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Arcade Longplay 050 Mortal Kombat

From - Posted: Apr 30, 2009 - 144,185 viewsGame | Arcade Longplay 050 Mortal Kombat | Arcade Longplay 050 Mortal Kombat
Arcade Longplay 050 Mortal Kombat
Arcade Longplay 050 Mortal Kombat
Game Trailer Duration: 24 minutes 11 seconds 
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(Source: Played By: RickyC First time playing the arcade version. Tried not to be cheap but kinda did in the end. Took me awhile to sort out scorpion's fatality till i practiced it. I include all the intros but only scorpion's ending since it looked the same as the amiga versions endings which I already recorded all of. At the end i show all fatalities.

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PSX Longplay 017 Mortal Kombat Trilogy Played By: RickyC I was cheap while playing only because it could take me lots of retries to even win a single round on very easy. I guess midway just have higher standards of difficulty than I do. For some weird reason a few of my files came back with no audio what so ever so I quickly added music tracks from the game in its place. I start with all the intros, then the main game, endings then fatalities.
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Mega Drive Longplay 031 Mortal Kombat II Played By: ScmokeFrostHeart Alright, Ive made you guys wait long enough. Finally I get into a game with a morpher. Seeing as UMKIII was pretty well received, and alot of positive feedback, here is something for you guys to sink your teeth into. ^^ I also apologise for MKI, but that has no morpher in it, which limited me to one character only. I sowwie : But this'll make up for it. ENJOY!! Smoke~
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PSX Longplay 018 Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub Zero Played By: RickyC There is 40seconds of audio that didn't get recorded for some reason everything else is good. I added the blooper video and the alternate prison scene you can get. I didn't have enough urns to beat the optional boss at the end so edited it the battle where i did.
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game | Arcade Longplay 005 Killer Instinct

Arcade Longplay 005 Killer Instinct Played by: Ironclaw Aight, this is and has always been my favorite fighting game. I took a moment of my time to get through this game, 2 tries only so not a perfect movie. I would love to have done more combos and stuff, but not easy if you play on a keyboard and have to do those circle moves, so I fail alot... but still managed to do some nice ones. My fav fight was against Sabrewulf as I managed to do a Combo Breaker, which means I can do tripple hits with the "enders", thus managed to do a 45 hit combo. I've done 50 or 52 and can do that whenever I want, but then the other player have to stand still otherwise it could take a while for the situation to be right :). Been playing this game since the release and my first character choice was Orchid, so been playing with her ever since and I can with no problem do all her moves, if I play on a real arcade machine as I'm used to the joystick there. I mostly played in fast mode (a thing you can do between fights to speed up the game to twice or more the original speed) to brag when people looked :). The combos are easy and I don't even have to have my eyes open to do the full ones. Oh well..... nothing special, like I said, I had trouble doing the combos on a keyboard and gave it just a couple of tries. Oh, ye, I got my ass handed to me by Fulgore, lol, that was a great fight. And when playing on arcade and therefore PAYING, I can beat the game in like 8 mins very easily as I've noticed the staff move, where you launch towards the opponent with your staff in vertical postion, the computer almost NEVER blocks them, thus I can do it again and again, with combos as followers of course beating the game easily (works on Eyedoll too and he is the character that LOVES to block all moves). Uhm, another thing... I started out playing hardcore, but then played slow... didn't want this longplay to be too short... so I stretch the lengths of the fights... otherwise I could just go at them kicking their ass and have each fight over very fast... but didn't do it that way so.... Didn't bother to record all the fatalities, humiliations, ultra combos for all the characters as there are already several videos of these on youtube.
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Arcade Longplay 215 Killer Instinct 2 Played by: Tsunao I REALLY stink at this game. Either that or the A.I. be button reading. Sequel to the awesome game that is Killer Instinct. In a nutshell: Orchid destroyed the warlord Eyedol (that's right. He is a warlord, not an experiment.), UltraTech and the survivors of the tournament were sent into the past. Now everyone has a different objective: Maya wants her throne again, Tusk is all "Challenge accepted", Combo wants to go home, Orchid wants to defeat Gargos (or something), a younger Spinal wants to sleep so he goes against Gargos, Sabrewulf is just going crazy, Glacius must rescue his kin (this is a different Glacius), Kim Wu has to banish Gargos, Fulgore beefs with Jago, and Jago beefs with Gargos, who was the Tiger Spirit. There. No need for a 10 minute sit for character backgrounds. This game has a more simplified combo system (and an easier Combo Breaker), a rock-paper-scissors mechanic, Super moves, different way to activate No Mercy, Ultra Breaker, and multiple endings (depending on who you finish off. Example: Jago has 4 endings I think: Kill Orchid and Fulgore, Kill Orchid but not Fulgore, Don't kill Orchid but kill Fulgore, and don't kill Orchid or Fulgore.) For this run, I play with Kim "dat ass" Wu on default difficulty. Spinal is also killed (Spinal determines her ending). Ultras are mostly used (some regulars, some slo-mo, some sped up.), a few Ultimates, and one out-of-combo Ultimate (I learn that the out-of-combo Ultimate can be done during a combo. -_-). Didn't know whether to go for more hits in Ultra on Sabrewulf or do a Stage Finisher. I opted for more hits. Oh, and Gargos is cheap. He can combo breaker even when his life is empty. Game was ported to the N64 as Killer Instinct Gold with some changes (no multiple endings, no FMVs).
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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed By: RickyCOrder should be going something like Konquest mode - Character bios - story mode with shujinko - showing endings of some characters - showing all fatalites. Though i'm not finished so i'll see.Konquest mode started on very easy so I could get used to the game, I've never been good at fighters. After the first 3 fights difficulty is set to normal. After training with sub-zero I cut out the main training sections since they're very tedious.
4,304 views | Mar 14, 2011

