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10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World Interesting Facts

From - Posted: Jul 01, 2017 - 2,183,126 viewsGame | 10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World Interesting Facts | 10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World Interesting Facts
10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World Interesting Facts
10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World Interesting Facts
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TechTV ► 10 Most Insane Arcade Games In The World | Interesting Facts ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzW################################► Website: http:vid.ioxcRS ► Facebook: https:goo.glG0HVYw ► Twitter: http:vid.ioxcRO ► Google +: http:vid.ioxcRM################################If you grew up in the 1980s, you probably spent some time in arcades. From Pong to Pac-Man, video arcades had rows upon rows of brightly lit games that captivated the nation. Hello guys and today we’re talking about the most weird arcade games in the world.Cow Milking Game Somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona, a lone fake cow stands in an arcade, urging you to milk it. We’re not even sure what this game is called, to be honest. There are plenty of cow milking games, which is actually kind of frightening to a degree, but there’s something especially off-putting about this particular iteration.Boong-Ga Boong-Ga The most well known bizarre arcade game, Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, better known as Spank ’em. The arcade machine comes with a peripheral in the shape of a butt, which you spank. Really, what more do you expect from Japan?Amusement Washing Machine Does anyone actually like doing their laundry? Lee Wei Chen didn’t, but instead of just grumbling, he decided to do something about it. And so, the Amusement Washing Machine was born. This creation combines the washing machine and arcade game into one design that wouldn’t look too out of place in an arcade. The idea, according to Chen, is to turn all those hours you wasted on Space Invaders into something that can actually help you in the real world. Urine-Fueled Arcade Games Now that washing your clothes is more fun, arcade games tackle another necessity that you probably don’t typically associate with “fun” – going to the bathroom. The Exhibit Bar in London has some unique games for you to play on your potty break, on mounted 12-inch displays above every urinal. And slowly but surely, the concept has started catching on around the world. These games aren’t played with your hands, though, but with an all-natural, ahem, joystick. Compete against the high scores of other men in games like skiing, fueled by your urine. Turnip Strength Tester Museum of Soviet Video Games, among other interesting remnants of the past, sits a game called Repka Silomer, or Turnip Strength Tester. Turnips aren’t exactly famous for their physical strength, making this “game” seem particularly bizarre and possibly LSD-influenced until you learn about the story it’s referencing. The game is based on a Russian folk tale about a farmer who grows a giant turnip that’s so large and so firmly rooted in its place the farmer couldn’t pull it up on his own. The farmer’s wife tries to help, then the granddaughter, the dog, the cat, and finally the mouse, forming a fairy tale conga line that finally managed to pull the stubborn turnip out of the ground.Lobster Catcher Remember those coin-operated “claw” games in the 80’s, where you could snag some fuzzy dice if you moved the robot hand with enough skill? This “Sub Marine Catcher” arcade game allows Japanese gamers to try their hand at catching live lobsters. It takes some skill, because lobsters are wary of being grabbed by an electric claw and they dash away.Ultra Low Dining Table If you’re the kind of destructive person who would rather break everything on the table, there’s a game for you as well. Cho Chabudai Gaeshi!, known in English as Ultra Low Dining Table, is another arcade with a table peripheral. In this case, though, the object of the game is to flip the table peripheral out of anger over an unsatisfying meal, knocking over whoever else happens to be sitting next to it.Hit thumbs up if you want to play one of these arcade game. Subscribe to our channel and turn on notification, we are waiting a comment from you.Thanks for watching!

