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▶ Totally Not Shingeki no Kyojin A Unity 3D Game

From - Posted: Aug 04, 2013 - 17 viewsGame | ▶ Totally Not Shingeki no Kyojin A Unity 3D Game | ▶ Totally Not Shingeki no Kyojin A Unity 3D Game
▶ Totally Not Shingeki no Kyojin A Unity 3D Game
▶ Totally Not Shingeki no Kyojin A Unity 3D Game
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Join My Website: http:www.hypershadetutorials.comFollow me on FB: https:www.facebook.comLearnUnity3dGet Partnered With FullScreen : me on Skype: Hummad.Nazir Contact me on my E-mail: [email protected] [email protected] the content in this video belongs to me an me alone.The model i have paid for and i have every right to use it model can be found at turbosquid. The code is done by me and copied from no one else.There is also no copyrighted music in this videoHi guys,In this tutorial I will be showing you how to implement a weapon class system. This method will allow you to switch from your primary weapon into the secondary weapon. This video has been broken down into 15 parts. If you have any problems while following this tutorial please contact me on my e-mails above or add me on Skype. In this part we will be learning how to throw our gun away and pick it back up. The gun sound is free to use and can be found at : http:soundbible.comsuggest.php?q=gravel+&x=-1662&y=-380majority of textures seen in the video can be found at the following site: http:www.mayang.comtexturesBoth sites are free and you can use there sounds. The solider in the green can be found at: http:www.turbosquid.com3d-modelsfree-fbx-model-soldier-military-character-rigged516949It is a free model and free to use. M911 was bought from turbosqid proof below : http:i.imgur.commdL5tMt.pngSwat model was bought as well and the link below shows that https:dl.dropboxusercontent.comu5544945MrG5rpE.pngThe music in the main intro was created by my composer and i have a signed contract below from him saying i have the commercial rights to use it in my videos. https:dl.dropboxusercontent.comu55449456uTqtJQ.pngAt the end of the video i have given a link to my reviews channel. The office was modeled for me by my brother a quick and simple model to help with tutorials.Please enjoy
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Still sum bugs but you get the gist
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In this video we use a much better method for allowing the player to change weapons using the scrollwheel and number keys. This is the video number 30 part A in "Create a Survival Game", a series on making a cool survival type game in Unity 4. We hope to cover as many parts of Unity as we can, especially the fun ones. Difficulty of lesson: Intermediate.Download Scripts & Assets: http:devassets.comassetssurvival-game-assetsWebsite: Donate: http:brackeys.comdonate Facebook: http:www.facebook.combrackeys Twitter: http:www.twitter.comBrackeysTweetMusic: Electric Elevator Dance Minimal
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