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Animangaki 2016 Cosplay Event Video

From - Posted: Sep 08, 2016 - 37,669 viewsGame | Animangaki 2016 Cosplay Event Video | Animangaki 2016 Cosplay Event Video
Animangaki 2016 Cosplay Event Video
Animangaki 2016 Cosplay Event Video
Game Trailer Duration: 6 minutes 59 seconds 
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Message from CH Tan, A.S.K's Videographer, "制作得不好,非常抱歉!也非常感谢各位,辛苦了各位。"Video by CH Tan, our A.S.K's videographer~ unfortunately upon arriving to the event hall one of his stabilizer broke causing him to only able to use 1 stabilizer for 2 camera to shoot. According to him, the stabilizer have lost it's original function and it will be a little tough to use however he tried his best to work around it. Hence on that day, there are cosplayers whom are confused to see which camera during the shoot. We are truly very sorry about the confusion ^^"Thank you very much to Animangaki as well for allowing us to have tags so that our videographer can shoot his video better and easier. Without it, we would really have difficulties of shooting video and giving our very best! We also would want to apologize should we made and mistake along the way and for our amateur level video. We will keep on improving!Thank you to all cosplayers who cooperated with us in this video too! Without you all, this video won't exist!Thank you for watching~Kuantan Coswalk Page : https:www.facebook.comKuantanCoswalk Kuantan Cosplay FB Group : https:www.facebook.comgroupskuantancosplaygroupSong : Back On - Nibun No Ichi Camera : 2 x Sony A6000. Kit Lens 18-55mm. Prime Lens 50mm. Photo credit Tan Choon Mun.All music are copyright of respective their artist,band,label & studio. (Buy them on itunesamazon or any legal sites). Our video are non-profit and aim to share the memories from the event with everyone.

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Cosmart 2016 Cosplay FanvideoFirst, apologize for the late upload as there's so many event at one time including our upcoming A.S.K Maid Cafe. We deeply apologize for the delay of this video ^^" As we did not attend cosmart before, we decided to attend a 1 day trip to this event to see how it looks like. Also to support a friend who is joining competition on that day as well because it's her first time competing in a skit type competition if i am not wrong. The event is located at the top floor of the newly renovated mall. It's quite spacious and nice! Only thing is it's quite dark for videography hence our videographer have to go around to find a suitable spot for video. But as most place are quite similiar lighting, it gives him no choice but depend on the software to adjust the colour correction and grading.It's quite lively the event and the competition is fun to watch! I wonder if we also attended day 1, there will be more fun? Hopefully next year time allow us to attend for both days! ^^Thank you again to all cosplayers who cooperated with us in this video! Your cooperation are very much appreciated!! Thank you again!!Thank you for watching!~ Kuantan Coswalk FB Page : https:www.facebook.comKuantanCoswalk Kuantan Cosplay FB Group : https:www.facebook.comgroupskuantancosplaygroupSong : Myth & Roid - Styx Helix Camera : 2 x Sony A6000. Kit Lens 18-55mm. Prime Lens 50mm. Cover Photo by Tan Choon Mun, A.S.K Photographer. All music are copyright of respective their artist,band,label & studio. (Buy them on itunesamazon or any legal sites). Our video are non-profit and aim to share the memories from the event with everyone
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Saludos para todo el publico de YouTube!El siguiente vídeo que verán lo encontré casualmente mientras estaba chismoseando mi facebook. Cuando vi esté espectacular cover de STYX HELIX, me dije a mi mismo que debería estar en mi canal. :DEspero que les guste mucho.Hasta la próxima!Vídeo original: Estudio de danzas y entrenamiento personal: Tz-cotortion Contorsionista profesional: Tz淘子 (http:i.youku.comiUMjU5MDk0ODMyOA==?spm=a2h1n.8251843.0.0)Información de contacto.Facebook: https:www.facebook.comjohn.harry.98 Twitter: https:twitter.comJohnzero1008 Ask: http:ask.fmJohnzero1008
