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Anime Los Angeles 2018 Cosplay Music Video Part 1 WATCH IN 4K

From - Posted: Jan 29, 2018 - 574,301 viewsGame | Anime Los Angeles 2018 Cosplay Music Video Part 1 WATCH IN 4K | Anime Los Angeles 2018 Cosplay Music Video Part 1 WATCH IN 4K
Anime Los Angeles 2018 Cosplay Music Video Part 1 WATCH IN 4K
Anime Los Angeles 2018 Cosplay Music Video Part 1 WATCH IN 4K
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Instead of making only one cosplay video for the whole ALA Convention, this time I decided to break up the footage into multiple videos! This means you're gonna get to see more cosplayers. Go ahead and subscribe to catch the next video, coming soon!Featuring but not limited to: 00:00 https:www.instagram.comalbinoplant 00:13 https:www.instagram.comletdownyourgoldenhair 00:17 https:www.instagram.comcatsforcoolkids 00:21 https:www.instagram.comzalorasilver 00:30 https:www.instagram.com_queenbean_ 00:40 https:www.instagram.commariesturges 00:50 01:02 https:www.instagram.commiki.leann 01:02 https:www.instagram.comsnowmerida 01:02 https:www.instagram.comchristinasprincesslife 01:02 https:www.instagram.comthedrpepperprincess 01:06 https:www.instagram.commonsterpoh 01:12 https:www.instagram.comomystephaniemichelle 01:12 https:www.instagram.comkellyeden 01:12 https:www.instagram.commisslindsayxoxo 01:12 https:www.instagram.comsaddlethehippogriffs 01:12 https:www.instagram.commomo.http 01:17 https:www.instagram.comalyssapotamus 01:23 01:28 https:www.instagram.comstrange_merci 01:34 https:www.instagram.comits_misskatt 01:45 https:www.instagram.comroxychancos ? (Not sure) 01:53 02:01 https:www.facebook.comMONcosplay 02:10 https:www.instagram.comreagankathryn 02:15 https:www.instagram.comhexgirl_cosplay 02:18 https:www.instagram.comdemoiselle.cos 02:29 https:www.instagram.compixicos 02:37 https:www.instagram.comcryptictease 02:46 02:52 https:www.instagram.comfishcaek#Cosplay #Anime #AnimeLosAngeles #ALA #ALA2018 #AnimeLosAngeles2018 #AnimeExpo #AnimeExpo2018 #AX #AX2018Camera: https:amzn.to2GUBT3p Lens: https:amzn.to2Eml7F3 Gimbal: https:amzn.to2Hbwtyr Editing Software: https:amzn.to2GF9jPY Editing Hardware: https:amzn.to2IvyVzffacebook.comthelaexplorer instagram.comthelaexplorerMusic: NCS - YouTu.beK4DyBUG242c On & On by Cartoon: SoundCloud.comCartoonBaboon

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Anime Los Angeles 2018 Cosplay Music Video Part 2 WATCH IN 4K

