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Anime Impulse 2017 Cosplay Event

From - Posted: Jan 23, 2017 - 166,543 viewsGame | Anime Impulse 2017 Cosplay Event | Anime Impulse 2017 Cosplay Event
Anime Impulse 2017 Cosplay Event
Anime Impulse 2017 Cosplay Event
Game Trailer Duration: 3 minutes 42 seconds 
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Anime Impulse 2017 takes place in Fairplex in Panoma, California USAMusic: Aarre & Kedam - Joyride Original audio content for this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label.

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Japan Festa in Bangkok 2013 Aug-Sept 2013 CentralWorld BangkokMusic: "There's A Better WAY !" by Loveshadow Featuring: snowflake, Lasswell http:ccmixter.orgfilesLoveshadow34402 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0The video itself is the intellectual property of NaThalang© and the video cannot be used without the owner's permission. All rights reserved. Please ask to use my videos, thanks. (Had several TV shows (some with bad intentions) used some of my videos if you are wondering why this is here)If you see yourself and you want your name in description box, please send me a message of who you playing as (cosplay)... in English*. 555 (Don't know much Thai) And many thanks too all the cosplayers for letting me take a video~The audio content in this video belongs to the respective recording artist. *You can comment in any language. Please note that if you want to ask me a question please ask me in English. Thank you. ^^;#Cosplay #NaThalang #Cosplayer
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You can buy the cosplay costumes here: Don't know what contact lenses to wear for your cosplay? Here are some suggestions! ❀OPEN FOR MORE INFO❀ Part 4: https:youtu.benXzaKY4n2LY (NEW!) Part 3: https:youtu.beJ2ZDWwk69NY Part 1: https:youtu.bexmDKKt9uMLk☆ All Circle Lenses I'm wearing ☆ Use code "pixel" to get 10% + EXTRA 2% discount! 0:01 GEO Anime Contact Lenses http:bit.ly2sXYDYC ' 0:22 Sweety Red Screen http:bit.ly2f9tTfe ' 0:44 EOS Neon Grey http:bit.ly2oYBFv4 ' 1:04 I-Codi Naty Grey http:bit.ly2po0fci ' 1:24 Mari Gold Violet http:bit.ly2qwMOEi ' 1:45 ICK Miso-2 Blue http:bit.ly2yMs6oq ' 2:04 Sweety Sclera Lens Red http:bit.ly2FkIL9E ' 2:33 I-Codi Colors Of The Wind http:bit.ly2qwTQJc ' 2:55 I.Fairy Cara Red http:bit.ly2p1xhfB ' 3:14 Sweety Holly Turquoise http:bit.ly2ulrlBq ' 3:38 I-Codi Naty Blue http:bit.ly2qlyJgF ' 4:01 ICK Garnet Green http:bit.ly2qwMTIc ' 4:21 Sweety Cherry Pink http:bit.ly2pPA5AB ' 4:44 Dolly Eye Jewel Brown http:bit.ly2ggj5QH ' 5:09 Lens Story Dolly+ Red http:bit.ly2tP5Jj8 ' 5:31 Sweety Anime Yellow http:bit.ly2x1FpnT ' 5:51 I-Codi Naty Blue http:bit.ly2qlyJgF ' 6:11 Sweety Cherry Pink http:bit.ly2pPA5AB ' 6:31 I-Codi Naty Green http:bit.ly2pohv0W ' 6:52 Gradient Star Blue http:bit.ly2orFgom 7:13 Lens Story Twilight http:bit.ly2oQ93Jn ' 7:33 Sweety Anime Yellow http:bit.ly2x1FpnT ' 7:52 Sweety Sclera Lens Red http:bit.ly2FkIL9E ' 8:24 EOS Cat Eye Red http:bit.ly2pyyD2y ' 8:42 Sweety 2 Tones Aqua http:bit.ly2oYIRXU ' 9:05 Sweety Anime Violet http:bit.ly2ia2UVG ' 9:24 I-Codi Naty Blue http:bit.ly2qlyJgF ' 9:44 GEO Crazy Burning Eyes http:bit.ly2qlDVBf ' Use code "pixel" to get 10% + EXTRA 2% discount!