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3 Essential iPhone Camera Accessories

From - Posted: Dec 15, 2011 - 26,279 viewsGame | 3 Essential iPhone Camera Accessories | 3 Essential iPhone Camera Accessories
3 Essential iPhone Camera Accessories
3 Essential iPhone Camera Accessories
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Having tried many lenses, adapters tripod mounts and other ancillary accessories for the iPhone over the years, Blunty's go-to, be-ready, "standard kit" for "iPhoneography" has boiled down to three essential items that can make all the difference in the world in making photography, and recording video on the iPhone both more powerful and easier.The Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip http:www.belkin.comThe Olloclip http:www.olloclip.comand the joby GorillaPod Video

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Phocus Accent iPhone Camera Accessory For iPhone 5 4 4S Review

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND SUPPORT CONTENT SO WE CAN BRING YOU MORE. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!Follow me on: http:facebook.comchrisvoss http:Twitter.comchrisvoss Snapchat: ChrisVoss http:Linkedin.cominchrisvoss Instagram: ChrisVoss
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Urban Armor Gear Case for iPhone 5 5S: http:amzn.to2azkcUp Urban Armor Gear Case for iPhone 6 6s (awesome case!): http:amzn.to29ZMt7L Urban Armor Gear Case for iPhone 6 Plus 6s Plus: http:amzn.to29ZNdd5Otterbox Armor for iPhone 5 5S (ONLY $50 ON SALE!!!): http:amzn.to145h4rK Otterbox Defender for iPhone 6 6s (the Otterbox Armor wasn't made for the iPhone 6, but the Defender is just as awesome if not better): http:amzn.to29YUjeB Otterbox Defender for iPhone 6 Plus 6s Plus: http:amzn.to29QX6I6Lifeproof Case for iPhone 55SSE: http:amzn.to29XggwM Lifeproof Case for iPhone 66s: http:amzn.to29YTLWc Lifeproof Case for iPhone 6 Plus6s Plus: http:amzn.to29QWUZoiPhone 5S55CSE Glass Screen Protector (Best one ever!!!): http:amzn.to29ZNgpr iPhone 6 6s Glass Screen Protector (also the best one out there!!): http:amzn.to2adQ6rV iPhone 6 Plus 6s Plus Glass Screen Protector (also the best one out there!!): http:amzn.to29Xh7O8JayBird Bluebuds X Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (phenomenal): http:amzn.to15rKN0TLogitech UE 4000 Headphones (ON SALE FOR ONLY $65): http:amzn.to15SJRxdSinjimoru Sinjipouch Back Wallet for iPhone 55SSE66s6 Plus6s PlusAndroid (Insanely good deal): http:amzn.to19s811INewtrent Powerpak Extreme 13,500 mAh Battery (this is an amazing battery pack and is worth every dollar!!): http:amzn.to29QXPsNSharkk Portable Bluetooth Speaker (awesome bluetooth speaker for $28): http:amzn.toGFmEsqTwitter Page: http:www.twitter.comttothefour Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comttothefour Website:
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iPhone 5 Lens Kit Review Fish Eye, Telephoto Macro

Blunty reviews a cheap three in one lens accessory for the iPhone 5. It gives you a fish-eye lens for wide-angle, a Telephoto lens and Macro capabilities But is this 3-in-1 Quick-Change Camera Lens for iPhone 5, better than the widely praised olloclip 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens? Lets find out...(There is also a version of this 3 in one kit that replaces the Telephoto lens with a wide-angle one - making it a similar setup to the Ollo-Clip iPhone 5 lens)
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Get yours here: http:amzn.to1Kp5mrXSecond Channel: http:www.YouTube.comKingAtlasTVFollow me on Twitter: http:www.twitter.comKingAtlas89Like me on Facebook: http:www.Facebook.comKingAtlas89Google+: http:www.gplus.toKingAtlas89Follow me on Daily Booth: http:www.dailybooth.comKingAtlas89Ask me a question at: http:www.formspring.comKingAtlas89Talk to me on Skype: king.atlasEmail: [email protected] [email protected]---------------------------------------------- "This is a really cool camera telephoto kit! Here are some things I like about it: It has a very high-quality, aluminum short tripod with adapter to fit the iPhone. It comes with a solid rubberized case for iPhone 3G3GS or 4 (with special thread to hold lens). The included 8x lens with manual focus shoots crystal clear photos — and it is so easy to use! Just put on the case, screw in the lens, attach to the tripod, and voilà you are ready to take beautiful telephoto shots! It is handsomely packaged and has a quality feel. What a neat accessory!" — RichardTelescopic Lens for iPhone 4 Telescopic Lens for iPhone 4 Telescopic Lens for iPhone 4
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game | How to take Better Photos with your iPhone

How to take Better Photos with your iPhone

Nine simple tips to help you tack better pictures on with your iPhone from Editor-in-Chief, Tris Hussey You can read the whole post here: http:www.iphonehacks.com201211how-to-taking-better-pictures-with-your-iphone.html
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game | Camera The Best iPhone Camera App of ALL TIME.