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10 Strongest Kids In The World | Bruce Lee Kid | Interesting Facts ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzW################################► Website: http:vid.ioxcRS ► Facebook: https:goo.glG0HVYw ► Twitter: http:vid.ioxcRO ► Google +: http:vid.ioxcRM################################It’s easy to assume that being taller and bigger than a kid makes us stronger than them. Some kids, however, are pure muscle packed into tiny beings. From China to New Jersey, children all over the world are finding their passion and wowing the world with their physical strength. Whether it’s to stay away from video games or simply to stand out in a crowd, these remarkable kids have found the inspiration, focus and ability to smash through world records and push themselves to the limits of what their bodies can do. Here is out list of Strongest Kids In The World.Yang Jinlong This young boy from Chuzhou in China’s Anhui province was pulling cars with ropes and carrying cement sacks of 100kg by age 7. He quickly became a celebrity in China and around the world with the performance of strength such as pulling a van with a rope tied around this waist, lifting his father on his shoulders, or carrying heavy sacks of rice or cement powder. Ryusei Imai 6-year-old Ryusei Imai went viral on the Internet last year with his spot-on mimicking of Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death” nunchaku scene. The tiny fan of Bruce Lee went on to perform on television shows to showcase his unique capabilities at his young age.Eli Etherton You usually don’t expect kids to perform at bodybuilder events but that’s what Eli Etherton did. Having incredible muscle strength this 9-year-old boy competes in the big boys league. Although not known for many World Guinness records Eli shows incredible strength for a 9-year old. Claudio Stroe Like his brother Giuliano, Claudio has been awarded praise for lifting over 4 times his body weight something even most bodybuilders have a hard time doing. Claudio has been working out and practicing fitness training since the age of 2. Giuliano Stroe This Romanian brother of Claudio Stroe is power hero. Training since the age of 2 this boy has earned multiple championships and broken records. Giuliano is a Guinness world record holder in multiple categories such as most push-ups without feet touching the floor, longest timed human flag and fastest 10-minute hand walk with weights on his feet. Richard Sandrak Although not a kid anymore, Richard’s remarkable childhood accomplishments earned him spot on our list of top 10 strongest kids in the world. Born in Ukraine in 1982, Richard quickly took up stretches and martial arts upon moving with his family to the United States. Andrey Kostash This Ukranian boy has been training since the age of 5. He broke a world record by doing 4000 push-ups in 2 hours. He was reportedly unhappy with this number, as he did not achieve his personal best of… 6000! Liam Hoekstra Diagnosed with a rare medical condition called Muscle Hypertrophy as an infant, Liam had a 40% muscle body mass at age 3. C.J. Cummings At only age 14 C.J. was lifting over 100kg. Now 15, he has broken the world record in clean and jerk lift with 175kg, however because the competition was not global, he did not earn an official title. Jake Schellenschlagger Training since the age of 11, this teenage bodybuilder has earned the world champion title for squat lifting and can now deadlift over 181kg. His father, a bodybuilder himself, reportedly refused to have his son play video games all day and encouraged young Jake to take up fitness instead. Four short years later, Jake is a sponsored fitness celebrity with numerous championship titles in his name. CJ Senter This 12-year-old fitness guru has incredible strength and talent. Known as The Workout Kid for his enthusiasm and passion for fitness and healthy living, CJ already has a significant media presence for his involvement in getting kids and teens fit and healthy. Kyle Kane Kyle started kickboxing at the age of 4 and by the time he was 9 was a black belt. When talking about his love of weight lifting, he said “’I just want to be as muscly as I can be. Dylan and Jessica Best Dylan and Jessica, along with their father Nick and mother Callie, appeared on the TLC show The Strongest Family In The World. Probably a pretty good precursor to landing a spot on this list. In the documentary, it is claimed that the family trains up to 240 hours per week. Varya Akulova When Varya Akulova was born, it was clear that her parents had big plans for her. Her father Yuri and mom Larysa were both professional weightlifters that met each other when working in a traveling circus. Yuri started training Varya when she was 4 days old, saying in an interview “I was determined right from the start that our tiny Varya would become the strongest girl in the entire world….Thanks for watching! Join our channel!
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Top 10 TERRIFYING Plants That Will Eat You Interesting Facts

