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80s Burger King Commercial The Best Food For Fast Times

From - Posted: Jan 20, 2010 - 20,035 viewsGame | 80s Burger King Commercial The Best Food For Fast Times | 80s Burger King Commercial The Best Food For Fast Times
80s Burger King Commercial The Best Food For Fast Times
80s Burger King Commercial The Best Food For Fast Times
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Help us caption and translate this video on http:www.amara.orgenvB1pYAn 80s Burger King commercial from 1980s."Quick Hits From The Archive." To watch more commercials from 1987 at Media Burn, click the link below:http:www.mediaburn.orgVideo-Preview.128.0.html?&uid=4045Help us caption & translate this video!http:amara.orgvB1pY

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These commercials aired on NBC in the Spring of 19871. NBC Station ID (Commercials starting here are from 32787) 2. Red Lobster 3. Mars 4. Alberto European Styling Hair Spray 5. Halls 6. Dentyne 7. Mrs. Butterworth's 8. Promo for "Magnum, P.I." (The old lady in the laundromat is Estelle Harris) 9. Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion 10. Ragu Spaghetti Sauce (Wow, it's so authentic straight from a jar!) 11. Pizza Hut (With Flintstones Kids Glasses) 12. "Roomies" End Credits 13. Domino's (Commercials starting here are from 41087) 14. White Mountain Coolers 15. "Roomies" Commercial Bumper 16. Kentucky Fried Chicken (With Foghorn Leghorn) 17. Acura Integra 18. Campbell's 19. Promo for "Friday Night Videos" 20. "Roomies" Commercial Bumper 21. Pizza Hut (With Rich Hall and Flintstones Kids Glasses) 22. Riunite 23. Clear Eyes 24. "Roomies" End Credits 25. Pepsi (Commercials starting here are from 42487) 26. Renuzit RoomMate (What a weird name) 27. Burger King 28. Kal Kan Cat Food (All right, where are your five other cats? You can't fool us crazy cat lady!) 29. Promo for "Amazing Stories" (I really need to watch this show someday, I love anthology series) 30. Toyota 31. "Roomies" End Credits 32. Stroh's (Commercials starting here are from 51587) 33. Toyota 34. TV Spot for "Ernest Goes To Camp" (One of my dad's favorites) 35. "Roomies" Commercial Bumper 36. Anacin 37. Fuji Super HR Film 38. Promo for "The Return Of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman" 39. "Roomies" Commercial Bumper 40. Rice Krispies (Obscure, I know, but the actor here played Dennis' father in "Dennis The Menace Dinosaur Hunter" one of my favorite movies as a kid. The only real difference in his appearance here is no glasses) 41. Milk (Partial. I am so, so sorry the whole commercial isn't here) 42. "Roomies" End Credits
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such a funny campaign LOL
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Click the link to subscribe: http:bit.lyFactsVerse For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Subscribe to our channel: http:bit.lyFactsVerseOur Social Media: Facebook: https:www.facebook.comFactsVerse Twitter: https:twitter.comFactsVerse Instagram: https:instagram.comfactsverseFor more videos and articles visit: http:factsverse.comMusic: Kevin MacLeodNarrated by : Darren Marlar*If you click the above link, we may earn a small affiliate commission
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n this thread, we're trying to break the record in a Chrome Dinosaur (or Chrome T-Rex) game by playing it 247, 365 days (1 year) without interruption. We use an automated script to make it easier.· TWITTER ➤ https:twitter.comWacikanStream is created for the purpose of entertainment and all this is created for entertainment.#live #trex #dinosaur #worldrecordchrome dino, chrome dinosaur, chrome, chrome dinosaur game, dinosaur, dino, google chrome dino, playing for 1 year, world record, playing for 1 year (world record), playing google chrome dinosaur, playing chrome dinosaur game, playing google chrome dino
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A more realistic Hardee's training video, using an actual restaurant instead of a set.
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80s Commercials McDLT Jason Alexander

The one you've all been waiting for! This is the original McDLT commercial with Jason Alexander prancing around the street singing about some godforsaken McDonald's sandwich. Accept NO SUBSTITUTES. We found this wonderful commercial on an old VHS tape of some made-for-TV Ewok movie. I'm guessing this was from 1984ish. Check my profile for other horrible 80s commercials... Enjoy! Song Commercial by McDonald's. Ripped by J-Check. ====**UPDATE 122006**==== GIANT Magazine has listed this video as the #3 greatest commercial of the 80s! Haha, good times. Should be #1 in my opinion though... http:www.giantmag.com200612tvthe-50-greatest-commercials-of-the-80s ====**UPDATE 032007**==== This video gets about a comment a day. Heh, awesome. ;-) ====**UPDATE 022008**==== Well, my life is officially complete! This video link hit Fark! Not sure who uploaded it, but awesome that it got accepted. Wooooo~!
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A collection of TV commercials from the late '80s.0:00 Duracell Batteries (Cowboy toys) 0:15 Chef Boyardee Hamburger Italiano 0:45 Total Corn Flakes 1:14 Total Raisin Bran (Carol Mansell) 1:45 "Take Time Out" PSA 2:15 Hospice Organization (Susan Sullivan) 2:45 Murphy Brown 2:55 Designing Women 3:06 Almost Grown 3:27 Hostess Choco-Bliss 3:57 Gilligan's Island Superstation WTBS Castaway Quiz (Alan Hale, Jr. as Skipper) 4:27 Bisquick Biscuits 4:56 Duracell Batteries (Street Racer toys) 5:11 "Mama's got the magic of Clorox 2" 5:42 "Make it last a little longer with Big Red" 6:12 Lipton "Brisk" Tea (Don Meredith, Marvin Kaplan) 6:42 Kodak Supralife Batteries 7:12 Pop Secret Popcorn (George Plimpton) 7:42 Portrait of America (Hal Holbrook) 8:12 Liquid Tide, Surprise Yourself! 8:42 General Foods International Coffees ("Celebrate the moments of your life!") 9:12 Stove Top (Stuffing) Tonight! 9:42 Arrid Extra Dry Deodorant (Brooke Shields) 10:15 Kodak Supralife Batteries 10:45 Lipton Rice Italiano 11:15 1985 Nissan Cars 11:45 L'eggs Sheer Energy Pantyhose 12:15 "Don't you wish everything was made like Rubbermaid?" 12:45 Light & Thirsty mops by O Cedar 13:15 Post Raisin Bran (John Denver) 13:45 Mink Difference Hairspray 14:00 "Super sports on the superstation" WTBS Braves Vs Dodgers 14:10 Ocean Spray Pink Grapefruit Juice Cocktail (Robert Guillaume) 14:40 Post Grape Nuts Cereal 15:10 Fresh Step Cat Litter 15:30 Liquid Plumber Drain Cleaner ("Three Guys Plumbing") 15:40 Holly Farms Sunday Best Roaster Chicken (Dinah Shore) 16:10 "Want love? Get Close Up (Toothpaste)!" 16:41 Sunlight Dishwasher Detergent 17:10 Before you dress, Caress (soap) 17:40 AT&T Telephones (Rondell Sheridan) 18:10 Burger King Whopper 18:25 Carnation Instant Breakfast (you're gonna love it in an instant!) 18:55 Splash Too 19:04 Magic Mushroom Air Fresheners 19:19 "Who's that kid with the Oreo Cookie?" (Dinah Shore) 19:34 "When I want a cracker, I want a Ritz!" 19:40 Playtex Cross Your Heart BraDisclaimer: I have put this low-quality VHS dupe online as a courtesy to YouTube viewers and do not claim ownership of the material. If there's a problem, please contact me directly and the video will be removed.
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