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Arcade Longplay 180 OutRun

From - Posted: Apr 02, 2011 - 399,569 viewsGame | Arcade Longplay 180 OutRun | Arcade Longplay 180 OutRun
Arcade Longplay 180 OutRun
Arcade Longplay 180 OutRun
Game Trailer Duration: 33 minutes 17 seconds 
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(Source: Played By: T-0815 Route A: 00:10 BGM: Magical Sound Shower Beach ⇒ Gateway ⇒ Desert ⇒ Wilderness ⇒ Vineyard Route B: 06:58 BGM: Splash Wave Beach ⇒ Devil's Canyon ⇒ Alps ⇒ Old Capital ⇒ Death Valley Route C: 13:31 BGM: Passing Breeze Beach ⇒ Gateway ⇒ Alps ⇒ Wheat Field ⇒ Desolation Hill Route D: 20:11 BGM: Magical Sound Shower Beach ⇒ Devil's Canyon ⇒ Cloudy Mountain ⇒ Wheat Field ⇒ Autobahn Route E: 26:49 BGM: Passing Breeze Beach ⇒ Devil's Canyon ⇒ Cloudy Mountain ⇒ Seaside Town ⇒ Lakeside Note: Longplay contains all routes and endings.

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20110102 ゲーム初め。Part02 半年ぶりくらいにOutRunを。 OutRun2 OutRun Mode 15コースモード、一発勝負。PS3 GT5よりもヤッパリこっちかなぁ。:寛大なgoogle: 時間無制限!容量無制限! 19Minutes!,12GB up! : ) avi:24GB~H.264:12GB
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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by MadMattyOutrun Online Arcade is pretty much just a cutdownversion of Outrun2SP with Online leaderboards. I dont care for the online aspect of the game, but i think its the only ps3 native outrun game.Its been a long time since ive played this and the controls a very sensitive and twitchy so took a few goes to even stay on the road lol. The video shows a run through of all 15 tracks using the 15 cource mode.More of a bonus addition is the Heart attack mode. Not a great run as I take the wrong track at the end possably due to loss of concentration and that messes me up as I wasnt ready for what was shown. I've never managed to Get AAA score, only AAB. very frustrating ;)19:00 Heart Attack modeAll in all, its a good game (which isnt available anymore) but I would have liked a full outrun game with unlocks, full jukebox and stuff like coast to coast.
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OutRun arcade. (Actual play) アウトラン ギアガチャ実演動画 まだ暫定版とのことですが実機プレイ動画を公開してくれました。 TinyMIDさんのYouTubeチャンネルアウトラン Out Run SEGA 1986 D 4'32''50 Player Tiny-MID 国内バージョン 実機 全一プレイ ※この動画はTiny-MIDさんがゲームセンターのアウトランを実際にプレイした時の映像です。Tiny-MIDさんから許可をもらいマスターテープから映像化しました。
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game | After Burner II Longplay Arcade 60 FPS

