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From - Posted: Mar 26, 2012 - 27,351 viewsGame | Aliens ARCADE HD | Aliens ARCADE HD
Game Trailer Duration: 14 minutes 30 seconds 
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game | Aliens Very Hard MAME Arcade No Deaths 1 ALL

Aliens Very Hard MAME Arcade No Deaths 1 ALL

Aliens arcade game completed the first loop on 1 credit on the hardest dipswitch setting with no deaths. No tools, cheats, or save states were used.Aliens World 1 Rom set. Mameplus 0.143u4Easy enough game and the flamethrower makes short work of the xenomorphs. I rather liked the newt rescue missions which was why I played on this rom set.
2,158 views | Aug 16, 2012
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Arcade 90 s Greatest Hits

New Arcade 90's and 2000's greatest hits video tribute at Full HD 60 fps here!!! https:bit.ly2GAUf5kPersonal Tribute to remember the awesome 1990s arcade times!! History of arcade videogames 1989-1999.Tributo personale per ricordare i fantastici tempi passati in sala giochi con i grandi classici degli anni '90!!! The games present on my clip are these:1. Cadash (Taito - 1989) 2. Crime Fighters (Konami - 1989) 3. Final Fight (Capcom - 1989) 4. Golden Axe (Sega - 1989) 5. Klax (Atari - 1989) 6. Marvel Land (Namco - 1989) 7. Pang! (MitchellCapcom - 1989) 8. STUN Runner (Atari - 1989) 9. Special Criminal Investigation (Taito - 1989) 10. Strider (Capcom - 1989) 11. Toki (Tad - 1989) 12. Turbo Out Run (Sega-AM2 - 1989) 13. 1941 (Capcom - 1990) 14. Alien Storm (Sega - 1990) 15. Dragon Saber (Namco - 1990) 16. G-LOC Air Battle (Sega-AM2 - 1990) 17. Gals Panic (Kaneko - 1990) 18. Hat Trick Hero (Taito - 1990) 19. Liquid Kids (Taito - 1990) 20. Moonwalker (Sega - 1990) 21. Parodius (Konami - 1990) 22. Raiden (Seibu Kaihatsu - 1990) 23. Rod-Land (Jaleco - 1990) 24. Smash T.V. (Williams - 1990) 25. Super Mario World (Nintendo - 1990) 26. Super Pang! (MitchellCapcom - 1990) 27. Bomberman (Hudson SoftIrem - 1991) 28. Captain America and The Avengers (Data East - 1991) 29. Caveman Ninja (Data East - 1991) 30. Fatal Fury (SNK - 1991) 31. Knights of The Round (Capcom - 1991) 32. Rad Mobile (Sega-AM2 - 1991) 33. Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega - 1991) 34. Spider-Man: The Videogame (Sega - 1991) 35. Starblade (Namco - 1991) 36. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Capcom - 1991) 37. Sunset Riders (Konami - 1991) 38. Three Wonders (Capcom - 1991) 39. Tumble Pop (Data East - 1991) 40. Air Combat (Namco - 1992) 41. Burning Rival (Sega-AM2 - 1992) 42. Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder (Sega - 1992) 43. Lethal Enforcers (Konami - 1992) 44. Lucky & Wild (Namco - 1992) 45. Mortal Kombat (Midway - 1992) 46. OutRunners (Sega - 1992) 47. Viewpoint (Sammy - 1992) 48. Virtua Racing (Sega-AM2 - 1992) 49. Alien3: The Gun (Sega - 1993) 50. Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Capcom - 1993) 51. Mortal Kombat II (Midway - 1993) 52. NBA Jam (Midway - 1993) 53. Premier Soccer (Konami - 1993) 54. Ridge Racer (Namco - 1993) 55. Samurai Shodown (SNK - 1993) 56. Violent Storm (Konami - 1993) 57. Virtua Fighter (Sega-AM2 - 1993) 58. Alpine Racer (Namco - 1994) 59. Cruis'n USA (Midway - 1994) 60. Daytona USA (Sega-AM2 - 1994) 61. Killer Instinct (Rare - 1994) 62. The King of Fighters '94 (SNK - 1994) 63. Outfoxies (Namco - 1994) 64. Point Blank (Namco - 1994) 65. Puzzle Bobble (Taito - 1994) 66. Tekken (Namco - 1994) 67. Virtua Cop (Sega-AM2 - 1994) 68. Virtua Striker (Sega-AM2 - 1994) 69. DonPachi (Cave - 1995) 70. Fighting Vipers (Sega-AM2 - 1995) 71. Gunblade N.Y. (Sega - 1995) 72. Killer Instinct 2 (Rare - 1995) 73. Marvel Super Heroes (Capcom - 1995) 74. Mega Man: The Power Battle (Capcom - 1995) 75. Pulstar (AicomSNK - 1995) 76. Rave Racer (Namco - 1995) 77. Sega Rally Championship (Sega - 1995) 78. Soul Edge (Namco - 1995) 79. Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Capcom - 1995) 80. Tekken 2 (Namco - 1995) 81. Time Crisis (Namco - 1995) 82. Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega-AM2 - 1995) 83. Cruis'n World (Midway - 1996) 84. Dead or Alive (Tecmo - 1996) 85. Die Hard Arcade (Sega - 1996) 86. Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara (Capcom - 1996) 87. Hyper Athlete (Konami - 1996) 88. Metal Slug (NazcaSNK - 1996) 89. NBA Hangtime (Midway - 1996) 90. Raiden Fighters (Seibu Kaihatsu - 1996) 91. Raystorm (Taito - 1996) 92. San Francisco Rush (Atari - 1996) 93. SCUD Race (Sega-AM2 - 1996) 94. Tekken 3 (Namco - 1996) 95. The House of The Dead (Sega - 1996) 96. Virtua Fighter 3 (Sega-AM2 - 1996) 97. Warzard - Red Earth (Capcom - 1996) 98. Wave Runner (Sega - 1996) 99. DoDonPachi (Cave - 1997) 100. Dynamite Cop (Sega - 1997) 101. Marvel Super Heroes VS. Street Fighter (Capcom - 1997) 102. Sega Bass Fishing (Sega - 1997) 103. Street Fighter III: New Generation (Capcom - 1997) 104. Time Crisis 2 (Namco - 1997) 105. Virtua Striker 2 (Sega-AM2 - 1997) 106. Blazing Star (YumekoboSNK - 1998) 107. CarnEvil (Midway - 1998) 108. Daytona USA 2 (Sega-AM2 - 1998) 109. Gauntlet Legends (Atari - 1998) 110. Gradius IV (Konami - 1998) 111. Marvel VS. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Capcom - 1998) 112. Metal Slug 2 (SNK - 1998) 113. Radiant Silvergun (Treasure - 1998) 114. Sega Rally 2 (Sega - 1998) 115. Soul Calibur (Namco - 1998) 116. The House of The Dead 2 (Sega - 1998) 117. The King of Fighters '98 (SNK - 1998) 118. Crazy Taxi (Sega - 1999) 119. Dance Dance Revolution (Konami - 1999) 120. Ferrari F355 Challenge (Sega-AM2 - 1999) 121. Garou: Mark of The Wolves (SNK - 1999) 122. Hydro Thunder (Midway - 1999) 123. Mr. Driller (Namco - 1999) 124. Raycrisis (Taito - 1999) 125. San Franscisco Rush 2049 (AtariMidway - 1999) 126. Silent Scope (Konami - 1999) 127. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight For The Future (Capcom - 1999) 128. Virtua Tennis (Sega - 1999)
4,847 views | Jul 13, 2008
game | Arcade Longplay 140 Aliens

