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From - Posted: Mar 31, 2016 - 2,400,030 viewsGame | ANIMEJAPAN 2016 COSPLAY SHOWCASE | ANIMEJAPAN 2016 COSPLAY SHOWCASE
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If you'd like to support our work: https:www.patreon.comrescuetheprincessMusic: MYLK - Dream Catcher (Chime Remix)Chime https:soundcloud.comchimetunes https:www.facebook.comchimetunesMYLK https:soundcloud.commylkofficial http:www.facebook.commylkofficialAnimeJapan is the largest animation event held in Tokyo which showcases upcoming anime programs. https:www.anime-japan.jpenFacebook https:www.facebook.comrescuingprincesses

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Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay GoPro

Here it is! My Anime Expo 2018 video! I actually finished my video everyone! Decided to put the entirety of my footage into a single volume (plus I was a bit sick during the expo so I didn't grab as much footage as I'm used to doing). Anyways, thanks for everyone who let me take their video! It was a fun con as usual! Please tag cosplayers if you can!PLEASE LIKE, SHARE and SUBCRIBE!
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game | 8 Cosplay Makeup Hacks EVERYONE Should Know! Face Taping, Brow Concealing, Anime Lips

8 Cosplay Makeup Hacks EVERYONE Should Know! Face Taping, Brow Conceal...

♥ FOLLOW ME!♥ SECOND YOUTUBE CHANNEL Facebook: http:www.facebook.comiwasakamiyuki DeviantArt: Instagram: iwasakamiyuki Tumblr: http:iwasakamiyuki.tumblr.comMusic By :-Sebastian Forslund - I'm the Only One You Want - On & On (Feat. Daniel Levi) Cartoon SoundCloud https:soundcloud.comcartoonbaboon Facebook https:www.facebook.comcartoondbandFollow Daniel Levi (vocalist) Facebook http:facebook.comdaniellevimusic Website Hunt - Sweet Talk (Cavego Remix) Cavego https:www.facebook.comcavegomusic https:www.instagram.comcavegomusic https:soundcloud.comcavegoFollow Scavenger Hunt https:www.facebook.comScavengerHun... https:www.instagram.comscvngrhnt https:soundcloud.comscavengerhunt-Papa Ya - Fine Livin' Papa Ya https:soundcloud.comitspapaya https:twitter.comitspapaya https:www.facebook.comitspapayamusic
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League of Legends Cosplay show at League Fest! Best Costumes at LoL Wo...

League of Legends Cosplay show at League Fest! Best Costumes at LoL Worlds 2016!LCK and LPL vods are posted on Senpai channel! LCK Summer 2016 full Playlist: http:bit.lyLCK-2016-SUMMER LPL Summer 2016 full Playlist: http:bit.lyLPL-2016-SUMMERThere are more playlists in the playlist section on the channel!You can always follow all games from both channels and newsupdates on my FB page - facebook.comEpicskillshot Please likesharecomment and sub if you haven't yet - it helps a lot!Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.comepicskillshot
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game | Anime vs. Real Life School