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Follow me on Twitter @ https:twitter.comAl82_Retro Get Great Retro Scene News @ Developed and published by Sega in 1987Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comAl82_Retro Add me on Google+: http:bit.ly1tPwL1uClearly influenced by the huge success of (the sadly deceased) Tony Scott's film, Top Gun, Sega developed and released this iconic arcade-shooter in 1987. Despite what the name suggests, After Burner II is really a revised version of the original game, introducing a throttle control, additional levels and gameplay tweaks.Strapping the player into the cockpit of the iconic fighter jet, the F-14 Tomcat, the game is a retina-melting, synapse-frying experience where the objective is to shoot down as many enemy targets as possible, whilst not getting shot down in return.Your plane is equipped with twin, rapid-firing vulcan cannons and an extensive supply of heat-seeking missiles. Whilst the gun is capable of shooting down targets, the sheer speed of the game makes reliance on the gun difficult if you're looking to rack up a high score, whereas missiles can be much more effective, providing you manage to establish a target lock. Moving the plane's targeting reticle over an enemy plane will initiate a target lock; any missile fired once locked will home in an take out the target.Enemy jets appear in the distance and will launch their own barrage of missiles at your plane. It takes quick reactions to avoid the oncoming fire, but is also doubly tricky if you want to try and shoot down the oncoming plane as well; all to often, the game becomes more a case of simply avoiding enemy missiles than shooting anything down. The threat can also come from behind as jets attempt to shoot you down with guns and missile locks; the only way to survive is to fly fast and fly well!Every so often, a supply plane will appear and will initiate a mid-air fuel and ammo transfer to resupply you with missiles, which looks extremely cool and also gives you a chance to catch your breath and to regain some feeling in your trigger finger.Other stages remove any air-born threat and, instead, require the player to fly along a narrow desert canyon whilst strafing a succession of military supply tents, hangars and radio antenna. The trick here is to avoid crashing into the cliffs at the side of the screen or flying into the radio towers. Based on Sega's X-Board platform, the game boasts some truly remarkable sprite scaling technology that came as close as possible to delivering a 3D experience using 2D technology. Even today, the scaling effect is remarkably effective and is still great to look at.The game also boasts some truly excellent sound and music. The rock soundtrack features some great guitar and drum samples and really was ahead of it's time for 1987. The gun fire, explosions and sampled speech effects are extremely clear and really add to the the game's atmosphere.Of course, perhaps the most memorable feature about this game has to be the fantastic rotating cockpit cabinet and flight stick; something that can't be experienced through emulation, unfortunately.Whilst the game is certainly a lot of fun, I think that the technical lavishness sometimes gets in the way of the fun and makes things awkward. For example, the player's missiles leave a big vapour trail that makes it incredibly difficult to see anything in front of your plane and makes it difficult to see wherewhen enemy missiles are approaching. The game is difficult enough without having your view obscured most of the time.Even so, there's no denying that After Burner II is one of the greatest and most iconic arcade games ever made and is a sad reminder of the days when Sega was a dominating force in both games hardware and software design.
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game | Arcade Longplay 218 Street Fighter II Champion Edition

Arcade Longplay 218 Street Fighter II Champion Edition Played by: SnesoramaNIG Street Fighter II' - Champion EditionCapcom - 1992 - On first try to finish this with 1 Credit , I failed, Bison stealing my thunder. It was for the best, was playing on normal, after that I tried it on max difficulty and here you go, first try, done deal.
1,975 views | Oct 01, 2011
game | Arcade Longplay 229 Daytona USA

Arcade Longplay 229 Daytona USA Played By: Uncle Bone Daytona usa is one of the highest grossing arcades of all time, and one of the most respected arcade racing games ever made, but poorly ported on most plataforms. 00:00 Atract mode video of all 3 stages 03:06 Beginner course 07:12 Advanced course 12:01 Expert course i used some of the easter egg music that is played when you use some specific initials on your name on a record, the ones shown are: A.B - After Burner, at the end of the begginer track V.R - Virtua Racing, at the end of the advanced track P.D - Power Drift, at the end of the expert track *there are many others, i picked my 3 favorites for this video. Played using the m2 emulator, version 1.0, the virtual arcade machine is set to the "deluxe cabinet", on normal dificulty, without network support (single machine) i have acess to the actual real hardware, but record offscreen video from a crt monitor would simply suck. the screen output of the emulator "mostly matches" the arcade, but the emulation have some minor bugs in geometry (mostly z fighting in the shadows and tress, also some "lack of zbuffer" usage on some geometry) i tried to be mostly completionist in this video, showed the atract mode (with sound enabled) on all 3 track, and played the tracks in order, aiming to the first place, to show the "game credits" in the end of each race. in each "record" screen, i used one of the avaible easter eggs of classic music from other sega games. Beginner course, signed A.B. (plays After Burner music) Advanced course, signed V.R. (plays Virtua Racing music) Expert course, signed P.D. (plays Power Drift music)
4,155 views | Apr 05, 2012

game | Arcade Longplay 250 Turbo Out Run

Arcade Longplay 250 Turbo Out Run

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by ScHlAuChiA nice update of the original Out Run!
3,322 views | Sep 26, 2012
game | Arcade Longplay 227 Operation Wolf

