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ARCADE Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Longplay Supermodel emulator

From - Posted: Dec 21, 2011 - 203,655 viewsGame | ARCADE Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Longplay Supermodel emulator | ARCADE Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Longplay Supermodel emulator
ARCADE Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Longplay Supermodel emulator
ARCADE Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Longplay Supermodel emulator
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Longplay of "Star Wars Trilogy" the popular and brilliant Sega arcade game coin-op from 1998! Played via emulation on PC.**** MOST OF THE AUDIO HAS BEEN MUTED BY YOUTUBE DUE TO COPYRIGHT CLAIMS - I'M SO SORRY ****PLEASE READ -* This isn't actually MAME I'm playing this on, but in fact the new "Supermodel" emulator ("A Sega Model 3 Arcade Emulator") which more accurately emulates the arcade game than MAME currently does. You can get it here -* The game still has *graphical glitches*, most apparent on the Endor stage, the final death star run and sadly the lightsabre duels. However as you can see it's still very playable! Sound quality isn't brilliant, and not a recordingcompression issue - it is as it sounds when you play.* I'm no expert on this game, I spent a lot of time in the arcades playing this one years ago and after a few games this evening I decided to record this attempt. I used one continue on the final stage, but I have in the past done it many times on one credit. Plus many more 'secrets' to be found...* I'm not sure what difficulty this is set as, I think probably either easy or medium.* "Where can I get the ROM?" I will not link you here, but it is easily found by using Google (hint "supermodel full rom set")* Sorry this is not 1080p HQ - when the graphical glitches are eventually fixed I will do a new longplay in HQ.Anyway ... I love this game!! Enjoy!(c) Sega Lucas Arts 1998 http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiStar_Wars_Trilogy_Arcade

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I posted this video in order to make us remember, that in this era of mediocre Star Wars movie and video game garbage, there was a time, not too long ago, when devellopers would take everything that was great and iconic about a movie franchise, like Star Wars, and threw it all in one great and powerful game. It also shows that, what still works best about this game, is that it portrays all these most iconic scenes from the old trilogy. Even today its still a short but fun and thrilling roller coaster ride from beginning to the end. This is still one of my favorite arcade of all time to this day, along with Star wars atari 1983. Sadly this game was never ported to any console or PC. So the only way to play this today is through emulation. So here it is enjoy ! - Star wars trilogy arcade perfectly emulated (almost) on supermodel3 version r614 with only minor sound issues. Again «almost» perfect playthrought of the game, on easy with twin triggers enabled, running with the new3dengine = 1 option manually entered in the .ini file, so you now see the endor moon in space on the death star II level at the end. Enjoy !
2,086 views | Jul 08, 2017
game | Arcade Longplay 117 The Simpsons Arcade Game

Arcade Longplay 117 The Simpsons Arcade Game Played By: RickyC Found out about this game and just wanted to run through it. A die a million times but wasn't a terrible game. Opponents don't stun as much as I would like and some things in it don't make sense comparing it to the cartoon though.
4,837 views | Nov 30, 2009
game | AMSTRAD CPC Total Eclipse Longplay Review

AMSTRAD CPC Total Eclipse Longplay Review

Longplay and review for "TOTAL ECLIPSE" on the Amstrad CPC!In Total Eclipse we're exploring a fully 3D world inside an ancient Egyptian pyramid - this 1st person perspective game is built on the "Freescape" engine arguably the first ever proprietary 3D game engine... and it was all originally developed on an Amstrad CPC 6128!! Let's just take that in for a minute .... the first ever true 3D game engine was made on the AMSTRAD!! WOW! Yes it may move slowly but this is highly impressive stuff for the time!Can we defeat the traps, mummys and puzzles inside the pyramid before a total eclipse occurs? If not then the sun god Re's curse of the moon exploding killing all life on earth will happen! OH MUMMY!(c) Incentive 1988 http:cpc-power.comindex.php?page=detail&num=2268 https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiTotal_Eclipse_(1988_video_game) https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiFreescape****** Enjoying the video and my channel? Only if you want to, but you can send me a tip and donation on the following link which will be very much appreciated! - https:streamlabs.comxyphoe ******Facebook ▶ https:www.facebook.comxyphoe Twitter ▶ https:twitter.comxyphoe Patreon ▶ https:www.patreon.comxyphoe Tips & Donations ▶ https:streamlabs.comxyphoe Twitch ▶ https:www.twitch.tvxyphoe Discord ▶ https:discord.ggDGZ6NAThank you to my Patreons -Akuyou (KeithS) Amstraddler Borilla Chris Mcgilvray Chris Weatherley (Novabug) Craig Harrison Crazy_Borg Darren Connor David Lawton Glen Lowder GreyBot Growing perspective Kazumi Mark Buffone (TheBuff1) Mark Honeyborne Mike Smith Murray Robertson Oxo Good Patrick Furlong Paul Barrick Paul Owen Paul Walker Retrosheep (AlanB) Richard Parnell Simon O. (flibblesan) Steven Foster TheVideoFiend Thomas scoffham Waldon NewmanBackground music featured - "Turning Point" by "24:7" -
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Star Tours The Adventures Continue The Ultimate Experience

Here's all destinations and pre-show videos, courtesy of Martin Smith. This video is not mine, I just uploaded it for your enjoyment. Enjoy!
1,235 views | Mar 02, 2012
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PS3 Longplay 028 Outrun Online Arcade