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Summer is turning up the heat and finally here's the cosplay music video from France! Featuring League of Legends and Overwatch but not just that, even Suicide Squad, Pokemon, Vocaloid, Sailor Moon, Monster hunter, Disney and all sorts :D3 weeks later this video drops ayyyyy =) Better late than never ;) Just another casual video from me where its all generic shots xD Second time in france and just as good as the first^^ Better food and more chilling this time :pSee you guys next year and also in more international cons =)Instagram for all my cosplay photos: @Smile250PhotographyFollow me on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comGoSmile250Music by Strange Talk - Climbing WallsFilmed with Nikon D3300 and Tokina 11-20mm f2.8 Stabilised by a Flycam Nano DSLR Edited with Adobe Elements 2011
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♥ FOLLOW ME!♥ SECOND YOUTUBE CHANNEL Facebook: http:www.facebook.comiwasakamiyuki DeviantArt: Instagram: iwasakamiyuki Tumblr: http:iwasakamiyuki.tumblr.comMusic By :-Sebastian Forslund - I'm the Only One You Want - On & On (Feat. Daniel Levi) Cartoon SoundCloud https:soundcloud.comcartoonbaboon Facebook https:www.facebook.comcartoondbandFollow Daniel Levi (vocalist) Facebook http:facebook.comdaniellevimusic Website Hunt - Sweet Talk (Cavego Remix) Cavego https:www.facebook.comcavegomusic https:www.instagram.comcavegomusic https:soundcloud.comcavegoFollow Scavenger Hunt https:www.facebook.comScavengerHun... https:www.instagram.comscvngrhnt https:soundcloud.comscavengerhunt-Papa Ya - Fine Livin' Papa Ya https:soundcloud.comitspapaya https:twitter.comitspapaya https:www.facebook.comitspapayamusic
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If you'd like to support our work: https:www.patreon.comrescuetheprincessMusic: MYLK - Dream Catcher (Chime Remix)Chime https:soundcloud.comchimetunes https:www.facebook.comchimetunesMYLK https:soundcloud.commylkofficial http:www.facebook.commylkofficialAnimeJapan is the largest animation event held in Tokyo which showcases upcoming anime programs. https:www.anime-japan.jpenFacebook https:www.facebook.comrescuingprincesses
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*LINKS & PRODUCTS BELOW* Join me on Patreon for more content and to help me be able to continue making tutorials! : https:www.patreon.comalysontabbitha- WIG Tutorial: Full Costume Tutorial: have been getting a bunch of request to make this, and I finally did it! Lightning is one of my favorites! I hope you find this helpful! :)My Cosplay Prints: http:www.ideationox.comstorec39Cosplay_Prints.html~My Social Media~ Facebook: https:www.facebook.comAlysonTabbithaOfficial# Instagram: https:www.instagram.comalysontabbithaHuge THANK YOU to:Alan @NA Studio for recording the intro clips: Facebook: https:www.facebook.comnicolaistudio instagram: https:www.instagram.comna_studioWatch his beautiful full showcase of this costume!! for the music : Facebook: https:www.facebook.comcinnabunny _______________________________________________________________Colored Contact Lenses and Lashes from Pinky Paradise. - EOS Dolly Eye Grey - You can also get them here: (Pinky paradise currently does not ship to USA or Korea) Contact Email: [email protected] Box 452842 Kissimmee, Florida 34745 US
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WATCH IN HD! Follow me: https:www.facebook.commlzstudios Tweet me: https:twitter.comMLZStudios Please subscribe: Thanks to: Dragon Con 2016: Egg Sister's Cosplay (Blackhardt Reinhardt): https:www.facebook.comEggsisterscosplay?fref=ts Doran Clan Creations (Torbjörn): https:www.facebook.comDoranClanCreations?hc_location=ufi Danielle DeNicola (Supergirl): https:www.facebook.comdanielledenicolaofficial?fref=ts Pizoobie (Mei): https:www.facebook.comPizoobie?fref=ts Bonnies Cosplay (D.Va): https:www.facebook.comBonniesCosplay?fref=ts Rae Kay (Hanzo): https:www.facebook.comRaeKayCosplay Varia (Jedis): https:www.facebook.comvariaknight?pnref=lhc Nomsterart (Samurai Sailor Mars): https:www.facebook.comnomsterart?fref=ts Lomelindi (Mercy Team Mom): https:www.facebook.comLomelindi.Productions?fref=ts JouninK (Officer Judy Hopps): https:www.facebook.comJouninKCosplay?pnref=lhc Seraph Cosplay (Strike Commander Morrison, Overwatch): https:www.facebook.comSeraphCosplay?fref=hovercard (In Progress)Music by: Yinyues - Everything (feat. Mimi Page)Yinyues https:soundcloud.comyinyues https:www.facebook.comYinyues https:twitter.comYinyuesMimi Page https:www.facebook.commimipagemusic http:soundcloud.commimi-page audio content in this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label. No money was exchanged and the video was done purely with the appreciation of the people in the video and appreciation for the respective artist as a fan