TechTV ► Top 10 Plants That Can Kill You | Interesting Facts ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzW################################► Website: http:vid.ioxcRS ► Facebook: https:goo.glG0HVYw ► Twitter: http:vid.ioxcRO ► Google +: http:vid.ioxcRM################################When people think about plants, they often think of the common trees, flowers, and bushes they see every day. Most don't realize the world has tons of crazy foliage growing all over the place, some of which have the ability to kill any living thing that gets too close. Who needs Triffids when we already have some otherworldly plants here on Earth?Hello and today we're talking about Terrifying plants that want to kill youVenus flytrap When exploring the world of creepy plants, people usually first think of the Venus flytrap, and with good reason. Native to North and South Carolina, these bizarre-looking carnivores like to sit and wait for their prey to land or crawl onto their leaves, which are actually toothy, gaping maws. Once the victim is in place, the flytraps clamp their mouths down and begin digesting their feast with enzymes strong enough to dissolve human flesh, according to carnivorous-plant enthusiast Barry Rice. Nepenthes attenboroughii Discovered in 2000, the Nepenthes attenboroughii, or Attenborough's pitcher plant, is a bit more ravenous than other carnivorous plants. While most meat-eating plants resign themselves to insects and arachnids, the pitcher plant craves mice and shrews, according to the BBC. Being a pitcher, the plant collects water during rains. Dendrocnide excelsa Dendrocnide excelsa, or the giant stinging bush, looks like any other plant, and that's where its otherworldliness comes from. It's learned how to camouflage itself so it doesn't stand out. Therein lies its treachery. This innocent-looking Australian plant actually possesses an incredibly painful, poisonous sting, which has been known to kill dogs and horses.Doll's eye The actaea pachypoda, or doll's-eyes, looks like a demon out of some Japanese horror movie, despite the fact it's an all-American plant. While a white flower bearing a single black berry looks and sounds innocent enough, having ten or more of them staring at you from their, on average, two-foot-tall blood-red stalk is enough to give anyone the heebie jeebies. When you add the fact that the plant is poisonous is enough to kill a human, it magnifies the plant's demonic nature. Drosera capensis The drosera capensis, or Cape sundew, is what you get when you cross an octopus with a plant and put its stomach on the outside. Strychnos nux-vomica It should come as no surprise that the strychnine tree is poisonous. However, most may be surprised to learn just how toxic the strychnos nux-vomica is. It actually contains two poisons.Christmas Rose According to legend, the Helleborus niger—or Christmas rose—came into being a very long time ago, after a little girl cried because she had no gift to give during the Nativity.
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2,888 views | Mar 28, 2017
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What Would Happen If The Sun Suddenly Disappeared: ► https:youtu.be7tjHa_I4Fak10 Most Shocking Guinness World Records ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzWIt’s amazing how the Guinness Book of World Records started out, and what it has become today. It started in 1955 and holds some of the most amazing records ever, listing world records both of human achievements, and the extremes of the natural world. While there are many factual records, there are also amazing and unbelievable records, and some are just plain crazy. Join us as we take a look at 10 Most Shocking Records in The Guinness Book of World Records.If you want to be notified when we release a new video, click subscribe. And if you liked this video, let us know and comment below. 10. Paralympic 'Armless Archer' Matt Stutzman – It’s amazing seeing people go against all odds, and let nothing get in their way. Matt Stutzman is a Paralympic archer who was born without arms. The 'Armless Archer' learned to expertly use a bow and arrow using his feet and shoulders, and has now broken a record that was previously held by an able-bodied person. Video - Fastest time to burst three balloons with the back - Julia Gunthel, aka 'Zlata', actually has several records due to her ability to be the most flexible woman in the world. Now she has a record that it seems will be impossible for anyone to ever beat. Video - Longest sword swallowed - Natasha Veruschka from the USA has been called the Queen of Swords, and has swallowed a sword 58 cm (22.83 in) long sword! Not only is Natasha a sword swallower, she is also a belly dancer. She is actually a representative of an organization we didn’t know existed. Video - Chopping Watermelons On a Stomach – The most watermelons chopped on the stomach in one minute is 27 and was achieved by Bipin Larkin and Ashrita Furman both from the USA at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Jamaica, New York, USA, on 30 November 2012. Video - The longest distance pulled by a horse while on full body burn - Austrian Josef Tödtling is a stunt man who likes to be set on fire. He’s set many Guinness Records, and his latest one was probably film inspired. Also known as the ‘Human Torch, Josef was dragged 500 metres by a horse and a quad bike while on fire.Video - Most burgers Eaten in One Minute - 24-year-old Rix Terabite proved he was the hungriest for the record and managed to consume a record-breaking five 107-gram patties in 60 seconds. The Guinness World Records rules for this hamburger eating challenge insist that only one burger is to be eaten at a time, using just one hand.Video - Most coconuts smashed around a person while blindfolded – This is one dangerous and shocking record for sure, and we don’t think anyone is going to try to break it anytime soon. Karamjit Singh and Kawaljit Singh, both from India, hold the record of 35 coconuts smashed around a person while blindfolded in just 60 seconds and was set on 25 July 2014.Video - Felix Baumgartner’s free fall from space – Austrian Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic sky dive set five world records. On 14 October 2012 he set world records for skydiving an estimated 39 km (24 mi), reaching an estimated top speed of 1,357.64 kmh (843.6 mph), or Mach 1.25.Video - Longest fingernails on a pair of hands - Nail artist Ayanna Williams has smashed the record for the longest fingernails on a pair of hands with an incredible length of 18 ft.10.9 in. The most amazing part it seems is that It took her 23 years to grow these nails to break the record! Ms. Video - Stretchiest Skin – Garry Turner is able to stretch the skin of his stomach to a distended length of 15.8 cm (6.25 in) due to a rare medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a disorder of the connective tissues affecting the skin, ligaments and internal organs.Video - https:youtu.bef46SpiboAew
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10 Amazing Robots That Really Exist

Top most amazing and coolest ROBOTSThe family of robot animals from the German developer of robotics Festo is growing. The company presents many new robots, for example: a swarm of ants that can interact with each other, as well as butterflies and dragonflies, which are characterized by all the ease and grace of these insects. When they were created, the company focused not only on their appearance, but also on behavioral characteristics. The ants coordinate with each other all their actions and movements. Each ant, that is 13-centimeter long, has on its belly a radio module, through which precise coordination is carried out.As for butterflies-robots. The weight of each butterfly is only 32 grams, this includes two servos, a pair of small batteries, and a laser-made casing. After one charging that lasts fifteen minutes, butterflies will be able to flutter for about 4 minutes. And their flight looks very impressive. There’re not just butterflies, but a whole system that consists of ten high-speed infrared cameras installed in a room where butterflies fly. They track the infrared markers installed on the robots, transmitting data in real time to the central computer; so that’s how coordination of butterflies is going in the space. You can hardly distinguish these bionic butterflies from the real ones in the room where they fly.Robotic seagulls and dragonflies that can fly just like their living relatives. The seagull was developed in 2012. Later, a dragonfly, that can hang in the air no worse than its natural counterpart was invented. All the details of the dragonfly were made on a 3D printer, and you can control this miracle with a smartphone. Through these developments, the company could edge out the development market of flying drones, but it doesn’t need it. The technology of flying and hovering in the air is worked on these two prototypes. The kangaroo robot. At the core of the BionicKangaroo is the mechanism of "recuperation" - it uses the energy recovered from one jump to help it make another. Real kangaroos quickly got tired and could not jump for a long time without this mechanism. Springs that store mechanical energy on the landing and give it away on the next jump are used in this project. BionicKangaroo that weighs 7 kilograms and highs one meter can make a jump of 80 cm in length and 40 cm in height. The power supply system, that forces it to move, is a pneumatic accumulator. The robot is controlled by a special bandage that reads myoelectric signals from the human forearm.Robot shark. This unmanned underwater facility - a robotic shark length of about one and a half meters and weigh up to 45 kg. Like a real fish, the robot uses the tail to move and control its movement. The robot moves in a fish way, so it is very difficult to distinguish it or at least isolate it on the background of a real marine fauna. It can swim above and dive to depth. Such shark can rich an enemy ship unnoticed. She can spy, repair ships, and arrange sabotage.The robot-spider. From the beginning it is worth mentioning that the spider model was printed using the 3D printer. The engine is integrated with the servo motors of the paws, three in each: the resulting system provides simple control of flexible, plastic movements with convenient coordination from the control panel. He was shown in one of the series of MythBusters.Underwater robot-snake. The mechanical snake is designed to perform maintenance and repair of various mechanisms on the seabed, mainly on oil platforms. It is capable of replacing costly autonomous underwater vehicles, easily slipping into places where cumbersome robots can not reach.VIDEO SOURCES:1)BionicANTs robot Chef Robot motion Robot Spider! Shark fish
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10 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

