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Çizgi Film Futbolu 2013 Toon Cup 2013

From - Posted: Jun 18, 2013 - 41,432 viewsGame | Çizgi Film Futbolu 2013 Toon Cup 2013 | Çizgi Film Futbolu 2013 Toon Cup 2013
Çizgi Film Futbolu 2013 Toon Cup 2013
Çizgi Film Futbolu 2013 Toon Cup 2013
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Cartoon Network tarafından yapılan Çizgi Film Futbolu 2013 ( Toon Cup 2013 ) oyununu sitemizden linkinden oynayabilirsiniz.

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لعبة غامبول الحصول على ديزي

ولله اللعبة فلا
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This game is shows that Gumball is jealous of Leslie and Penny hanging out and gotten crazy jealous and the jealous spirit is on a rampage and we have to trap the spirit before it infects the entire school. I don't think the "infecting the entire school" thing was part of the episode but Carrie find this on the internet by trapping the spirit in the circle and goes rampage at her home. Ok so you're Gumball and you are trying to trap the spirit with a certain amount of percentage that is needed to pass the level. The spirit can't touch the line you are making, if it does, you will be possessed. If Carrie or Leslie touches you, you will be possessed as well so this will be an interesting game! This game is really fun and you may have to think and have good timing for what you do in this game. If your timing is a bit off and any one of the things about being possessed then you are pretty much dead... Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that you have three lives for the game and you get items to help you along the way. If you lose all of your lives, then you have to start over the game. Really fun! Check it out yourself!! Website to game: http:www.cartoonnetwork.comgamesgumballclass-spiritsindex.html?atclk_gp=gp_thumbnailCardNo2 Facebook Page: http:full.scUnTiAz Twitter Page: https:www.twitter.compokemonpokesyou
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