☆ All wigs I'm wearing ☆ 0:15 Annie (Attack on Titan) http:amzn.to2uAFgms ' 0:58 Junko (Danganronpa) http:amzn.to2rYLkIf ' 1:18 Mikasa (Attack on Titan) http:amzn.to2hFZ7eM ' 1:38 Emilia (Re:Zero) http:amzn.to2t26IMO ' 1:58 Ciel (Kuroshitsuji) http:amzn.to2yiJVvX ' 2:24 Female Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) http:amzn.to2ykKuFS ' 3:08 Tohru (Kobayashis Dragon Maid) http:amzn.to2tBsrbt ' 3:29 Ruby (Love Live!) http:amzn.to2ymn30k ' 3:54 Ryuko (Kill La Kill) http:amzn.to2rYASAD ' 4:16 Yurio (Yuri on Ice) http:amzn.to2t1Yt3C ' 4:35 Chiaki (Danganronpa) http:amzn.to2ynduhY ' 4:58 Asuna (Sword Art Online) http:amzn.to2ykmItG ' 5:23 Felt (Re:Zero) http:amzn.to2sVc1hL ' 5:44 Kenma (Haikyuu!) http:amzn.to2ylUyQm ' 6:05 Rem (Re:Zero) https:amzn.to2SOfZ4y ' 6:25 Yoshiko (Love Live!) http:amzn.to2gilRVA ' 6:44 Sakura (Naruto) http:amzn.to2yisWKj ' 7:07 Kanna (Kobayashis Dragon Maid) http:amzn.to2tBq6NS ' 7:27 Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid) http:amzn.to2rYpkNV ' 7:44 Riko (Love Live!) http:amzn.to2ghyz6X ' 8:13 Akame (Akame ga Kill) http:amzn.to2hGu9mL ' 8:36 Krul Tepes (Owari no Seraph) http:amzn.to2tW9nnU ' 8:57 Eli (Love Live!) http:amzn.to2s2EEUP ' 9:18 Yang (RWBY) http:amzn.to2yhBYXX ' 9:38 Nao Tomori (Charlotte) http:amzn.to2y4eEi6 '☆ Support me! ☆ Kleiner Pixel Merchandise now available! https:etsy.me2E9DzUP Wanna be the first to know which Cosplay will come next? Become a Member! Become a Patron! Visit my Patreon-Page: https:www.patreon.comkleinerpixel☆ Find me here ☆ Facebook: https:www.facebook.comKleinerPixeI Instagram: https:www.instagram.comkleinerpixelCameraShootEditMakeupall cosplays: meFOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: ♥ Contact me at [email protected]'Affiliate link. They do not cost you anything, but I make a small percentage from the sale. #CircleLenses #KleinerPixel
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Crunchyroll Expo 2017 takes place in Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California, USAMusic: ミカヅキBIGWAVE - Fancy You Original audio content for this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label.
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This makeup look was highly requested on my instagram account so I diced to make a youtube video for it. hopelly y'all enjoy it. if you have any more requests, feel free to comment down below, send me a personal message or request it on my instagram! - IG: @thefallen_ciel
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Having to been Anime Expo, Anime Central, Crunchyroll Expo, MCM and a load of other conventions over the year I felt it was time I did the actual convention guide that people needed. From budget to cosplayers to etiquette.Some Misc convention footage used from: Anime Expo 2017 Cosplay Fun: ANIMEJAPAN 2016 COSPLAY SHOWCASE: https:youtu.besBb5Txi1R48 KATSUCON 2016 - COSPLAY - The Best of Times: https:youtu.besIp5jNkJIHA Kitacon Quest 2017 - Cosplay: https:youtu.beIKBgp_9DE2s Our first ever Anime Convention! ANIMAZEMENT: https:youtu.beHJrsUaSEM_s TheAnimeMan Panel at Anime Matsuri 2017 - https:youtu.beEqKw3BTvMYMEdited by: Bakashift https:twitter.comBakaShiftPatreon: http:www.Patreon.comGigguk -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter: http:twitter.comGiggukAZ Like me on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comGiggukAZ Follow me on Instagram: https:www.instagram.comgiggukazThanks to: Ruel Lindsay II Ruaper Lin Orion's Belt Matt Ingram Jonathan bailey Sueyguy David Jonsson Mateusz Fula Korey James Justin ye Philip Warden Hamad Almemari Derrick Becker John Merritt John Stone Rit Chaowanagawi Nate Potter Taylor Thomas Jacob Keenan Lucas Shuler lightrapid Andy Sugiyama Bing Thio Devon Rader GKage Tayler Matchett Black Percher Nathan Best Cody Weible David Shimshoni Kyle Bloch Ryan Smith
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Mr. Music!

