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Arcade Longplay 123 Wonder Boy

From - Posted: Dec 25, 2009 - 375,387 viewsGame | Arcade Longplay 123 Wonder Boy | Arcade Longplay 123 Wonder Boy
Arcade Longplay 123 Wonder Boy
Arcade Longplay 123 Wonder Boy
Game Trailer Duration: 1 hours 10 minutes 13 seconds 
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(Source: Played By: T-0815 100% clear all dolls all letters 1-1: 00:12 1-2: 01:43 1-3: 03:18 1-4: 05:03 2-1: 06:59 2-2: 08:49 2-3: 10:41 2-4: 12:25 3-1: 14:48 3-2: 16:45 3-3: 18:31 3-4: 20:38 4-1: 22:59 4-2: 25:05 4-3: 27:32 4-4: 29:43 5-1: 32:07 5-2: 34:08 5-3: 36:18 5-4: 38:47 6-1: 41:22 6-2: 43:56 6-3: 45:37 6-4: 47:54 7-1: 50:36 7-2: 52:39 7-3: 54:43 7-4: 57:03 8-1: 59:49 8-2: 62:37 8-3: 65:01 8-4: 67:10

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Frames 158624 Re-records 14891 Hack By Sokobansolver This is a improvement of 6177 frames (102,95 seconds) over the previous run 45:46.68 by myself. Frames saved. Intro: i did to save 2 frames here using another version ( i currently use snes 1.43 v16 svn 146) Adrenaline Rush:(215) I use press A,B every 3 frames everytime reach in 49 speed to keep this for 3 frames and back to running and repeat again. I use wall jump after press switch to go more faster .I tryed to reach in pipe in second room faster and i save some frames.In third room i hit purple block instead hitting ceiling to save time. Coin Block Cavern (761) After get springboard and hitting invi-block i use wall-jump instead two and i did to keep 49 speed to reach in pipe. In vertical part i did a great improve picking feather instead waiting and in the last room i save frame keeping Mario in air istead touching in ground and spinjumping again in blargg. Saved 546 frames. Super Drowning Skillz: (2181) Yeah guys in almost level i use 11 swimming. in vertical level i founded another new way to reach in door and using p-switch i use to Mario pass in small tunnels every time is the big without wasting time losing mushroom to pass and i use only five mushrooms.In next room i did to keep 11 without hitting invi-block and in last room the same.I saved much frames over another levels saved 1420 frames. Keep Moving (2416) i did to save in first room saving around 80-150 frames not using scroll and using the super shell instead walljump .In second room i did saving time use music block one time instead two and reach 49 speed with yoshi more fast back to this with p-switch i lost frames using shell to hit p-switch to reach in rope. I saved 235 frames. Mario Graveyard (2928) i did saving around 3-5 second in first room .,In layer 2 room i not go to exit yellow water fast to get a position corretly in boo generator.After die i did saving one second over my previous run but i lost 1 second over my another previous run.In boss room i save some frames spitting off springboard in boo in first frame possible .In this level i saved 512 frames. Impossible Palace (3204) i use another way to save time picking switch to yoshi appears and kicking to mushroom appears picking switch again using yoshi's tongue and picking mushrrom most fast possible to reach in pipe .i lost some frames hitting the direction coins block. OverWorld (3213) I get 9 frames using frame advance to pass in first possible frame Take A Feather (3212) I lost frame for someone reason i don't know why. Fish Stnx 2 (4432) After picking mushroom i hit the block fast possible and picking purple block fast possible to reach in shell i use wall jump to go more fast, after pick the switch i hitting some logs to gain speed.In night room i found a way to pass in water more fast after discover the mario can walk in water with maximun speed possible without swimming wall jump used to skip mid-point.After changing the day room to remove layer 3 i did for much lucky yeah i lucky reaching in yoshi and fist much fast before p-music stop.Back to night i discover with running state i lost much frames now with 37 hop not and using this and saving some frames.In vertical cave i very unlucky and i did 3 frames lag more than my previous run is not good.I saved 1220 frames in this stage this is the second stage than i save more frames. Yoshi Abuse (5568) In autoscroll room i did one incredible thing i saved 2 frames in this room. In second room i skip the second yellow shell i never tryed because in my opinion yoshi falls much fast but i did .In third room i hitting the 2 blocks almost same time .After enter in pipe to make yoshi despawn i keep running state after no jumping in second line of spikes.In last room i only use two mushroons instead three and use wall jump to skip the third mushroom.This is the thrid level i saved most frame i saved 1136 frames God Painful! 1 (5642) :The most potential improvement come in room before yellow switch skipping the green shelless koopa i lost much frames because i need luck manipulation in bowser's statue i saved here 74 frames God Painful! 2 (5918) : the most potential improvement in this part come in fourth room using shell instead springboard to reach in door , in dark room i tryed to use another way to save time using the hole to get mushroom and using fake death but the result fail and die second time.I saved 276 frames. God Painful! 3 (6177) In autoscroll room i tryed to carry with yoshi the green shell but not work and yoshi go and destroy the shell .In vertical part i hit only 2 invi-blocks to save time .I did star fast using wall jump saving a lot time because in my previous i lost the running state.In boss room i use the another wall to pass stage. I saved 259 frames total saved in the stage 609 frames.Somebody can help me to make a comparison? I not have some .Dll and .Lua to make.
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game | Arcade Longplay 195 The King of Fighters 95

