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Tricky Rick 1 31 Walkthrough

From - Posted: Mar 20, 2013 - 1,719,048 viewsAdventure Game | Tricky Rick 1 31 Walkthrough | Tricky Rick 1 31 Walkthrough
Tricky Rick 1 31 Walkthrough
Tricky Rick 1 31 Walkthrough
Trailer Duration: 26 minutes 25 seconds 
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Please Subscribe for more videos ► Game description:    Help Rick to collect all the stolen fuel to refuel his spaceship and fly away from the planet. Use hammer, bombs, jetpack and other useful stuff to solve puzzles!

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http:www.freegamesexplorer.comgamesvideosredball-4 We're back with the latest in our Red Ball series of articles! This time around, we're going to go over Red Ball 4, the sequel to previously covered Red Ball 3. It has essentially the same gameplay, but with some changes and improvements here and there.First off, you'll notice that the graphics are simpler for the main character. Everything is also much bigger than in the previous game. This makes it so there are fewer things visible on the screen at any given time, but it has the bonus of making things a lot more detailed. While the eponymous red ball still has a few facial animations here and there, they tend to be less pronounced than in the previous game. Still, there are some interesting new animations added to the little guy; sadly, those animations are mostly for when he dies.Probably the animation that'll be seen the most often is the standard death animation where the red ball vanishes in a puff of smoke and ascends to the sky as a ghostly winged figure. Hopefully you won't see it -too- often though, and the developers of the game have aided you in that regard by doing away with the one-touch death. This time around, you've got three hearts so you can take some damage before going down.That's just as well, as there are a whole bunch of baddies wandering around. For the most part, they're easy enough to get rid of, but they can be annoying and will certainly get in your way. In contrast with your round redness, the baddies are all dark, frowning squares who roll (do squares roll? Round things roll, so do squares scroll? Enough silliness, on with the article!) about and try to squish you. There aren't that many variations of the baddy though, so don't expect too wide a variety.There are various ways to get past them though, easiest of which is simply to do just that, go past them. If that's not an option though, you can jump on top of them while channeling a certain Italian plumber. Alternatively, you can use the terrain to your advantage and squish them underneath boulders, smash them into cliff faces, or even drown them. Just be careful that you don't drown yourself, unless you really want to see that animation that is.One downside is that the levels are not quite as complex as in the previous game. Sure, they look a lot nicer, and the level of detail has certainly risen, but you won't have the same level of interactivity and zaniness as in the previous game. That's not to say that the game isn't fun though, it's still a great game. There are, however, fewer levels, but as there are two more volumes to come with Red Ball 4, that's not as much of a problem.And that about wraps it up for the first volume of Red Ball 4. Stay tuned, and we'll get to Volume 2 before you can say "red ball"!********************************************************** More "Red Ball" game series videos:"Red Ball 3" game video: http:youtu.beFM_otqzBeqA "Red Ball 4: vol. 2" game video: http:youtu.beQLKTvnE3Wrw "Red Ball 4: vol. 3" game video: http:youtu.beY4bCYwm5iRsAll "Red Ball" games videos (playlist): http:goo.glYywvhP********************************************************** Subscribe to new gaming videos!**********************************************************
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http:www.freegamesexplorer.comgamesvideosred-ball-3 Welcome to the first in our Red Ball series, where we cover four different iterations of the Red Ball game, starting with Red Ball 3.First off, it must be said that the game looks great. Sure, you're just a rolling read ball with a perpetual smile glued to your face, but that doesn't meant that the graphics have to be simplistic. Well, they are simple, but there's a lot of detail and hard work that's gone into those graphics. Whereas a simple vector face would possibly do for the aforementioned ball, this game goes the extra mile by actually animating it, having the little guy blink every now and then or whatnot. The levels are likewise well designed. You'll be getting graphics easily at par with something from the Super Nintendo era, with all the wonderful colors and vibrant detail.Gameplay is also something of a throwback to the old days of gaming. Controls are simple enough, you move around your red ball and you jump from platform to platform. It does take some getting used to though, as the rolling around and the inertia can make controls feel a bit floaty. Still, it's not too hard to get used to, and the game really eases you through with the first few levels. You won't even be up against any baddies, just you and the puzzle-filled terrain.Speaking of puzzles, the game is a puzzle platformer's dream. Nothing is simple, and most of the puzzles and terrain will require you to navigate the level more than once. Sure, it's not quite as hard as Mario and it's certainly not Nintendo hard, but there is quite a great deal more challenge than one would expect from casual online games such as these. The major part of solving the puzzles is getting a grip as to how to accurately control the ball. With most platform games, moving about is fairly simple. You run, you move, and you jump. Here, you've got to take your inertia into account and, for lack of a better word, roll with it to achieve the best results. At times, it'll seem frustrating, but bear with it long enough and you'll get used to it.Sadly, there aren't all that many levels in Red Ball 3. What levels there are though are very well designed and rather creative in their presentation. While you may be skimming along plains in one level, you'll be messing around with the Sphinx and pyramids in another. Other levels even add a bit more to the formula of rolling around and jumping by giving you control over machinery that you have to operate in order to finish the level. Each levels adds a new element to the gameplay, so you can be sure that you won't get bored easily. Sure, 20 levels is plenty, but each level is designed so well that by the end of the game one is left wanting more.Luckily then for those looking forward to more Red Ball, there are three more games in the series, so stay tuned and we'll cover them for you!********************************************************** More "Red Ball" game series videos:"Red Ball 4" game video: http:youtu.be52hZAmI1Vwo "Red Ball 4: vol. 2" game video: http:youtu.beQLKTvnE3Wrw "Red Ball 4: vol. 3" game video: http:youtu.beY4bCYwm5iRsAll "Red Ball" games videos (playlist): http:goo.glYywvhP********************************************************** Subscribe to new gaming videos!**********************************************************
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