This is part 2 of my ALA 2018 Cosplay Series. I thought I was going to have enough footage for a third video, but I ended up using it all on this video. Well, there's always the next con!Special thanks to all the cosplayers that participated:00:00 https:www.instagram.commonsterpoh 00:07 https:www.instagram.comdaniella.claire 00:11 00:28 https:www.instagram.comhendoart 00:32 https:www.instagram.comsabrinanicholebunny 00:45 https:www.instagram.comspideynat 00:47 https:www.instagram.comblood.empress 00:53 https:www.instagram.comemilyrexz 00:56 https:www.instagram.comlollipopheidi13 01:01 https:www.instagram.comnikkimoxxi 01:15 https:www.instagram.comanna_lynn_cos_ 01:20 https:www.instagram.commisssica 01:23 https:www.instagram.comclairecosplay1 01:25 https:www.instagram.comkhainsaw 01:51 https:www.instagram.comcosplaytwiins 01:56 02:03 https:www.instagram.comoikatsudon 02:08 https:www.instagram.comk8sarkissian 02:14 02:15 02:17 https:www.instagram.combackslash_alex 02:21 02:25 02:33 https:www.instagram.comstephstonecos 02:38 https:www.instagram.comalinamasquerade 02:44 https:www.instagram.comnikkimoxxi 02:45 https:www.instagram.comkawaiidontcry 02:48 02:53 03:04 https:www.instagram.comlionesscosplay 03:06 https:www.instagram.comstandesu#Cosplay #Anime #AnimeLosAngeles #ALA #ALA2018 #AnimeLosAngeles2018 #AnimeExpo #AnimeExpo2018 #AX #AX2018Camera: https:amzn.to2GUBT3p Lens: https:amzn.to2Eml7F3 Gimbal: https:amzn.to2Hbwtyr Editing Software: https:amzn.to2GF9jPY Editing Hardware: https:amzn.to2IvyVzfFollow The L.A. Explorer on: facebook.comthelaexplorer instagram.comthelaexplorerMusic provided by NCS: Inukshuk - Happy Accidents SoundCloud https:soundcloud.comiaminukshuk Facebook https:www.facebook.comiaminukshuk Twitter https:twitter.comiaminukshuk
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game | ☆ Review What Circle Lenses for cosplay? PART 3 ☆

☆ Review What Circle Lenses for cosplay? PART 3 ☆

Don't know what contact lenses to wear for your cosplay? Here are some suggestions! Part 2: https:youtu.be5ApzV_HCRXI ❀OPEN FOR MORE INFO❀ Part 1: You can buy the cosplay costumes here:☆ All Circle Lenses I'm wearing ☆ Use code "pixel" to get 10% + EXTRA 2% discount! 0:01 Sweety Colorful Rio Blue http:bit.ly2GISKTX ' 0:25 Sweety Red Screen http:bit.ly2f9tTfe ' 0:47 Sweety Cherry Pink http:bit.ly2pPA5AB ' 1:08 Sweety White Screen http:bit.ly2W0mMJo ' 1:36 Sweety Candy Red http:bit.ly2uU6Nkp ' 2:02 Barbie Love Grey http:bit.ly2L5yJYo ' 2:27 Lens Story Twilight Yellow http:bit.ly2HYjZxa ' 2:50 Lens Story Twilight Blue http:bit.ly2oQ93Jn ' 3:12 I.Fairy Pearl Black http:bit.ly2KP3EcC ' 3:34 I-Codi Naty Brown http:bit.ly2MP3Ae9 ' 3:54 Sweety Black Sclera Lens http:bit.ly2IiWBa3 ' 4:24 Cafe Mimi Cappuccino http:bit.ly2C0KWOS ' 4:52 I-Codi Naty Blue http:bit.ly2qlyJgF ' 5:14 Sweety Free Green http:bit.ly2M9q2hK ' 5:34 Sweety Firefly Pink http:bit.ly2AcbwQr ' 5:55 Sweety Amazed Doll Bluehttp:bit.ly2mYJz9t ' 6:16 ICK Any Choco http:bit.ly2ycaCkp ' 6:38 Sweety Anime Blue http:bit.ly2o7WvdS ' 7:00 Sweety Anime Red http:bit.ly2BjOg2L ' 7:22 Lens Story Dolly+ Red http:bit.ly2tP5Jj8 ' 7:45 Urban Layer Galaxy Blue http:bit.ly2MUjXp9 ' 8:10 Sweety Anime Blue http:bit.ly2o7WvdS ' 8:31 GEO Anime Contact Lenses http:bit.ly2sXYDYC ' 8:53 Lens Story Twilight Pink http:bit.ly2F8MUfN ' 9:17 Dolly Eye Jewel Green http:bit.ly2orJ9c0 9:40 EOS Neon Grey http:bit.ly2oYBFv4 ' Use code "pixel" to get 10% + EXTRA 2% discount!☆ All wigs I'm wearing ☆ 0:16 Diamond http:amzn.to2HTDVhA ' 1:00 Yumeko http:amzn.to2FcUovX ' 1:18 Yui http:amzn.to2stiUqK ' 1:22 Hinata https:amzn.to2C7sTqu ' 1:54 Shiro http:bit.ly2zZ0aD1 ' 2:17 Ayano https:amzn.to2MAtxRb ' 2:41 Himiko https:amzn.to2HFC5QU ' 3:05 Zero two https:amzn.to2v8nNGN ' 3:26 Tsuyu https:amzn.to2rzSPm9 ' 3:48 Yuki https:amzn.to2NCJdRj ' 4:41 Ochako https:amzn.to2NGV4hm ' 5:03 Violet http:amzn.to2pneJbJ ' 5:29 Monika https:amzn.to2C1I18C ' 6:07 Weiss Schnee https:amzn.to2LJKRik ' 6:29 Chinatsu https:amzn.to2LLEScD ' 6:52 Tohsaka https:amzn.to2FjWbTu ' 7:37 Felt (Re:Zero) http:amzn.to2sVc1hL ' 8:00 Kizuna https:amzn.to2vWJHe0 ' 8:24 Nagisa http:amzn.to2EBkEDO ' 8:47 Annie http:amzn.to2uAFgms ' 9:10 Ibuki https:amzn.to2ve50aR ' 9:54 Junko http:amzn.to2D7UumG 'Want to buy Cosplay-Prints? Go visit my store on Etsy! https:www.etsy.comdeshopKleinerPixelShopWig stylingcutting tutorials and making of videos on my Patreon! https:www.patreon.comkleinerpixel▶︎Previous Video: https:youtu.beelaYvQWJEwY ▶︎Circle Lenses Tutorial: https:youtu.be9EFTfzdee7sCameraShootEditMakeupall cosplays: me☆ Equipment ☆ Camera: http:amzn.to2rYfOu0 ' Camera Lens: http:amzn.to2rYpd4D ' Lights: http:amzn.to2tBhLtJ ' Ring light: http:amzn.to2tAWFeE '☆ Find me here ☆ Facebook: https:www.facebook.comKleinerPixeI Instagram: https:www.instagram.comkleinerpixel Tumblr: https:kleinerpixel.tumblr.comFOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: ♥ Contact me at [email protected]'Affiliate link. They do not cost you anything, but I make a small percentage from the sale.#CircleLenses #KleinerPixel
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game | OTAKON 2014 What You Should Never Say To A Cosplayer