Arcade Longplay 195 The King of Fighters 95 Played by: ScHlAuChi I used the Japan Team, to show the main story!
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game | ワンダーボーイ モンスターランド Wonder Boy in Monster Land ALL

ワンダーボーイ モンスターランド Wonder Boy in Monster Land ALL

ワンダーボーイ モンスターランド Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Japan New Ver.) ウエストン セガ 1987 1コインクリア Player honda 収録Ver MAME32Plus!0.105u2 ・ゴールドバグ使用(レバガチャ、魔法による金増加)・ボスが2回倒せるバグ使用(クラーケン、ブルーナイト)・ルビー使用・復活の薬は未使用 バグを使ってるので結構余裕です。 mame replay site http:replayburners.web.fc2.comワンダーボーイ モンスターランド発売年:1987 開発元:ウエストン 発売元:セガ ジャンル:アクション コントローラ:4方向レバー+2ボタン システムボード:セガ システム2 CPU構成[Z80 (2)] 音源チップ[SN76496 (2)]ロールプレイングの要素を大きく取り入れ、 前作の「ワンダーボーイ」とは全く別のアクションゲームとなったが、 コミカルなキャラクターとバランスの取れたゲーム性から今回もヒット作品となった。 ゲーム内容は、敵を倒してゴールドを集め、装備をパワーアップしていくロールプレイング的な要素が濃い。 最後に待ち受けるドラゴンを退治するのが最終的な目的である。 また、住民と会話して情報をもらったり、レバーを下に入れて魔法を使用したりできる。 レバーを左右に振るなどして、通常よりも高価なゴールドを出す技がある。 Wonder Boy in Monster Land (c) 1987 Sega.Use your sword to fight monsters and defeat the Dragon. Collect gold to upgrade your boots, shield and armor, and defeat bosses to strengthen your sword. Most stages include a boss, that once defeated leaves behind a key to the next stage.- TECHNICAL -Sega System 2 hardware Main CPU : Z80 (@ 4 Mhz) Sound CPU : Z80 (@ 4 Mhz) Sound Chips : SN76496 (@ 4 Mhz), SN76496 (@ 2 Mhz) Players : 2 Control : 8-way joystick Buttons : 2 (STAB, JUMP)- TRIVIA -Wonder Boy in Monster Land was released in August 1987 in Japan. It was developed by Westone. A bootleg of this game was made by Galaxy Electronics in England.
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BALDI'S BASICS vs SUPER MARIO & PACMAN & SONIC full episode! Who is gonna win this battle? Please support my channel SUBSCRIBE ▶ https:goo.glqNKzhx Watch the other episodes ▶ https:goo.glB2z6LPThis time also Tails, knuckles and Eggman joined the team! This is the old story of Baldi's basics in education and learning when he met Sonic,Super Mario Bros, Luigi and Donkey kong for the first time in his life at school. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!This is the best cartoon animation available on the internet!Watch the other battles with Pac-man, Megaman, Ugandan Knuckles, Sonic, Kirby and more!Go and play Baldi's basics in Education and learning if you haven't already! https:mystman12.itch.iobaldis-basicsCheck all my other videos on my channel and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more cool stuffBALDI'S BASICS VS SUPER MARIO & PACMAN & SONIC (Official series) Baldi Animation Horror Game by Lokman Video#baldi #sonic #mario
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SUBSCRIBE my other channel- at me here ~ Instagram - @aamiristhis Twitter - @AamirISTHIS• Hit the LIKE button if enjoyed ;) • Press the BELL icon to get notified every time :)family friendly pg clean ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Ball Pool is an online and mobile-based billiard-themed pool simulation sports game maintained and operated by Miniclip, a games company based in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and England. As of June 2015, 8 Ball Pool was ranked number one of one-hundred in Miniclip's Top 100 List.8 Ball Pool offers free content and is able to be played from any computer device and runs in any ordinary flash-enabled browser fluently. 8 Ball Pool is the largest multiplayer game of its genre, netting thousands of players daily. As of February 2013, the game had eighteen million active players. According to the header of one of Miniclip Corporate's pages, there is currently ~70 million users active on Miniclip. Miniclip was additionally ranked one of the most ten valuable startups in Europe by the Business Insider. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Spin Tutorial- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aamir's Road Series- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Ball Pool ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BroadsMil Series- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Funtastico Playlist- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZERO TO HERO Series- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------The credit for all the songs used in this video goes to original creator of the songs respectively.These songs have been taken from NoCopyrightSounds(NCS) and Vlog No Copyright Music.I love each and everyone of you :) my AWESOME PEOPLE ;)
4,652 views | May 15, 2018
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Super Mario Sunshine by AverageTrey in 3 06 29 AGDQ 2018 Part 83