Camera The Best iPhone Camera App of ALL TIME.

I LOVE ITTT Camera+ (.99): 55 --------------------------------------- ------------------ Write the Next App Review Suggestion in the COMMENTS! AND THUMBS UP IF YOU WANT THAT APP REVIEWED (: --------------------------------------- ------------------ Got Xbox Live? Good! Because my friends list is full :P hah Gamer Tag: A Moose Just ---------------------------------------- ------------------~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Saying Goodbye to the TDI - VW Diesel Scandal BuyBack (12.28.2016)" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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game | Amazing iPhone 6 Camera accessories Taking mobile photography to the next level

Amazing iPhone 6 Camera accessories Taking mobile photography to the n...

Olloclip for iPhone 6 : http:goo.glJBWi9n Check some cool iPhone 6 camera accessories: http:goo.glQK4jPfWith the launch of the iPhone 6 comes a flood of accessories.The new smartphones camera is impressive on its own, but there are several ways to take your mobile photography to the next level. From tripods to lenses, various camera accessories are available for you to trick out your brand-new toy. Here, we have highlighted nine camera accessories that are compatible with the iPhone 6, helping you take perfect pics in no time.There's no other tripod like this one. This flexible and versatile tripod allows you to take photos from various angles, and it's great for when you're on the go or traveling.This kit was specifically designed for the iPhone 6. The package comes with an extendable tripod mount and a bluetooth remote control, so you can easily snap photos of yourself.Want to bring out the details in a close-up shot? This band has a built-in macro lens that magnifies 4x. You can stack two Easy-Macros to double the magnification from 4x to 8x. Keep it in your wallet, and whip it out when you want to snap a sharp photo.The Quad Lock Tripod Adaptor easily twists onto your phone, attaches to a camera tripod and allows you to stabilize your photos and videos. The adaptor is also compatible with other Quad Lock accessories, such as a car mount. For those camera buffs looking to snap perfectly exposed photos, you'll want to check out this light meter. Luxi, a diffusion dome add-on, attaches to the front-facing camera and gives you a light meter reading. Love Hyperlapse? Smooth out your timelapses with Camalapse. This portable stand rotates 360 degrees in an hour. That way, you don't have to worry about shaky timelapse shots.To avoid the harshness of camera flashes, check out Pocket Spotlight. This portable light easily mounts to your phone, and it doesn't require batteries. Simply charge it with a USB cord (included).Specifically designed for the iPhone 6, this tripod mount holds your phone with or without a case. Looking for a high-quality lens? Olloclip, the popular 4-in-1 camera lens attachment, has been a huge hit with iPhone users. The Olloclip includes a fisheye, wide-angle and two macro lenses. Olloclip has plans to launch its next generation of lenses for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus this November. The new series will be compact, light weight and easy-to-use. Note: The Olloclip lens pictured above is for the iPad. The Olloclip for the iPhone 6 is still in development, and photos of it have not been released yet.-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "The Duggars in Emotional Homemade Video, say goodbye to Jill and Derick as they leave US" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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game | iPhone Camera Hack Salvaging External Lenses From A 35mm Camera

iPhone Camera Hack Salvaging External Lenses From A 35mm Camera

After trying out the DVDCD lens hack and the mini microscope hack, I was wandering around a thrift store and saw a basket full of $2-3 dollar 35mm cameras. I decided to buy one and see what kind of lenses I could find inside. I hit the jackpot and created a strip with 4 different lenses and also added the dvdcd lense for easy use. The main lense in the camera also makes for some great pictures and the whole project was incredibly cheap, although it took about 1 hours to complete. Micro, Macro and Fish Eye lenses! More iPhone stuff at
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game | iPhone 5 Lens 12x Zoom with Tripod

