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A Complete Guide to Hacking the Wii 2016 4.3U

From - Posted: Dec 28, 2015 - 254,456 viewsGame | A Complete Guide to Hacking the Wii 2016 4.3U | A Complete Guide to Hacking the Wii 2016 4.3U
A Complete Guide to Hacking the Wii 2016 4.3U
A Complete Guide to Hacking the Wii 2016 4.3U
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A complete guide to softmodding your Wii, Installing cIOS, installing USB Loader GX, Configuring you HDD and loading games.FOR THOSE OF YOU HAVING ISSUES FORMATTING YOUR DRIVE, TRY THIS TOOL, IT WORKED FOR ME. http:tinyurl.comyc42amjA quick apology for the tardiness of this video, holidays where crazy and I dropped the ball. Thanks to those who have subscribed and to all those who watch my videos.Special thanks to rwiihacks on Reddit for the link to the guide and to umobclutch for providing it. HUGE THANKS! to the original author of the complete softmod guide. LINKS:Complete Softmod Guide: http:tinyurl.comnjplbtw Letterbomb: cISO Installer: http:tinyurl.com7x8kpnb 7Zip: http:www.7-zip.orgdownload.html 7Zip (Mac): USB LoaderGX: http:tinyurl.comox6vyx7 Wii Backup Manager: http:tinyurl.comn796vdh****FOR MAC USERS****the application WitGui (http:www.macupdate.comappmac52153witgui) will format a USB drive to Wbfs and convert files.Please don't forget to subscribe! Another video coming this Friday, Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. I will do my best to respond.ENJOY!!!!

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This actually took over a year to make. If this helped you, a rating would be greatly appreciated. **and I'll play league of legends at 1000 subs end me**LINKS: Compatible Devices List - https:wiki.gbatemp.netwikiUSB_Devices_Compatibility_ListHackMii Installer - Homebrew Browser - http:wiibrew.orgwikiHomebrew_Browserd2x cIos installer - - https:gbatemp.netthreadsnintendont.349258 WiiMod - https:gbatemp.netthreadswii-mod.272321 Configurable USB Loader - https:gbatemp.netthreadsconfigurable-usb-loader.147638CFG USB Forwarder - https:gbatemp.netthreadsofficial-cfg-loader-forwarder.275487DMToolbox - https:wiidatabase.dedownloadspc-toolsdmtoolbox QuickPar - Wii Backup Manager - = http:www.emuparadise.meMusic Used: Metroid Prime 2 Echoes - Multiplayer ( Smash Bros Melee - Trophy Lotto ( Smash Bros For Wii U3ds - Battlefield ( Knight - Strike The Earth! (Plains of Passage) ( Spinball - Toxic Caves (Generations Version) ( Man X - Boomer Kuwanger ( - Title Theme (Smash 4) ( Adventure 2 - Pumpkin Hill ( 4 -Mute City V.3 ( Generations - Metal Sonic Boss Fight ( Knight - The Fateful Return (Tower Approach) ( Man 2 - Dr. Wily's Castle ( Kong Country Returns Gear Getaway (Smash 4) ( 06 - Crisis City ( Man X - Sigma Stage 1 ( 3 and Knuckles: Project Chaos - iMushroom ( me! Facebook: https:www.facebook.comlpmmofficial Twitter: https:twitter.comTheLPMM http:www.twitch.tvthelpmmprofile
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Para empezar debes tener instalado Homebrew Channel y una tarjeta SD de 2 gigas ********ARCHIVOS NECESARIOS********- H.4.3 : ( 3 opciones de descarga )http:adf.ly1MISI0ohttp:adf.ly1HLiFyohttp:adf.lyvLZ3t- Dark Corp: http:adf.lyvHwWh- USBloader_GX:http:adf.lyvHwaP________________Nota: EL archivo en H.4.3 es el hack, solo que en el enlace se llama primer arch.--------------------------3 en 1 http:adf.lyvLcuM________________- Canal Homebrew channel instalado - si no lo tienes en este video se muestra el procedimiento: INSTALAR HOMEBREW¿TIENES PROBLEMAS CON LA INSTALACIÓN?Visita la página de preguntas y Respuestas: http:jugamerlandia.comfaq-liberacion-de-wii....
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A very fast and descriptive guide for hacking a Wii! I've been meaning to make a video on how to hack a Wii for a while now and here it is! If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment or search around for a Wii Homebrew forum.http:please.hackmii.comhttp:wiibrew.orgwikiHomebrew_Browser
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This is just a little bit of what our wii console modding can do. Play ALL emulated games from the Nintendo 64 back to the Colecovision and Atari. Rip your wii games right to a external hard drive. No more use of the cd's anymore. Rip and thats it.
