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game | Battlefield 4 Premium PS4

Battlefield 4 Premium PS4

BF4 Sniping tips: purchased BF Premium for the Playstation 4 since I wasn't able to transfer over my membership from Xbox. You do unlock all of the map packs, and it provides you with regular boosts and in game content! If you do the math, you end up receiving one map pack for free by purchasing Premium, plus dog tags and other unlocks.
4,259 views | Feb 23, 2014
game | Is Battlefield 4 Premium Worth Buying?

Is Battlefield 4 Premium Worth Buying?

Going over 3 extremely important factors in deciding whether or not to buy Premium for Battlefield 4.Intro sounds taken from Battlefield 3 gameplay
2,058 views | Dec 03, 2013
game | HOW TO UNLOCK THE PHANTOM BOW FREE! Battlefield 4 Tutorial Without Premium

HOW TO UNLOCK THE PHANTOM BOW FREE! Battlefield 4 Tutorial Without Pre...

Welcome to my guide on how to unlock the phantom bow for free everyone! This is no way a glitch, or cheating. It's perfectly free to anyone as well! If this video helps, remember to like and subscribe! Cinch Gaming Sponsorship Code: 'WFL' For 5% off!WrecksForLife
2,052 views | May 18, 2016

game | PS3 TuT How To Get Battlefield 4 Premium 4Free 1.20 CFW ONLY

PS3 TuT How To Get Battlefield 4 Premium 4Free 1.20 CFW ONLY

↓ READ DESCRIPTION ↓✔Pls Help me to get 3000 subscriber 1.Like the video 2.Subscribe my channel 3.Share the videoTS:IP SinceMoDz Ts³DEUTSCH:► Unterstütze meinen Kanal mit einem Abo und einem Like :D► In diesem Video zeige ich euch Wie ihr BO1 GSC MOD MENUS Injected und benutzt► Download http:bit.ly28Jsxrf►► UNLOCK ALL (lasse dein Spielecharakter modden) RECOVERY SERVICE ► Du brauchst eine gejailbreakte PS3 um den mod zu benutzen.► Bitte frage nicht nach Geld oder RP in den Kommentaren. ________________________________________­­­_______________ENGLISH:► Hello guys, please support my channel by clicking the Subscribe and Like button!► This is a video showing a new Mod Menu for GTA 5 Online!► Download http:bit.ly28Jsxrf►► Purchase a modded account here! RECOVERY SERVICE ► A Jailbroken PS3 is required in order for you to use this mod.► Please do not ask for money or rank!________________________________________­­­_______________►►If your not talking to me on one of these contacts your getting scammed:PSN: OutSideMoDz_YT ________________________________________­­­_______________► Intro Banner Logo Etc By Raysicz Designs ♥ http:adf.ly1YvT1y________________________________________­­­_______________ Ihr Braucht Controller Modding Reperatur oder sonstiges? schaut dann bei meinem Freund FameController Vorbei~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Klick Here http:bit.ly1UEu95e ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~► Schaut Vorbei!!! Raysicz Designs http:adf.ly1YvT1y SinceMoDz http:adf.ly1YvTZX M4vixMoDz http:adf.ly1ZCgrn ReccrosZockt http:adf.ly1YdTvz VamonozZ http:adf.ly1Ycf8L AsuraMoDz http:adf.ly1ZSpaE ArzectFX http:bit.ly1S3RuHt ________________________________________­­­_______________►Activision, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sony, Rockstar & Every Other Company Watching This Video Please Read ↓Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
1,164 views | Jun 20, 2016


----OPEN ME----DLC LINKS FOUND HERE: DLC BLUS31162:China Assault: Strike: Operations: Operations: BLES01832:Dragon's Teeth: Stand: http:www.solidfiles.comv5wzvrg7BvnyW2Source:http:radicalexploits.comindex.php?threadsbf4-dlc-ps3.9775
2,536 views | Nov 19, 2016
game | ► FREE DLC... AGAIN! Battlefield 4