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*** For more information about the video and music please read the description below. Thank you. Information about the cosplays and cosplayers are in the annotations on the top left (can be turn on and off in the quality tab). https:www.facebook.comNaThalangFC for extra stuff. http:worldcosplay.netmemberNaThalang for pictures.Music: "Can't Wait" By: Jim Yosef Featuring: Anna Yvette Can download the original track at Nocopyrightsounds here: http:facebook.comNoCopyrightSounds http:twitch.tvnocopyrightsoundsJim Yosef https:soundcloud.comjim-yosef https:www.facebook.comjimyosefmusicAnna Yvette https:soundcloud.comannayvette https:www.facebook.comannayvettemusicThe video itself is the intellectual property of NaThalang©. All rights reserved. (Had several TV shows (some with bad intentions) used some of my videos without my knowledge if you are wondering why this is here). So please ask for permission if you want to use my videos, thank you. *You can comment in any language. Please note that if you want to ask me a question please ask me in English. Also if the question is directed at me please message me via my facebook page if you can as messaging in youtube is sub par at best. Thank you. ^^;
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C2E2 is a comic book and pop culture convention that takes place in Chicago that features cosplay, celebrities, autograph sessions, exhibitors, panels and more. Huge thanks to Autodesk​ and Intel Realsense​ Technology for making these videos possible. For a free Sketchbook trial, go to: For a free photo editing app from Autodesk with creative filters, go to: https:pixlr.comSupport us on Patreon: http:patreon.combeatdownboogie
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Upbeat Background Music►Purchase license to get full rights to use on your monetized videos and download high-quality version here: http:bit.ly1EsaJ8O►iTunes: http:apple.co1SsQU7D►YOUTUBE USAGE: To quickly clear any potential ‘Third Party Content’ claims using my music, please visit http:adrev.netcontact-us using your video links, license certificate and state that you ‘have licensed music by MorningLightMusic Matthew Torres’. Claims are usually cleared within 24 to 96 hours.To preview more tracks by MorningLightMusic, please visit my AudioJungle profile at: http:audiojungle.netuserMorningLi...-----------------‘Party Time!’ is a guitar-heavy pop track with an energetic vibe. Perfect for your Corporate Projects, TV Ads, Radio Commercials, YouTube Videos, and more!-----------------FAQ:- Can I use this music in my videos?To use this music in your monetized YouTube videos or media, you must first purchase a license from the link above. You can then show that you have rights to use the music should you receive a copyright claim or if you plan to monetize your channel as a YouTube partner. This is very important, as it will prevent any possible strikes against your YouTube channel or videos.- Doesn't royalty-free music mean I can use it for free?'Royalty-free' music is not the same as 'free music'. This is a common misconception on the Internet, and especially here on YouTube.Simply put, it means that royalties don't have to be paid to the creator each and every time it's used (ie. free of royalties); but instead, a one-time fixed fee is paid, which is via a license purchase. You can read further into what "royalty-free music" means here: http:bit.ly2gOzDN6- Can't I just give you credit in my videos, instead of buying a license?Unfortunately, no. Just giving credit to us in your videos doesn't protect you from copyright infringement in accordance to international law. A license is required to show YouTube that you have the proper rights to use our music on your videos, which is also needed if you're looking to become a YouTube partner and monetize your videos.- The license is shown in US Dollars, but I live outside of the US?You can purchase the license in your local currency, as this is converted to the equivalent amount during the payment process.
