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Banned from Equestria Daily Alpha 1.5 TEASER

From - Posted: Feb 20, 2013 - 201,523 viewsGame | Banned from Equestria Daily Alpha 1.5 TEASER | Banned from Equestria Daily Alpha 1.5 TEASER
Banned from Equestria Daily Alpha 1.5 TEASER
Banned from Equestria Daily Alpha 1.5 TEASER
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i love to tease you guys IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN~

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DERPYDASH timelapse

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Download for the Big Brian model: http:garysmodx.deviantart.comartBig-Brian-from-Banned-From-Equestria-DOWNLOAD-445502690?ga_submit_new=10%253A1396770208&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1YES! I HAVE RETURNED WITH A BRAND NEW VIDEO THAT I CAN SAFELY SAY THAT I AM PROUD OF!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I doFunfact: This is the VERY first gmod video to EVER feature Big Brian the red pony from Banned From Equestria! :DAnother Funfact: The pain that has been inflicted on Brian has absolutely NO intention on anything but being humorous.The voice of Fluttershy is from the talented and OH SO LOVELY IMShadow007: voice of Brian and Big Macintosh were from ME!Wanna see a fanfic based on this video? CLICK HERE!: http:www.fimfiction.netstory190844spin-the-bottle#new_comment
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Pokehidden's Igloo: http:pokehidden.tumblr.comFluttershy Dialogue at 2:44Since I stumble around a bit in the video, I'll explain what I said down here. I cut out the sex scenes because you can play the game yourselves, I just show you how to getunlock them.I'll be doing the MLP dating sim next, because not many people do these kinda games and they get me tons a' views. (Just because I'm being honest doesn't mean you should freak out).If I forgot anything tell me and I'll probably make a video on what I forgot to show.Leave a like, comment, and even subscribe if ya feel like it. This isn't my best work for obvious reasons, so the quality of my videos will probably increase as time goes on.
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Requested By NitroDash, Pinkamena Diane Pie, & Coolj
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The "Cupcakes" animation done by MisterDavie. **The song used in this vid is "Ready to Die" by Andrew W.K. I do not own the rights for it.
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