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3D Araba Yarışı 4 3D Araba Oyunları 3D Oyunlar

From - Posted: Oct 07, 2013 - 8,337 viewsGame | 3D Araba Yarışı 4 3D Araba Oyunları 3D Oyunlar | 3D Araba Yarışı 4 3D Araba Oyunları 3D Oyunlar
3D Araba Yarışı 4 3D Araba Oyunları 3D Oyunlar
3D Araba Yarışı 4 3D Araba Oyunları 3D Oyunlar
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3D Araba Yarışı 4 oyununda, sahip olduğunuz arabanın özelliklerinde geliştirebilirsiniz. Görsel açıdan başarılı özellikler ile donatılmış olan Shockwave tabanlı araba oyununda çok geniş kapsamlı bir haritada maceranıza devam edeceksiniz. Oyunu oynamak için; http:www.3doyuncu.com3d-araba-yarisi-4

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http:www.3doyunlar.com3d-silahli-arabalar.htm adresinden 3D silahlı arabalar oyunu ile sıkı bir mücadele yapabilirsiniz. Oyunda hız ve adrenalin duygusuna doyacaksınız. http:www.3doyunlar.com3d-araba-oyunlari.html adresinden benzer 3d araba oyunlarını bulabilirsiniz.
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game | Starter Save Part 10 The Chain Game GTA San Andreas PC complete walkthrough achieving ??.??

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Starter Save - Part 10 - The Chain Game - GTA San Andreas PC - complete walkthrough (showing all details) - achieving ??.??% Game Progress before doing the story missions - no cheats - Frame Limiter ONThe creators of the Chain Game slightly increased the Body Armor to 200, instead of 150 which is the normal level after completing the Vigilante Missions. So the Body Armor is slightly more than an unmodified game, which I didn't know when I started this Starter-Save video series. The Health is normal, meaning not modified. It does not have 'infinite health'; The saved-games can downloaded from the video description, for verification.I have the Game Progress listed as ??.??% because I don't know yet how much progress can be achieved, but it's much higher than 13.37%, which is the percentage that can be acquired on an un-modified game.The Chain Game is a modified saved-game that can be played on any unmodified version of San Andreas. It doesn't require any special applications; simply load it up and play. It was started by JAJ as an un-modded game, but has expanded to become more a elaborate modified game. The modifications were done by P.D.Escobar, OrionSR, and rubregg.The Chain Game has several additions made to it. Those additions as well as a further explanation can be found in the Mission Help section for San Andreas at GTAForums. You can also play the game with others (anyone can play). This is the link to Round #55: http:www.gtaforums.comindex.php?showtopic=459284&st=0&#entry1060127397Some of the additions include Jetpacks and extra weapons. I consider those items to be cheats, so I do not use them in these videos. You'll notice that there are armories full of weapons, but I won't touch any of them; I only pickup weapons that would be available in an un-modified game only.This is a complete walkthrough that shows how to achieve ??.??% Game Progress before doing the story missions. The first story mission is called "In The Beginning" , and it has already been completed. That mission is really just a cut-scene that shows Carl leaving Liberty City, and then arriving in San Andreas, where he's accosted by Tenpenny and Pulaski.A Starter Save is when all side-missions, collectables, etc are completed prior to doing the mission 'Big Smoke' . All of the techniques in this video were created and developed by me. I did use jheath's suggestion about using Teargas to help slow the cops down.Here's a list of what has or will be completed, meaning some of the things on this list may not have been completed in this particular video, but in a later video instead:C.J. has never been Wasted or Busted.C.J. has the following: 1) He is wearing the white shorts from the Chiliad Challenge, and is marked up with tattoos from both San Fierro and Las Ventures. He also has full muscles. 2) All available Safehouses have been purchased.The following side-missions have been completed: 1) Firefighter Mission 2) Paramedic Mission 3) Taxi Mission 4) Pimping Mission 5) Burglary Mission 6) Vigilante Mission 7) The Roboi's Food Mart Courier Mission in Los Santos 8) The Hippy Shopper Courier Mission in San Fierro 9) The Burger Shot Courier Mission in Las VenturasAlso, the following Challenges have been completed: 1) BMX Challenge 2) Chiliad Challenge, Scotch Bonnet 3) Chiliad Challenge, Birdseye Winder 4) Chiliad Challenge, Cobra Run 5) NRG-500 ChallengeAnd, all of the Stadium Events have been completed: 1) 8-Track 2) Blood Ring 3) Kickstart 4) Dirt TrackIn addition to all of that: 1) 100 out of 100 Tags have been sprayed 2) 50 out of 50 Snapshots have been taken 3) 50 out of 50 Oysters have been collected 4) 50 out of 50 Horseshoes have been collectedThe following Schools have been completed: 1) Bike School 2) Boat SchoolAll but four of the Street Races Air Races have been completed.There are no failed missions.The Chain Game beginner saved games can be downloaded here: Chain Game 37 http:gtasnp.comdl20596 Chain Game 38 http:gtasnp.comdl20271 Chain Game 39 http:gtasnp.comdl23052 Chain Game 46 http:gtasnp.comdl18551 Chain Game 47 http:gtasnp.comdl18983 Chain Game 48 http:gtasnp.comdl19472 Chain Game 49 http:gtasnp.comdl19874Save the file on your PC here: \My Documents\GTA San Andreas User FilesHere's a link for the Easy Script Switcher, to swap between v1.0 and v2.0 (made by rubregg): http:www.gtaforums.comindex.php?showtopic=244165&view=findpost&p=3688363Recorded using Fraps with a GTX 280 video card. NO CHEATS were used. PC Version 1.0 with v2 scripts Frame Limiter ONThere are some edits in this video, but I tried to keep them to a minimum. The edits are do to the fact that I had to pause the game to find certain items, such as Gang Tags, Oysters, etc. I edited out the pauses that were made to the main menu, and then carefully removed those pauses from the video so that it couldn't be seen, so aside from that, what you see is what actually happened.
1,278 views | Oct 12, 2010
game | GTA 4 Drift School part 1