Arcade Longplay 140 Aliens Played By: ScHlAuChi
2,507 views | May 14, 2010

game | Aliens Arcade All Bosses Very Hard No Damage All Boss Fights Gameplay 1080p

Aliens Arcade All Bosses Very Hard No Damage All Boss Fights Gameplay ...

Aliens All Boss Fights No Damage played on highest difficulty thanks For Watching, Subscribe For More Videos Playlist: is a 1990 side-scrolling shooter arcade game developed and published by Konami. It is based on the film of the same name and was designed by S. Okamoto and his team.
1,085 views | Jan 14, 2017
game | My top Arcade Games 80 S 90 S

My top Arcade Games 80 S 90 S

Alcuni dei miei titoli preferiti dell'epoca d'oro dei videogiochi da bar, quando con appena 1000 lire potevi passare delle ore divertenti e spensierate con gli amichetti nelle sale giochi o nel baretto vicino casa.
1,640 views | Aug 25, 2013
game | Aliens Ending Arcade 1080p HD

Aliens Ending Arcade 1080p HD

Video Game Endings Episode 2: Aliens (1990, Arcade) Based on the 1986 film starring: Sigourney Weaver - Ellen Ripley Carrie Henn - Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden Michael Biehn - Cpl. Dwayne Hicks Lance Henriksen - Bishop Paul Reiser - Carter Burke Bill Paxton - Pvt. Hudson William Hope - Lt. Gorman Jenette Goldstein - Pvt. Vasquez Al Matthews - Sgt. Apone Mark Rolston - Pvt. Drake Ricco Ross - Pvt. Frost Colette Hiller - Cpl. Ferro Daniel Kash - Pvt. Spunkmeyer Cynthia Dale Scott - Cpl. Dietrich (as Cynthia Scott) Tip Tipping - Pvt. Crowe Trevor Steedman - Pvt. Wierzbowski Paul Maxwell - Van Leuwen Valerie Colgan - ECA Representative
2,210 views | Feb 27, 2010

game | The Astyanax Arcade

The Astyanax Arcade

The Astyanax (c) 111989 Jaleco. An evil wizard is causing terror in a faraway land. Only you, a brave legendary warrior has the strength and courage to face him and his powerful demons in order to restore peace. Features colourful graphics, a cool soundtrack and excellent 'hack & slash' action. Fans of fantasy action games will love it! :) - TECHNICAL - Jaleco Mega System 1-A hardware Main CPU : 68000 (@ 12 Mhz) Sound CPU : 68000 (@ 7 Mhz) Sound Chips : YM2151 (@ 3.5 Mhz), (2x) OKI6295 (@ 30.303 Khz) Screen orientation : Horizontal Video resolution : 256 x 224 pixels Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz Palette colors : 1024 Players : 2 Control : 8-way joystick Buttons : 3 - TRIVIA - This game is known in Japan as "The Lord of King". Mythology note : In Greek mythology, Astyanax (means 'King of the city') was the son of Hector and Andromache. He was killed during the Trojan War by Neoptolemus, who threw the infant from a wall and told his mother 'Since my father (Achilles) killed his father (Hector) he might try to avenge the death. He also could become King of Troy and we want no more kings of Troy!'. - STAFF - Produced and directed by : Tokuhiro Takemori Game designers : Tokuhiro Takemori, Nenko Graphic designers : Nenko, Ns Naochan, Kan-Chan, Tomoko Sugoh Programmed by : Satoru K Music composed by : Kiyoshi Yokoyama - PORTS - * Consoles : Nintendo Famicom (1990) - SOURCES - Game's rom. Machine's picture. MAMEInfo:ROM REGION:astyan2.bin 00020000 cpu1 00000000astyan1.bin 00020000 cpu1 00000001astyan3.bin 00010000 cpu1 00040000astyan4.bin 00010000 cpu1 00040001astyan5.bin 00010000 cpu2 00000000astyan6.bin 00010000 cpu2 00000001astyan11.bin 00020000 gfx1 00000000astyan12.bin 00020000 gfx1 00020000astyan13.bin 00020000 gfx1 00040000astyan14.bin 00020000 gfx1 00060000astyan15.bin 00020000 gfx2 00000000astyan16.bin 00020000 gfx2 00020000astyan17.bin 00020000 gfx2 00040000astyan18.bin 00020000 gfx2 00060000astyan19.bin 00020000 gfx3 00000000astyan20.bin 00020000 gfx4 00000000astyan21.bin 00020000 gfx4 00020000astyan22.bin 00020000 gfx4 00040000astyan23.bin 00020000 gfx4 00060000astyan9.bin 00020000 snd1 00000000astyan10.bin 00020000 snd1 00020000astyan7.bin 00020000 snd2 00000000astyan8.bin 00020000 snd2 00020000rd.bpr 00000200 prom 00000000ORIGINAL: The AstyanaxCLONES: The Lord of King (Japan)
2,487 views | Sep 28, 2012
game | Dino Rex Arcade

Dino Rex Arcade

This is the full cheated play-thru of Dino Rex for the Arcade (MAME) Please be sure to Rate, Comment, Share, Subscribe! Donations can be sent via PayPal: [email protected]
3,411 views | Jun 28, 2012
game | 1987 Rastan Arcade Old School Game Playthrough retro game

