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From - Posted: Nov 19, 2013 - 340 viewsGame | Animal jam WRECKING BALL PARODY | Animal jam WRECKING BALL PARODY
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- I made this MV before Miley uploaded her official music video. Had I known what her music video was, I probably wouldn't of done this video. Hers didn't exist when I uploaded this -This took a long time to edit so I hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to give it a like, it really helps me out! :)Edited with iMovie :D
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Wrecking Ball Animal Jam

I really really tried my best doing this and it was my first time and I know I messed up a lot but I really hope you like it and comment , rate, and plz like :) :) btw this is old, and i do not own any of the music...
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[Skip to 2:13 for how to get the diamonds] Tysm for 1.9k (1,900 subs! :o) My Instagram: http:instagram.comvixswag It's you who got me this far, and it's you who made this channel. Yes I physically made it at, but it's you who support it! Tysm for that! THE 5 WAYS TO GET THE DIAMONDS: 1) AJ Outfitters. 2) The shops (diamond card codes) 3) The code 'twelve' 4) Daily spin. 5) Members every Tuesday. 6) Unfortunately, for some reason Animal Jam HQ disrespects and acts rather unfair to non members, so unfortunately non members can only receive diamonds through either buying a membership, OR the daily spin.Additional Tags: *Sorry about these, it's a good way to tag your videos if you fill the tag section up, as it still tags them!* animal jam animal jam diamonds ajmv animal jam music video animal jam mv aj music video ajmv dark horse ajmv numb ajmv happy ajmv discord how to get diamonds on animal jam animal jam how to get diamonds aj diamond code animal jam diamond code animal jam diamond codes 2014 animal jam free diamond codes animal jam diamond shop diamond shop aj aj diamond shop diamond shop animal jam aj aj diamond aj diamonds aj shop vixswag aj vix aj vix swag aj vix vlogz vix vlogz aj vixswag jamaa VixSwag animal jammer anthem animal jam speedpaint aj speedpaint animal jam fanart animal jam drawing drawing an aj wolf drawing an animal jam wolf non member diamond code animal jam spike giveaway long black collar mailtime spike mailtime aj giveaway animal jam giveaways julian2aj julian2 animal jam julian2 mean to lilacpetal julian2 causes drama elsa stepped on julian2 animal jam 2014 animal jam app how to play animal jam on tablet how to play aj on tablet how to play animal jam on phone how to play aj on phone ajmvs animal jam diamond codes 2014 that work animal jam diamond codes 2015 that work animal jam diamond codes 2013 that work animal jam diamond codes 2016 that work fman122 is back fman aj animal jam fman122 vix vlogz vixswag ajmv vixswag videos vix production vix vlogz production lalalalala *These are extra tags btw so thats why they are here, since my tagging said it was full.* animal jam arctic wolves animal jam new otters animal jam bae animal jam muahah how to make an ajmv how to make an animal jam music video animal jam trolling aj trolling
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How to get the purple shards gems on the eagle adventure on animal jam This is quite hard to do, you need to be fast! Hope this helps you guys!Thanks for watching Next video: Animal jam black spike wristband giveaway winner Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!Thank you :)
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Animal Jam Types of Jammers Part 2

Types of Jammers on Animal Jam Part two! Hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you want to see a part 3! Thanks for watching! ❤
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AJMV ▲ Pompeii ▲

Hope U Like X3 Randomly added Rio & Lion king 2 in it lolLoads of people has been asking what I use, so I might as well say it here. I use Sony Vegas 11, but I'm waiting for the update which is out now.Please Check out my other AJMVs =)~Update OMG!! 7,000 Views!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUPPORTED ME BUT SUBBING & LIKING!! YOU ARE JUST AMAZING PEOPLE!!! *GIVE COOKIES TO EVERYONE*
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This is probably my favorite adventure now :3 Comment down below what you won :DD✂ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Recorded w QuickTime Player♥ Main Channel ➜ ♥ Instagram ➜ http:instagram.comanimaljammer330 ♥ Twitter ➜ https:twitter.comLulusvideos220© Copyright 2014 Animaljammer330
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made this video cause im bored and i wanted to make a video for meh buddies :3 and hope u enjoyed! my new vid :p (credits go to the respected owners of the pictures not me I only wanted to show my friends these pics)
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Happy Pharrell Williams Leave a music video request below.**I DONT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC I DO NOT OWN ANIMAL JAM (obviously :3)**
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Animal Jam Dumb Warning Words

Hi my smiley faces! Today is National Pierogi Day! AJHQ has done it again, They now give you a warning for saying words like, "creepypasta", "sob", "nooooo", and "fudge". Wow, animal jam. Wow.___Video made with Movie Studio Platinum 12 Recorded with Corel ScreenCap X6 Thumbnails and Art made with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 + Autodesk Sketchbook ExpressMusic: Desmeon- On That Day (ft. ElDiablo, Flint & Zadik) provided by NoCopyrightSounds Download: http:artistintelligence.agencyartistdesmeon-on-that-day-ft-eldiablo-flint-zadikmp3 Follow Desmeon: ➞ Facebook http:facebook.comiamdesmeon ➞ SoundCloud https:soundcloud.comdesmeon ➞ Twitter http:twitter.comiamdesmeon Follow Flint & Zadik ➞ Twitter http:twitter.comflintnzadik SUBSCRIBE To Join the DARK SIDE. WE HAVE COOKIES! :3 And May the Force Be With You STALK ME: Instagram: http:instagram.comsmileysmiles Deviantart: __ If you read this, put in the comments: I like pots.
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Animal jam Wrecking ball AJMV

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Hello may fellow Jammers! What would happen if you could die on Animal Jam? In this video, I make a couple of concepts, if a twist! Thank you guys so much for all the positive comments and Jam-a-Grams, they make my day! Enjoy the video. :)Music: →http:incompetech.commusicroyalty-freeSound effects: →http:soundbible.comFind me on other social medias: →http:instagram.comrainbowthecataj →https:twitter.comrainbowthecataj → Jam username: RainbowTheCat Chicken Smoothie username: RainbowTheCatCheck out these games here: → →http:www.chickensmoothie.comRemember to like, comment and subscribe!Stay colorful! ♔♥
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Animal Jam How to get good rares quickly and easily

NOTE - Apparently it doesn't work now that AJ have put the cave behind the Phantom Gate :( You can still do it, it just takes longer.You won't get good items every time, and remember that you have to have an Arctic wolf or know someone who has to win! Like and favourite if you enjoyed or if this helped!
191,452 views | Oct 06, 2013

Animal Jam Mail Time w Lauren Blue Spike Wristband

- PLEASE DONT SEND ME MAIL 615 THROUGH 618 PLEASE - (just incase hehe) ✂ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -♥ Main Channel ➜ ♥ Instagram ➜ http:instagram.comanimaljammer330 ♥ Twitter ➜ https:twitter.comLulusvideos220© Copyright 2014 Animaljammer330
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