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Armin Arlert Shingeki no Kyojin UPDATED

From - Posted: Sep 16, 2013 - 719 viewsGame | Armin Arlert Shingeki no Kyojin UPDATED | Armin Arlert Shingeki no Kyojin UPDATED
Armin Arlert Shingeki no Kyojin UPDATED
Armin Arlert Shingeki no Kyojin UPDATED
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Song EMA (Shingeki No Kyojin) By Hiroyuki Sawano Game by Feng LeeArmin is about the same as Mikasa in this update beside having a non attack type special. Yes in the beginning I continuously attacked the dead kyojin because I was really mad at them 3:

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"THE BEST LOVE STORY IS FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE MOST UNEXPECTED PERSON" SPOILEEEEEEEEEEEEEERSSSSSSSS!!!!! I warned ya! Okay..I reuploaded this because I wanted it available on mobile.. lawls.. Anywaaaays...I don't usually do emotional I hope this thing is okay..I just wanted to edit with this song so badly and I think it would suit this couple..I love Eren and Mikasa because they've been through a LOT..and even though they consider each other as family I still want them together. It is hinted that Mikasa has feelings for Eren (especially at the special).. Although I also ship Eren x Levi -shot- haha..what would you expect? and for some reason I also ship Mikasa x Levi..cause even though they're a crack pairing I think they'd be badass together..Seriously..they're both awesome and I've seen quite some cute fanarts XD my SnK shippings would go either way Eren x Mikasa x Levi ..ohohoh..forgive my fangirl fantasies X'D... This video is kind of vent-ish ne? I've been editing too much emotional stuff..I'll edit something happy soon I's just that the songs I've been listening to lately are really emo-ish..( I'm in love ;; lol I dunno if it's good news or bad news though ) haha XD ... PLEASE READ THIS PEEPS IF YOU HAVE THE TIME... IT WOULD MEAN A LOT TO ME... AND IF YOU HAVE A WATTPAD ACCOUNT... FOLLOW ME... :) http:www.wattpad.comuser_BEAtriz_ http:www.wattpad.com38939089-she%27s-so-perfect-for-me-completed-prologue ... Anyways I'll be more active soon..I promise..
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Mikasa Ackerman Shingeki No Kyojin UPDATED

songs: Guren No Yumiya DOA Both by Hiroyuki Sawano (I hope I remember correctly let me know if I am wrong).GOD DAMN THIS UPDATE IS HELLA HARD took me 1 hour to get this decent game -.- Anyways enjoy the game is created and updated by Feng Lee so try the game out :D I will do Levi and Armin sometime tomorrow for now WoT time!
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Armin Arlert Shingeki No Kyojin game plus music

I do NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO all right belong to respective owners music and the Shingeki no Kyojin title are not mine this video was uploaded for entertainment only.Armin's non existent special ability makes him more difficult to use then Levi or Mikasa in effect you need to be very careful of each target and be even more aware of your surroundings.In this update the 3dmg is vastly different and now requires alot of skill to use also gravity is involved making it much harder as well and titans annoyingly push each other all over the place.
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Honors: Akai con 2013 - Best Comedy PLEASE READ! THANKS FOR 1700+ SUBS! All songs will be listed at the end of the description. IS MY OTP SHOWING?! LOL Man, finally done! After my computer crashed and being computer-less for almost 2 weeks (HOW DID I SURVIVE?!) some of the things I did got deleted, so I had to redo a alot of it x.x and yes a few of these where Tumblr Inspired. LOL I noticed there's a lack of Levi in it, my bad o-o' but Levi needs a break from all the Tide drama xDFollow me on Tumblr: watch out though, I sometimes re-blog manga spoilers. Anime used: Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), and OreimoSongs Listed in order: The Campfire Song Song - Sponge bob A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton DJ Gargle Remix Song Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are Banana Song (I'm A Banana) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme White Chicks Movie Fort Minor - Where'd You Go Spoon Song Mall Cannonball (Elton Castee) (Vine) Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are THE LAST AMNESIA STORY! - Amnesia_ Mental Memorial - Part 1 (Pewdiepie) Fabulous - Ashley Tisdale PSY - GANGNAM STYLE Elmo And Patsy - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer Sonic X Opening (English) The Beatles-Yesterday OH YEAH-FERRIS BUELLER The BEST Vine Compilation! [NEW Vines September 2013 - Week 13]‬ Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal ( and also smosh saying shut up) I Like It Like That - Hot Chelle Rae feat. New Boyz BEST VINES of August (121 Vines!) (The Best Vine Compilation) (2013) BEST VINES of August (121 Vines!) (The Best Vine Compilation) (2013) Gunther Levi Oh, you touch my Tra la la Jean dasiy dukes from Tumblr: http:randomjunk98.tumblr.compost59573740541 Alphabet Castle Song - The Nose Song THE LAST AMNESIA STORY! - Amnesia_ Mental Memorial - Part 1 (Pewdiepie) The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars Ravioli ravioli, give me the formuoli BEST VINES of August (121 Vines!) (The Best Vine Compilation) (2013) CAZZETTE - Beam Me UpAll rights go to their respective owners! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Mikasa vs The Female Titan Ep 24 Part 2 3 Shingeki no Kyojin Best Anim...

Subscribe for more anime fights!Spoilers might occur in the comment section, please avoid revealing story information that has yet to happen in the anime. Show respectMikasa & Scouting Legion vs The Female TitanPart 23 | Not AMV | Full Fight | Japanese Dub | HD (English Subtitles coming soon)Anime: Shingeki No Kyojin Episode: 24 Mercy, Raid on Stohess District (2)Ranked as one of the best anime fight scenes by HDAnimefights: Choreography: 55 Animation: 44 Strategy & Tactics: 23 Intensity: 22 Sound & Music: 11Total: 1415
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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo OP「Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita」Full

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo ( さくら荘のペットな彼女 ) OPOpening "Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita (君が夢を連れてきた)" by Pet na Kanojotachi
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Attack on titan E.M.A Extended

Versión Extendida.
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Beating Attack On Titan Game 1st time Corporal Levi Gameplay

Hello all, I beat the attack on titan game for the first time using Corporal Levi. I hope you enjoy!Btw, the music is an OST from attack on titan, called "reluctant heroes".
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Sasuke Itachi AMV Enemies

I have to do a premise...I apologize to all of you for the mirror effect in the video, this is because I have just uploaded this AMV before (I put all my videos long before you see them but they are set as "private") and I had a lot of problems with copyright (TV TOKYO for example) and I didn't know why!!! I am always careful to obscure and hide the logos or references to television channel or to use songs without copyright but I had this hitch so I apologize again. But now I want that you have fun with this AMV so enjoy it! Song: Hans Zimmer - Time (Instrumental Core Remix) Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Anime: Naruto ShippudenFacebook Page https:www.facebook.comfoxamv?ref=hl
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Source: Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) eps. 6I do not own Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Attack On Titan is owned by Hajime Isayama, Production I.G and FUNimation.Watch Attack On Titan through the following links: http:www.crunchyroll.comattack-on-titan http:www.funimation.comattack-on-titan http:www.hulu.comattack-on-titan
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Follow me on twitter : https:twitter.comRyuujiAndroid Ask me: http:ask.fmRyuujipalabrastontasURL GAME:
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