GTA 4 Drift School part 1

This is my first video by GTA 4. I learn drifting in factory areal. In part 2 i am drifting in the dockside and street on Audi RS6. Song 1: Song 2:
1,071 views | Feb 20, 2011

game | Zorlu Yollar Araba Oyunları VIPOYUN.COM

Zorlu Yollar Araba Oyunları VIPOYUN.COM

Zorlu YollarZorlu Yollar oyununda tehlikeli bir yolculuk seni bekliyor. Şehri istila eden zombiler etrafını sarmış durumda. Zombileri yok edecek gizli bir silahın var ve bu silahı yetkililere ulaştırmak için helikopter pistine ulaşarak silahı helikopter ile gitmesi gereken yere ulaştırmalısın.Helikoptere ulaşmak için zombilerle dolu bir yolu kullanman gerekiyor. Arabana atla ve zombileri yok ederek helikopter pistine ulaşmaya çalış. Yol boyunca kazanacağın paralar ile arabanı modifiye edip silahlandır.Oyunun linki : http:www.vipoyun.comzorlu-yollar.html################################################
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3D Rollercoaster Falcon 3D Glasses needed No Limits Simulator

Watch our new 3D anaglyph coaster created by konstantinos N. Productions. Wear your 3D glasses and enjoy the experience!Find KNP at: http:www.konstantinosnproductions.tkVisit our Video Gallery at: http:webgallery.konstantinosnproductions.tkVisit Game Specialists Forum at:
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game | Project Cars 5 Birbirinden Farklı Yarış

Project Cars 5 Birbirinden Farklı Yarış

5 farklı araba, 5 farklı pist, 5 farklı hava koşulu, 5 farklı günün saati ve sonuç olarak birbirinden farklı 5 tane yarışı bu videoda izleyebilirsiniz. Project Cars için 5 değişik yarış zamanı... Project Cars'ın bir çok özelliğini ilk bakış (inceleme) videomda sizlere anlatmıştım. Lakin oyuna tam ısınamadığımdan oynanışı tam gösteremediğimi düşündüm. Dolayısı ile farklı farklı 5 tane Project Cars yarışımı üst üste koydum. Herkese iyi seyirler.Oyun Delisi kanalıma abone olmayı unutmayın.Project Cars'ın ilk bakış videomu izlemek için tıklayın:
1,368 views | May 08, 2015

game | First 30 Minutes Cars 2 The Video Game XBOX360 PS3 WII PC 720p HD Part 1 2

First 30 Minutes Cars 2 The Video Game XBOX360 PS3 WII PC 720p HD Part...

