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Banned from Equestria Daily Alpha 1.5 TEASER

From - Posted: Feb 20, 2013 - 175,243 viewsGame | Banned from Equestria Daily Alpha 1.5 TEASER | Banned from Equestria Daily Alpha 1.5 TEASER
Banned from Equestria Daily Alpha 1.5 TEASER
Banned from Equestria Daily Alpha 1.5 TEASER
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i love to tease you guys IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN~

Like to get lastest games everyday!
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Download for the Big Brian model: http:garysmodx.deviantart.comartBig-Brian-from-Banned-From-Equestria-DOWNLOAD-445502690?ga_submit_new=10%253A1396770208&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1YES! I HAVE RETURNED WITH A BRAND NEW VIDEO THAT I CAN SAFELY SAY THAT I AM PROUD OF!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I doFunfact: This is the VERY first gmod video to EVER feature Big Brian the red pony from Banned From Equestria! :DAnother Funfact: The pain that has been inflicted on Brian has absolutely NO intention on anything but being humorous.The voice of Fluttershy is from the talented and OH SO LOVELY IMShadow007: voice of Brian and Big Macintosh were from ME!
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IMPORTANT UPDATE:Credits for the game go to Pokéhidden. I've got his permission. Claudia Smoles is my own character.I was planning on telling all of you this in a video, but I'm not, so.. Here's the deal.. it's been half a year since I released this peek and part 1. I haven't been working on more than a piece of part 2 and some answers to questions. I had lost my ambition for this parody completely.. so I'm here to bring you the sad news that..I'm working on the parody again :D (which might still be bad news, because of porn) since I gained a LOT of subscribers and saw tons of people who are interested, I am going to swipe off the password on the blog and make it free-for-all! (to be honest, I first put the damn thing on there just to make sure no family and friends would find this out, but I actually think the chance they care is at minimum..)So part 2 is in progress and what you might also find interesting, is that this story will be able to be told by you. That meaning that you will be able to click on Red's answers just like in the game, and this will link you to different possibilities. Fun, right? There won't always be an option for this, since it generates 2 different timelines every time I do this. But on the other ha.. hoof, some of them stop earlier than the other.And after this whole story, here is the link to the password-free blog: http:redxmeclaudiasmoles.tumblr.comThank you for all of your support!You can only get see the rest when you go here. At the moment, the story is INCOMPLETE and the end is TBA.
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Apparently I missed this during my actual guide and somebody told me how to do it, so here it is.
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EDIT: HOLY CRAP! 1 MILLION VIEWS! I THOUGHT I DIE BEFORE ANY VIDEOS OF MINE GET THIS MANY VIEWS! The Trailers: The Tumblr dubbings nobody wants but exists. Sucks to be you. Most of the great ruler's dubbed to her 34th installment as drawn out by DA's *johnjoseco.
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**WARNING** SOME MILD EXPLICIT SCENES IN THIS VIDEO FOR 18+ AUDIENCES, IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THAT, PLEASE EXIT NOW!The amount of salt thrown at me...It burnsPlease like, comment, subscribe if you want, it helps a lot! If you did, thank you!LINKS: NateTalksToYou video: http:e621.netpostshow2284482012-animated-blush-derpy_hooves_-mlp-equine-fake-I don't even know the actual title of this game, nor Fluttershy's consent for that matter...===Want a discount from Kontrol Freeks? Click this link here, and enter "Ratchet" for the code if asked :) www.kontrolfreek.comdefault.asp?aff=5798 ===Steam Group! http:steamcommunity.comgroupsratchetnessbolts ===Twitter!ratchetness93
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Why am I doing this? To show you that I am in fact, scared to death of this game, but hey, embrace your fears, and squeeze it until it's spine snaps in half, you know what i mean? I don't. By the way, the framerate's pretty good on this.
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How To Get The Happy Ending In BFE D Without Rainbow Dash

Easy way to beat banned from equestria (daily). Fuck you rainbow dash! haha
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+READ+ WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH THAT BIG MAC? Please like, comment, subscribe if you want, it helps a lot! If you did, thank you! *WARNING* THE CONTENT PROVIDED CONTAINS, ALTHOUGH CENSORED, SOME IMPLICIT AND EXPLICIT CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR MANY UNDER 18! LEAVE NOW IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO PROCEED. How do you lower the audio in this game? As you can hear, it is pretty loud, can't hear myself -_- so I ADVISE to use headphones, sorry.To continue off from my let's play of Banned From Equestria, I added parts (5,6,etc) rather than a full reboot, since this is still 1.4. Thanks EVERYONE for watching! This is my let's play of Banned From Equestria(Daily) with live commentary with facecam. This game was made by Pokehidden, check his Tumblr out here: a discount from Kontrol Freeks? Click this link here, and enter "Ratchet" for the code if asked :) www.kontrolfreek.comdefault.asp?aff=5798
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You fuckers never give up, huh? So basically I got so many requests to do this that I actually physically can not ignore it, and I figure since I may have limited time due to all these strikes being thrown around that it's now or never.Red 4:20: "And the Lord cummeth inside Rainbow Dash."Music: Wallpaper - Kevin MacLeod In game music. (No info on it.)Follow me on DeviantART! http:xsoundspeedx.deviantart.comOr join my Steam group for community playdates! http:steamcommunity.comgroupssoundspeedgaming
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Rainbow Dash Presents Bittersweet

The original story can be found here: http:www.equestriadaily.com201103story-bittersweet.htmlCheck out more stuff from us at: http:www.dawnsomewhere.comYou can also support us through Patreon: http:www.patreon.comDawnSomewhereAfter roughly nine months, Rainbow Dash Presents finally returns with a parody of Bittersweet!The episode came out pretty well, but it's probably the most largely trimmed episode in terms of planned content compared to what we wound up doing. The final script came to about half its original size, and we lost a few elements that are only barely hinted at now. Dinky, for example, was planned to be a minor antagonist to Applebloom, and the CMC had their own arc with a conflict and resolution.Such are the results of trying to tackle a multi-part fic, unfortunately! It's why we lost a lot of elements in our episode of Haunting Nightmare, including an important character. Likewise, we were going to explore the personal failings of each character in this episode, but just didn't have the time, so Rarity and Twilight wound up getting everything shuffled aside!That said, for our finale series, we're planning on giving each character their own episode where they'll serve as the main character. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go down some missed avenues, all the while skewering some of the major hilarities of Equestria Girls.
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