Anime vs. Real Life School

Anime expectation vs. reality part 2 Anime in Real Life Real Life Anime! Honestly, when my best friend and I made this video, we didn't think much about it. She just got back in town and we thought, "Hey, why don't we make a video together? Let's act like idiots while we're at it!" We never thought this video would get so many views, yet here we are now lolol. We realize a lot of the things in this video are not accurate representations of both anime and real life, and that's because we didn't even put a lot of thinking into making this video. But it was still a lot of fun making this!I've somewhat turned this ANIME VS. REAL LIFE thing into a series though and you can find other videos like this on this playlist: https:goo.glTqdB5fThank you very much to my BFF Vita for helping me film this video!-----------------------------­----------­­­­­--------------------­------------༄ Watch all of my videos! ༄♡ RafiRaffee Marathon: http:bit.lyRafiRaffeeMarathon-----------------------------­----------­­­­­--------------------­------------ ༄ What I use ༄Camera: Nikon D5100 Video Editor: Final Cut Pro X------------------------------­---------­­­­­---------------------­------------ ༄ Where else to find me ༄♡ Blog: ♡ Twitter: https:twitter.comRafiRaffee ♡ Facebook: http:bit.lyRafiRaffeeFacebook ♡ Instagram: http:instagram.comrafiraffee ♡ Soundcloud: https:soundcloud.comrafiraffee------------------------------­---------­­­­­---------------------­------------✿ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ✿1. How old are you? I prefer to keep that a secret ٩(*ゝڡ◕๑)۶♥2. Where are you from What's your nationality? Indonesia Indonesian3. Why do you own so many wigs? I'm a cosplayer4. How come you never blink? It's a habit of mine that often makes people uncomfortable (ᗒᗊᗕ). I do blink though. It's just rarely caught on camera haha.5. How's your boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio doing? He's fine! Thank you for asking! (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)❤
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game | Ophelia Original Horror GLMM ♡

Ophelia Original Horror GLMM ♡

✧・゚READ FOR COOKIES!!✧・゚ Happy valentines lovelies c: ♡ I KNOW THIS MINI MOVIE ISN’T RLLY SCARY ;c but I TRIED hehe I don’t really like doing scary movies idk I like happiness lmao It’s kinda disturbing, some flashy scenes, BE WARNEDDD!!! please read the intro ! Comment if I should do more horror stuff ♡ ~ i… 70 thousand.. I love you THANK YOU ♡♡ ~~ ~hi guys! it’s me COOKIE! 🍪♥ i hope you enjoyed this video! comment below if you have any questions! okay ily bye ♥ - intro and outro song: airplane mode; - people are going to hate on me regardless lol do u boo but thank ya for your view ;) - instagram: cookiee.xoo (FANART IS APPRECIATED ^^) ☆○o。  。o○☆ ●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~ - make sure you subscribe to: ♡ `this is a gacha video channel, where i post many things! ! so comment any ideas i should do. i love you guys !!!🙈⛅
1,341 views | Feb 14, 2019
game | Cosplay Naruto Paling Mirip Dengan Aslinya Terkeren dan Terbaik Lucubux

Cosplay Naruto Paling Mirip Dengan Aslinya Terkeren dan Terbaik Lucubu...