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by MadMattyOutrun Online Arcade is pretty much just a cutdownversion of Outrun2SP with Online leaderboards. I dont care for the online aspect of the game, but i think its the only ps3 native outrun game.Its been a long time since ive played this and the controls a very sensitive and twitchy so took a few goes to even stay on the road lol. The video shows a run through of all 15 tracks using the 15 cource mode.More of a bonus addition is the Heart attack mode. Not a great run as I take the wrong track at the end possably due to loss of concentration and that messes me up as I wasnt ready for what was shown. I've never managed to Get AAA score, only AAB. very frustrating ;)19:00 Heart Attack modeAll in all, its a good game (which isnt available anymore) but I would have liked a full outrun game with unlocks, full jukebox and stuff like coast to coast.
1,169 views | Sep 12, 2012
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SNES Longplay Super Star Wars

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: Tsunao'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...'One of few(?) video games based on movies that was done right, especially a SNES game.Re-telling or something of Episode IV, where a farmer boy gets a laser sword, meets a furry, some dude, and some chick (who he doesn't know is his sister.) Mode 7 is involved. The game is known for the ball-busting difficulty. I just realized this game feels arcade-y (while playing The Empire Strikes Back).Game is play on Brave (normal) difficulty with little to no secrets found (read a FAQ and found out late. -_-) Han is used twice, Chewie used once, and Luke a bunch of times. Plasma is spammed throughout the game because it is really powerful (dunno if Rapid Ion would be better.) I REALLY stink at this game.
4,503 views | Sep 24, 2011

game | Arcade Longplay 140 Aliens

Arcade Longplay 140 Aliens Played By: ScHlAuChi
4,171 views | May 14, 2010
game | My top Arcade Games 80 S 90 S

My top Arcade Games 80 S 90 S

Alcuni dei miei titoli preferiti dell'epoca d'oro dei videogiochi da bar, quando con appena 1000 lire potevi passare delle ore divertenti e spensierate con gli amichetti nelle sale giochi o nel baretto vicino casa.
2,679 views | Aug 25, 2013
game | Star Wars Episode 1 Racer for PC Boonta Eve Classic

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer for PC Boonta Eve Classic

Done with default parts (read no upgrades). I am using an old Logitech Dual Analog for controls. It gets buggy unless I disable force feedback completely (something the manual warns users to do when the input device doesn't support it). Uses XP white screen fix and old video card to avoid black screen in 3d which newer ATI cards have (hardware doesn't support 16-bit DX6 calls).Update: For those that insist on running this game on newer hardware that ends up with black or white screen problem where 3d is not displayed there is a fix that addresses the z-buffer issue. Go here: http:www.vogons.orgviewtopic.php?t=39154&p=359689#p420468
1,432 views | Aug 16, 2009

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Punch Out Super Punch Out 1984 Nintendo

New Punch-Out Video: https:youtu.be9XnRDV-xIPoNew Super Punch-Out Video: https:youtu.beUKbU4qtMN80A sportsboxing game where you play a role of green-haired boxer, who must fight his way through six increasingly larger-than-life boxers to earn the title of 'Champ' in this superb 1-on-1 fighting game. You must must time their punches, dodges and blocks in order to defeat the opposing boxer. Opponents are each rendered as humorous cartoon-like caricatures - adding much to the game's atmosphere - and each boxer fights in a slightly different style, forcing players to adapt to their strategy. The top monitor is used for statistics while the bottom one is used to display the actual fight.Super Punch Out is a slight update of Punch Out. 5 brand new larger-than-life opponents. You play a green-haired boxer who must fight his way up through five larger-than-life boxers to earn the title of 'Champ'. Punches, dodges and blocks must all be well-timed in order to defeat the opposing boxer. This game is considered an improvement over the first game. The rom for the games seem to have bugs. The game freezes while in the middle playing the game so I have no choice to use cheats towards the end of the game.
1,232 views | Apr 29, 2011
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PC Engine Longplay 003 Daimakaimura Played By: T-0815 Info: Daimakaimura (Ghouls ´n Ghosts) is a real Super Grafx game. 2nd turn starts at 17:30
2,931 views | Aug 02, 2009
game | NES Longplay 043 Mike Tyson s Punch Out

NES Longplay 043 Mike Tyson s Punch Out Played By: BimmyLee83 Classic boxing game which pits up-and-coming boxer Little Mac (you) against a colorful assortment of opponents, each one bizarre in his own unique way. Work your way through the ranks until you reach Ears-Is-Tasty himself (or Mr. Dream depending on your version). Learning fighter patterns and good timing are of the essence here, as each boxer has his own "special" move, usually coming in the form of wind-up punches, punch flurries or charge attacks which you can counter with a well-timed jab. One of the most memorable and overall excellent games of the NES era.
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Arcade Longplay 121 Dungeons Dragons Tower of Doom Played By: ScHlAuChi
4,110 views | Dec 11, 2009
game | Arcade Longplay 115 Ghosts´n´Goblins

Arcade Longplay 115 Ghosts´n´Goblins Played By: MontyMole The weapons are completely random, which is why i enver got a knife. But i was quite lucky with the magical weapon, without it the game is not beatable. You can alos download a DivX version at http:www.archive.orgdetailsLongplay-GhostsNGoblins_Arcade "
3,820 views | Nov 23, 2009
game | Star Wars Trilogy 1CC Arcade PCB

Star Wars Trilogy 1CC Arcade PCB

One credit clear in Star Wars Trilogy, this is a actual hardware Sega Model 3.
4,199 views | Mar 20, 2015

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