10 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzWMy new channel Unveiled. SUBSCRIBE!!!!: ► https:goo.glHxNnavThere are your everyday beaches that you can go to an enjoy without some serious danger. But for the more adventurous explorer, there are beaches in the world that hold dangers either from currents that can pull you under the water, to dangerous sea creatures, but many explorers like the dangers and the thrill. So we rounded up 10 of the Most Dangerous Beaches in The World.1. Cape Tribulation, Australia – There are about nine different beaches to explore in Cape Tribulation. And when you have The Great Barrier Reef that meets the Daintree Rainforest, you’re going to have dangerous wildlife. Salt water crocodiles live here, along with jellyfish, also called ‘Marine Stingers, and lots of venomous snakes and poisonous insects.2. Beaches of the Amazon, South America – The Amazon is a beautiful place to visit with its numerous beaches and incredible jungle. But the Amazon is also home to many dangerous creatures. There are 20 different types of Piranha, including the Black Piranha, and the sharp-toothed red-bellied piranha that live along the Amazon River in South America.3. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii - Nestled in the Napali Coast of Kauai and only accessible by the Kalalau Trail, which you have to hike into. The hike itself is a dangerous trip. Hanakapiai Beach is one of the most dangerous places in the world to go swimming, and more than 100 people have died because of powerful rip currents caused by tidal changes and trade winds that will sweep you out to sea even when the water appears calm.4. Gansbaai Beach, South Africa – This is the place to go if you are planning on seeing the Great White Shark, or if you want to do some whale watching. Just make sure you’re doing this on a large boat and with a good guide. Sharks are attracted to the area by a colony of 60,000 fur seals that make their home in the small channel of water between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock. 5. Black Sand Beaches of Kilauea, Hawaii – Located in Volcanoes National Park, the black sand beaches of Kilauea may be beautiful, but they are also dangerous. These beaches sit next to one of the world’s most active volcanoes, Mount Kilauea, which has been continuously erupting since 1983 and spewing thousands of tons of hot lava into the ocean.6. The Red Triangle – California – There is an area along the California coastline that is known as The Red Triangle because of the large amount of Great White Shark attacks. The triangle encompasses about 200 miles of coastline, from Bodega Bay all the way to Point Sur.7. Fraser Island – Australia – has been called the most dangerous beach in the world. The waters surrounding the island have strong rip currents and are filled with sharks and stinging jellyfish such as the Box Jellyfish which has an excruciatingly painful sting that can cause death.8. New Smyrna Beach, Florida – At New Smyrna Beach in Volusia, there are more shark-related incidents per square mile than on any other beach in the world. In fact, if you’ve ever gone swimming around New Smyrna beach, there are good chances you’ve probably been within 3 meters of a shark. The reason why there are so many sharks here is because of the Ponce de Leon Inlet where the Halifax River and Intracoastal Canal empty into the Atlantic.9. Northern Territory Beaches – Australia – It’s already well known that Australia is home to many dangerous creatures and wildlife. So it should come as no surprise that some beaches of the Northern Territory have some of the most dangerous and venomous jellyfish, such as the Box Jellyfish, the most dangerous sea creature in the world. 10. Playa Zipolite – Mexico – This picturesque beach is popular with backpackers and nudists but is also notorious for its dangerous rip currents. And it seems that even places that are deemed dangerous won’t stop the adventurous traveler.
3,349 views | Oct 16, 2017
game | 10 Terrifying Creatures That Live After Death

