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Arcade AREA 51

From - Posted: Aug 27, 2009 - 15,798 viewsGame | Arcade AREA 51 | Arcade AREA 51
Arcade AREA 51
Arcade AREA 51
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Video ilustrativo del juego de Arcade de 1995 lanzado por ATARI GAMES. Adaptaciones a consolas: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ► SEGA SATURN (1996)    ► SONY PlayStation (1996)

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One of those HUGE chd files. This one, you use the zapper to kill zombie rejects that came fro Michael Jackson's thriller video. Actually, this game was "da bomb" back then, by Atari of all games
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game | Area 51 HD Walkthrough Part 1 Welcome to Dreamland

Area 51 HD Walkthrough Part 1 Welcome to Dreamland

This is my 2012 remake of my old Area 51 walkthrough. This time, all the parts will be uploaded in 720p HD, along with running at a stable 30 frames per second. Unlike my other walkthrough, this one will be actually be finished! You wont have to wait weeks or months for a new part like last time, as I will be trying to get as much of these out as possible! I'm doing this because I'm at nearly 100 subscribers, and I wanted to find a way to thank all of you for that. ____________________________________________________________________________You are Ethan Cole, a member of Hazmat Team Bravo. Your squad was sent into Area 51, a top-secret military outpost, in search of Hazmat Team Delta, who had been MIA for quite some time. Upon arrival, you soon find out that there's a rampant infection spreading in the lower levels of the base, but before you can get down there to help, it seems that an unauthorized agent is been compromising the facility. The general sends you and your squad to take him out. After a huge firefight, You and McCan trap him in a crossfire, and take him down. However, before you could identify the body, it disappeared. You realize that you and your squad may be in over their heads, but you keep moving. The elevators are back up, and you leave the top floor, descending into the deep underground...
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Sample gameplay from Atari's Area 51 Site 4 (1998). Includes the training missions (site 1, site 2 and site 3) as well as most of the main gameplay. This isn't intended to show the game being played well, just the game being played.
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Area 51 is a cool, rail shoot 'em up you can play with either your controller or a light gun. You will spend most of your time mowing down zombies in purple and orange jumpsuits, apparently all zombies and aliens dress like O.J. Simpson. This game was ported to the PS1 in the mid to late 90s. It's a game that doesn't require a lot of thinking, just a lot of twitch-fast reflexes and concentration.
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Area 51 Arcade Hard Drive Replacement Video

I recently picked up some Atari preview and promo VHS tapes and thought I would share the cool videos with you! This is a repair video on how to replace the hard drive on an Area 51 arcade cabinet by Atari Games. Enjoy!
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Area 51 Arcade Full Playthrough

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The plot of this game is very simple. Aliens have invaded, and you and the other members of STAAR must defeat them. The game is pretty much a standard light gun game, with enemies appearing over a prerendered background. To Learn More About This Game Click Below http:www.mpamusement.comDetails.asp?List=108&Product=324&ProductName=Area+51+Arcade+Shooting+GameTo Visit Our Website Please Click Below http:www.mpamusement.comVisit Our Facebook Page https:www.facebook.commpamusement
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game | MAME Area 51 Playthrough Final Level

