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10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World Interesting Facts

From - Posted: Jul 01, 2017 - 2,818,955 viewsGame | 10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World Interesting Facts | 10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World Interesting Facts
10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World Interesting Facts
10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World Interesting Facts
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10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World | Interesting Facts ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzWFor copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]################################► Website: http:vid.ioxcRS ► Facebook: https:goo.glG0HVYw ► Twitter: http:vid.ioxcRO ► Google +: http:vid.ioxcRM################################If you grew up in the 1980s, you probably spent some time in arcades. From Pong to Pac-Man, video arcades had rows upon rows of brightly lit games that captivated the nation. Hello guys and today we’re talking about the most weird arcade games in the world.Cow Milking Game Somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona, a lone fake cow stands in an arcade, urging you to milk it. We’re not even sure what this game is called, to be honest. There are plenty of cow milking games, which is actually kind of frightening to a degree, but there’s something especially off-putting about this particular iteration.Boong-Ga Boong-Ga The most well known bizarre arcade game, Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, better known as Spank ’em. The arcade machine comes with a peripheral in the shape of a butt, which you spank. Really, what more do you expect from Japan?Amusement Washing Machine Does anyone actually like doing their laundry? Lee Wei Chen didn’t, but instead of just grumbling, he decided to do something about it. And so, the Amusement Washing Machine was born. This creation combines the washing machine and arcade game into one design that wouldn’t look too out of place in an arcade. The idea, according to Chen, is to turn all those hours you wasted on Space Invaders into something that can actually help you in the real world. Urine-Fueled Arcade Games Now that washing your clothes is more fun, arcade games tackle another necessity that you probably don’t typically associate with “fun” – going to the bathroom. The Exhibit Bar in London has some unique games for you to play on your potty break, on mounted 12-inch displays above every urinal. And slowly but surely, the concept has started catching on around the world. These games aren’t played with your hands, though, but with an all-natural, ahem, joystick. Compete against the high scores of other men in games like skiing, fueled by your urine. Turnip Strength Tester Museum of Soviet Video Games, among other interesting remnants of the past, sits a game called Repka Silomer, or Turnip Strength Tester. Turnips aren’t exactly famous for their physical strength, making this “game” seem particularly bizarre and possibly LSD-influenced until you learn about the story it’s referencing. The game is based on a Russian folk tale about a farmer who grows a giant turnip that’s so large and so firmly rooted in its place the farmer couldn’t pull it up on his own. The farmer’s wife tries to help, then the granddaughter, the dog, the cat, and finally the mouse, forming a fairy tale conga line that finally managed to pull the stubborn turnip out of the ground.Lobster Catcher Remember those coin-operated “claw” games in the 80’s, where you could snag some fuzzy dice if you moved the robot hand with enough skill? This “Sub Marine Catcher” arcade game allows Japanese gamers to try their hand at catching live lobsters. It takes some skill, because lobsters are wary of being grabbed by an electric claw and they dash away.Ultra Low Dining Table If you’re the kind of destructive person who would rather break everything on the table, there’s a game for you as well. Cho Chabudai Gaeshi!, known in English as Ultra Low Dining Table, is another arcade with a table peripheral. In this case, though, the object of the game is to flip the table peripheral out of anger over an unsatisfying meal, knocking over whoever else happens to be sitting next to it.Hit thumbs up if you want to play one of these arcade game. Subscribe to our channel and turn on notification, we are waiting a comment from you.Thanks for watching!