10 Terrifying Creatures That Live After Death

TechTV ► 10 Terrifying Creatures That Live After Death | Interesting Facts ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzWSorry, but i can't include footage with the headless snake in my video, here is the link: ► https:youtu.beT_8jywmeVPYYou may have noticed that, excepting the occasional zombie apocalypse, we humans tend to function best with our nervous systems intact and our brains, limbs and major organs all connected and happily communicating with each other. Well, we feel it's our duty to inform you that not all creatures are quite so picky when it comes to the intactness of their bodies. Hello and today we will talk about Terrifying Creatures That Keep Going After They're DeadHeadless Snakes When faced with a venomous snake, most people's natural reaction would fall into one of three categories: fleeing, freezing on the spot or OH GOD OH GOD KILL IT CHOP OFF ITS EVIL POINTY HEAD. While the latter course of action may seem like the surefire way to avoid getting bitten, it turns out that might not be the case. What Makes This Abomination Possible? The snake has heat-sensitive pits at either side of its face, which it uses to detect threats -- and let's face it, if you're close enough for your body heat to be detected, you're close enough to be considered a threat. Cockroaches Cockroaches are infamous for their tenacity, and are often cited as the most likely survivors of a nuclear war. Some even claim that they can live without their heads. It turns out that these armchair exterminators are right. Headless roaches are capable of living for weeks.Chickens If you chop the head off a chicken, it can still run around for a few seconds. The animals can do this because a neural network in the spinal cord is pre-programmed to direct the muscles in various frequently used movement patterns such as running. Despite intense research into how the body, the brain and the nervous system works, scientists still do not have a clear picture of how nerve cells communicate to perform certain movements. Octopus Octopus tentacles still react up to an hour after being severed from their dead owner, and even try to pick up food and feed a phantom mouth. Flatworms Everyone knows the myth about earthworms: if you cut them in half, you get two worms. Nothing could be further from the truth, alas. However, if the earthworm is replaced by a flatworm, the two parts can survive these childish experiments. What’s more, be it skin, intestine or brain, the body part lost through cutting will simply grow again in a matter of days.Frogs Thanks to the "let's chop out its brain and see what the hell happens" approach to science taken by 19th century neurologist David Ferrier, we can tell you. A headed but brainless frog actually behaves very similarly to a frog with its gray matter perfectly intact: If you turn it upside down, it will right itself; if you pinch its feet, it will hop away; if you put it in water, it will swim to the side and climb out. And perhaps most disturbing of all, it will even croak contentedly if you stroke its back.ntinue to respond to external stimuli for an indefinite period. Flies Female fruit flies will live for several days after they have been decapitated. Such beheaded females assume an upright stance comparable to that of a normal fly and can and do engage in complex actions such as preening, flying and, under duress, walking.Turtles If you chop the head off a turtle, it can still swim. The turtle frequently uses swimming movements, so it makes sense for it to have a neural network in the spinal cord pre-programmed to perform swimming movements when the nerve cells are stimulated.Salamanders Salamanders can regrow entire limbs and regenerate parts of major organs, an ability that relies on their immune systems, research now shows. A study of the axolotl, an aquatic salamander, reveals that immune cells called macrophages are critical in the early stages of regenerating lost limbs. Wiping out these cells permanently prevented regeneration and led to tissue scarring. The findings hint at possible strategies for tissue repair in humans.
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game | Top 5 Weirdest arcade games ever

Top 5 Weirdest arcade games ever

Arcade games should provide a unique experience, one that you can’t get anywhere else. The arcade machines in this video certainly deliver in that aspect. Here is our top 5 weirdest arcade games ever and to no one's surprise most of these can be found in Japan.5. Densha de Go!Densha de Go! or “Let’s Go By Train!" is actually a relatively normal game. You take the role of a train driver driving actual train routes in Japan while following a very strict schedule. The game is extremely difficult to play. You have to stop within 30 centimeters of the prescribed point and you can’t be more than half a second late. The Japanese don’t mess around when it comes to public transport! 4. Super Table FlipWho didn’t at one point in their life want to flip a table in anger? That's the premise of Super Table Flip. You play an angry father who has just received some bad news and totally loses his shit at the dinner table. You need to smash your hands as hard as you can on a real table that’s part of the arcade cabinet. The harder you hit it the more your on-screen family trembles in fear. Arrrrrrg!3. Amusement Washing MachineNobody likes doing laundry but what if you turned washing your clothes into fun mini-games? That’s what inventor Lee Wei Chen did when he came up with the Amusement Washing Machine. You play all sorts of mini-games that synch with the washing machine. The washing machine is active as long as you’re alive in the game so you better not die if you want clean clothes! 2. Urinal Arcade GamesThe Exhibit Bar in London has very a unique arcade game you can play in the men’s restroom on a mounted display above the urinal. The game isn’t played with your hands but rather with your real life joystick. In the skiing mini-game you accelerate by increasing your stream strength and turn by aiming left or right. Just be sure to stay within the target area or you run the risk of pissing off your neighbour. 1. Boong-Ga Boong-GaBoong-Ga Boong-Ga also known as Spank ’em is the most bizarre arcade game we’ve ever seen. The arcade cabinet comes with a peripheral in the shape of a butt which you need to spank. The characters you can spank range from mother in law to child molester. Besides spanking you can also perform a kancho on your victim which is a Japanese prank that involves sticking your fingers up someone’s rear end. When you are finally done punishing the plastic ass the machine prints out a card that explains your sexual behavior ... because why the hell not. What is the weirdest arcade game you’ve ever played? Let us know in the comments and please like the video and subscribe to the channel!▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓GET OUR APP ► iOS - bit.lyZGCommunityApp ► Android - bit.lyZGCommunityAndroidZOOMINGAMES ON SOCIAL MEDIA ► Twitter - http:www.twitter.comzoomingames ► Facebook - https:www.facebook.comzoomingames ► Snapchat - zoomintvgames ► Instagram - zoomingames.ig ► Twitch - http:www.twitch.tvzoomintvgames▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓MUSIC AND AUDIO Music provided by Epidemic Sound. http:www.epidemicsound.comyoutube-creator-subscription▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ABOUT US Zoomin.TV Games is the number one source for game related top five videos, list videos, game information and everything with some comedy.▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓PARTNERSHIPS Information about Youtube partnerships can be found here: http:corporate.zoomin.tvyoutubebecome-a-partner
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game | Top 10 Awesome Life Hacks for Drill Machine