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Huge Holiday Giveaway 2016 | 3X GameSir G4s Advanced Edition Gamepads ! you like this Video don't Hesitate to Press the Like Button and Share with your Friends ! Oh, and if you want more videos HIT the Red Subscribe ButtonUse this code GREENM-ANGAME-R20OFF Here : http:bit.ly1OTOgEP for 20% Discount ! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- ★ Join GaminGHD ★ ★ Forum http:www.gaminghd.roforum ★ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- If you like our work and want to support us, you can make a Donation. https:www.tipeeestream.comfree%20enigmadonation ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Fii sociabil!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ▶Facebook ▶Youtube http:youtube.comHDGamingHD ▶Steam http:steamcommunity.comgroupsGaminGHDro ▶Twitter: http:twitter.comGamingHDinfo ▶Google+ : ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- Contact: http:www.gaminghd.rocontact ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- Toate drepturile rezervate. Copyright ©
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Wii Softmod Tutorial All you need, Simple to do! - This Wii Softmod tutorial should have you up and running with emulators and more very quickly. No technical know how needed. **WAD Pack update: Try this: http:adf.ly1e4qTq NEW SEPT 2016**Essential Downloads:WAD pack download: http:adf.ly1e4qTq WBFS Manager: http:wbfsmanager.codeplex.comRemember you need a NON HC SD Card. You will also need an External Hard Drive.Click here to see how to play GameCube games on your softmod wii Hard Drive - here to see how to softmod your Xbox Original - do not condone the use of torrents nor the obtaining of iso files and the like which relate to software you do not physically own or have purchased and can show proof of ownership for. If you are thinking of partaking in this softmod, please be advised that we are only showing you what is possible. We do not suggest following any of the steps in this video yourself and cannot be held accountable for your own actions. We will not be held responsible for any of your actions relating to you following this video. If, after reading the above you still decide you wish to partake in the steps outlined in the video (Which again, we do not advise), please be aware that you should only use this process to back up your own game discs. If you are not familiar with technology and the like - also DO NOT DO THIS. We will not be there to help you if you get it wrong.Please Like, Comment and Subscribe! :)You can chat to us on the following:Twitter: http:www.twitter.comGamesShed Facebook: http:www.facebook.comTheGamesShed
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Use your Nintendo Wii for more than adventures with Mario or exercising with the Fit. See how you can hack your Wii to watch DVDs, install a different OS and play new games. For more from AOTS Exclusive, go here: http:g4tv.comattackoftheshowexclusivesindex.html
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Hack Pack Download https:www.4shared.comrarELcoO1nHDank_Skillz_Hack_Pack.html?Letterbom Site http:please.hackmii.comWBFS Manager http:wbfsmanager.codeplex.comreleasesview26808Where To Download Games www.piratebay.orgKeywords------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to hack or softmod a 4.3 wii easy and how to get free games on wii
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In under 10 minutes I'll show you how to play any and every NES game on your Wii.All you will need is a Wii, and SD card (preferably 1GB), and internet access.LINK TO "LETTERBOMB" MAC ADDRESS SITE: http:please.hackmii.comLINK TO FCE_ULTRA_GX (NES PROGRAM): http:wiibrew.orgwikiFCE_Ultra_GXLINK TO NES ROMS (GAMES): http:www.freeroms.comAlthough this procedure has worked safely to every Wii to which I have installed Homebrew, there is always that minimal chance that you could turn your Wii into a hunk of plastic that's good for nothing but a doorstop. Bricking a Wii using this method is very rare, but has happened to someone somewhere. Therefore I have to post this, stating that I don't encourage any action that could render your Wii system unplayable. Before you follow along with this tutorial, you should understand that it is AT YOUR OWN RISK.That being said, have fun.Thanks for checking out this tutorial! Please RATE an SUBSCRIBE if you found it helpful.
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Os vuelvo a dejar este tutorial para que aprendas a piratear vuestra Wii 4.3e, 4.3u y otras versiones.Si te ayudó, invitame a un Café :) Paypal ▶▶▶ [email protected]^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ARCHIVOS NECESARIOS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Letter Bomb, Hack Pack, Dark Corp, App Pack ▶ http:goo.glE3zlmEPágina para descargar los juegos de la Wii: http:www.megaline.coAIBfq^^^^^^^^^^^^NOTAS-IMPORTANTE!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -Este método solo funciona con las versiones 4.3e y 4.3u, si es esa la versión de tu wii y quieres piratear tu wii sigue los pasos al 100% no te saltes ninguno! (de lo contrario podrías lastimar tu wii). -Usa mandos originales para llevar acabo el pirateo! -Si sigues estos consejos a la perfección no hay riesgo de que salga nada mal! -DIVIÉRTANSE --------------------------------------------- ¡No me hago responsable de los destrozos de vuestras wiis!:) Aqui os dejo una web creada por mi :) visitarla! (me costo un tiempo programarla)▶ http:www.ttasl.comtienda
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