Arcade Longplay 227 Operation Wolf

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: EinoTool-free gameplay on default settings (normal difficulty). Score 430 750, Bullet hit rate 77.9%.It would seem the second loop should be impossible to complete, but one person has submitted a score of 6,211,200 points at Twin Galaxies. I'm curious what was going on in that play, because all decent score entries and all scores in YT videos are around 400K. Best score from an arcade machine submitted to Twin Galaxies (212,350 points) was done in 1987.This was played on mouse so it's much easier compared to original arcade cabinet. MAME won't record target crosshair, I could get it with FRAPS, but that's something imo not necessary in video.Rescued all hostages, but shot one of each civilian to show how they die. Also included fail ending. First loop cleared without using grenades.
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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: AeroHey, hey, hey, it's time to make some crazy money. Are you ready? Here. We. GO!Crazy Taxi is an open world racing video game developed by Hitmaker (Sega AM3) and published by Sega. The game was released in arcades in 1999. Although there only is one stage, the game is highly addicting. There are a few slowdowns from time to time due to the fact that NAOMI emulation still is far from being perfect.
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ターボアウトラン Turbo Out Run (set 3, upgrade kit, FD1094 317-0118) セガ 1989 8'32''79 Player RX 収録Ver MAME32Plus!0.96u3 mame replay site
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Please Like this video if you do like it it takes 1 second of your timeOutrun is a game that just about every gamer old and young knows of in some capacity, here i compare all the original and original like games in one video and ive put them in order of greatness.... theres some real stinkers at the start but ride out those and you be rewarded with some of the best versions ever made and of course at number one the best version ever made...even if you dont like the game gotta love the music Enjoy
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This is in my opinion the Best 100 Arcade Games Ever.... wont be to everyones liking but i bet when you watch this video youll remember some of the forgotten gems from a lost childhood...enjoy and if you like or dislike leave a comment please :-)
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Walkthrough of the arcade version of Shadow Dancer by Sega
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Arcade Longplay 115 Ghosts´n´Goblins Played By: MontyMole The weapons are completely random, which is why i enver got a knife. But i was quite lucky with the magical weapon, without it the game is not beatable. You can alos download a DivX version at http:www.archive.orgdetailsLongplay-GhostsNGoblins_Arcade "
2,401 views | Nov 23, 2009
game | Arcade Longplay 231 Double Dragon

Arcade Longplay 231 Double Dragon

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: Georgc3Marion has been kidnapped by the black warriors and demanded the lee brothers to disclose their martial arts secrets in return for Marion's freedom. The Lee brothers retaliate by going on a mission to rescue and save Marion. They use whatever technique they have like basic punches, kicks, jump kicks, elbow strike, head butts, as well as weapons. That comes to their hands. The Lee brothers must pursue the gangs through city slums, industrial areas, and the forest reaching out to the black warriors' hideout to confront big boss, Willy the gunman. This is easily the best version of the original Double Dragon. I used to play this game a lot in the arcades. At the very last level where the final boss, while I was attacking Abodo, he grabbed and threw me up in the balcony where Willy the gunman was standing. Wow, did not notice it. It gave me the shortcut to beat him at an instant. After defeating Willy the gunman, all other enemies start to retreat. I only managed to kill one enemy which was Jeff preventing him from escaping. I assumed the difficulty was played on medium or hard since I did not check the settings at all. Tried playing this game on MAME-Rerecording but the emulator movie file desync so I had to play it on MAMEUI with directing AVI recording instead.
3,174 views | Jun 19, 2012

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