Buy this game (Amazon): http:amzn.toismEiu First 30 minutes of gameplay from the new racing game Cars 2: The Video GameMy first 30 minute videos are a series of videos that feature the first 30 minutes of unedited gameplay from new video gamesDISCLAIMER: This video is intended for educational purposes on how to play the gameRecorded on the Xbox 360 versionTwitter: http:twitter.comFirst30MinutesEver wondered how I record game footage? Check this out:
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Please Read description Download Link Below.No "Real" cars or "People" were harmed in the making of this film.BeamNG - http:www.beamng.comMods Used - Alpha access required for download.Insane Testing - http:www.beamng.comthreads2467-Insane-TestingGymkhana 3 Covet - http:www.beamng.comthreads5747-Gymkhana-3-CovetGavril D15 Trophy Truck mod - http:www.beamng.comthreads4710-Gavril-D15-Trophy-Truck-modVW Polo R WRC - http:www.beamng.comthreads7866-VW-Polo-R-WRC1981 Ford Capri Zakspeed turbo Group 5 - http:www.beamng.comthreads7867-1981-Ford-Capri-Zakspeed-turbo-Group-5Rally and Racing skins - http:www.beamng.comthreads5598-Rally-and-Racing-skins-New-Evo-skin-29-5Ibishu Covet MRi *UPDATED* - http:www.beamng.comthreads5509-Ibishu-Covet-MRi-*UPDATED*Subaru and Evo - http:www.beamng.comthreads7868-Racing-Pack-5-cars-2-mapsFord Ranger - http:www.beamng.comthreads8205-Ford-RangerDSC Kiwi - http:www.beamng.comthreads7854-DSC-KiwiMonster Truck V3 - http:www.beamng.comthreads6440-Monster-Truck-V3Gavril Wheelietruck 3500 hp - http:www.beamng.comthreads6222-Gavril-Wheelietruck-3500-hpBlista Compact - http:www.beamng.comthreads9237-Dinka-Blista-Compact-3-1-GTA-IVMusic - Motivating Energetic House - My Road ASR - COF Recordings
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http:www.callyourbrains.comview284monster-truck-destroyer.html Ever wanted to drive a monster truck but just couldn't? Maybe because you couldn't afford one or just couldn't drive one because you're underage. Then play Monster Truck Destroyer. An awesome side scrolling game that lets you drive a monster truck. Destroy everything in sight to gain points from cars, obstacles and other foreign object. Hell even getting bombs and running over human puppets that scream gives you points. Complete 12 different levels of destruction bliss and unlock 3 other monster trucks. But remember to do it quick because if time runs out your gonna have monster truck scrap metal. This video preview contains walkthrough of all 12 levels
3,352 views | Jul 19, 2012

game | Günlük GTA Vice City i Bitiriyoruz 11. Bölüm Türkçe

Günlük GTA Vice City i Bitiriyoruz 11. Bölüm Türkçe

GTA Vice City'nin son demlerine yaklaşıyoruz. Keyifli seyirler!İndirimli Fiyatlara Oyun Alın : http:goo.glToHxAA Oyun Günlüğü : Facebook : https:www.facebook.comOyunGunlugu.Net Twitter :!OyunGunlugu_net Twitch : http:www.twitch.tvoyungunlugu
2,356 views | May 11, 2013
game | 3D Şut Çekme 3D Oyunlar

3D Şut Çekme 3D Oyunlar

3D Şut Çekme oyununda birçok farklı bölüm yer almaktadır. Her oyun bölümünde topu istenilen yere atabilmek için 3 deneme hakkınız bulunmaktadır. Tekrarlar ile topu ağlarla buluşturarak yüksek puan almanıza katkı sağlayabilirsiniz. http:www.3doyuncu.com3d-sut-cekme
3,646 views | Oct 04, 2013
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Sidewalk Cops 3 The Litterer

In this episode of Sidewalk Cops, Gabe and Micah track down and capture a chronic litterbug in order to make our public walkways a cleaner and safer place. Subscribe for more Sidewalk Cops episodes!Follow us on Facebook! https:www.facebook.compagesSidewalk-Cops139340779565138 https:www.facebook.comGabeAndGarrettBehind The Scenes Sidewalk Cops 3! Cops 5 - The Fire Starter Cops 4 - The Car Thief for watching The Gabe and Garrett Channel!
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Asphalt 8 Airborne Android araba yarışı oyunu

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game | GTA IV Topla Eğlence Bölüm 24

GTA IV Topla Eğlence Bölüm 24
2,700 views | Aug 05, 2014

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