Cosplay Naruto Terkeren dan Terbaik di Dunia Paling Mirip Dengan Aslinya - Lucubux https:youtu.befBUjIpa1W4UTernyata Ada Pesan Tersebunyi Dari 5 Film Kartun Disney Ini Yang Sering Kita Lewatkan https:youtu.beBIyR-d4Exh4KUIS TEBAK GAMBAR NARUTO SHIPPUDEN : Bisakah Kamu Tebak Karakter Naruto Shippuden Ini Dari Bayangannya #1 - Lucubux https:youtu.beLOWMtRpp08wBisakah Kamu Tebak Tokoh Naruto Ini Dari Bayangannya ? #2 (KUIS TEBAK GAMBAR NARUTO) https:youtu.beD_vHGWk-OhoVideo yang lebih lucu lagi klik di sini Vroo SUBSCRIBE LANGGANAN Untuk Mendapatkan Video Lucu Terbaru Lainnya.Terima kasih sudah menonton :D======================================================MAU BELAJAR EDIT VIDEO ATAU MAU DAPAT TUTORIAL INTERNET MARKETING, Yuk Gabung di sini :D http:bit.lyGratisTutorialBisnisOnline======================================================Cosplay Naruto Terkeren dan Terbaik di Dunia Paling Mirip Dengan Aslinya - Lucubux
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Get some Dank clothing and support the channel : http:bit.lyPDANK_Merch Sponsored. Bread:Acquired Email me for any copyright issue : [email protected] Discord server : https:discord.ggrZ95tgb Instagram : https:www.instagram.compierresawful Outro : Urban LullabySources: Fireflies: http:vm.tiktok.comer2Jud Must be free: http:vm.tiktok.comeMosPV Valentine: http:vm.tiktok.comeMW3T8 Hit or miss: http:vm.tiktok.comeMcxpp aaaA: http:vm.tiktok.comerJvuK Weee: http:vm.tiktok.comeM3R8B Not like other girls: http:vm.tiktok.comeMGPGm Young Orthodentist: http:vm.tiktok.comeMtRnb Hey step bro: http:vm.tiktok.comeMTPsb Music grenade: http:vm.tiktok.comer1DUw Over drive: http:vm.tiktok.comerFwWR Run: http:vm.tiktok.comer26L7 Port-a-buddy: http:vm.tiktok.comeMcAEE Alexa: http:vm.tiktok.comer2Xr1 Velma: http:vm.tiktok.comeMsGgC Thats me: http:vm.tiktok.comerYPDg Not like other girls: http:vm.tiktok.comeM7w1b Ancestry: http:vm.tiktok.comerLRbS How many shrimps: http:vm.tiktok.comer8nxe Lego: http:vm.tiktok.comeMtYV5 Oh: http:vm.tiktok.comerjR4V Tequila: http:vm.tiktok.comereQgt Deja vu: http:vm.tiktok.comeMTPPU Uno: http:vm.tiktok.comerQUGX Jigwy wigwy: http:vm.tiktok.comerrCA8 What i want: http:vm.tiktok.comerSNcp Shouljaboi: http:vm.tiktok.comerBuWh Ramen: http:vm.tiktok.comerUwNL Deja vu heelys: http:vm.tiktok.comerDjnX Schrödinger: http:vm.tiktok.comermb21 Fat joke: http:vm.tiktok.comerC4rW Cursed: http:vm.tiktok.comer4uy9 Canada: http:vm.tiktok.comerXTov Pad: http:vm.tiktok.comer9YtC Pretty boy swag: http:vm.tiktok.comerBkhY Strike or miss: http:vm.tiktok.comeraUds Done it to em: http:vm.tiktok.comerHMoN Asus: http:vm.tiktok.comerQy36 Burger King: http:vm.tiktok.comerBTTe Do not touch: http:vm.tiktok.comer4nae Milk: http:vm.tiktok.comerPQyf Send equations: http:vm.tiktok.comer4NGN Tobacco: http:vm.tiktok.comerk6Gf Movies: http:vm.tiktok.comerADck This is america: http:vm.tiktok.comerD5JW 11 years old: http:vm.tiktok.comerUdd7 Synopsis: http:vm.tiktok.comeryKMQ Alien: http:vm.tiktok.comerayow Coffee shop: http:vm.tiktok.comer4ANQ
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This was my second time visiting the world summit and despite the intense humidity it was a really fun event with tons of cool cosplayers hanging around outside Nagoya's Oasis 21. Also featuring Team China's winning performance!Music Daydreamer - Swoon Else - IfCinematography https:twitter.comRescue_PrincessIf you'd like to support our productions: https:www.patreon.comrescuetheprincess
3,542 views | Aug 15, 2017


Ultimate Cosplay Dance Vid ft. Left SharkMusic belongs to its respective artist and record label. This is a non-monetized video. Filmed in National Harbor, Maryland.
1,903 views | Mar 20, 2015