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Top 10 Plants That Can Kill You | Interesting Facts ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzWFor copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]################################► Website: http:vid.ioxcRS ► Facebook: https:goo.glG0HVYw ► Twitter: http:vid.ioxcRO ► Google +: http:vid.ioxcRM################################When people think about plants, they often think of the common trees, flowers, and bushes they see every day. Most don't realize the world has tons of crazy foliage growing all over the place, some of which have the ability to kill any living thing that gets too close. Who needs Triffids when we already have some otherworldly plants here on Earth?Hello and today we're talking about Terrifying plants that want to kill youVenus flytrap When exploring the world of creepy plants, people usually first think of the Venus flytrap, and with good reason. Native to North and South Carolina, these bizarre-looking carnivores like to sit and wait for their prey to land or crawl onto their leaves, which are actually toothy, gaping maws. Once the victim is in place, the flytraps clamp their mouths down and begin digesting their feast with enzymes strong enough to dissolve human flesh, according to carnivorous-plant enthusiast Barry Rice. Nepenthes attenboroughii Discovered in 2000, the Nepenthes attenboroughii, or Attenborough's pitcher plant, is a bit more ravenous than other carnivorous plants. While most meat-eating plants resign themselves to insects and arachnids, the pitcher plant craves mice and shrews, according to the BBC. Being a pitcher, the plant collects water during rains. Dendrocnide excelsa Dendrocnide excelsa, or the giant stinging bush, looks like any other plant, and that's where its otherworldliness comes from. It's learned how to camouflage itself so it doesn't stand out. Therein lies its treachery. This innocent-looking Australian plant actually possesses an incredibly painful, poisonous sting, which has been known to kill dogs and horses.Doll's eye The actaea pachypoda, or doll's-eyes, looks like a demon out of some Japanese horror movie, despite the fact it's an all-American plant. While a white flower bearing a single black berry looks and sounds innocent enough, having ten or more of them staring at you from their, on average, two-foot-tall blood-red stalk is enough to give anyone the heebie jeebies. When you add the fact that the plant is poisonous is enough to kill a human, it magnifies the plant's demonic nature. Drosera capensis The drosera capensis, or Cape sundew, is what you get when you cross an octopus with a plant and put its stomach on the outside. Strychnos nux-vomica It should come as no surprise that the strychnine tree is poisonous. However, most may be surprised to learn just how toxic the strychnos nux-vomica is. It actually contains two poisons.Christmas Rose According to legend, the Helleborus niger—or Christmas rose—came into being a very long time ago, after a little girl cried because she had no gift to give during the Nativity.
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Today I play some arcade games at Rocky's Big City Games in Buffalo New York! I try some luck at Quik Drop, and WIN the Jackpot by getting a 102% on the game which is nearly impossible. ►Subscribe to my 2nd Channel here► OFFICAL WEBSITE http:www.thearcadewarrior.comSOCIAL MEDIA! ► Facebook: https:www.facebook.comArcadeWarrior ► Twitter: https:twitter.comArcadeWarrior ► Instagram: http:instagram.comthearcadewarrior ► Snapchat: arcade_warrior ► LIVE STREAMS https:www.younow.comArcadeWarrior(Outro Song) Alan Walker - Fade For New Videos Every Tuesday & Friday
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Claw machine time! Today we go to the mall and a new (eh) arcade opened up, It looks good but the machines are kinda lame... Watch and see what we can win! SUBSCRIBE TO CARSON CLAWS!: TO MICMETV!: http:clawcraziness.cujographyx.comTHANKS FOR WATCHING!