Top 10 Awesome Life Hacks for Drill Machine

Top 10 Awesome Life Hacks for Drill MachineYou can subscribe here : https:goo.gl017Emz facebook : https:goo.glZbBxlYmusic: Alex Skrindo - Jumbo [NCS Release] Axol x Alex Skrindo - You [NCS Release] Alex Skrindo & Stahl! - Moments [NCS Release]Alex Skrindo • https:www.facebook.comAlexanderSkrindo • https:soundcloud.comalex-skrindo • https:twitter.comAlexSkrindoAxol • https:soundcloud.comaxol_music • https:www.facebook.comaxolmusic • https:www.instagram.comaxolmusicStahl! SoundCloud https:soundcloud.comstahl Facebook https:www.facebook.comStahl-1583153878639226
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game | TDW 1510 Most Dangerous Arcade Game Ever

TDW 1510 Most Dangerous Arcade Game Ever

PATREON - http:www.patreon.comadamthewoo SHIRTS - Yesterday - https:youtu.beuNtG_zFV48w Last Year - https:youtu.beCzU_PcfQMGA 2 Years Ago - https:youtu.bekB1r-Wj5CLA 3 Years Ago - https:youtu.behg8_7uBtR1g 4 Years Ago -https:youtu.be2Vd5V_P0B20
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game | 10 Most Dangerous Waters in the World

10 Most Dangerous Waters in the World

TechTV ► 8 Most Powerful Gaming Laptops: ► https:youtu.beC8dbLZM9Ti0► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzW################################► Website: http:vid.ioxcRS ► Facebook: https:goo.glG0HVYw ► Twitter: http:vid.ioxcRO ► Google +: http:vid.ioxcRM################################The world is 70 percent water, so it's probably a good thing that the stuff is good for us. We can drink it, swim in it, grow food with it, and just plain live because of it. However, certain bodies of water are shockingly mean to us. Interacting with some lakes and rivers can hurt us, make us sick, or even kill us.Hello guys and today we're talking about 10 Bodies Of Water That Want You Dead#10. Boiling Lake Dominica Whoever named this place was certainly no fan of subtlety: Boiling Lake is exactly what it sounds like. Discovered in 1870 by two Englishmen, temperatures taken five years later ranged anywhere from 82 to 91.5 °C. #9. Citarum River West Java, Indonesia Here we have a body of water that can destroy us, but only because we screwed it up. Citarum River might well be the most polluted, trash-filled bit of water on the planet. #8. Rio Tinto Spain Rio Tinto is among the most acidic bodies of water around, with a pH balance of 2, at best. This means the Rio Tinto is as strong as stomach acid and is more than powerful enough to kill any fish that dare swim in it. #7. Lake Kivu Of DRC And Rwanda Three hundred meters (1,000 ft) below the surface of Lake Kivu lies a ticking time bomb. Over 250 cubic kilometers (60 cubic miles) of carbon dioxide, along with around 65 cubic kilometers (15 cubic miles) of methane gas, lurks under this body of water, enough to provide electricity to several countries. #6. The Rivers Of Johannesburg South Africa Catching E. coli is no fun under normal circumstances; now imagine you were literally swimming in the stuff. #5. Blackwater River Virginia, USA Too much water can be a bad thing, even if the water can't kill you otherwise. #4. Tualatin River Oregon, USA Oregon's Tualatin River is not the place to be if you want to take your dogs for a swim; close to a dozen pups die there every year from exposure to toxic blue-green algae.#3. Lake Karachay Russia Like a supermodel with a bomb strapped underneath her bodice, Russia's Lake Karachay is pristine, gorgeous, and incredibly deadly. It is, without question, the most radioactive body of water on the planet. #2. Belle Fourche River And South Dakota, USA Belle Fourche isn't poisonous, boiling, or radioactive. However, it is turbulent and wild, at least in one particular area. #1. Potomac River Maryland–West Virginia Border, USA Though the only thing most people know about the Potomac is that Washington, DC is situated on it, the legendary river can also be associated with something else: horrible deaths.Thank you for watching!!! Does anyone want to come over and swim with me? Write in comments what do you think of these bodies of water. Join our channel for more interesting videos!
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game | 10 Things Most Humans Can t Do Interesting Facts

