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Iruna online island pet

From - Posted: Feb 12, 2014 - 2,649 viewsAdventure Game | Iruna online island pet | Iruna online island pet
Iruna online island pet
Iruna online island pet
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Iruna online game mmorpg android @HarukaN_JKT48

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Iruna Online Leveling Guide For High Wizards Solo !!READ DESCRIPTION!!...

I always get questions asking where to level up fast as a high wiz so this video will tell my take on it. I believe that high wizard is the fastest leveling class in Iruna starting at 120 on up or even at level 80 as a normal wizard.The concept of leveling a high wizard is to kill or be killed. You want to end the fight in one shot from a long range to stay as safe as possible. Once you understand and master that concept you could possibly grind at 1 hp, until you need to mp recharge that is... Always build yourself max INT first for damage and max DEX second for casting speed. Those 2 stats will make your leveling life 10000x easier.Notes:Flymoles- Kill them with ice sphere or fire lance. They have around 7100 hp. These are aggressive.Tarans- Kill them with ice sphere(recommended) or earth quake if you cant quite kill them with your ice sphere. They have around 8.5k hp. No need to buy poison vaccines since they are a drop from this mob.These are aggressive.Crow Samurai- They have about 19-21k hp. Kill these with earthquake. They also have paralyze so if your hit you could fall victim to slower casting, which could lead to death so be careful. These are aggressive.Gator Samurai- These have around 20-22k hp. Kill these with thor hammer or thunderbolt from a distance. They move pretty slow but are very dangerous. one hit from these could likely end your life as a high wizard.... until you re-spawn lol. these are aggressive.Hummer: These have around 21k HP. Thanks to Neknott this mob is an outdated option. It has ranged magic that can stun or paralyze you with a pretty hard melee attack. Max DEX and staying at max range will at least keep you safe from the melee hits. These drop paralyze vaccines which sell pretty well. If you grind these save the Hard Armor Pieces for extra exp from the makeshift armor quest. These are passive.Mechafrogs: these have around 20-24k hp. ill these with earth quae and save the Hard Armor Pieces for extra exp from the makeshift armor quest. these are passive.Neknott- This is the easiest and safest to kill and is my top pick for leveling. I literally leveled on these from 160-230 and i would have started at 140 if they were implemented then. They have about 14.9k hp which makes them easy to kill with earthquake. Their attacks are pretty weak so any distance will do. these are passive. The drops here sell pretty high too so its a great money maker while leveling.Hard Colon: These have around 21k HP. Kill these with earthquake. These are passive.Soloing Matar: I did this from 125-140 using the drain and thunder combo. As long as you have above 3.5k hp you shouldn't have to heal yourself during the fight. Just drain once and spam thunderbolt till it dies.Wind Spirit: These have around 22k hp. Kill these with earthquake. Snake in the maze quest: This is great solo if you can one shot nagas, which have 16-18k hp. This can be done in 5 minutes or less. the quest exp mixed with the mob exp gives a guaranteed 831k ish exp a run. Don't only kill 30.Makeshift Armor Quest: This quest turns the spoils from a long day of grinding mechafrog or hummers into a nice pool of exp. Killing zimov once along with turning in your hard armor pieces gives an extra 160000 exp so its more than worth doing.Again, this is just what I did myself and what worked for me. I will STRESS TO YOU THAT YOU NEED TICKETS!! Without them you will level extremely slow from 180 onward.Personal note from TiltMadaraTO ANY IMPATIENT OR NEWER PLAYERS out there, please don't just run through mq for the fast exp. Its great and all but if you find yourself asking for mq help ALL THE TIME and if you don't even play outside of mq then its best for you to quit the game now because mq will end and once it does then you will be forced to grind. As a GM Ive seen and helped many people during mq and once its done they quit or don't even play until the next mq. Its a huge slap in the face to players that take time to help you and you delete and quit the game. Don't be lazy guys, grind early!-Did you love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between? Have a question? Comment or CnC? What music should i use next? What do you want to see next?-Thanks for watching!
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Sigueme en Facebook http:www.facebook.comaprofile.php?fan&id=617888524933784&origin=page_profile&pageSuggestionsOnLiking=1&gfid=AQBYR2xsMxeuZXVl&refid=17&ref=bookmark Editando la Isla para los pets! Items: ▓▓Farm -Mini Haniwa ▓▓Albrero -Cabeza d Dino ▓▓Coins -Flores ▓▓Coins -New Year Deco. ▓▓Evento New Year(Finalizado) -Snow man-Pinguinos en Tower Ice(Despues de Bonguea en el mapa de Eisen) -Mini Cactus-Antes de wibo los Cactus -Skull-Despues de Mezzaluna(Cryziz lv200) Preguntas Frecuentes: ¿Cono Obtengo un pet? R - Debes de tener adornada la isla adornada y los mobs la visitaran,ellos llegan solos ¿Como saco a los pets a pelear? R -Necesita 500+ affinity ¿Como subo lvl el pet? R -Necesita 500+ affinity ¿Como Consigo tu pelo? R -Me salio en el box Leo de 300 coins ._.
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Miss haruka jalan" ^^
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Iruna online game mmorpg android@HarukaN_JKT48
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