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Bad Piggies CRAZY Inventions!!

From - Posted: May 31, 2013 - 2,022,605 viewsGame | Bad Piggies CRAZY Inventions!! | Bad Piggies CRAZY Inventions!!
Bad Piggies CRAZY Inventions!!
Bad Piggies CRAZY Inventions!!
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Hey everybody Sloth is back! King Pig just wasn't entertained by his Silly inventions so he's kicked it up a notch!See if he can impress him this time! Oink!Superbike! 0:00This can only end one way! 0:26Rocket Runner! 0:58Stairway to Heaven! 1:45Tank! 2:17Just Piggied/Married! 2:59Golf! 3:33Rock a bye Piggy! 4:24Thanks for watching and remember to Rate and Subscribe! Oink!Oh and while you're at it bad piggies, head on over to Rovio's channel and subscribe to them, you never know they might give something more to us loyal fans that adore this game ;) Like submarines and boats in bad piggies hehe

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Happy 300 Like of Piggy Contraptions! And to repay for all your suppork and hogcontrapting, we present the video! Also stay tuned on our page for more surprises later on after this video, hint: it involves a new comic episode, and a new cover photo!This Bacon Party introduces the types of rockets in the Angry Birds Toons episode "Crash Test Piggies," take a look at our page for each rocket's names, especially the most powerful one, the Mega Bacon Ship a.k.a Flying Hoginator 3000.
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