10 Things Most Humans Can t Do Interesting Facts

TechTV ► 10 THINGS MOST HUMANS CAN’T DO | Interesting Facts ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzW################################► Website: http:vid.ioxcRS ► Facebook: https:goo.glG0HVYw ► Twitter: http:vid.ioxcRO ► Google +: http:vid.ioxcRM################################Hello there, There are things that you think you should be able to do with your body. But if you're like 99% of people in the world, no matter how hard you try, you just can't quite manage to do it. There are things we believe anyone can do easily, if you allow the vast majority of people quite alright. But no matter how hard you try, most likely you wouldn’t be able to do what we are about to share with you now. Our body is made in such a way that there are some things almost impossible to be done with it. Here is a list of things that are impossible to do with your body, and the few mutants who can do. But we can teach you a few easy tricks and you will be able to do some of them and impress your friends very soon Let’s get it on;GLEEKING This is the hottest new trend. It is done by most kids. And is just better than planking. Gleeking is the term used when you project saliva from the submandibular gland after compressing it with your tongue. This means you stimulate the saliva glands under your tongue to spit a concentrated jet of saliva. Sometimes this happens by accident when you yawn, or when you’re being operated on at the dentist. But doing it deliberately – and at will – is a skill very few possess. It requires dedication and tongue dexterity. LICKING YOUR OWN ELBOW Everyone knows that 99% of people can’t lick their own elbow and 90 percent of people told this immediately try to do this. You tried this too? Okay moving on. So despite the statistics, Guinness World Records get about 5 claims a day from people who think that they are special just because they can lick their elbows.WIGGLING YOUR EAR Your cat can do it. And so can the hippo and Jeff Goldblum. But only few other people in the world can wiggle their ears. It turned out that in 2006, scientists determined exactly why most people couldn't wiggle their own ears: "The mechanism behind ear movements is sophisticated," says Bastiaan ter Meulen, who led the ear wiggling study, accepted for publication in the journal Clinical Neurophysiology. “Unlike other face muscles, the ear muscles have their own sensory nucleus that controls areas of muscle function in the brain stem.” says ter Meulen, a researcher at Erasmus MC, a university medical centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Compare to animals especially bats and cats these unclear is rather small in human. Perhaps you are one of the non-ear wiggling people, we can share with you some tips that can help you try them. TOUCHING YOUR NOSE OR CHIN WITH YOUR TONGUE Betcha Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS could do both easily, but most people can't touch the tip of their nose or their chin with their tongue. She says “I was oblivious, for the first thirteen years of my life, that I was endowed with a large oral appendage, my super long tongue. It really was longer than everyone else's, and I was soon to find out that having a long tongue came in handy with the girls.”SNEEZE WITH YOUR EYES OPEN Nope, you can't sneeze with your eyes open (well, without forcing them open with your hands, anyhow). Why? Because when you sneeze, the "sneeze center" in the brain "sends coordinated motor impulses along nerves controlling muscles of the abdomen, chest, diaphragm, neck, face, eyelids and various sphincters, as well as the mucus glands and blood vessels of the nose. All this happens automatically."FIST IN MOUTH People who can fit their entire fist into their mouths are a rare anomaly. For most, it’s a near impossible feat. The majority of the population can only get half or barely a quarter of their fist into their mouths. Study have shown that to successfully fitting your entire fist in your mouth usually requires both a large-mouth and small hands. EAT A SPOONFUL OF CINNAMON Cinnamon is actually the raw form of tree bark that has been ground into dust. It’s insoluble in water, so it’s not surprising that humans have such an intensely negative reaction to it. Ground cinnamon may be a tasty baking addition, but it’s impossible to eat on its own for most people. Attempting to do so will likely burn the inside of your throat and send you into a violent coughing fit. There are countless number of people trying to conquer the ‘cinnamon challenge’, where a spoonful of the powder is ingested. Those people are all dead now, so unless you’re in the minority of people who can safely swallow it, I wouldn’t try it. But just like this video and subscribe to our channel. And this is all for today, see you soon.
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game | 10 SMALLEST ANIMALS That Can Kill You Interesting Facts