game | Top 10 Famous Cosplayers

Top 10 Famous Cosplayers

These creative individuals bring our favorite characters into the real world. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Famous Cosplayers. Subscribe►► Facebook►►http:www.Facebook.comWatchMojo. Twitter►►http:www.Twitter.comWatchMojo Instagram►►http:instagram.comwatchmojo Suggestion Tool►►http:www.WatchMojo.comsuggest Channel Page►► this list, we're taking a look at cosplay idols that are well-known for dressing as fictional characters at various conventions. Special thanks to our user MikeyP for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at http:www.WatchMojo.comsuggestCheck out the voting page here, http:watchmojo.comsuggestTop+10+Famous+CosplayersWant a WatchMojo cup, mug, t-shirts, pen, sticker and even a water bottle? Get them all when you order your MojoBox gift set here: http:watchmojo.comstoreWatchMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content, covering the People, Places and Trends you care about. We update DAILY with 4-5 Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Versus clips on movies, video games, music, pop culture and more!
1,945 views | Mar 25, 2016
game | ☆ Review What Circle Lenses for cosplay? PART 2 ☆

☆ Review What Circle Lenses for cosplay? PART 2 ☆

Don't know what contact lenses to wear for your cosplay? Here are some suggestions! Part 3 OUT NOW! https:youtu.bexmDKKt9uMLk Part 1: https:youtu.bexmDKKt9uMLk You can buy the cosplay costumes here: to buy Cosplay-Prints? Go visit my store on Etsy! https:www.etsy.comdeshopKleinerPixelShopWig stylingcutting tutorials and making of videos on my Patreon! https:www.patreon.comkleinerpixel▶︎Previous Video: https:youtu.beV07xVqXHBc8 ▶︎Cosplay Wig Tutorial: https:youtu.beeOHll-kKgHY ▶︎Circle Lenses Tutorial: https:youtu.be9EFTfzdee7s☆ All Circle Lenses I'm wearing ☆ Use code "pixel" to get 10% + EXTRA 2% discount! 0:01 GEO Anime Contact Lenses http:bit.ly2sXYDYC ' 0:22 Sweety Red Screen http:bit.ly2f9tTfe ' 0:44 EOS Neon Grey http:bit.ly2oYBFv4 ' 1:04 I-Codi Naty Grey http:bit.ly2po0fci ' 1:24 Mari Gold Violet http:bit.ly2qwMOEi ' 1:45 ICK Miso-2 Blue http:bit.ly2yMs6oq ' 2:04 Sweety Sclera Lens Red http:bit.ly2FkIL9E ' 2:33 I-Codi Colors Of The Wind http:bit.ly2qwTQJc ' 2:55 I.Fairy Cara Red http:bit.ly2p1xhfB ' 3:14 Sweety Holly Turquoise http:bit.ly2ulrlBq ' 3:38 I-Codi Naty Blue http:bit.ly2qlyJgF ' 4:01 ICK Garnet Green http:bit.ly2qwMTIc ' 4:21 Sweety Cherry Pink http:bit.ly2pPA5AB ' 4:44 Dolly Eye Jewel Brown http:bit.ly2ggj5QH ' 