OTAKON 2014 What You Should Never Say To A Cosplayer

At Otakon 2014, we ask cosplayers about what awkward questions people should avoid asking them.Interview by Lauren Grant. Camera work by Adam Etheridge.*********Check out our website at: If you like what you see, please subscribe to us at: http:twitter.comnerdcaliber
4,729 views | Aug 11, 2014

game | London Film Comic Con July 2016 Deadpool and Predator BEST

London Film Comic Con July 2016 Deadpool and Predator BEST

I attended on film and comic con in July. I recorded some videos to show you some attractions and more important cosplays which were just amazing. I wish to gear up one day and go as a cosplay too. People love it and I like it. ----------Camera------------Canon 650D: http:amzn.to2l0T08u----------Social Media-------------Twitter: https:twitter.comMattGacInstagram: https:www.instagram.commattgac_?hl=enFacebook: https:www.facebook.comMattGacYT?view_public_for=904640576332201--------------MUSIC--------------- 1 Call to Adventure - Comedy by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https:creativecommons.orglicensesby4.0) Source: http:incompetech.commusicroyalty-freeindex.html?isrc=USUAN1300022 Artist: http:incompetech.com2 Vibe Tracks - Beat Your Competition3 Otis McDonald - Not For NothingAudio from the YouTube Audio Library
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C2E2 is a comic book and pop culture convention that takes place in Chicago that features cosplay, celebrities, autograph sessions, exhibitors, panels and more. Huge thanks to Autodesk​ and Intel Realsense​ Technology for making these videos possible. For a free Sketchbook trial, go to: For a free photo editing app from Autodesk with creative filters, go to: https:pixlr.comSupport us on Patreon: http:patreon.combeatdownboogie
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game | VLOG Cardiff Con and Cosplay Meet Day 1

