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Arcade Longplay 050 Mortal Kombat

From - Posted: Apr 30, 2009 - 151,194 viewsGame | Arcade Longplay 050 Mortal Kombat | Arcade Longplay 050 Mortal Kombat
Arcade Longplay 050 Mortal Kombat
Arcade Longplay 050 Mortal Kombat
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(Source: Played By: RickyC First time playing the arcade version. Tried not to be cheap but kinda did in the end. Took me awhile to sort out scorpion's fatality till i practiced it. I include all the intros but only scorpion's ending since it looked the same as the amiga versions endings which I already recorded all of. At the end i show all fatalities.

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Mega Drive Longplay 031 Mortal Kombat II Played By: ScmokeFrostHeart Alright, Ive made you guys wait long enough. Finally I get into a game with a morpher. Seeing as UMKIII was pretty well received, and alot of positive feedback, here is something for you guys to sink your teeth into. ^^ I also apologise for MKI, but that has no morpher in it, which limited me to one character only. I sowwie : But this'll make up for it. ENJOY!! Smoke~
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Arcade Longplay 005 Killer Instinct Played by: Ironclaw Aight, this is and has always been my favorite fighting game. I took a moment of my time to get through this game, 2 tries only so not a perfect movie. I would love to have done more combos and stuff, but not easy if you play on a keyboard and have to do those circle moves, so I fail alot... but still managed to do some nice ones. My fav fight was against Sabrewulf as I managed to do a Combo Breaker, which means I can do tripple hits with the "enders", thus managed to do a 45 hit combo. I've done 50 or 52 and can do that whenever I want, but then the other player have to stand still otherwise it could take a while for the situation to be right :). Been playing this game since the release and my first character choice was Orchid, so been playing with her ever since and I can with no problem do all her moves, if I play on a real arcade machine as I'm used to the joystick there. I mostly played in fast mode (a thing you can do between fights to speed up the game to twice or more the original speed) to brag when people looked :). The combos are easy and I don't even have to have my eyes open to do the full ones. Oh well..... nothing special, like I said, I had trouble doing the combos on a keyboard and gave it just a couple of tries. Oh, ye, I got my ass handed to me by Fulgore, lol, that was a great fight. And when playing on arcade and therefore PAYING, I can beat the game in like 8 mins very easily as I've noticed the staff move, where you launch towards the opponent with your staff in vertical postion, the computer almost NEVER blocks them, thus I can do it again and again, with combos as followers of course beating the game easily (works on Eyedoll too and he is the character that LOVES to block all moves). Uhm, another thing... I started out playing hardcore, but then played slow... didn't want this longplay to be too short... so I stretch the lengths of the fights... otherwise I could just go at them kicking their ass and have each fight over very fast... but didn't do it that way so.... Didn't bother to record all the fatalities, humiliations, ultra combos for all the characters as there are already several videos of these on youtube.
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This was fairly easy, despite being on the hardest difficulty.Enjoy.
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PSX Longplay 078 Mortal Kombat 4 Played by: Eino Arcade game ported to N64, PC and Game Boy Color in addition to PS1. I played this a long time ago on PC, but decided to do a playthrough on PSX version because that one was fastest to get running. Propably the worst looking version though if not counting the GBC one. I was planning on doing a tool-free run with Jax on medium (default) difficulty, but Goro was too much for my rusty skills so I had to use one save before that match. There are many videos in YT for several versions demostrating ultimate gameplay skills, all fatalities, character endings etc. Skip to gameplay 3:30
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PSX Longplay 017 Mortal Kombat Trilogy Played By: RickyC I was cheap while playing only because it could take me lots of retries to even win a single round on very easy. I guess midway just have higher standards of difficulty than I do. For some weird reason a few of my files came back with no audio what so ever so I quickly added music tracks from the game in its place. I start with all the intros, then the main game, endings then fatalities.
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Arcade Longplay 045 War Gods Played by: Ironclaw Plot: Many, many years ago, a spaceship carrying precious life-giving ore crashes to Earth. The chunks of ore scatter across the planet, and over the years, ten humans each find a stone of the ore, and are transformed into powerful beings, into War Gods. And now, they are fighting each other to possess all the stones and become the ultimate super-warrior. Great beat-em-up game. I couldn't get this game to emulate 100%, had some sound and speed ussues which you might or might not notice. Ok, so I have played this game for some time now, my favorite is Vallah, as I just plainly like her for some reason :). Turns out she is (in my opinion) the best character in the game (not counting the bosses). She has lots of kick ass moves, instant attacks, like the Gator Skull Trap. Anyway, when I decided to record this game I didn't want to play with her as she is the most powerful one and I didn't have too much trouble beating the game with her, so I went for the next coolest looking char, which was Warhead. I played some 2 player rounds solo and learned his moves, then went on to record the game. This game is pretty damn hard. It all went well to the 7th opponent: Maxiumus; had to use a continue on him. 1. Opponents 1-6 went pretty ok, no continues used on them. 2. The 7th opponent: Maximus did not go to well, had to use a continue on him. I think he sounds a bit like Arnold Schwartzenegger :), specially when he says "I kill you and I take your power" and when he gets leg swiped. 