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https:youtu.beXBbYGHgT7_E 👈👈👈 My NEW Channel Subscribe to Aredrine !!! ------------------------------ Music: Audioscribe - Laszlo - Fall To Light [NCS Release] Free Download @ http:bit.lylaszlo_falltolight • NCS Spotify: http:spoti.fiNCSNCS ➞ SoundCloud http:soundcloud.comnocopyrightsounds ➞ Facebook http:facebook.comNoCopyrightSounds ➞ Twitter http:twitter.comNCSounds ➞ Google+ ➞ Instagram: http:instagram.comnocopyrightsounds
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10 Mysterious Things Found by Youtubers ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzWFor copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!: 1. Mysterious Secret Passage. DigRing: Video: Floating Beverage Coole. MrTechnicalDifficult: Video: Tank buried in forest Deep Digger Dan: Video: Shotgun Aquachigger: Video: Galaxy S5 Phone DALLMYD: Video: https:youtu.beYMLLK844QII?t=3m26s6. Gold Ring RJ32: Video: Hidden Bunker WW2HistoryHunter: Video: Machine Gun Czech Diggers: Video: Prosthetic Leg Aquachigger: Video: Cremated Human Remains DALLMYD: Video -’ve probably found some things at least once or twice in your lifetime. But chances are you’ve not found the same things these youtubers have found. Some of these people being treasure hunters find the most amazing things. Some can be explained, while others cannot. So with that in mind, we rounded up 10 Mysterious Things Found by Youtubers. 1. Mysterious Secret Passage – A youtuber was using his metal detector and found a hotplate, which really isn’t that big of a deal.2. Floating Beverage Cooler – A group of friends were out on a normal outing near a river when they noticed a white container was floating on the water.3. Tank buried in forest – A popular Youtuber known as Deep Digger Dan, who finds all kinds of interesting things using a metal detector, actually found a tank gun barrel that was made in 1928.4. Shotgun – While this youtuber, who goes by Aquachigger, was out in the woods and stumbled onto a gun case laying on the side of a riverbank.5. Galaxy S5 Phone – Dumpster diving is a term that is commonly used for going through dumpster of stores to see if they’ve thrown out broken or damaged merchandise.6. Gold Ring – Treausure hunters find all kinds of interesting, and sometimes, very valuable things. This youtuber was looking for treasure using his metal detector and found a big solid gold class ring.7. Hidden Bunker – A Youtuber that goes by ww2historyhunter was out in the woods and came across a small square metal door in which he thought he’s open and find a water tank.8. Machine Gun – Magnet fishing seems to be a popular thing as you never know what you’re going to find under the water somewhere. 9. Prosthetic Leg – This might be the strangest thing on this list. Once again this is youtuber Aquachigger who is diving for treasure and happens on a prosthetic leg sitting at the bottom wedged between some rocks.10. Cremated Human Remains – This youtuber by the name of dallmyd (D-ALL-MY-D) was diving and found a black box sitting at the bottom of a river. If you liked this video, then don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe so you’ll be notified when new videos arrive. And if you want to see more cool videos, check out our other channel Unveiled
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Top most amazing and coolest ROBOTSThe family of robot animals from the German developer of robotics Festo is growing. The company presents many new robots, for example: a swarm of ants that can interact with each other, as well as butterflies and dragonflies, which are characterized by all the ease and grace of these insects. When they were created, the company focused not only on their appearance, but also on behavioral characteristics. The ants coordinate with each other all their actions and movements. Each ant, that is 13-centimeter long, has on its belly a radio module, through which precise coordination is carried out.As for butterflies-robots. The weight of each butterfly is only 32 grams, this includes two servos, a pair of small batteries, and a laser-made casing. After one charging that lasts fifteen minutes, butterflies will be able to flutter for about 4 minutes. And their flight looks very impressive. There’re not just butterflies, but a whole system that consists of ten high-speed infrared cameras installed in a room where butterflies fly. They track the infrared markers installed on the robots, transmitting data in real time to the central computer; so that’s how coordination of butterflies is going in the space. You can hardly distinguish these bionic butterflies from the real ones in the room where they fly.Robotic seagulls and dragonflies that can fly just like their living relatives. The seagull was developed in 2012. Later, a dragonfly, that can hang in the air no worse than its natural counterpart was invented. All the details of the dragonfly were made on a 3D printer, and you can control this miracle with a smartphone. Through these developments, the company could edge out the development market of flying drones, but it doesn’t need it. The technology of flying and hovering in the air is worked on these two prototypes. The kangaroo robot. At the core of the BionicKangaroo is the mechanism of "recuperation" - it uses the energy recovered from one jump to help it make another. Real kangaroos quickly got tired and could not jump for a long time without this mechanism. Springs that store mechanical energy on the landing and give it away on the next jump are used in this project. BionicKangaroo that weighs 7 kilograms and highs one meter can make a jump of 80 cm in length and 40 cm in height. The power supply system, that forces it to move, is a pneumatic accumulator. The robot is controlled by a special bandage that reads myoelectric signals from the human forearm.Robot shark. This unmanned underwater facility - a robotic shark length of about one and a half meters and weigh up to 45 kg. Like a real fish, the robot uses the tail to move and control its movement. The robot moves in a fish way, so it is very difficult to distinguish it or at least isolate it on the background of a real marine fauna. It can swim above and dive to depth. Such shark can rich an enemy ship unnoticed. She can spy, repair ships, and arrange sabotage.The robot-spider. From the beginning it is worth mentioning that the spider model was printed using the 3D printer. The engine is integrated with the servo motors of the paws, three in each: the resulting system provides simple control of flexible, plastic movements with convenient coordination from the control panel. He was shown in one of the series of MythBusters.Underwater robot-snake. The mechanical snake is designed to perform maintenance and repair of various mechanisms on the seabed, mainly on oil platforms. It is capable of replacing costly autonomous underwater vehicles, easily slipping into places where cumbersome robots can not reach.VIDEO SOURCES:1)BionicANTs robot Chef Robot motion Robot Spider! Shark fish
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Dont do this at the arcade.... Guys thanks for watching comment like and subscribe for more videos!!!!
