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From - Posted: Mar 26, 2012 - 28,050 viewsGame | Aliens ARCADE HD | Aliens ARCADE HD
Game Trailer Duration: 14 minutes 30 seconds 
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game | Aliens Very Hard MAME Arcade No Deaths 1 ALL

Aliens Very Hard MAME Arcade No Deaths 1 ALL

Aliens arcade game completed the first loop on 1 credit on the hardest dipswitch setting with no deaths. No tools, cheats, or save states were used.Aliens World 1 Rom set. Mameplus 0.143u4Easy enough game and the flamethrower makes short work of the xenomorphs. I rather liked the newt rescue missions which was why I played on this rom set.
2,440 views | Aug 16, 2012
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Alcuni dei miei titoli preferiti dell'epoca d'oro dei videogiochi da bar, quando con appena 1000 lire potevi passare delle ore divertenti e spensierate con gli amichetti nelle sale giochi o nel baretto vicino casa.
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Player = GMIX6809
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Sega Megadrive Genesis The Terminator Game

This game was short but had one major pain in the ass, on the last level where you face the terminator in skeleton form once you shot him enough he just crews at you and you can't shot him any more so if you go the wrong way you can end up getting trapped and dead :D happen to me a lot back in the day. Still a classic game....Game Information: This is a video game first released in 1992 based on the original 1984 film of the same name. It was coded by Probe Software and released by Virgin Games on all the Sega video game consoles available at the time (Mega DriveGenesis, Master System, Game Gear). In 1993, another game coded by Virgin Games USA was developed and released by Virgin for the Mega-CDSega CD.The Terminator by Probe Software is an action shooter game for the Mega DriveGenesis programmed by David Perry and scored by Matt Furniss. The main character, Kyle Reese, traverses through levels that closely parallel the movie's environment. In all levels, the main character has a jump and has various weapons throughout the game.The first level takes place in the future, and the main character has hand grenades, timed bombs, and a machine gun as weapon choices. The later levels take place in modern settings, and the primary weapon is a shotgun only. The final level takes place inside the Cyberdyne factory, where you battle the Terminator alone.The objective of this level is to lead the Terminator into a compactor which destroys him. Conversions of this very same game were also developed by Probe for the Master System and Game Gear.The name in text on the scrolling intro, "Hemdale's The Terminator" (only in the Mega DriveGenesis version) refers to the independent Hemdale Film Corporation, who produced the original movie. Once the studio closed, Orion Pictures became the owner of most of the films Hemdale had once owned.
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Prehistoric Isle in 1930 all clear by RAX 2 2

New high quality (HD 60fps) version: Isle in 1930 all-clear by RAX score: 1,651,000 no autofire played on WolfMAME 0.106Visit us at
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game | Aliens Arcade All Bosses Very Hard No Damage All Boss Fights Gameplay 1080p

Aliens Arcade All Bosses Very Hard No Damage All Boss Fights Gameplay ...

Aliens All Boss Fights No Damage played on highest difficulty thanks For Watching, Subscribe For More Videos Playlist: is a 1990 side-scrolling shooter arcade game developed and published by Konami. It is based on the film of the same name and was designed by S. Okamoto and his team.
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SHINOBI arcade walkthrough
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game | GAMING BLAST FROM THE PAST! Happy Console Gamer


1989 video games Add me on Twitter!HCGSHOW
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game | Aliens Infestation DS Stage 2 playthrough

Aliens Infestation DS Stage 2 playthrough

for someone who cant find bomb on stage 2 and location of marines
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Arcade Longplay 297 Continental Circus