1,302 views | Feb 16, 2015


Cosplay de Colegiala Japonesa estilo anime, el primer cospley que hago en mi canal. Espero que os guste y me apoyéis para seguir trallendo mas.Muchas gracias a todos por ver mis videos y espero que os guste y me regaléis muchos locos y mágicos likes.Os dejo el enlace de mi facebook y twiter:Facebook: https:www.facebook.comrikka.iro. Twitter: https:twitter.comrikka_iro INSTAGRAN:https: www.instagram.comrikkairoXao, xaito❤❤❤❤❤❤
1,556 views | Jun 21, 2018
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2.0 First Look Launch Event Video
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MCM London Comic Con October 2016 Cosplay Music Video CMVWhat a convention! I had so much fun catching up with friends from all warps of life and communities. It's such a shame that so many friends from all around Europe come together for 3 days (mcm comic con) then disperse back to their daily routine of normal life. Mcm is such an amazing event and celebration. I miss it already! Like all the music I choose for my cmv's I really enjoyed editing to this track. Editing to catchy music is always fun!Cosplayers:Cardiology Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comcardiologycosplay?fref=tsGaioz Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comGaiozCosplay?fref=tsAtelier Lita: https:www.facebook.comlitascosplays?fref=tsKisaki Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comKisakiCosplays?fref=tsTeraana: https:www.facebook.comTeraanaCosplay?fref=tsTwilight Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comTwilightCosplayNeko Pro Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comnekopro95?fref=tsOppai Senpai Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comOppaiSen?fref=tsBattleroyaleboy & Crashqueenbaby Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comBattleroyaleboyCrashqueenbaby?fref=tsAli Cosplays and props: https:www.facebook.comAlicosplayprops?fref=tsLuminara Cosplay and Props https:www.facebook.comluminaracreations?fref=tsRascal Rabbit Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comrascalrabbitcosplay?fref=tsKetrin Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comKetrincosplayGuiletta Zawaski: https:www.facebook.comBeauPeep101CosplayArmour Up Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comArmourUp?fr...Klyxm: https:www.facebook.comklyxmTilfey Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comtilfeycosplay Catana: https:www.facebook.comcatanacosplay?hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nfJassassin: https:www.facebook.comjassassin?fref=tsYumi Cosplay: https:www.facebook.comyumicosplays?fref=tsOh My Eggs: https:www.facebook.comohmyeggscosplayworld?fref=tsAnaelic: https:www.facebook.comAnaelicCosplayer?fref=tsIf you're a cosplayer in this vis and your cosplay page isn't above feel free to link your cosplay page and i'll add it in the description. I can't remember all of them, lolinteresting fact: I noticed i filmed a lot of anime and overwatch, haha.Keywords: Dragon ball broly cosplay, female genji cosplay, berserk 2016 cosplay, bloodborne cosplay, miraculous ladybug cosplay, cat noir cosplay, chat noir cosplay, overwatch cosplay music video, naruto cosplay music video, Kakashi cosplay, RE Zero cosplay, cosplay twins, dragonball super cosplay, anime cosplay 2016, League of legends best cosplay 2016, FFXV Cosplay, Metal gear cosplay 2016, Jet set radio cosplay 2016, comic con 2016, london cosplay, uk cosplay, genderbend cosplay, playstation cosplay 2016, sega cosplay 2016, celebration 2016, nerd 2016, Touhou remix, overwatch new skin cosplay, gods complex , Tsukuyomi , glitch cosplay, amv 2016, kale transformation cosplay, dragonball super cosplay
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DIY make the cosplay of Rem Ram RE ZERO Tutorial

Coucou ! Aujourd'hui vidéo de ma dernière création que je porterai à Animasia ^^ En espérant que ça vous aide ! Bisous !
4,959 views | Sep 20, 2016

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