► FREE DLC... AGAIN! Battlefield 4

All 5 paid DLCs for Battlefield 4 are free again! Pick them up while you can :D ► SUBSCRIBE: http:bit.lyWestieSub ► THUMB: Anatoli Pavlov - http:bit.lyAPavlov ► MUSIC: Battlefield Mariachi ThemeFree DLC Link: https:goo.glpd9vdCChina Rising video: https:youtu.beTYzixToZsCc Second Assault video: https:youtu.beaVOMRWGv78k Naval Strike video: https:youtu.beq33_XbQ20A8 Dragons Teeth video: https:youtu.be_H4P4Ox150E Final Stand video: https:youtu.bej74GHBDO58MConnect with me on other social sites:► TWITTER: http:bit.lyWestieTweet ► INSTAGRAM: http:bit.lyInstaWestie ► FACEBOOK: http:bit.lyWestieFB ► TWITCH: http:bit.lyWestieTwitch► My PC Specs: http:bit.lyWestiePCTheWestie4321 - Westie - MrProWestie======================================Well done for reaching the bottom of the description! :D
1,963 views | Sep 14, 2016

game | Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline FREE DLC

Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline FREE DLC

Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline DLC free Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline DLC free on PC, PlayStation, Xbox consoles The first batch is available from today through May 10 and includes: Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth and Hardline’s Robbery DLC.Over the next few months, more previously released expansion packs for both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline will be handed to anyone playing on Origin PC, PlayStation or Xbox consoles. New Community Missions will also be made available, allowing players to unlock Gold Battlepacks. These include XP boosts to help with leveling.Donations: Right Side (Support)'t forget to join gamerfuzion to Empower your Gaming!Follow us: Website: Twiiter: https:twitter.comgamerfuzion Facebook: http:www.facebook.comgamer.fuzion
4,901 views | May 03, 2016
game | FREE Battlefield 4 DLC!

FREE Battlefield 4 DLC!

Battlefield 4 DLC is free until Sept. 19! Link: http:bit.lyBF4freeDLC Or download EA Origin or search through the PS4 and XBOX stores to get them free for a limited time if you haven't seen this yet. Hope this helps some people out :) ● September giveaway http:bit.lySM64septGiveaway (new giveaway every month - check the latest videos)► Help me reach 1 MILLION subscribers: http:bit.lyStoneGoalThumbnail photo: https:twitter.comTolik_BF_Life► Uploadstream schedule: http:bit.lyStoneSchedule► YouTube sponsor: http:bit.lyStoneSponsor or direct support through http:bit.lySMDirectDonate . Support the channel, get a badge for livestreams, and access to Stone's Discord server "The Mountain" to chat, game, and hang out (similar to teamspeakskype) here: http:discord.ggstonemountain64► Follow on Facebook for more clips & highlights: Facebook: http:www.facebook.comStoneMountain64 Twitter: http:www.twitter.comStoneMountain64 Instagram: http:www.instagram.comStoneMountain64 Twitch: http:www.twitch.tvStoneMountain64► SwagMountain Store: https:shop.studio71us.comcollectionsstonemountain64★ World's Best Clip, gaming's best clips ever: http:bit.lyBestClipShow★ YOLO on the Battlefield, serious next level gaming: http:bit.lyYOLOBattlefield★ And we are LIVE, CoDcasting comedy: http:bit.lyAWALcasting► What do I use to make videos? Microphone http:amzn.to20zx7qW Mouse http:amzn.to20zxbqK Mousepad http:amzn.to1Xtyyr1 Keyboard http:amzn.to1Xty04b Monitor http:amzn.to20zxwtp Webcam http:amzn.to1PAe8tiStoneMountain64 is a gaming YouTuber uploading commentaries, YOLO comedy, casting, and top plays with new episodes every Monday 9am Pacifc. Stone is also one of the top YouTube livestreamers, with streams every Thursday 6:30pm featuring new games, updates, and interacting with chat. Games mainly featured are shooters including Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, and Black Ops 3, now including a variety of other games as well. Join the community of legends http:bit.lyStoneGoal.
1,544 views | Sep 16, 2016
game | TUTORIAL How to Use DLC Guns For Free Battlefield 4, Epic Moments!

TUTORIAL How to Use DLC Guns For Free Battlefield 4, Epic Moments!

Follow this tutorial and you'll life will change. ;)EA can no longer haunt us with evil DLC's.Even though the music will encourage you to buy 'PREMIUM' do not give don't need premium enough players have it already we can just get the guns from them :D #jointheDLCmovement
4,824 views | Sep 21, 2014