3. The 8th one went ok. 4. Then at the 9th opponent I was face to face with Vallah (yikes), had to use 5 continues on her till I found out her weakness; crouch-blocking till she does the Shield Dash then uppercut her (if I played as Vallah she would be no match). 5. After Vallah came Warhead, had to use 2 continues on him and kept all the rounds. 6. Now it was time for Grox (sub-boss). Never played against him (or any other character) with anyone but Vallah before, so didn't know a good tactic... so I died FAST :P. I spent 14 continues on him!... and during that time I was sooo close to use Vallah to take him, till I found a nice weakness: jumpkicks :P. With Vallah I would just have jumped around, skull trapped and shield bash etc. Could have let myself die on the second round to make another attempt at winning 2 in a row, but nah... I just wanna beat the game and don't care about looks. 7. EXOR - the final boss, too hard! Spent like 20 continues on him as I SOOOO wanted to finish the game with Warhead, as I've beaten all other chars with him. The best I could do was to use uppercuts when he was in the air shooting lasers, but that wasn't fast enough damage to beat him, as the game has NO DRAWS. I easily when every match ended had more health than Exor, but lost them all as there was no DRAW. If he wasn't beaten in one round when the time was out, I lost, even if I had more health... LAME. I had no choice but to use Vallah on him, didn't go as good as it usually does, but I won and that's what matters :). So, I used lots of continues and cut all the fights except the first and final one for each opponent, except for Warhead, kept his. Like I said before, I didn't play with Vallah as it would be too easy to beat the game then (usually is anyway), so it's RESPECT to me for beating this game with WARHEAD, really :). Did the same in my Dune 2 vid where I played with the weakest house, and in Elfmania where I played with the girl, while most others played with the king (he makes most dmg of all chars and can take most beating too). I want these movies to mean something so.... playing with the most powerful character is no fun :). This was the arcade version, the toughest of them all, as this game also exist on PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Windows. All of them have combo breakers, but not the arcade (weird, but true), also, the arcade need more directions and buttons pressed to perform fatalities and maybe other moves aswell, and the fatalities requires perfect button execution... can't press too fast, or too slow. I wanted to add all the fatalities at the end of the movie, but even though I had the list with all of them, I couldn't do them, too damn hard... I have no problem doing advance stuff in any other game.
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BEFORE DOWNLOADING,PLEASE BE AWARE OF, MOST ANNOYING OF ALL CONCERNING MK ANTHOLOGY ARE THE CONSTANT GAME CRASHES... other negative aspects noticed,in my opinion,are: -definitely not worth the download size (roughly 1.8 gb) (a free user usually must wait 15 minutes before being able to download the next part,13 part total) -alot of the characters are repetitive,i.e. *Johnny Cage MK2 *Johnny Cage MK2 (wsunglasses) -the normal executable didn't run as well,the debug version was a little better -character roster is quantity over quality -parodies of fighters which would make a true MK fan disappointed,i.e. *Blaze is just Kintaro with flames? *A Red Scorpion when there's Ermac? *Quan Chi looks nothing like Quan Chi? *Robots wparticle illusion effects above them? in any event,credits for MK ANTHOLOGY go to: M.U.G.E.N. version Programmed by Indrid Cold TomazHaso download available at: http:rapidshare.comfiles115426695mkanthology.part01.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles115545689mkanthology.part02.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles115573290mkanthology.part03.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles115602621mkanthology.part04.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles115642562mkanthology.part05.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles115665489mkanthology.part06.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles115797343mkanthology.part07.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles115890533mkanthology.part08.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles116141673mkanthology.part09.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles116163058mkanthology.part10.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles116323407mkanthology.part11.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles116369463mkanthology.part12.rar.html http:rapidshare.comfiles116376334mkanthology.part13.rar.html
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game | Arcade Longplay 049 Final Fight

Arcade Longplay 049 Final Fight Played By: ScHlAuChi
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game | Mega Drive Longplay 030 Mortal Kombat

Mega Drive Longplay 030 Mortal Kombat

http:www.longplays.netPlayed by: SmokeFrostHeartGod, I dont like this one whatsoever, I cant morph into anybody so don't expect any flashy gameplay, just bare bone basics Im afraid. Unlike my UMK3 run, you wont find combos or anything 'decent' in the fatality department, Subby's has been censored. : Anyways, if you can, find a better version, this one isnt so hot
3,299 views | Jul 17, 2009
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Arcade Longplay 095 Rage of the Dragons Played By: ScHlAuChi
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game | Mortal Kombat 1 arcade Sub Zero gameplay Playthrough Longplay

Mortal Kombat 1 arcade Sub Zero gameplay Playthrough Longplay

Full walkthrough of the arcade version of Mortal Kombat with Sub Zero
3,632 views | Jul 15, 2013

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