1987 Rastan Arcade Old School Game Playthrough retro game

1987 Rastan Arcade Old School Game Playthrough retro gameRastan, originally released as Rastan Saga (ラスタンサーガ?) in Japan, is a fantasy-themed side-scrolling action game originally released for the arcades in 1987 by Taito and later ported to various platforms. The player controls a barbarian warrior who has embarked on a quest to slay a dragon. While on his way to the dragon's lair, Rastan must fight hordes of enemy monsters based on mythical creatures such as chimeras and harpies.The controls of Rastan consists of an eight-way joystick and two buttons for attacking and jumping. By using the joystick in combination with either buttons, the player can determine the height of Rastan's jumps, as well as the direction where he swings his weapon (including downwards while jumping). The game uses a health gauge system along with limited lives, although certain obstacles (such as falling into a body of water or being crushed by a spiked ceiling) will instantly kill Rastan regardless of how much health he has left.There are a total six rounds, each consisting of three areas: an outdoor scene, a castle scene and a throne room where the player must confront the stage's boss. The backgrounds of the outdoor areas feature broad landscapes with changing sunlight effects with detail. The game's bosses (names according to the MSX2 version[1]) consists of Graton (a skeletal warrior who wields a halberd), Slay (a demonic swordsman who can sprout wings), Symplegades (a wizard), Laios (a dragon knight), the Hydra (a five-headed snake) and the final boss, the Dragon.The player can pick up any item by touching them, as well as new weapons by striking them with his current one. All the weapons and power-ups picked by Rastan will be equipped only for a limited time. When Rastan picks up any equipable item, an icon will appear on the lower right corner of the screen as an indicator of the item's effect until it wears out. Rastan can only wield one weapon at a time (which consists of a mace, an axe and a fireball-shooting sword in addition to his standard sword), as well as only one type of protector (a shield, a mantle or a body armor), but other items (such as the necklace and ring) can be worn at the same time. There are also jewels that gives out bonus points, as well potion bottles that will restore or deplete the player's health depending on the color. The rare golden sheep's head will restore Rastan's health completely.Developer(s) Taito Publisher(s) Taito Composer(s) Naoto Yagishita Masahiko Takaki Platform(s) Arcade, Apple IIGS, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, DOS, Game Gear, Master System, MSX, ZX Spectrum Release date(s) 1987 Genre(s) PlatformHack and slash Mode(s) Single player Cabinet Upright CPU 68000 (@ 8 MHz), Z80 (@ 4 MHz) Sound M6809 (@ 750 kHz), YM2203 (@ 1.5 MHz), MSM5205 (@ 375 kHz) Display Raster, 320 × 240 pixels (Horizontal), 8192 colors -------------------------------------------------------------visit us at:
3,925 views | Jul 03, 2013

game | Let s Play in HD ...Manx TT Superbike with Secret Character Arcade Version!

Let s Play in HD ...Manx TT Superbike with Secret Character Arcade Ver...

FOR SECRET CHARACTER FOOTAGE, SKIP TO 8:40This is another one of those brilliant mid-90's arcade games from Sega that hasn't got much footage on Youtube (and even less in HD), so I thought I'd fill the gap a little bit.This is my playthrough of Manx TT. First the easy course, then the hard course, and then I play again with....THE SUPER SPECIAL SECRET "BIKE".This game also came out on the Sega Saturn, and on windows PC. I may upload footage from both versions at a later date. Until then, enjoy the arcade version!I'm playing this on Model 2 Emulator 1.00 using this computer:Intel i7 3960X Hex-Core @ 4.2ghz 16gb DDR3 1600mhz RAM Geforce 560Ti 2048mb GFX Windows 8 Pro Xbox 360 Controller for WindowsVideo is locked at 30 frames per second. When Youtube allows a full 60fps I will re-film ALL my videos!Follow me on: Youtube: https:bit.lyWdmjoKFacebook: https:www.facebook.comJuganawt1Twitter: https:twitter.comJuganawtTwitch: https:www.twitch.tvjuganawtHitbox: https:www.hitbox.tvJuganawtGoogle+: https:bit.lyUHoejx...And now for the Fair Use Bumpf...All footage and gameplay was created by me purely for this video. All content held within this video falls neatly under Fair Use terms for critique and comment upon the works held within it. The footage used within are in small portions that do not detrimentally affect the sales or market for the original works.This is my review of the game and not an upload of the game in it's entirety. The clips used are heavily edited and most of them narrated over the top of, showing only amounts that are necessary for me to be able to make my points about the game. My review is for pruposes of commentary and criticism and is considered Fair Use by both Youtube and Federal Copyright Law. My usage of the clips does not legally require the copyright holder's permission and I have every legal right to upload the heavily edited content. For further proof and information on Fair Use, please refer to:http:www.copyright.govlegislation... and additionally
1,872 views | Dec 08, 2012
game | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT playthrough Konami 4 players arcade game Not MAME

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT playthrough Konami 4 players arcade ...