5:09 Lens Story Dolly+ Red http:bit.ly2tP5Jj8 ' 5:31 Sweety Anime Yellow http:bit.ly2x1FpnT ' 5:51 I-Codi Naty Blue http:bit.ly2qlyJgF ' 6:11 Sweety Cherry Pink http:bit.ly2pPA5AB ' 6:31 I-Codi Naty Green http:bit.ly2pohv0W ' 6:52 Gradient Star Blue http:bit.ly2orFgom 7:13 Lens Story Twilight http:bit.ly2oQ93Jn ' 7:33 Sweety Anime Yellow http:bit.ly2x1FpnT ' 7:52 Sweety Sclera Lens Red http:bit.ly2FkIL9E ' 8:24 EOS Cat Eye Red http:bit.ly2pyyD2y ' 8:42 Sweety 2 Tones Aqua http:bit.ly2oYIRXU ' 9:05 Sweety Anime Violet http:bit.ly2ia2UVG ' 9:24 I-Codi Naty Blue http:bit.ly2qlyJgF ' 9:44 GEO Crazy Burning Eyes http:bit.ly2qlDVBf ' Use code "pixel" to get 10% + EXTRA 2% discount!☆ All wigs I'm wearing ☆ 0:15 Annie (Attack on Titan) http:amzn.to2uAFgms ' 0:58 Junko (Danganronpa) http:amzn.to2rYLkIf ' 1:18 Mikasa (Attack on Titan) http:amzn.to2hFZ7eM ' 1:38 Emilia (Re:Zero) http:amzn.to2t26IMO ' 1:58 Ciel (Kuroshitsuji) http:amzn.to2yiJVvX ' 2:24 Female Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) http:amzn.to2ykKuFS ' 3:08 Tohru (Kobayashis Dragon Maid) http:amzn.to2tBsrbt ' 3:29 Ruby (Love Live!) http:amzn.to2ymn30k ' 3:54 Ryuko (Kill La Kill) http:amzn.to2rYASAD ' 4:16 Yurio (Yuri on Ice) http:amzn.to2t1Yt3C ' 4:35 Chiaki (Danganronpa) http:amzn.to2ynduhY ' 4:58 Asuna (Sword Art Online) http:amzn.to2ykmItG ' 5:23 Felt (Re:Zero) http:amzn.to2sVc1hL ' 5:44 Kenma (Haikyuu!) http:amzn.to2ylUyQm ' 6:05 Rem (Re:Zero) https:amzn.to2SOfZ4y ' 6:25 Yoshiko (Love Live!) http:amzn.to2gilRVA ' 6:44 Sakura (Naruto) http:amzn.to2yisWKj ' 7:07 Kanna (Kobayashis Dragon Maid) http:amzn.to2tBq6NS ' 7:27 Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid) http:amzn.to2rYpkNV ' 7:44 Riko (Love Live!) http:amzn.to2ghyz6X ' 8:13 Akame (Akame ga Kill) http:amzn.to2hGu9mL ' 8:36 Krul Tepes (Owari no Seraph) http:amzn.to2tW9nnU ' 8:57 Eli (Love Live!) http:amzn.to2s2EEUP ' 9:18 Yang (RWBY) http:amzn.to2yhBYXX ' 9:38 Nao Tomori (Charlotte) http:amzn.to2y4eEi6 'CameraShootEditMakeupall cosplays: me☆ Equipment ☆ Camera: http:amzn.to2rYfOu0 ' Camera Lens: http:amzn.to2rYpd4D ' Lights: http:amzn.to2tBhLtJ ' Ring light: http:amzn.to2tAWFeE '☆ Find me here ☆ Facebook: https:www.facebook.comKleinerPixeI Instagram: https:www.instagram.comkleinerpixel Tumblr: https:kleinerpixel.tumblr.comFOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: ♥ Contact me at [email protected]'Affiliate link. They do not cost you anything, but I make a small percentage from the sale.#CircleLenses #KleinerPixel
2,947 views | Oct 13, 2017