VLOG Cardiff Con and Cosplay Meet Day 1

We were only planning on going to the cosplay meet (which was fun as heck) but ended up going to snoop out the conCosplayers: Deku: @Skyxis Bakugou: @Aureatemist All Might: @Mini_cosplayer_ Shinsou: @The_little_toot Todoroki: @Huxxuki Kirishima: @Caztare Uraraka: @kirakirachu Denki: @cait.porter Umi: @i.cosplay Froppy: @Roadkill_cupcakeThanks guys!! It was real fun hanging outFacebook - https:www.facebook.comSociallyawkwardcosplay Instagram - https:instagram.comsociallyawkwardcosplay Twitter - https:twitter.comSACosplays
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Epiccon 2018 Münster Cosplay Showcase panasonic GH5s

Epiccon 2018 Münster Cosplay Showcase - Wir waren auf der Epiccon 2018 in Münster dabei und hier kommt unser Cosplay Showcase!Verlinkt die Leute die ihr kennt ;)Check our Facebook Page! https:www.facebook.comBenYiHuynh_______________________________________________Gefilmt wurde es mit einer Panasonic Gh5s und Gh5. An der Gh5s war das Leica 12-60mm Objektiv und an der Gh5 das Sigma 18-35mm und ein Speedbooster Ultra.Kamera: http:amzn.to2l96ikD Objektiv A: http:amzn.to2yHpBoA Objektiv B: http:amzn.to2yGQgS6 Objektiv C: http:amzn.to2yIRUVE Objektiv D: http:amzn.to2yJeCN7 Gimbal: http:amzn.to2gtx6qF adapter: http:amzn.to2gvJDtT Aufsteckmikro: http:amzn.to2i3vMey Lavalier Mikrofon: http:amzn.to2lfc84d stativ: http:amzn.to2is7H1yTrack: NIVIRO - Flares [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https:youtu.beV-mP3VU0DCg Free Download Stream: http:ncs.ioFlaresYO
2,542 views | Feb 05, 2018
game | Porter Robinson Madeon Shelter Official Video Short Film with A 1 Pictures Crunchyroll

Porter Robinson Madeon Shelter Official Video Short Film with A 1 Pict...