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5 AWESOME Arcade Hacks That Will Let You Get FREE TICKETS and UNLIMTED Plays on ANY Arcade Machine. How to hack ANY Arcade Machine 2017! These Are The TOP 5 Arcade Hacks of 2017.OTHER ARCADE HACKS:TOP 5 Arcade Hacks: • 5 Dave and Buster Hacks: • 5 Claw Machine Hacks: • 5 Arcade Hacks and Cheats: • ______________________________________________________ Can We Get 10,000 Likes?If you enjoyed this video please leave a like on it and subscribe for more daily Top 5s.Subscribe for more Top 5s! : https:goo.glmyJ3k1 ______________________________________________________ ALL VIDEO LINKS SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO:5 ➞ 4 ➞ 3 ➞ 2 ➞ 1 ➞ Extra ➞ ______________________________________________________ None of these clips are mine, they are used under the use of fair use. This video was put together for the intention of teaching people. To see the original video please go down below in the description where it say "ALL VIDEO LINKS SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO:" and you will find all videos linked there. My Email: [email protected] ______________________________________________________
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Public video Amazing Skills LIKE A BOSS #18. You can call another name Asia Talent Version. I believe the video will make you satisfying.2:15 Man uses drill to eat corn. That's the idea for me to search thumbnail for video. Thumbnail belong 5-Minute Crafts Channel.📣📣 Support us by LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. It's free I LOVE ALL YOU😜😜😜😜💖💗 Click HERE to subscribe: http:bit.lyColorfulLife102VIEW MORE: ➤ The best of LIKE A BOSS COMPILATION 2018: https:goo.gl2vHxad➤ FASTEST WORKERS IN THE WORLD : https:goo.glaeMAZ6➤ Amazing Skills LIKE A BOSS - PEOPLE ARE INSANE: https:goo.glU75CY8➤ LIKE A BOSS and PEOPLE ARE INSANE 2018: https:goo.glYPzDce➤ PEOPLE ARE INSANE - Fastest Workers in the world: https:goo.glxqJada➤ The most PEOPLE ARE INSANE: https:goo.glRDyZti==================================== Music: ==================================== ✍ FOREWORD: I always try to bring you the relaxation every day. So, don't forget send to me these great videos about: parkour, trick shots, freerunning, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, freestyle football, basketball, golf and other action sports!SUBMIT VIDEOS: [email protected] ====================================👍 FACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comColorfulLife102 🐦 TWITTER: https:twitter.comColorfulLife102 🌟 Youtube Channel:☎ CONTACT US: [email protected] ======================================== ❌❌❌ If you have any problem with copyright issues, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY before doing anything, or question please write to me in email.💛⛔ DON'T FLAG MY CHANNEL ⛔💛 ====================================
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HOW TO WIN AN iPAD For 2 From BARBER CUT LITE!! Arcade Games

Arcade time! Today we go to a bowling alley called vision lanes and try barber cut lite, turns out the iPad was ready!!!THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!TWITTER @ClawCraziness
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