Mr. Music Dance VideoCTRLZPRO - Hetchrome, Lunacy, MeririnDREAMCAFE - Cecil, Crystal, FriskieF3 - https:www.facebook.comF3Cosplay Algie, Lee, WanyiKAP - https:www.facebook.comKAP-614831215311619?hc_location=ufi Harumi, Jimi, MalloyPROJECT MSM - https:www.facebook.comProject-MSM-1431112500515306?rc=p Jasmine, Mei-Mei, MonicaSIMPLY PEACH TEA LOLI Akira Loli, Momo Loli, Victoria LoliMusic: Mr. Music (GigaP Remix)
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We finally made it to the cosplay championships in Nagoya, Japan! 30 teams from around the world participated.This video showcases cosplayers visiting the event as well as footage from the competitors' performances on stage. 1st place: Indonesia 2nd place: Denmark 3rd place: FranceCinematography https:twitter.comRescue_Princess https:twitter.comrtp_seagzMusic Faux Tales - Atlas Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)If you'd like to support our work: https:www.patreon.comrescuetheprincess
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game | New York Comic Con NYCC 2016 4K Cosplay Video

New York Comic Con NYCC 2016 4K Cosplay Video

Our first visit to New York Comic Con in 2016 and it was definitely an amazing convention. We tried to catch as many people as we could but there was just so many attendees, and you could see how passionate the community is as a whole cosplaying their favorite characters.We also have event coverage photos of the venue and other cosplays not pictured here. I will link the gallery as soon as I am done.The event gallery is here - https:ambercool.smugmug.comEventsConventionsNew-York-Comic-Con-2016Thank you for all the video ops. Please help tag; I passed out stacks of cards so hopefully you guys checked back:Raven - Emma Skies Cosplay https:www.facebook.comEmmaSkiesCosplayMiss Fortune - Elise Cosplay https:www.facebook.comEliseCosplayD.Va - Holly Wolf https:www.facebook.comHollyTWolfNico - Alli https:www.instagram.comallithetrashlordBlack Cat - Jenna https:www.facebook.comJennaLynnMeowriEmma Frost - Teresa Cosplays https:www.facebook.comteresacosplaysBatgirl - Riddle https:www.facebook.comRiddlesmessywardrobeSteampunk Dorthy - Mega Watt Cosplay https:www.facebook.comMegaWattCosplayLi Ming - Joanna Marie Cosplay https:www.facebook.comjoannamaricosplayHarley - Lisa Lou Who Cosplay https:www.facebook.comLisaLouWhoCosplayCammy - Jennifer Van Damsel https:www.facebook.comJenniferVanDamselReinhart - Extreme Costumes https:www.facebook.comExtremeCostumesCammy White - Axillia Cosplay https:www.facebook.comAxilliaCosplayHecarim - Aralyn Scarlett https:www.facebook.comaralynscarlettShredder - Sarah Skittles Cosplay https:www.facebook.comSarahSkittlesCosplayPharah - Itsj0y https:www.facebook.comitsj0yVelma - Uncanny Megan https:www.facebook.comUncannyMeganDaphne - Yuffie Bunny Cosplay https:www.facebook.comYuffieBunnyCosplayWarhead - ArchenemyCosplay https:www.facebook.comArchenemyCosplayWidowmaker (Winter) - Lady Kayleen https:www.facebook.comOfficialLadyKayleenWidowmaker (Rose) - Anna Lynn Cosplay https:www.facebook.comAnnaLynnCosplayHatsune Miku - Brooke https:www.facebook.comprofile.php?id=100006133635987Tracer - Ivi Cosplay https:www.facebook.comIviCosplayBombshell Harley - Avalon Cosplay https:www.facebook.comavaloncosEnchantress - Gabby https:www.facebook.comGabbyRideThor - Laney Feni Cosplay https:www.facebook.comLaneyFeniCosplay
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Japan Weekend 2018 COSPLAY VIDEO

Madrid Japan Weekend February 2018. Cosplay Music Video about this convention.Track: NIVIRO - The Guardian Of Angels [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https:youtu.beyHU6g3-35IU Free Download Stream: http:ncs.ioTGOAYO[NIVIRO] https:facebook.comofficialniviro [Eliza] https:www.facebook.comElizaVocalist
3,526 views | Feb 17, 2018

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Katsucon 2017 Cosplay Highlights

Katsucon 2017 takes place in Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, MarylandMusic: Tritonal - I Feel The Love (feat Ross Lynch) Original audio content for this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label.
4,999 views | Feb 21, 2017
game | KATSUCON 2016 COSPLAY The Best of Times

KATSUCON 2016 COSPLAY The Best of Times

Katsucon takes place in National Harbor Oxon Hill, Maryland on Valentines Day weekend. Support us on Patreon: http:patreon.combeatdownboogie We're on instagram! http:instagram.combeatdownboogie Music by TheQLon and Fobee
3,826 views | Feb 16, 2016
game | Katsucon 2019 Cosplay Fun

Katsucon 2019 Cosplay Fun

Katsucon 2019 takes place in Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, MarylandMusic: FWLR - Who's Dis Original audio content for this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label.
4,864 views | Mar 06, 2019

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