iPhone 5 Lens 12x Zoom with Tripod

Get this Lens from http:bit.ly15xM3ZCMusic by Kevin MacLeodHi, my name is Alex and you´re watching my channel HelperSydrom. Welcome! This is where my buddy Chris and I upload videos of the latest smartphones, tablet, accessories and apps! Why? Because we love all that stuff and youtube is a fun place to share our passion :) By the way, you can watch most videos in German on our other channel called MrHelferSyndrom. Why just be a viewer when you can be a contributor? If you like what we do, you can help us keep the lights on by donating via paypal. Any donation is much appreciated and will be given special thanks! https:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=NA9ZJKHMLF39UIf you are a video creator too and interested in a collaboration just contact us (we live in Berlin and Munich Germany, but video projects over distance are also possible)!If you are a company and would like to see your device or product reviewed on this channel please contact us at acbusinesscontact [at]
2,630 views | Jun 25, 2013
game | iPhone 6 Clone Unboxing!

iPhone 6 Clone Unboxing!

Meet the iPhone 6: http:bit.lyZb8TusHulu+ - http:www.huluplus.comtldiPhone 6 Clone Unboxing - Subscribe for the review!iPhone 6 Prank! http:youtu.beyoKFBNbwyyYTwitter: http:www.twitter.comtldtodayApple hasn't even released it's 4.7" iPhone 6 and fully functioning next gen iPhone clones have already hit the market. The one I received came in an iPhone 6 box, so I decided why not unbox it and share the experience? This isn't packing an A8 processor, Touch ID Fingerprint Reader or Sapphire Display but it sure makes for an interesting video and at the very least, gives us a better perspective of what the iPhone 6 will be like with a larger display!DetroitBorg iPhone 6 Clone Unboxing: 6 Sapphire Display Destruction! http:youtu.beSo3ikECKzxkiPhone 6 Cases: - http:amzn.to1pKX0RU - http:amzn.to1oUiKOH - http:amzn.to1obO375Goophone i6 Clone - http:www.goophone.netindex.php?route=productproduct&product_id=60Instagram: http:www.instagramtldtoday Google+ Facebook: http:www.facebook.comtldtodayMy Gear:
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game | Review Olloclip 3 in 1 Lens for iPhone 4 4S

Review Olloclip 3 in 1 Lens for iPhone 4 4S

Gamefly - http:gamefly.comty Buy the Olloclip - http:amzn.tourVg8z Check out my site - Subscribe to my daily vlog channel - http:youtube.comtymoss Follow me for updates: Twitter - http:twitter.comtysiphonehelp Facebook - http:facebook.comtymossfan Google+ - http:gplus.totymoss
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game | Top 5 iPhone 5S accessories

Top 5 iPhone 5S accessories

The Apple iPhone 5S is brand spanking new, so tried and tested accessories are a little thin on the ground - but fear not, we've picked our top five for your viewing pleasure:Jabra Solemate Mini: http:www.jabra.comproductsspeakersjabra_solemate_minijabra_solemate_miniTechlink Recharge 6000: Graphite Form: http:store.griffintechnology.comgraphite-case-for-iphone-5Sony Cyber-shot QX10:,-Sony-Cyber-shot-LensenpDSCQX10BGriffin PowerDock 5:
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game | How to Make your iPhone Camera Better

How to Make your iPhone Camera Better

Subscribe: http:goo.glET5ZLThis video will show you how to make your iPhone camera better. Essentially, these iPhone camera tips and tricks will help you take better quality photos with your iPhone or iPod Touch using various photography tips and tricks. My YouTube Channel: http:youtube.compizzafootbal Subscribe for more content: http:goo.glET5ZLFollow me @ToolgyTV Google+: http:gplus.totoolgytv Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.compagesToolgy... ToolgyTV: Reviews, how-to videos, tutorials, technology news, Apple, Google, opinions, and more by Justin Fowler. Check out my new project, Audio Press: Web hosting starting at $5month:
4,275 views | Jul 13, 2011
game | iPhone camera rig with shotgun mic and wireless lav mic

iPhone camera rig with shotgun mic and wireless lav mic

There are a bunch of companies that make accessories geared toward the iPhone filmmaker. This is a rig I cobbled together with parts I had around my office—including a Rode shotgun mic, a modified Opteka iPhone tripod mount, a straight bracket and some cold shoe adapters, a two-prong condenser mic adapter, plus an iPhone wide angle lens that I recently bought. As a journalist, I can shoot interviews and b-roll and edit the footage in my phone. I've been using the "iMovie" app for b-roll packages, but might start experimenting with the "First Video" app, which gives you the ability to edit in two video tracks instead of one. That will be great for overlaying b-roll onto interview footage.
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