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ArchAngel Arcade Big! 42 LCD Hyperspin Awesome!!

From - Posted: Apr 06, 2011 - 126,677 viewsGame | ArchAngel Arcade Big! 42 LCD Hyperspin Awesome!! | ArchAngel Arcade Big! 42 LCD Hyperspin Awesome!!
ArchAngel Arcade Big! 42 LCD Hyperspin Awesome!!
ArchAngel Arcade Big! 42 LCD Hyperspin Awesome!!
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(Source: for arcade graphics.I built a large 4 player arcade machine for my tattoo shop I am opening. I also own a vinyl graphics company so I of course threw on the crazy tattoo graphics. This arcade has a custom built computer that has one contest and its time to retire into here. I do graphics for Nvidia, ASUS, Crucial, and more so I put their logos on it as well. Arcade cabinet has a 42" LCD, 3" trackball, 4 player controls, and the computer is completely watercooled by dangerden and koolance products.Go here for the build on forums. http:www.hyperspin-fe.comforumshowthread.php?t=12476or http:www.evga.comforumstm.aspx?&m=944339&mpage=1

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This is short video showing how I went about building a custom Hyperspin arcade cabinet. This is not a tutorial but a recap of sorts.UPDATED version of my other video * fixed audio *added links to filesI am no expert at sketchup or photoshop, as a result these files are not perfect but I believe they can be of much help in your own build. In this link you will be able to view and download the following:* 4 pages in PDF detailing measurements. (slightly different shape under controll panel from final build)*Editable photoshop files for Marquee and control panel. control panel dimensions are to exact scale for standard buttons.*Google Schetchup file
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