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Arcade Longplay 121 Dungeons Dragons Tower of Doom

From - Posted: Dec 11, 2009 - 92,259 viewsGame | Arcade Longplay 121 Dungeons Dragons Tower of Doom | Arcade Longplay 121 Dungeons Dragons Tower of Doom
Arcade Longplay 121 Dungeons Dragons Tower of Doom
Arcade Longplay 121 Dungeons Dragons Tower of Doom
Game Trailer Duration: 46 minutes 29 seconds 
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(Source: Played By: ScHlAuChi

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SLOW MOTION!... Some slowing downs are featured in the original MS2. It was like this when I was playing in the arcade machine, also in PS1, and also in the Mame emulator that I play the game from. Don't be bothered by it too much...I played and finished this game on Mame Plus+ with a keyboard on my PC. I "absolutely" did not use any cheats or TAS (tool-assisted speedrun) program. The main achievement here is not finishing the game the fastest and breaking a world record; the main goal is showing you the details overlooked for years, the location of secret prisoners and bonus points by the fastest way. And I think I managed it because all my Metal Slug videos became number 1 on their own category. Thank you very much for your interest and good reviews. See you in the upcoming videos...
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ダンジョンズ&ドラゴンズ -シャドーオーバーミスタラ- Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Japan 960206 fix) Capcom 1996 オイル&大オイル使用禁止・4P協力ワンコインクリア Player NOA&TKG本部&TKC&VitaOne 収録Ver DDEmeMAME0.37b16.98.4 1P NOA(エルフ) 2P TKG本部(クレリック) 3P TKC(マジックユーザー) 4P VitaOne(ファイター) SOM協力プレイでできる様々なネタを仕込みました。最終決戦で何かが起きる・・・。mame replay site http:replayburners.web.fc2.comダンジョンズ&ドラゴンズ -シャドーオーバーミスタラ-発売年:1996.02 開発/発売元:カプコン ジャンル:格闘アクション コントローラ:8方向レバー+4ボタン システムボード:カプコン プレイシステム2(CPS2) CPU構成[68000, Z80] 音源チップ[QSound] 新要素を加え登場した「ダンジョンズ&ドラゴンズ」シリーズの第2弾。前作で登場した4種類のキャラと敵からアイテムを盗める「シーフ」と、魔法に特化した「マジックユーザー」が新たに加わり6種類と増え、2人までの同キャラ選択が可能となっている。また新システム「サークルコマンド」によりゲーム中、魔法やアイテムチェンジが可能となった。前作同様マルチシナリオ&エンディングとなっており、今回から時間の要素も含まれている。前作以上に多人数プレイが熱い。ストーリー: セーブルタワーの戦いから2年後・・・不死の魔王デイモスを倒し、ダロキン共和国に平和をもたらした勇者一行は、新たなる冒険や仲間との出逢いを求め、その地を後にした。彼らは今、ブロークンランド山地を通り、グラントリ公国を目指す。D&D シャドーオーバー ミスタラの物語は、ここから始まる・・・。 [出典:ダンジョンズ&ドラゴンズ -シャドーオーバーミスタラ- 業務用販促チラシ(カプコン)] Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara (c) 1996 Capcom Co., Ltd.Six characters straight out of the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Manual take up arms in order to rid the kingdom of the evil sorceress Synn and her droves of annoying little Kobolds.- TECHNICAL -Capcom Play System II hardware (CPS II) Game ID : CP-S II No. 14Main CPU : 68000 (@ 11.8 Mhz), Z80 (@ 8 Mhz) Sound Chips : Q-Sound (@ 4 Mhz)Players : 4 Control : 8-way joystick Buttons : 4- TRIVIA -Shadow Over Mystara was released in February 1996.The game is based on the famous RPG system 'Dungeons & Dragons'.The game forbids the initials 'SEX' on the name selection screen. If you try, it gets changed to (depending of the character you choose) : Fighter : 'CRASSUS' Cleric : 'GRELDON' Elf : 'LUCIA' Magic user : 'SYOUS'Victor Entertainment released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara - VICL-2169) on 22051996.- SERIES -1. Dungeons & Dragons - Tower of Doom [CP-S II No. 02] (1994) 2. Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara [CP-S II No. 14] (1996)- STAFF -Planners : Kenkun Kataoka, Malachie Character Designer : Kinu Nishimura Object Designers : "S" is a Criminal, Hiroaki Minobe, Shinya Miyamoto, Dway Nishimura, Kanako Takami, Miwa Shigenaga, Toshihiro Suzuki, Kako, Masayo Tsujimoto, Tsunenori Shirahama, Ino, R. Sato, Sagata, Masanori Kondo, Shinji Sakashita (Shinz. Sakashita), Satoru Yamashita, Yosinori Yamamoto, Dja, Jon, Iwasaki Inukichi, Jun Matsumura (28) Scroll Designers : Nissui, Saru, Shake, Hisoya, S. Kuwatch, J. Son, Ojiji, Takky, Iwai, Meiko. K Music Composer : Masato Koda Sound Designer : Moe. T Sound Effects : Moe. T, Hachi Bee, Satoshi Ise Sound Producer by Arcade Sound Team. Programmers : O.G.T, Kazuo Yamawaki, Motsu, Tora&Yume&Hide, Ryota Forever, K.A.T.S.U.O, Knishi-MadDogMc Original Script : Alex Jimenez Special Thanks : Lee, Mta (Groovy) Nshi, Shinichi Yasuki, Takuya Shiraiwa (Mr. Shiraiwa)- SOURCES -Game's rom. Machine's picture.
4,652 views | Oct 15, 2016