Shelter tells the story of Rin, a 17-year-old girl who lives her life inside of a futuristic simulation completely by herself in infinite, beautiful loneliness. Each day, Rin awakens in virtual reality and uses a tablet which controls the simulation to create a new, different, beautiful world for herself. Until one day, everything changes, and Rin comes to learn the true origins behind her life inside a simulation. Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Official Video) (Short Film with A-1 Pictures & Crunchyroll)Subscribe to my channel for more music & videos: http:porter.fmyoutube MULTIVERSE MUSIC FESTIVAL: Porter Robinson shows: http:porterrobinson.comtourapparel: https:porterrobinson.merchtable.comOriginal Story by: Porter RobinsonMusic: Porter Robinson and Madeon Storyboard Animation Director: Toshihumi AkaiCharacter Design Drawing Director: Megumi KounoCast: Rin - Sachika MisawaOriginal Pictures: Megumi KounoMotion Picture Examiner: Tomoko MiyataMotion Pictures: Tomoko Miyata Mizuki MatsudaA-1 PicturesSatomi Tabuchi Mika SugiyamaSeira Yamagishi Kanna HirayamaingresA P.A.WORKSStudioGokumi GIMLETLIDENFILMS Osaka LIDENFILMS KyotoASAHI PRODUCTION Anime-RSnowlightstaffColor Design: Kazuko NakashimaColor Setting: Yuko WatanabeMai YamaguchiPainted by: Asuka Yokota Mayu MoritaAyaka Nagai Kyoko HaraAyaka Murakami Akane EdagawaAyaka Suzuki Mana Hokuto2D Design: CAPSULE Yohei Miyahara Kaori SekiSpecial Effects: Aya Kubota (Graphinica)Art Director: Yusuke Takeda (Bamboo)Art Board: Bamboo Harumi OkamotoBackground: Bamboo Takamasa Masuki Tsukasa Kakizakai Izumi Hirabayashi Surok Chong Ryusei Nishino Takumi Sasaki Aya Sato Michiko NakamuraCGI Animation: Yuusuke NomaYou FukudaShigeru HoriguchiDirector of Photography: Yuya SakumaFinished by: Takeru OgiharaAyaka ShimizuSatsuki TakahashiTaichi NishikawaSachiko ItoEditing: Akinori Mishima (Graphinica)Sound Recording Director: Akiko FujitaSound Effects: Takahisa Ishino Sound Mixer: Naotsugu Uchida Sound Editor: Chiharu KawasakiSound Production Manager: Yusuke Watanabe Sound Recording Production: HALF H.P STUDIOProduction Manager: Kenta UeuchiEri NakayamaSpecial Thanks: Kumiko HonmaExecutive Producer: Porter RobinsonProducer: Vincent Shortino (Crunchyroll)Takuma Sugi (Crunchyroll)Masanori MiyakeAkira ShimizuTakamitsu InoueAnimation Producer: Yuichi FukushimaAnimation Production: A-1 PicturesShelter the Animation: Behind the Scenes Interviews - https:youtu.beCeprkZEQQAULyrics :i could never find the right way to tell you have you noticed i've been gone? cause i left behind the home that you made me but i will carry it alongmm it's a long way forward so trust in me i'll give them shelter like you've done for me and i know i'm not alone you'll be watching over us until you're gonewhen i'm older i'll be silent beside you I know that words are not enough and they won't need to know our names or our faces but they will carry on for usなかなか上手く伝えられなかったけど、 私がいなくなっている事に気づいてた? 私のためにつくってくれた家を出てしまったから それでも伝えていくよまだ先は長いから 私を信じて あなたがしてくれたように 彼らにもシェルターを与えるよ 独りじゃないって 私たちを見守ってくれるんだね あなたが消えてしまうまで私が年をとったらあなたのそばで静かにしている 言葉だけじゃ足りない 彼らは私たちの名前も顔も知らなくていい それでも伝えていってくれるから---------------------------------------------------------------- sheltertheanimation.comshelter out now - smarturl.itshelterstream stream shelter spotify: http:smarturl.itshelterspotify apple music: http:smarturl.itshelterapplemusic deezer: http:smarturl.itshelterdeezer google play: http:smarturl.itsheltergoogleplay soundcloud: http:smarturl.itsheltersoundclouditunes: http:smarturl.itshelterdownloadfollow porter robinson website - http:porter.fmhome facebook - http:porter.fmfacebook twitter - http:porter.fmtwitter instagram - http:porter.fminstagram youtube - http:porter.fmyoutube soundcloud - http:porter.fmsoundcloudfollow madeon website - facebook - https:www.facebook.comitsmadeon twitter - https:twitter.commadeon instagram - https:www.instagram.commadeon youtube - soundcloud - https:soundcloud.commadeon#PorterRobinson #Madeon #Shelter
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game | Best Cosplay Of The 2016 New York Comic Con

Best Cosplay Of The 2016 New York Comic Con

Every year the cosplay at New York Comic Con gets better and better, and fans go to new heights (literally) to express their devotion. Here are some of the best costumes we saw walking around the convention floor including a massive "Overwatch" character, a mashup of everything Johnny Depp, flaming books, and even Barb from "Stranger Things."Read more: http:www.techinsider.ioFACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comtechinsider TWITTER: https:twitter.combusinessinsider INSTAGRAM: https:www.instagram.combusinessinsider TUMBLR:
4,192 views | Oct 11, 2016