MAME Area 51 Playthrough Final Level

The whole video was 24 Minutes long so i split the playthrough into Parts so here is the Final level of the Area 51 Playthrough enjoy! Area 51 (c) 101995 Atari Games. - TECHNICAL - Upright cabinet dimensions : 72'' (182cm) high x 29, 25'' (75cm) wide x 34'' (86cm) deep. Upright cabinet weight : 350 lbs (159 kg). Atari Cojag hardware Game ID : 136105 Main CPU : 68EC020 (@ 25 Mhz), Jaguar (@ 26 Mhz) Sound CPU : Jaguar (@ 26 Mhz) Sound Chips : (2x) DAC (@ 26 Mhz) Screen orientation : Horizontal Video resolution : 320 x 240 pixels Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz Palette colors : 65534 Players : 2 Control : lightgun Buttons : 1 - TRIVIA - Developed by Mesa Logic for Atari (although also licensed as a Time Warner product in certain territories), Area 51 was the first game for the Cojag hardware. The 'Cojag' represents Coin-Operated Jaguar, as in the Atari console. The Jaguar hardware was adapted for use in an arcade setting, with a slightly modified board to bring it in line with the standard Atari arcade system. Since the hardware could process very large amounts of data, it was considered far cheaper to store this on an IDE hard drive, connected to the main board. The hard drive was the key to the game play's movie capability. There's about 23 minutes of video on the 1 GB hard drive. The Cojag system can support 16Bit video streams. The original Area 51 uses 1 15 Bit stream for the main video, and an additional 1 Bit stream for the Kronn Hunter palette corruption. Apparently Atari wanted the sprites in Kronn Hunter mode to change colour as the chance of them killing you increased, but this idea was abandoned. It did, however, resurface in some of the home versions. Another interesting fact is that the software designer had the option of using either a 68010 or a MIPS R3000 as the primary CPU - making the Cojag the first 2 in 1 hardware option, although it was more of a hotswappable system than two processors in one. Indeed, later production runs of Area 51 used the R3000, for greater compatibility with "Maximum Force", the followup game. Note : Often associated with UFO lore, Area 51 is originally the former designation by Department of Energy of a plot of land in Nevada. Sometimes referred to as Groom Lake or Dreamland, the United States government is believed to operate some sort of research and development center there (Some claim that the facility is now closed). Rick Haynes holds the official record for this game with 2, 188, 400 points on April 10, 1999. - UPDATES - REVISION 1 : * Software version : 2.03CJ * Build date : OS : Oct 25 1995 10 :19 :38 MAIN : Oct 25 1995 11 :08 :10 REVISION 2 : * Software version : 2.03CJ * Build date : OS : Nov 15 1995 13 :32 :32 MAIN : Nov 27 1995 15 :51 :56 REVISION 3 : * Software version : 2.06CJ * Build date : OS : Nov 11 1996 11 :46 :43 MAIN : Oct 24 1996 12 :02 :23
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game | Area 51 Demo Loop Gameplay

Area 51 Demo Loop Gameplay

I managed to get a hold of this 1995 Arcade classic developed by Mesa Logic and published by Midway (for arcades) and Atari (for home release). Fun Fact: In arcades, Area 51 (along with Site 4 and Maximum Force) ran off of a system called CoJag, which was a modified Atari Jaguar, that made use of a faster processor and additional RAM. Turns out it was ported to the Sega Saturn, PlayStation and Windows PC CD-ROM subsequently after it was a hit in arcades. This is the PC CD-Rom version. - The program is locked at 15 FPS (60 FPS is possible, but only at scoretally screens). - It defaults to fullscreen. - It, amazingly, runs on Windows Vista (the video was filmed on my Vista PC) (the game was made to run on Win95 architecture, and I have a lot of games that are the same that do not run well at all on Vista at all). - The light gun control scheme is replaced with a crosshair for controllerjoystickmouse control. - The graphics are of lower quality than the Arcade version. It won't be that noticeable on YouTube, but believe me, the graphics are better on an arcade cabinet than a Samsung HD monitor. - It constantly needs to run off of the CD. Early form of copy protection, eh?
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game | Area 51 Arcade 2P Cooperative Playthrough

Area 51 Arcade 2P Cooperative Playthrough

Area 51 2P Cooperative Playthrough... zerando, encerramento, detonado, walkthrough, longplay, gameplay... my wife is player 1 and i am player 2...
1,036 views | Sep 11, 2014
game | Let s Play Area 51 Arcade Test Video

Let s Play Area 51 Arcade Test Video

Let's Play - Area 51 Arcade Test Video It's just a quick test of me playing Area51 on MAME using the in-game .avi recorder. I may or may not do voice recording of myself. I am not that funny or entertaining.
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game | Area 51™ gameplay HD

Area 51™ gameplay HD

1280x720 High A good old game
2,579 views | Jul 24, 2009
game | Area 51 Easy 7 Lives Japanese 1 of 3

Area 51 Easy 7 Lives Japanese 1 of 3

Atari & Mesa-Logic's "Area 51" (Easy - 7 Lives - Language:Japanese) play movie.
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game | Area 51 Easy 7 Lives Japanese 2 of 3

Area 51 Easy 7 Lives Japanese 2 of 3

Atari & Mesa-Logic's "Area 51" (Easy - 7 Lives - Language:Japanese) play movie.
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