game | Battlefield 4 Premium Features Overview

Battlefield 4 Premium Features Overview

Battlefield Premium 2.0... Maybe? (Check-Out The Description Seriously) (Read The Description For More Information)So with BF4 you will receive:- Free access to all DLC and expansion packs - Exclusive Battlefield 4 weapons and items - Server queue priority in multiplayer - New Battlelog features - Exclusive Battlefield 4 awards (ribbons and medals) - Double XP weekends once a month or so - New Battlefield 4 dog tags, assignments, awards, etc. - Exclusive strategy guides and videos on Battlelog - Additional Battlefield 4 unlocks - New skins and camo's for all Battlefield 4 classes - Ability to reset your stats if you want a fresh startBattlefield 4 Premium offers plenty of extra features that are worth the price. Especially if you are looking to get DLC, Premium will give you free access to all DLC, which individually will cost around $15 a piece. Premium for BF3 included 5 expansion packs, and it's expected that Battlefield Premium will offer access to at least as many.So with all of this information do you think Battlefield 4 Premium is worth it. Comment bellow =)Upvote on Reddit: http:www.reddit.comrbattlefield_4comments1khokxbattlefield_4_premium------------------------------------Disclaimer----------------------------------­------------ This information about Battlefield is Alpha things may change from the Alpha to the Retail version everything is speculation of the current Alpha State of Battlefield 4 Premium DLC.Outro Music: Song- I Remember [Monstercat Release]Artist Name: Tristam Video Link: http:tinyurl.comld4mswg Beatport Download Link: tinyurl.comm862wfv Label Channel: http:www.YouTube.comMonstercat Artist Social links:
3,614 views | Aug 15, 2013
game | Battlefield 4 Why Premium Should Be Free

Battlefield 4 Why Premium Should Be Free

Just one of Betafield 4's many problems. --- Battlefield 4, BF4, prepare 4 battle, only in battlefield, battlefield 5 beta, best class in battlefield 4, snipers, best sniper setup, binos, best sniping spots in china rising, best map, silk road, operation metro in bf4, china rising map pack dlc, new guns, suav, most overpowered weapon in BF4, seige of shanghai, dawnbreaker next gen gameplay, knife, 64 player conquest large, paracel storm, commander mode, rush, team deathmatch, floodzone, operation locker, zavod 311, rogue transmission, hainan resort, battlefield 4 current gen next gen comparison, golmud railway, tank tips, sniper tips, how to win in battlefield 4, knife customization, how to unlock all knives, counter knife, ps4 trophies, achievements, ps4 xbox one gameplay comparison, dragon pass, defuse trolling bf4, teamkiller, altai range, how to blow up the siege of shanghai building, how to play air superiority on battlefield 4, battlelog, how to get in games with friends, spotting, spawn beacon, spot bonus, all shotguns, spas 12, uts 15, 44 magnum, usas 12 frag rounds, v40 mini, recon, assault, engineer, support, tips, mortar, jets, stealth jets, attack helicopters, boats, secret vehicle in battlefield 4, hannah, irish, dunn, dima, pac, chinese faction, how to get good with helicopters, how to fly in battlefield 4, how to snipe in battlefield 4, conquest large, how to play as female soldier, how to get dice exclusive battlefield 4 unlocks, obliteration mode, sick helicopter skills,
4,242 views | Dec 12, 2013
game | Is Battlefield 4 Premium Worth Buying? PS4 Gameplay

Is Battlefield 4 Premium Worth Buying? PS4 Gameplay

Can we get to 15 likes? :) Don't forget to subscribe, It's free! - http:full.sc1om0fic Follow me on Twitter! - http:full.sc1fSqsUISong:◘▬▬—Links—▬▬◘Team Mind Grind:
1,148 views | Mar 03, 2014

game | How To Get The Phantom Bow Without PREMIUM Battlfield 4

How To Get The Phantom Bow Without PREMIUM Battlfield 4

Thx for this fucking awesome qualiti AMD Gaming Evolved..... With this new free DLC you can get the phantom bow for free. EA is that you???Battlefield4 bf4 Phantom bow Premium unlock Phantom bow without premium
3,276 views | Oct 27, 2015
game | Battlefield 4 The Story Of How I Got Premium for FREE!

Battlefield 4 The Story Of How I Got Premium for FREE!

Hey Guys it's UniqueLegacy Here! This is a quick video showing and telling the story of how I got Battlefield 4 premium for free and I hope you all enjoy... Be sure to hit that like button and Subscribe ! And as Always Keep It Easy!
4,566 views | Aug 16, 2014
game | Battlefield 4 Battlefield Hardline Premium DLC Free Xbox one and PC

Battlefield 4 Battlefield Hardline Premium DLC Free Xbox one and PC

►Twitter https:twitter.comKive612 ►Twitch http:www.twitch.tvrkive612Sponsors ►Origin PC ►CD Keys ►Apply for a partnership ►Donations https:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=M64WH82D5QGYG☢ᴴᴰPC Specs: i7 3770K Processor Asus IV Extreme MotherBoard G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB RAM EVGA SC GTX 970 Video Card ASUS VG248QE Black 24" 144Hz 1ms Monitor Samsung SyncMaster SA550 24" 75hz 1ms Monitor Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Chroma Keyboard Razer Deathadder 10,000DPI
1,347 views | May 03, 2016

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