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Arcade Longplay 083 Burning Fight Played By: ScHlAuChi
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Arcade Longplay 166 Fatal Fury Special Played By: ScHlAuChi
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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: SCHLAUCHINice game!
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Arcade Longplay 045 War Gods Played by: Ironclaw Plot: Many, many years ago, a spaceship carrying precious life-giving ore crashes to Earth. The chunks of ore scatter across the planet, and over the years, ten humans each find a stone of the ore, and are transformed into powerful beings, into War Gods. And now, they are fighting each other to possess all the stones and become the ultimate super-warrior. Great beat-em-up game. I couldn't get this game to emulate 100%, had some sound and speed ussues which you might or might not notice. Ok, so I have played this game for some time now, my favorite is Vallah, as I just plainly like her for some reason :). Turns out she is (in my opinion) the best character in the game (not counting the bosses). She has lots of kick ass moves, instant attacks, like the Gator Skull Trap. Anyway, when I decided to record this game I didn't want to play with her as she is the most powerful one and I didn't have too much trouble beating the game with her, so I went for the next coolest looking char, which was Warhead. I played some 2 player rounds solo and learned his moves, then went on to record the game. This game is pretty damn hard. It all went well to the 7th opponent: Maxiumus; had to use a continue on him. 1. Opponents 1-6 went pretty ok, no continues used on them. 2. The 7th opponent: Maximus did not go to well, had to use a continue on him. I think he sounds a bit like Arnold Schwartzenegger :), specially when he says "I kill you and I take your power" and when he gets leg swiped. 3. The 8th one went ok. 4. Then at the 9th opponent I was face to face with Vallah (yikes), had to use 5 continues on her till I found out her weakness; crouch-blocking till she does the Shield Dash then uppercut her (if I played as Vallah she would be no match). 5. After Vallah came Warhead, had to use 2 continues on him and kept all the rounds. 6. Now it was time for Grox (sub-boss). Never played against him (or any other character) with anyone but Vallah before, so didn't know a good tactic... so I died FAST :P. I spent 14 continues on him!... and during that time I was sooo close to use Vallah to take him, till I found a nice weakness: jumpkicks :P. With Vallah I would just have jumped around, skull trapped and shield bash etc. Could have let myself die on the second round to make another attempt at winning 2 in a row, but nah... I just wanna beat the game and don't care about looks. 7. EXOR - the final boss, too hard! Spent like 20 continues on him as I SOOOO wanted to finish the game with Warhead, as I've beaten all other chars with him. The best I could do was to use uppercuts when he was in the air shooting lasers, but that wasn't fast enough damage to beat him, as the game has NO DRAWS. I easily when every match ended had more health than Exor, but lost them all as there was no DRAW. If he wasn't beaten in one round when the time was out, I lost, even if I had more health... LAME. I had no choice but to use Vallah on him, didn't go as good as it usually does, but I won and that's what matters :). So, I used lots of continues and cut all the fights except the first and final one for each opponent, except for Warhead, kept his. Like I said before, I didn't play with Vallah as it would be too easy to beat the game then (usually is anyway), so it's RESPECT to me for beating this game with WARHEAD, really :). Did the same in my Dune 2 vid where I played with the weakest house, and in Elfmania where I played with the girl, while most others played with the king (he makes most dmg of all chars and can take most beating too). I want these movies to mean something so.... playing with the most powerful character is no fun :). This was the arcade version, the toughest of them all, as this game also exist on PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Windows. All of them have combo breakers, but not the arcade (weird, but true), also, the arcade need more directions and buttons pressed to perform fatalities and maybe other moves aswell, and the fatalities requires perfect button execution... can't press too fast, or too slow. I wanted to add all the fatalities at the end of the movie, but even though I had the list with all of them, I couldn't do them, too damn hard... I have no problem doing advance stuff in any other game.
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PC Engine Longplay 018 Juuouki CD Played By: T-0815 Info: CD-ROM² aka Jyuohki Level 1: 05:13 Level 2: 08:25 Level 3: 11:28 Level 4: 14:42 Level 5: 20:24
1,594 views | Dec 10, 2009

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