game | My Hero Academia Characters In Real Life 2

My Hero Academia Characters In Real Life 2

This is the second part of My Hero Academia Characters In Real Life, I like so much this anime so you can expect a lot of videos of it in the channel.First Part: https:youtu.beLGcr2SFMgp0If you liked the video, give it a like and subscribe to my channel for more videos like this one, I really would appreciate it very much.More Videos:Dragon Ball Z Characters In Real Life ▶ https:youtu.beYMMIbqTy0NM One Piece Characters In Real Life ▶ https:youtu.be04WVENjhT0k League Of Legends Characters In Real Life ▶ https:youtu.bete1GGo0ZBps InuYasha Characters In Real Life ▶ Pokemon Characters In Real Life ▶ https:youtu.bet7EiU9L_63o Naruto Characters In Real Life ▶ https:youtu.beMdJOF7Q-mQ0 Tokyo Ghoul Characters In Real Life ▶ https:youtu.be0BoEyCZI_AU Attack On Titan Characters In Real Life ▶ https:youtu.be1ytGI9rdZoU Yu-Gi-Oh Characters In Real Life ▶ https:youtu.bexlM-rmRlOnU Fairy Tail Characters In Real Life ▶ https:youtu.bejJjEuhGmRuYFollow Me:Instagram: https:www.instagram.comparadizyCredits:Uraraka Cosplay:#1: http:www.cosp.jpview_photo.aspx?id=12091523&m=285147 #2 (Thumbnail): Twitter: https:twitter.comovoS_H Instagram : https:www.instagram.comsyo__seunghyo Facebook: https:www.facebook.comseunghyo.syoMidoriya Cosplay: https:www.pinterest.espin249035054379097934Bakugou Cosplay: http:www.cosp.jpview_photo.aspx?id=11387102&m=96082Iida Cosplay: https:www.pinterest.espin627830004275602858?lp=trueTsuyu Cosplay: https:www.instagram.comkoi_liyuuKirishima Cosplay: https:twitter.comao_cos3Todoroki Cosplay: Facebook: https:www.facebook.comsoracode Instagram: @mr.yosuke Twitter: @yosuke_sora Main Website: https:yosukesoracosplay.wixsite.commysiteYaoyorozu Cosplay: FB: https:www.facebook.commelaniapaolinicosplay DeviantArt: PH: Amy Hu (https:www.facebook.comAmyHuPh)Shoji Cosplay: http:www.cosp.jpview_photo.aspx?id=10266163&m=53015Sato Cosplay: http:www.cosp.jpview_photo.aspx?id=11639419&m=288092Kendo Cosplay: ?Monoma Cosplay: ?Tetsutetsu Cosplay: http:www.cosp.jpview_photo.aspx?id=12178802&m=426951Shiozaki Cosplay: http:www.cosp.jpview_photo.aspx?id=12113627&m=75738Mei Cosplay: https:www.instagram.comblood.empressShinso Cosplay: http:www.cosp.jpview_photo.aspx?id=11432202&m=247715All Might Cosplay:#1: https:www.instagram.comonekicknick #2: https:www.instagram.comleonchiroAizawa Cosplay: https:www.instagram.comstrykerkun?hl=esMt. Lady Cosplay: https:www.deviantart.comrei-dollMidnight Cosplay:#1: https:twitter.comc_ekubo #2: https:www.instagram.comjs_cosplayThirteen Cosplay: https:www.instagram.comzakcinematicRecovery Girl Cosplay: https:aminoapps.comccosplaypageblogrecovery-girl-bnhapDUQ_uq33ZEVmBvaN1boqnbx688YrNGran Torino Cosplay: https:www.instagram.comeffektedEctoplasm Cosplay: https:www.reddit.comrBokuNoHeroAcademiacomments7hmifxi_made_a_ectoplasm_cosplay_do_you_guys_like_itBest Jeanist Cosplay: ?Endeavor Cosplay: https:www.instagram.comkureocosplayerSnipe Cosplay: https:www.reddit.comrBokuNoHeroAcademiacomments6s2aqlsnipe_cosplayPixie Bob Cosplay: https:www.instagram.comlenoxknightMandalay Cosplay: https:www.instagram.commelaniapaoliniRagdoll Cosplay: https:www.instagram.comstellalasaurusTora Cosplay Stain Cosplay https:www.instagram.comalexdrastalDabi Cosplay:#1: https:twitter.comNipahDUBS #2: Facebook: www.facebook.comKiraHokutenPh… Instagram: @kirahokuten357Toga Cosplay:#1: ? #2: https:www.facebook.comHeiLingKurorei https:twitter.comkurokuro15301Magne Cosplay: https:twitter.comscore_sabo_Mr. Compress Cosplay: https:www.instagram.coman_dorianMustard Cosplay: ?All For One Cosplay: ?Music:Skylike - Dawn ▶ https:youtu.beJg9nDEtqWV0Skylike - Higher ▶ https:youtu.be17849n5WzDIFollow Skylike https:soundcloud.comskylike https:www.instagram.comskylikeoffi... https:twitter.comSkylikeMusicThanks for watching!
1,963 views | Jul 16, 2018
game | Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay GoPro

Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay GoPro

Here it is! My Anime Expo 2018 video! I actually finished my video everyone! Decided to put the entirety of my footage into a single volume (plus I was a bit sick during the expo so I didn't grab as much footage as I'm used to doing). Anyways, thanks for everyone who let me take their video! It was a fun con as usual! Please tag cosplayers if you can!PLEASE LIKE, SHARE and SUBCRIBE!
3,634 views | Jul 27, 2018


Footage from the annual cosplay street festival in Osaka.Music Nulabee - Canopy PiercerCinematography https:twitter.comRescue_PrincessSupport https:www.patreon.comrescuetheprincessThis video includes captions labeling the work the costumes are from.
4,326 views | Mar 19, 2018

game | Katsucon 2018 Cosplay

Katsucon 2018 Cosplay

PLEASE WATCH IN HDEDIT: I REALISE I HAVE MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE OF MISSPELLING KATSUCON IN THE TITLE, PLEASE FORGIVE MEFor my first US con ever, Katsucon has really set the bar high I had the most amazing time with my friends (as you may be able to tell from the intro section!) and the standard of cosplayers was just jaw dropping! I feel so incredibly lucky to have worked with so many people whose work I admire and never thought I'd get the chance to meet. Grateful is the main word really. I'm very grateful for this experience, for the support I received from my friends and for the kindness of everyone I shot with. You guys are truly amazing and I cannot thank you enough.I hope you enjoy this video!Support my work on Patreon ☆ https:goo.gl6G7aR3 Facebook ☆ https:goo.glMWT9mX Twitter ☆ https:goo.glQRxEXH Tumblr ☆https:goo.glWMIwc5 Instagram ☆ https:goo.gln3NRIxThumbnail is the phenomenal Cowbutt Crunchies, check out their stuff here: https:goo.glPNEJkb Music is The Wizard by M83 and Little Of Your Love (Bloodpop Remix) by HAIM Filmed at Katsucon 2018 using a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and a Manfrotto Fig Rig Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X
2,082 views | Feb 23, 2018
game | The Best Cosplay From New York Comic Con 2016

The Best Cosplay From New York Comic Con 2016

Check out some of the incredible cosplay costumes people wore to NYCC.
4,031 views | Oct 12, 2016
game | 【 TIK TOK 】COSPLAY 🔥 2 part 🔥 2018 🔥 ANIME 🔥 DOUYIN 抖音 🔥 BEST COSPLAY Makeup Costume コスプレ

【 TIK TOK 】COSPLAY 🔥 2 part 🔥 2018 🔥 ANIME 🔥 DOUYIN 抖音 🔥 BEST COS...

#TIKTOK #COSPLAY #Douyin Cooperation [email protected] 🔥 Instagram https:www.instagram.comcome_and_enjoy_yt 🔥Come And Enjoy Cosplay Tik Tok #comeandenjoy #comeandenjoytiktok #comeandenjoycosplay
2,594 views | Oct 07, 2018

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