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Akihabara, Tokyo s Electric and Anime District iPhone 4S HD

From - Posted: May 01, 2012 - 1,473,318 viewsGame | Akihabara, Tokyo s Electric and Anime District iPhone 4S HD | Akihabara, Tokyo s Electric and Anime District iPhone 4S HD
Akihabara, Tokyo s Electric and Anime District iPhone 4S HD
Akihabara, Tokyo s Electric and Anime District iPhone 4S HD
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Akihabara, also called as Akiba, was an electric town when I was a kid. I remember that in those days my grandma called the town not Akihabara, but Akibahara. I didn't know the town was once called by a different name and I was like: 'Hey, grandma! Not Akibahara but Akihabara!'. Come to think of it, 秋葉原 (Akihabara in Kanji) can be pronounced in both ways, Akihabara and Akibahara. But I've digressed.People used to visit there to get electronic parts, audio components, or home appliances at that time. It is still the largest electric town in Japan, but it is now more well-known as an "otaku town" and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo. You can find everything about anime, manga, games and other "otaku" things there. Even if you are not interested in them, it could be still fun to feel the Akiba atmosphere and get electronic equipment at a reasonable price.- Shot in 1080p full HD with an iPhone 4S on Apr. 29th, 2012

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