Better quality HD version available here: https:youtu.beTMlZtfFH30w4 people playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 1989 from Konami. This video was captured from the original arcade board using a supergun.
3,674 views | Feb 14, 2011
game | The Kidnapping of President Ronnie...

The Kidnapping of President Ronnie...

A look back into a shocking event many people have either forgotten or aren't aware of.No being an asshole, mmkay? :)It's the old arcade game "Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja", with its intro and hilarious ending that made it memorable. I love rediscovering older video games and seeing how creative and silly they were no matter how unrealistic and over the top they were. That was entertainment. Not to mention the whole premise of the game. "Are you a bad enough dude to save Ronnie?""I'M BAD!"Funny stuff. And Reagan!Opening audio is "Dust Man" from King of Fighters '96
1,741 views | Mar 30, 2009

game | Parodius Da! Octopus 1990 Konami Mame Retro Arcade Games

Parodius Da! Octopus 1990 Konami Mame Retro Arcade Games

► Parodius Da! - Shinwa kara Owarai e (Octopus) 1990 Konami. Full game.Level: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1. Parodius - Tako wa Chikyuu o Sukuu 1988 - MSX 2. Parodius Da! - Shinwa kara Owarai e 1990 - 3. Gokujyou Parodius! - Kako no Eikou wo Motomete 1994 - 4. Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius 1995 - Nintendo Super Famicom 5. Sexy Parodius 1996 - Not yet availableSubscribe: my channel: my videos: my playlist: videos are made with the use of SaveState visit my about page for more information:
4,784 views | Jan 07, 2011
game | Air Combat 22 Arcade

Air Combat 22 Arcade

Facebook: https:www.facebook.comAceCombatHawx
1,507 views | Jan 22, 2014
game | Aliens for Arcades from Konami

Aliens for Arcades from Konami

Aliens is a 1990 arcade game published by Konami and based on the 1986 film of the same name. The game was designed by S. Okamoto and his team.Hadley's Hope lost contact with the Weyland-Yutani staff, so the Colonial Marine troops of the USS Sulaco decided to send their team to investigate. Players take the role of either Lieutenant Ellen Ripley or Corporal Dwayne Hicks as they fight their way through Xenomorphs before killing their Queen, which is a stowaway in the Sulaco. Three of the levels also featured Newt, where the players must rescue her from the Aliens.The game is a shoot 'em up where the players made use of the M56 Smartgun as the players' default weapon. Players can also pick up rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and laser-improved weapons. They can either crouch or stand while shooting. Players can also throw bombs by pressing both buttons simultaneously. The game has six levels, with some of them being based in the film. In some levels players can use a power loader, which is strong enough to kill an Alien in one hit.Aside from Warriors, Queens, Facehuggers, and Chestbursters, Konami decided to make their own type of Aliens. They are unique, but also weird looking. Some of them can fly, others can shoot lasers and static electric rays, or even will grow when shot repeatedly and later explode. Some of them also resemble spiders. There are also infectoids, which reappeared in the AVP arcade game. One Alien type also had tentacles, and was encased in resin. Another could throw some harmful bubbles, which apparently contained Facehuggers. There's also a "spinner", which can spin and shoot bubbles of acidic spores.Aliens is a horizontal shoot'em up game developed by Konami in 19891990 for the Arcades. It's set in the Aliens movie universe, but you won't see any Colonial Marines in this game except of course Ellen Ripley and Newt. The problem comes with your enemies, except basic xenomorphs, most of them are Contra like enemies which look rather like a parody and random mashup, especially these flying xenomorphs. A lot of sounds were borrowed from Konami's Contra arcade version, some artwork probably also. One of the minibosses even return to the Contra Hard Corps.
4,811 views | Nov 09, 2014

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