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7 vien ngoc rong super GOKU vs BABY

From - Posted: Jul 14, 2012 - 16,820 viewsGame | 7 vien ngoc rong super GOKU vs BABY | 7 vien ngoc rong super GOKU vs BABY
7 vien ngoc rong super GOKU vs BABY
7 vien ngoc rong super GOKU vs BABY
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phim hoat hinh

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i collect mods and made the best gta sa dragon ball z mod here are the links:Spirit bomb: http:www.gtagarage.commodsshow.php?id=17313 Masterspark: http:hotmist.ddo.jpcleomodmsparkindex.html Pure energy: http:www.gtagarage.commodsshow.php?id=4169 God Mode: http:www.gtagarage.commodsshow.php?id=6709 Flying Cloud: http:games.softpedia.comprogDownloadGTA-San-Andreas-Addon-Goku-s-speedy-cloud-Download-57519.html Fighting style switcher: http:www.gtagarage.commodsshow.php?id=9151 Fly: http:www.gtagaming.comdownloadsgta-san-andreascleo-mods2445 Skin Selector: http:hotmist.ddo.jpcleomodskinindex.html Dragon Ball Skins: FUN AND ENJOY!!!
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*** Read the Description before asking ***Q: Why is it so fast? You fast-forwarded the video! Cheater! A: Before commenting read this: If you put 20 points in the speed stat, and you have a game burned at 16x +, you will be playing at this speed. I noticed this after playing with a game burned at the common 8x speed. In this battle all the characters have 20 in all the stats, so it is normal for all of them to move at that speed. And for specific information, the video is slowed 0.5% because it loses the synchronization with the sound if it is at normal speed. And talking of sound, you can clearly hear that all the sounds are normal, if the video is fast-forwarded the sound will be fast too, so there is more proof =PQ: How to Fuse? A: To fuse: With both Vegeta and Goku in the team: Press L2 + Right + R3. With 5 blast reserves. (Tenkaichi 2) Press and Hold Right + R3. With 5 blast reserves. (Tenkaichi 3) Ah and you have to win the battle vs Shenron in the Dragon Adventure when playing with Gogeta SSJ4Q: How to do the combo in 4:19? A: In MAX mode, dragon dash (L2 + Triangle (Dash button in button configuration B)), then press and hold Circle (Blast Button), release to hit and press repeatly Square (Attack), when the MAX Power bar is low, press Circle and to finish L2 + Circle =) **EXCLUSIVE FROM TENKAICHI 2** so, you can't do that in Tenkaichi 3.Q: What is the difficulty setting? A: It's on Very Strong, the highest difficulty.--------------------------------------Batalla de demostracion de Goku SSJ 4 y Vegeta SSJ 4, mostrando tambien a Gogeta SSJ 4 Perdon por la desincronizacion en una parte (3:36)Destacadas:3:08 3:25Exhibition match to show Goku SSJ 4 and Vegeta SSJ 4 gameplay, I show Gogeta SSJ 4 too. Sry for the loss of synchronization in a small part (3:36)Highlights:3:08 3:25Rate & Comment plz =P
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Story: Broly arrives on earth to destroy it. Interfere with him in that only Goku and Vegeta who want to stop him. To fight or join friends Goku and Vegeta. Will they succeed? See for yourself. All information regarding the film are at the end. This is a reupload. The film under the name of Goku Vs. Broly Part 1 is mine. From my old account. It was stolen from me, what you can indeed check. If you do not believe me, write me. Persons who wish to Broly JUS sprites, present themselves to me. Thank you.
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Facebook: https:www.facebook.comZSaiyanLegendZ Main Channel:
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DBZ Budokai HD Collection Budokai 3 Gameplay Highlights: SSJ4 Gogeta vs Omega Shenron - 29:44 SSJ4 Goku vs SSJ4 Vegeta - 20:24 SSJ3 Gotenks vs Super Buu - 23:22 LSSJ Broly vs Goku - 8:12 Vegeta vs Super Perfect Cell - 26:44 Teen Gohan vs Perfect Cell - 14:16 Mystic Gohan vs Kid Buu - 3:08 Final Form Cooler vs 100% Freiza - 5:25 Bardock vs Dabura - 0:00 SSJ2 Trunks vs 100% Freiza - 17:01 Android 18 (#18) vs Piccolo (Fused wKami) - 11:08 100x Big Bang Kamehameha - 32:09 10x Kamehameha - 33:26 Final Shine - 28:16 Fusion Dance - 31:17 Beam Struggles & Dragon Rush - 4:28 & 1:23 Landed DBZ Budokai HD Collection Ultimate Moves: Bardock - Spirit Of Saiyans Final Form Cooler - Super Nova Android 18 (#18) - Accel Dance (Kick) Trunks (Super Saiyan 2) - Burning Slash Legendary Super Saiyan Broly - Gigantic Meteor Teen Gohan - Father-Son Kamehameha Mystic Gohan (Elder Kai Potential) - Super Kamehameha Vegeta - Final Flash, Big Bang Attack Goku - Warp Kamehameha, Super Dragon Fist Gotenks (Trunks & Goten Fusion) - Galactica Donuts Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3) - Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta - Big Bang Kamehameha X100 EditorAuthor: Franckii0Bringing you over 12 Hour worth of Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 HD Collection long Gameplay. Pick your favourite fight(s), sit tight and "savour!". In this video gameplay I've included quite a few things such as Budokai 3 Cancels (which also return in the HD Collection) and you'll notice the background music straight away (no spoilers intended!). The AI difficulty level is Hardest and the stages are as seen in the video. I hope you enjoy it!
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