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: SCHLAUCHIA very nice but hard racing game by Taito. I win the last race only due to luck!
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↓Aspect ratio 16:9 HD encoding link("&fmt=22"): Back to Part 15(4:3 ratio) link: NB:Real portrait of Mr.Okugawa can be confirmed in the liner notes of Street Fighter Alpha(Zero) 3 and Street Fighter III:New Generation (in Japanese OST). Birthplace, birthdate, blood type and mini-discography appear in the latter. NOTICE:The tune subtitles are just tentative names by me, the contributor. I don't know the official titles. Because of the copyright problem, OST of CAPCOM's AVP has not been issued. This complete score series is part of my systematization plan of Arcade AVP data. ↓ Wikipedia http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiAlien_vs._Predator_%28arcade_game%29 All musics of CAPCOM's Alien VS Predator(1994.Arcade),Part5. Last battle and other musics. Composed by Oku(OKUGAWA) Hideki. Sound Design by KAJINO Toshio. (Writing order:family namefirst name) ★Okugawa Hideki Chronological discography★ '94 ARC Alien VS Predator '94 ARC Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors '94 ARC X-Men: Children of the Atom (verified:Cyclops, Silver Samurai, Magneto theme) '95 ARC Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (composition verified:Rikuo, Anakaris, Huitzil,Pyron,Jon Talbain, Demitri stage) '95 ARC Mega Man: The Power Battle (arrangement:verified) '96 ARC Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters '97 ARC Street Fighter III:New Generation '97 ARC Capcom Sports Club (verified) '98 ARC Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Karin,Sodom, Barlog[M. Bison in Japan], Juni and Juli theme) '99 ARC Street Fighter III:3rdStrike '02 PS2 Onimusha 2, 3('04) '06 XBOX Deadrising '07 NDS Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (composed only three tunes) ※Mr. Okugawa is not in charge of Arcade Dungeons & Dragons:Tower of Doom and Arcade D&D:Shadow Over Mystara. I purchased OST of D&D:SoM and confirmed. One of the recent works by Oku Hideki is "Deadrising." He wrote for Deadrising OST CD in Japanese version. In the liner notes, he emphasized the importance of BGM as the part of the game. He wrote for the OST of Onimusha 2,3, Street Fighter Ⅲ 1st&3rd, Darkstalkers, Darkstalkers' Revenge and Deadrising. But he didn't write the liner notes of "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney OST" in Japanese ver. Okugawa Hideki is one of the true talented professional musicians, just like James Jamerson or Chuck Rainey. ★Encode: Video:1024kbps MP4 H.264 Audio:128kbps LC-AAC 640×480, 30fps. Subtitles:Video Studio12 VGMdbなどに掲載されている肖写真は奥河氏とは別人なのでご注意を。 カプコンが1994年5月に発売したアーケード用ベルトスクロールアクション、「エイリアンVSプレデター」 Part5。 ※曲名は暫定的に付けたものであり、正式名称は一切わかりませんでした。 作曲:奥河英樹 サウンドデザイナー:梶野俊夫 ★奥河氏の代表作★ '94 AC エイリアン VS プレデター '94 AC ヴァンパイア The Night Warriors '94 AC X-MEN CHILDREN OF THE ATOM (サイクロップス、シルバーサムライ、マグニートーステージ作曲) '95 AC ヴァンパイアハンター (オルバス、アナカリス、フォボス、パイロン、ガロン[ベースラインにジャズの影響顕 著]、デミトリ担当) '95 AC ロックマン ザ・パワーバトル (アレンジ。確認済み) '96 AC ロックマン2 ザ・パワーファイターズ '97 AC ストリートファイターIII NEW GENERATION '97 AC カプコンスポーツクラブ '98 AC ストリートファイターZERO3 (かりん、ソドム、バイソン、ユーニ&ユーリ、最終ラウンド作曲) '99 AC ストリートファイターIII 3rd STRIKE '02 PS2 鬼武者2、同3('04) '06 XB デッドライジング '07 DS 逆転裁判4(OSTに3曲収録) (以上、すべて作曲確認) ※AC ダンジョンズ&ドラゴンズ TOWER OF DOOM、同SHADOW OVER MYSTARAの作曲に奥河氏はノータッチのようです。D&D:SoMのサントラで確 認。ToDは阿部功&岩井隆之氏、SoMは甲田雅人氏作曲。 ヴァンパイアハンターのライナーによると、奥河氏はジャズ好きとのこと。 奥河氏のライナーノーツ執筆は、鬼武者2,3およびストⅢ1stと3rd、ZERO3 、デッドライジング、初代ヴァンパイアと同ハンターのCDを確認。 逆転裁判4のサントラは作曲のみで執筆はなし,同オーケストラ版もメドレー収録のみで 執筆なし。
4,378 views | Nov 24, 2008
game | Aliens Ending Arcade 1080p HD

Aliens Ending Arcade 1080p HD

Video Game Endings Episode 2: Aliens (1990, Arcade) Based on the 1986 film starring: Sigourney Weaver - Ellen Ripley Carrie Henn - Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden Michael Biehn - Cpl. Dwayne Hicks Lance Henriksen - Bishop Paul Reiser - Carter Burke Bill Paxton - Pvt. Hudson William Hope - Lt. Gorman Jenette Goldstein - Pvt. Vasquez Al Matthews - Sgt. Apone Mark Rolston - Pvt. Drake Ricco Ross - Pvt. Frost Colette Hiller - Cpl. Ferro Daniel Kash - Pvt. Spunkmeyer Cynthia Dale Scott - Cpl. Dietrich (as Cynthia Scott) Tip Tipping - Pvt. Crowe Trevor Steedman - Pvt. Wierzbowski Paul Maxwell - Van Leuwen Valerie Colgan - ECA Representative
3,372 views | Feb 27, 2010

game | Arcade Longplay 178 Altered Beast

Arcade Longplay 178 Altered Beast Played By: T-0815 Stage 01: 00:09 Stage 02: 02:28 Stage 03: 04:52 Stage 04: 07:05 Stage 05: 11:17
4,163 views | Mar 29, 2011
game | Aliens 1986 Amstrad CPC 464 8 bit

Aliens 1986 Amstrad CPC 464 8 bit

They cut the power! Note - the music is from the title screen played over the game because my recorder didn't do sound, (sorry for playing it too loud). The actual in game music is a lot more eerie and suspenseful, also the gunshot sound effect is missing here.
4,833 views | Dec 10, 2007
game | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT playthrough Konami 4 players arcade game Not MAME

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT playthrough Konami 4 players arcade ...

Better quality HD version available here: https:youtu.beTMlZtfFH30w4 people playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 1989 from Konami. This video was captured from the original arcade board using a supergun.
1,918 views | Feb 14, 2011

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