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Arcade Longplay 009 RoboCop

From - Posted: Mar 13, 2009 - 67,481 viewsGame | Arcade Longplay 009 RoboCop | Arcade Longplay 009 RoboCop
Arcade Longplay 009 RoboCop
Arcade Longplay 009 RoboCop
Game Trailer Duration: 23 minutes 40 seconds 
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game | RoboCop 2 Completed 1 Coin Hardest Arcade

RoboCop 2 Completed 1 Coin Hardest Arcade

Robocop 2 (Japan v0.11). Hardest Difficulty. Juego completado con 1 crédito sin hacer trampas, saves o tool assisted. Partida grabada usando MamePlus 0.134 y el teclado como modo de control. Played with MamePlus 0.134, no tools, cheats, autofire, or save states were used. Completed with 1 credit. Secuela del arcade original también desarrollado por Data East (en realidad es una conversión de la versión para ordenadores de Ocean). Aunque muchos prefieren el primero, a mí este me parece mucho más original y variado, ya que tenemos un beat'em up mezclado con shooter, y no hay muchos juegos de este tipo, descontando quizá Bucky O'Hare y Zombie Revenge, pero son juegos posteriores. Realmente no es un juego difícil, quitando las fases 3 y 4 que son un poco más complicadas. Además, aunque yo lo he conseguido con mucha suerte ya que no es fácil, si completamos cada bonus al 100% nos otorgarán una vida extra. He jugado a la versión japonesa porque cuenta con una intro jugable que no aparece en el resto de versiones. Esta viene a ser como la escena final del juegopelícula anterior, algo que veríamos repetido tiempo después con Symphony of the Night. En el History de Mame dicen que también hay una imagen extra al final en la versión japonesa si completamos el juego sin continuar, pero yo nunca la he visto. Otro detalle curioso es que no existe selector de dificultad como tal, sino 4 parámetros diferenciados, los cuales he puesto al máximo: resistencia y velocidad de movimiento de los enemigos, y la cantidad de balas y el daño que infligen. Por los pelos no he podido pasármelo sin que me mataran ni una sola vida, no es algo muy difícil, pero no tengo ganas de repetir la partida hasta que suenen las campanas. Existe un pequeño bug del cual no me he querido aprovechar y que sirve para conseguir puntuaciones muy altas y que nos rellenen la vida completamente al final de cada nivel. Este consiste en acabar con los enemigos de final de fase cuando apenas queda tiempo, ya que este se reseteará y volverá a 999. Sequel of the original arcade game developed by Data East. Most people prefer the first game, but it is not my case, as I find this game really original being a mixture of beat'em up and shooter. I only recall two similar games to this, and they are Bucky O'Hare and Zombie Revenge, both of them released after Robocop 2. Not really a difficult game, except for stages 3 and 4. Moreover, we can obtain 2 extra lifes by achieving a 100% at both bonus stages, although it is not an easy task. I have played the Japanese version as there is a playable intro not included in the other versions. This intro is the ending of the previous gamefilm, something that Konami copied with Symphony of the Night. In Mame history they say that in the Japanese version there is an extra scene featuring RoboCop 2 if you complete the game without using continues, but I have never seen it, so I don't know if that's true. There is no difficult selector at all and we can find instead 4 different parameters that I have changed to the maximum level: enemy movement speed and strength, number of bullets they fire and the damage they can inflict on you. I couldn't obtain a "no-death" walkthrough, it is not difficult, but I don't want to repeat the gameplay until I achieve it. There is a bug in this game that allows you to obtain very high scores and full refill of the health bar at the end of each level. You must kill enemy bosses when there is not much time left (10 seconds more or less), so the timer resets and it comes back to 999.
4,978 views | Jan 07, 2011
game | Robocop 2 Arcade Gameplay Playthrough longplay

Robocop 2 Arcade Gameplay Playthrough longplay

Full walkthrough of the arcade version of Robocop 2 by Data East
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game | RoboCop 2 Arcade

RoboCop 2 Arcade

This is the full cheated play-thru of RoboCop 2 for the Arcade (MAME) Please be sure to Rate, Comment, Share, Subscribe! Donations can be sent via PayPal: [email protected]
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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: xRavenXPLongplay of game Robocop 2, from NES. Like the movie, the plot of the game takes place one year after the successful deployment of the unit law enforcement Robocop, OCP sees its goal of urban pacification and creation of a new city ever closer. However a new network of narcotic known as "Nuke" invades the streets led by a religious leader named Cain, who leads several gangs. As the threat grows Robocop ends up having to face problems alone a powerful network. OCP tries to recreate a new Robocop 2 with the success of the first unit, but all prototypes end up failing ... until Dr. Faxx, a scientist ends up imposing a new project to turn psychotic dependent on machines obedient. Honestly the Robocop 1 is better (both the film and the game, at least the movie is still good), many obstacles are difficult game, add to that the fact the character walk with difficult (Robocop have butter on his feet in these game?).Stage 1: 00:40 Stage 2: 03:07 Stage 3: 05:06 Stage 4: 07:32 Stage 5: 10:02 Stage 6: 12:04 Stage 7: 13:30 Stage 8: 15:11 Stage 9: 16:38 Stage 10: 18:28 Stage 11: 20:06 Stage 12: 21:38 Stage 13: 23:24 Final Battle (3 rounds): 25:28
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Robocop 2 arcade gameplay and ending

Robocop 2 arcade ending
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game | NES Longplay 401 RoboCop

NES Longplay 401 RoboCop

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: xRavenXPServe the public trust Protect the innocent Uphold the lawRobocop: Part Man, Part Machine, All game. This is a longplay of game Robocop: The Future of Law Enforcement, from NES. This game was developed by Data East, but the NES version was published by Ocean Software. These game are a run & gun and beat 'em up hybrid released in 80s from multiple plataforms (Arcade, NES, ZX Spectrum, Amiga and others). Robocop is undoubtedly a very good movie, who does not remember the actors' first line of the season, as Kutwood Smith (Clarence Boddicker), Peter Weller (Officer Alex MurphyRoboCop), Nancy Allen (Officer Lewis). Robocop tells the story of Alex Murphy, a cop who worked the streets of Detroit. Since officially dead, Alex is transformed by OCP, a powerful multinational installed in Detroit, in a modern and powerful cyborg crime-fighting, called Robocop, endowed with the latest technology and firepower. Robocop takes on the role of defender of law and order on the streets of decaying Detroit, which is decayed by crime and corruption. But Robocop ends up being tormented by memories of Alex Murphy, his true identity. From there begins a relentless hunt for his attackers. Revenge becomes his prime directive. It's a simple game compared to the large version of the Arcade, but fulfilled his role well (even with a certain amateurism in design and few variety of musics).Stage 1: 01:40 Stage 2: 03:48 Training Stage I: 07:56 Stage 3: 08:53 Stage 4: 13:21 Training Stage II: 17:17 Stage 5: 18:08 Final Stage: 21:36
3,196 views | Jan 16, 2013
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Arcade Longplay 686 Heavy Smash The Future Sports

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: SCHLAUCHIGood sports game!
4,619 views | Dec 28, 2016

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Arcade Longplay 008 Moonwalker

http:www.longplays.netPlayed by: IronclawPlayed this game a lot in the arcades as a kid. Was pretty easy then, and is still pretty easy now.2 continues needed.
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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: SCHLAUCHIKnown as Joe&Mac on the home consoles, this Data East game is really nice! Unfortunately there is a small graphic glitch in the Volcano level.
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