Interview Yoshi Island racers at 6:09 Run starts at 23:00This speedrun was recorded live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on AGDQ2018, find us at: https:gamesdonequick.comLooking for live updates? Follow us on Twitter: https:twitter.comGamesDoneQuick Like us on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comGamesDoneQuick
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game | Arcade Longplay 178 Altered Beast

Arcade Longplay 178 Altered Beast Played By: T-0815 Stage 01: 00:09 Stage 02: 02:28 Stage 03: 04:52 Stage 04: 07:05 Stage 05: 11:17
4,817 views | Mar 29, 2011
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Hudson s Adventure Island Walkthrough

Walkthrough of the 1986 NES game - Hudson's Adventure Island.Hudson's Adventure Island 3 -
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game | Arcade Longplay 125 Battle Circuit

Arcade Longplay 125 Battle Circuit Played By: ScHlAuChi
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game | Wonder Boy In Monster Land Hard Mode 5.096 Gold HQ

Wonder Boy In Monster Land Hard Mode 5.096 Gold HQ

Difficulty: Hard Starting Health: 35 Hearts Final Gold: 5.096 (World Record Probably) !!!!!!After I tried a lot of times, I finally succeeded to reach 5.000 Gold (one of the best performances)!I think 5.500 Gold are possible, but in order to succeed that, you need the perfect, ultimate walkthrough performance, 'cause as can you see, many-many mistakes occurred during this walkthrough 00:16, 8:45, 11:20, 15:12, 17:15, 20:32, 23:32, 26:48, 28:40, 28:58, 28:36, 35:17, 36:00, 36:03 :( Btw: I'm happy in this moment :) Enjoy !!!!!!
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Arcade Longplay 180 OutRun Played By: T-0815 Route A: 00:10 BGM: Magical Sound Shower Beach ⇒ Gateway ⇒ Desert ⇒ Wilderness ⇒ Vineyard Route B: 06:58 BGM: Splash Wave Beach ⇒ Devil's Canyon ⇒ Alps ⇒ Old Capital ⇒ Death Valley Route C: 13:31 BGM: Passing Breeze Beach ⇒ Gateway ⇒ Alps ⇒ Wheat Field ⇒ Desolation Hill Route D: 20:11 BGM: Magical Sound Shower Beach ⇒ Devil's Canyon ⇒ Cloudy Mountain ⇒ Wheat Field ⇒ Autobahn Route E: 26:49 BGM: Passing Breeze Beach ⇒ Devil's Canyon ⇒ Cloudy Mountain ⇒ Seaside Town ⇒ Lakeside Note: Longplay contains all routes and endings.
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Super Mario Party All Free for All Minigames

Every single free-for-all minigame in Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. 00:00 Trike Harder 0:28 Slaparazzi 1:41 Sizzling Stakes 2:30 Snack Attack 3:14 Barreling Along 4:03 Sphere Mongers 4:53 Senseless Census 5:42 Social Climbers 6:21 Can Take Pancake 6:58 Lost in the Shuffle 7:41 Precision Gardening 8:16 Gridiron Gauntlet 8:55 Candy Shakedown 9:35 Fuzzy Flight School 10:14 Soak or Croak 10:34 Looking for Love 11:21 Croozin' for a Broozin' 12:16 Trip Navigator 12:56 Look Sharp 13:32 Absent Minded 14:48 Don't Wake Wiggler! 16:15 Feeding Friendsy 16:59 Stake your Claim 18:19 Rumble Fishing 19:01 Rattle and Hmmm 20:58 Metal Detectors 21:37 Air to a Fortune 22:50 Follow the Money 23:30 Lightning Round 23:59 Timing is Money 24:25 Strike it Rich 25:15 Time to Shine 26:19 Take a Stab 27:11 All-Star Swingers 28:01 Rhythm and Bruise 28:49 Pep Rally 29:44 Wiped Out 30:38 Fiddler on the Hoof 31:27 Clearing the Table 32:16 Baton and On
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