Filmed in Kawasaki, Ikebukuro, Shibuya and Harajuku. 原宿 川崎 渋谷 池袋 ハロウィーンCinematography https:twitter.comRescue_PrincessMusic: NGHTMRE - Street https:soundcloud.comnghtmre
4,672 views | Oct 31, 2016

game | Anime Expo 2016 Cosplay Music video

Anime Expo 2016 Cosplay Music video

Anime Expo 2016 Cosplay Music video By Killers And CompanyThank you to all the cosplayers for helping us film this! Anime expo 2016 had some epic Cosplay and while we did most of our shooting saturday this is only a small portions of the cosplay that was there!Cosplay byKarlibra - Saeko Busujima https:www.facebook.comkarlibracosplayHolly Wolf - Asuna https:www.instagram.comhollytwolfCosplaytwiins - Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa https:www.facebook.comcosplaytwiinsDanielle Beaulieu - Spyro https:www.facebook.comDaniellecosplayKAL Cosplay - Nicholas D. Wolfwood and Vash the Stampede https:www.facebook.comKALCosplayQueenbean - Charlotte https:www.instagram.com_queenbean_Rian Synnth Cosplay - Asami Sato https:www.facebook.comRianSynnthAphelion Cosplay - Sophie Hatter https:www.facebook.comaphelioncosplayFeoranna Cosplay - Heda https:www.facebook.comKitttyFoxSarah Kathrine - Clarke Griffin https:www.facebook.comSarahKathrinedesignOrobas Cosplay - ALIE https:www.facebook.comOrobasCosplayElizabeth Rage - EsmeraldaHinata Hyuga https:www.facebook.comelizabethragepageMilynn Sarley - Hinata Hyuga https:www.facebook.comMilynnSarleyDawn Zillie - Pharrah https:www.facebook.comdawnberrycoRagin' Cajun Cosplay - Junkrat https:www.facebook.comRaginCajunCosplayLe Petit Fromage - Valkyrie Mercy https:www.facebook.comariaofthewillJulia Mousey - Roadhog https:www.instagram.comjulia_mouseyLisa Lou Who - Mcree https:www.facebook.comLisaLouWhoCosplayEffekted Cosplay - Hanzo https:www.facebook.comEffektedCosplayLollipop Heidi Cosplay - Espeon https:www.facebook.comLollipopHeidiCosplayArielle Celeste and Juli Marie Cosplay - Lightning and Serah Farron https:www.facebook.comariellecelestejulimariecosplayMeagan Cosplay - Kratos https:www.facebook.comMeaganCosplayCarleigh Skrammy - Hinata Hyuga https:www.instagram.comuneekchicReagan Kathryn - Meg https:www.facebook.comreagan.kathrynNyao-Chan's Cosplay - Corrin https:www.facebook.comNyaochansCosplayNikumonster - Astrologian (FFXIV) https:www.instagram.comnikumonsterVitrih0lic - Dragoon (FFXIV) https:www.instagram.comvitrih0lic https:www.facebook.comVitrih0lic-649402335160528Okeneko - Au Ra White Mage (FFXIV) https:www.instagram.com_okeneko_Siloeyes - Au Ra (FFXIV) https:www.instagram.comsiloeyesJuicy and Wet Cosplay - Warrior of Light https:www.instagram.comjuicy_and_wet https:www.facebook.comJuicyandwetcosplayMusic by nevada (feat. cozi zuehlsdorff) crossroad (feat. danyka nadeau)#animeexpo #animeexpo2016 #Animeexpocosplay #cosplay #anime
2,359 views | Jul 04, 2016
game | KATSUCON 2016 COSPLAY The Best of Times

KATSUCON 2016 COSPLAY The Best of Times

Katsucon takes place in National Harbor Oxon Hill, Maryland on Valentines Day weekend. Support us on Patreon: http:patreon.combeatdownboogie We're on instagram! http:instagram.combeatdownboogie Music by TheQLon and Fobee
4,278 views | Feb 16, 2016
game | 10 Characters Who Are Impossible To Cosplay But Fans Still Pulled Off

10 Characters Who Are Impossible To Cosplay But Fans Still Pulled Off

10 sick fan-made cosplay costumes. Subscribe: https:goo.glHnoaw3 --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------Who doesn’t love a good Cosplay? Between the on point makeup and the scarily good costume, what’s not to love? Some folks have a real talent for dressing up like our fave characters from all walks of life, be it anime, comics or even Disney. But there is something to be said for those brave, brave cosplayers who take on the most difficult of characters to replicate. Especially when it comes to Marvel characters! Between hulking metal suits, sliver skin or blue bodies, it seems like it would be hard to get these Marvel looks down pat to be at least somewhat believable, but somehow these talented fans did it and did it SO well! This is 10 Marvel Characters Who Are Impossible To Cosplay But Fans Still Pulled Off. Our Social Media: https:twitter.comCBR https:www.facebook.comComicBookRes... Website:
3,136 views | Jun 18, 2018

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