3D maze" stages are set inside the corridor of an enemy base in which the player must fight through the base's defenses in order to reach the core of the base. During the 3D maze stages, the upper screen will display a map of the base along with a time limit. Each maze stage is followed by a "3D fixed" stage set at the core of the base, in which the player must destroy a series of flashing sensors to expose an even larger sensor and destroy it.Contra also features a two-player cooperative mode. Both players occupy the same screen and must coordinate their actions. One player lagging behind can cause problems for his partner, as the screen will not scroll onward, and a slow player can be fatal to his partner. The European release, Gryzor, does not feature a simultaneous 2-Player mode. Instead, the 2-players take turns: whenever one player dies, the other will get their turn. [edit] Home versions [edit] Home computersUnder license from Konami, Ocean Software produced ports of Contra under the title of Gryzor for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amstrad CPC, which were released in Europe in 1988.[4] An IBM PC version was also released in Germany.[5] Ocean's ports were patterned after the original arcade version of the game. The Commodore 64 and IBM versions were released in North America under the Contra title. The cover art for the Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad versions has references to Predator, in which Bill is in the same pose as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie, and even carries the same gun. Also, Bill's sidekick Lance bares a more than passing resemblance to Sonny Landham, also from Predator. This was a common theme throughout the 80's, with art taking inspiration from movies. [edit] Nintendo Entertainment System NES version cover art. The boss of Area 3 in the NES version
12,845 views | Mar 04, 2011
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Console Wars Contra Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis

In the ancient war of Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis, we determine which system had the best contra game.
16,841 views | Dec 15, 2012
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TAS HD DS Contra 4 USA in 22 31.42 by cpadolf zggzdydp

http:tasvideos.org1326M.htmlContra 4 (2007) is largely a combined remake of the early NES and SNES Contra titles, featuring remixed music and vastly improved visuals utilizing both screens of the DS as if they were one contiguous screen. Watch Bill Rizer embark on a new colorful adventure in the shirtless land, this time making even less sense than ever before. To quote the game's ending: "Whatever the truth may have been, it was lost to time as the invaders became a mere footnote in the pages of history. A footnote which read: they sure blew up good." Amen.
16,428 views | Dec 28, 2011
adventure game

Super C NES No Death Speed Run

Super C (NES) - No Death Speed Run
9,514 views | Jun 19, 2012
adventure game

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