game | SNES Longplay 176 Mortal Kombat II

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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: xRavenXPThe consolidation of Acclaim in the 90s came with a lot of blood and violence. No, the company staff did not go into a fight, but licensed Mortal Kombat for home consoles. Mortal Kombat is a saga of fighting games created by Ed Boon and John Tobias, whose first title in the series was released in 1992. Based on the graphic style of Pit-Fighter, the arcade versions and 16-bit consoles of the 90 exhibited digitized graphics of real actors, making them very realistic. In this version, after failing in the first tournament Shang Tsung gets your youth back to get another chance of Shao Kahn. This version was better than the first, made ​​famous in the SNES having suffered censorship in blows, blood and fatalities. FATALITY!Playthroughs list:Sub-Zero: 14:39 Rayden: 34:46 Baraka: 53:33 Reptile: 1:12:33 Milenna: 1:32:27 Kitana: 1:50:39 Kung Lao: 2:09:38 Jax: 2:28:00 Scorpion: 2:47:34 Johnny Cage: 3:08:34 Shang Tsung: 3:28:00 Liu Kang: 3:48:20
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game | Mortal Kombat Arcade Liu Kang Run through

Mortal Kombat Arcade Liu Kang Run through

This was fairly easy, despite being on the hardest difficulty.Enjoy.
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game | Mortal Kombat 2 Shang Tsung Arcade playthrough

Mortal Kombat 2 Shang Tsung Arcade playthrough

MK2 Playthrough with Shang Tsung on revision 3.1 medium difficulty in Mame recorded with Fraps. The one or two slowdowns you'll see during the game are due to Fraps.
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Arcade Longplay 049 Final Fight Played By: ScHlAuChi
1,820 views | Dec 04, 2008
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Arcade Longplay 051 Aero Fighters 2 Played By: ScHlAuChi I let myself get killed in the last stage, so you can see the Ghost-Boss instead of the Eye-Boss that would normally appear!
1,753 views | May 07, 2009
game | Game Boy Longplay 031 Mortal Kombat

Game Boy Longplay 031 Mortal Kombat Played By: ScHlAuChi OMG this port is so bad! - it runs so friggn slow that its even impossible to do special moves because it doesnt register them!
3,543 views | Dec 01, 2010

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Produtora: Midway Games: Ed Boon, John Tobias Distribuidora: Midway Games Gênero: Luta Lançamento: 1996Descrição: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 é uma atualização do jogo Mortal Kombat 3 seguido por Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Fora lançada em arcades, SNES, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, no Xbox Live Arcade do Xbox 360, e na versão de luxo de Mortal Kombat: Armageddon para PS2 e Xbox.
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Arcade Longplay 052 Strider Played By: ScHlAuChi Originally i wanted to do a run without helper robots, but that was to hard, so i deciced to do one without ever losing health or getting hit. Thats also the reason why i stay so long at the big metalballs, cause when you attack them right away they hurl you around, smash you into walls and you lose health.
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Arcade Longplay 448 Bloodstorm

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: SCHLAUCHIPretty infamous super violent Arcade game. All secret bosses are shown!
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