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Baixar Cadastrar e Instalar o Crossfire Brasil

From - Posted: Aug 18, 2013 - 372 viewsGame | Baixar Cadastrar e Instalar o Crossfire Brasil | Baixar Cadastrar e Instalar o Crossfire Brasil
Baixar Cadastrar e Instalar o Crossfire Brasil
Baixar Cadastrar e Instalar o Crossfire Brasil
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Onde baixar e como cadastrar e instalar o Crossfire. Mais info em: Site Oficial:

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ft. RonBWL and Simrock (ItsDamageInc)The newest ZM installment in CF China, just released on test server yesterday night. In my opinion, this map is one of the toughest, if not THE toughest aside from EMD Lab Hard difficulty - it's almost impossible to beat without Revive Tokens, and should not be attempted if you are not ZM Hardcore fans (Shirunai already blew it off; I know he just prefers normal mode, but that guy won't listen to reasoning anyway).Regardless, God's Arena differs itself from other maps that it's strictly Boss Battle only - you must defeat a total of FIVE bosses to win this map (plus one bonus round). A new feature allows players to vote for which boss to fight next (The small menu before each battle), if no votes are given, bosses will go on predefined order.Boss-by-boss comment:Mincer (#1): Remind me of Predator Core, except this guy is now much more deadly, especially his rage attack which is impossible to avoidScorpion King (#2): Not much of a threat if you keep distance and avoid toxic wastes he leaves behind. The only problem here is he can regen health with his skill, making the fight a bit longer.Phoenix (#3): Combination of Atlas and Blaze, this guy flies around and attack with missiles and fire breath. Despite being (supposedly) last boss, he is easy.Steel Butcher (#4): Upgraded Crazy Titan, this guy now launches bomb toward designated zones while charging other players with full speed.Mysterious Dolls (Bonus Round): Now takes the form of JTF chibi with money bags on their back, your goal, as usual, is to kill them all before timer runs out.Assassin Queen (#5): Quite original with some unique attacks, she is very annoying to fight due to her speed, high HP and partial invisibility skill.I tried to show a bit about the newest shotgun NS2000 at first battle; the rest was done with KAC Chainsaw Red Taping.This run progresses quite smooth, in fact I only spiked once during Scorpion fight. Unfortunately for Simrock, he encountered a crash and dced near the very end so I guess he couldn't keep the record. Let's hope that he can catch a new room later :D
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