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Arcade Stick Build

From - Posted: May 15, 2010 - 39,647 viewsGame | Arcade Stick Build | Arcade Stick Build
Arcade Stick Build
Arcade Stick Build
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Sorry I wasnt planning on a build video so I didnt take much content. But this should give you an idea of how the build is going with my new arcade stand. The leather finish is only temporary. I do plan on getting custom art done for the sides and top. more to come. Last stick build X-23 http:shoryuken.comforumindex.php?threadskasucodes-custom-arcade-sticks.119288page-3

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Just some custom sticks I built for a of couple friends, my brother and I. These are not done. The first batch was a test. The second set was a finalized version. These are supposed to have an old school American arcade cabinet feel to them. Now in days its all about Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons and Joysticks, meh. I'm old, I like the bat joystick and concave buttons better. The first batch was painted while the second batch will be stained black instead. Both will have a matte clear finish. The artwork is still in the works. I also have to add the sheet of neoprene that will act as padding and a damper for the stick. My buttons haven't arrived yet either. I do however have the paewang PCB's that work with 360, PS3 and PC. After I have 1 complete stick I will post another video to showcase it. I am also going to be starting a MK arcade stick with the MK CP layout. This will also use Happ parts. These took 5 days to build and work out all the kinks. I have it down packed now. Can't wait to build my MK ones, those are going to be crazy. Thanks for watching. Thanks to my brother for helping and to my boy gammageek who funded the project.
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Lego Joystick for the win! This was made out from one of my crazy ideas. I'm currently using myself as a human test subject... So far, the knobs on the bricks are giving me extra firm grip so that my left hand doesn't slip away... I hope I don't suffer any blister tho. LOLSpecial thanks goes to Uncle G for helping me a lot on this project. =)2nd Day Update: Still no blister~ But my wrist area is kinda red with mild sore... I guess it was the way I rest my left hand and it should take a while to get my hands conditioned to the rugged surface.3rd Day update: Ok, my left wrist is having a tiny puny blister which is about 1 mm in diameter. I guess it would be wise to wear a wrist band or resting my palm instead of my wrist on the surface- Specs - Stick = Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Joystick (Square Gate) Ball Top = Seimitsu LB-39 Bubble Top, White Buttons = Sanwa OBSN-30 & 24 PCB = Cthulhu PCPS3 Board Weight = approx 1 kg Dimension = approx 320mm x 255mm x 60mm Number of Lego bricks use = approx 520 piecesFAQ: Q: Does it work? A: Yes! Just like any modded joystick. But it only works with PS3 and PC tho.Q: Did you dropped it? A: Yup, it broke into a couple of parts but fixing back wasn't too bad. And it still works just as good as new. =)Q: Will it blend? A: I'm not putting it near any blender, so the answer is NO. =PQ: Did you use glue or screws? A: No glue were used. Screws was used for securing the joystick and the wiring at the PCB.
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In this episode of Raw Video Game Play Michael designs an Xbox 360 arcade stick from scratch made from a regular Xbox 360 controller,plexie glass and Sanwa parts. This is a must see episode. Corey also get's in dept with the Playstation 3 exclusive game Infamous and gives us hit take on this new and hot title. Mike and Corey also talk about Gunners Heaven for the PS1 and Laugh there asses off about GameStop in the 14 Street union Sq area being temporarily closed because of a bee infestation. That and more on this weeks episode of Raw Game Play. To see this episode and other show you may have missed visit
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I take you through me making of a pcps3 arcade stick that i make from scratch. It will soon be compatible with ps2, wii gamecube, xbox 360 and SNES. Parts List: Toodles Cthulhu for Multi-Console Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Joystick LL 22 AWG Stranded Wire, Black (8 feet) Sanwa OBSN-24, 24mm Pushbuttons (x3) LL Quick Connect, .110" Insulated (x18) Sanwa LB-35 Ball Top, Green Sanwa OBSN-30, 30mm Pushbuttons (x6)
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Here's a DIY joystick we made with custom ordered artwork by Montoia. White gloss exterior, with a vibrant red interior. RJ-45 plug in the back via custom order request.Music by Daft Punk.
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