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A Case of Blatant Misogyny Rape and Death Threats are Illegal

From - Posted: Oct 27, 2012 - 572 viewsGame | A Case of Blatant Misogyny Rape and Death Threats are Illegal | A Case of Blatant Misogyny Rape and Death Threats are Illegal
A Case of Blatant Misogyny Rape and Death Threats are Illegal
A Case of Blatant Misogyny Rape and Death Threats are Illegal
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This is really unfrickenbelievable. FYI: Death and rape threats are ILLEGAL. You should call your local police to report them. I've been threatened twice and luckily I have family in law enforcement so it was dealt with quickly. Other women should definitely call the police. They will come to your home and open a case file so you can keep all the threats from one person or related persons for investigation.

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