10 SMALLEST ANIMALS That Can Kill You Interesting Facts

10 SMALLEST ANIMALS That Can Kill You | Interesting Facts ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzWTiger, lion, Jaguar - these are the animals that we know can hurt us in a pretty bad way, but at least you can see them coming. However, there are a few little ones which you will never see coming, but their impact can leave you struggling for your life. Here are 10 of the smallest animals that can hurt you.Death stalker scorpion Also known as Palestine Yellow scorpion. This little devil is just 2.3 inches in length and can fit anywhere, even in your shoe or jacket. So if you feel a sudden bite in your hand don't ignore it thinking to be a mosquito bite. Blue ringed octopus Found majorly in the coral reefs and lagoons, around The Pacific and The Indian Ocean. This little octopod has the potential to kill 25 individuals in just a single bite. Most of the species are just 5 to 8 inches in size. The most dramatic feature of this animal is that they contain blue colored rings on itheir yellowish body. When threatened it becomes dark brown and the blue color gets iridescent.Cone Snail Snails are not known to be deadly and agile enough to kill a human. However, Cone snails are a category of snail that can easily hurt you. The ones that are deadly to humans are the larger ones. Mollusks have radula in their mouth, which acts as teeth, but the cone snails have modified their radula to hypodermic needles, present at the end of the proboscis.Tarantula Hawk. Does the name suggest anything? No it’s not the spider but it’s the wasp that hunt spiders. Tarantula Hawks are especially known to hunt Tarantulas. These are the owner of a very special kind of sting, which is considered to be the most painful one.Lonomia caterpillar As beautiful as it may look like, but stay away from it!! It is the larval form of the Giant Silkworm Moth. Especially found in South American countrie, and just 2inches in length. Well, its big enough.Puffer fish A celebrity fish to be said, and you have probably seen it in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’. Also, know as the Porcupine Fish. There are hundreds of this species but only a few hold the title of one of the most poisonous vertebrates in both the hemisphere. The name suggests as it can blow itself up to a spherical shape completely. Irukandji Jellyfish It is a species of box jellyfish, that’s only one cubic centimeter in volume. They are one of the smallest and most poisonous jellyfish in the world. As the name suggests they are found near the Irukandji range of Australia’s eastern coast. The head of the jellyfish is just about 5 millimeters to 25 millimeters in length but the tentacles are up to 1 meter in length.Poison Dart Frog There are a great variety of these tree frogs, but the one that needs a bit of more spot-light is the Golden Poison Arrow Frog. Found mostly in Southern American countries adjacent to Colombia. The adults can reach a size of about 5 centimeters only, Significantly they do not possess the colored rings on their body unlike other similar kinds, dendrobatids. Asian Giant Hornet For a hornet to be of this size, you might think it’s on steroid. But beware making fun of it, it’s a 2 inches long and 3 inches wide (wingspan) Hornet, which produces a venom along with an enzyme that can cause tissues to melt. Majorly found in Japan, this little guy holds the record to kill humans more than any other animals on the island of Japan.Stone Fish It’s one of the most venomous fish in the marine world. Found majorly in the Indian Ocean Coast and Pacific Coast. The color of the body is gray and mottled, similar to that of a stone. And it’s really impossible to distinguish between them in water.CREDITS: Death stalker scorpion octopus Cone Snails Hawk caterpillar fish Jellyfish Dart Frog Giant Hornet Fish THANKS FOR BRAVE WILDERNESS
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game | 10 Immortal Animals You Won t Believe Are Real Interesting Facts

10 Immortal Animals You Won t Believe Are Real Interesting Facts

10 Immortal Animals You Won't Believe Are Real | Interesting Facts ► Subscribe: https:goo.glgYLyzWBelieve It Or Not – Surely All These Animals Greatly Outlive YouWe know the life cycle; an animal is born, grows up, becomes an adult, reproduces, ages, gets old and finally dies. This is a universal truth about animal life on earth. Aging is a natural process for all living beings. In biology, it called senescence. Birth slowly becomes death by way of aging (if not by accident, disease or falling prey) in a natural life process. Therefore, it is hard to believe that some animals are almost immortal. There are a few species of animals in which the process of aging is extremely slow. Their life span is much longer in comparison to that of a human being. This is termed as “negligible senescence”. Here the symptoms of aging are so faint that it seems like they can never die. Tortoise As children, all of us might have heard or read about the tortoise’s immortality. The life span of a tortoise is 150 to 250 years. A tortoise shell contrary to common belief actually has 60 different interconnected bones.Red Sea Urchin Sea urchins usually live in warm waters close to the coral reefs or on the rocky bottom. Their life spans up to 200 years. They never stop growing but don’t get old. Their mouth has five sharp teeth and they can drill a hole in a rock. Sea urchins originated roughly 450 million years ago.Rougheye Rockfish Rougheye rockfish are probably one of the longest living marine fish, living as long as 200 years. “Red Snapper”, which you can sometimes find on restaurant menus, are actually rockfish. They do not lay eggs but give birth to young ones. Rockfish have a bladder that adjusts to their buoyancy as per depth levels inside the sea. Carp Koi Carp Koi have a lifespan of over 200 years. Koi fish represent love and friendship in Japanese culture. As a gift, they are believed to bring good luck; so traditionally they are handed over from one generation to the next in Japanese families. Koi have no stomach, instead, they only have a gut.Bowhead Whale They are believed to live up to 200 years. The Bowhead whale can grow up to a length of 66 ft. and weigh as much as 100 tons. Bowhead whales were massively hunted for their meat and oil. A bowhead whale can blow air up to 20 feet in height and are strong enough to easily break a one-foot thick ice layer. Ocean Quahog World’s oldest ocean quahog was 507 years old before its death in 2006. They are able to live for centuries because of their very slow metabolism. This ocean quahog was named after Chinese dynasty “Ming”. Freshwater Pearl Mussel Freshwater pearl mussels possess negligible senescence. They have a life span of 210–250 years. Freshwater mussel species have the ability to create a pearl. Antarctic Sponge The Antarctic sponge has an extremely slow growth rate because of the very low temperature there; some of the oldest known specimens are as old as 1550 years. Sponges have been inhabiting earth for the last 600 million years.Turritopsis Dohrn jellyfish This jellyfish discovered in 1883 can truly be called immortal because of its unique regenerative powers which came to our knowledge only two decades back. Its cells can transform into different kinds of cells like a muscle cell can change into a sperm cell or even an egg cell or vice versa. Water Bear Water bears, also known as tardigrades or moss piglet have existed for 530 million years. They have some super powers which make them virtually immortal. They can stop all their metabolic activities completely by a process called cryptobiosis. Water bears do not grow by cell division. Their cells just expand to a bigger size.
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