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Battlefield 4 Official 17 Minutes Fishing in Baku Gameplay Reveal

From - Posted: Mar 26, 2013 - 20,209,368 viewsGame | Battlefield 4 Official 17 Minutes Fishing in Baku Gameplay Reveal | Battlefield 4 Official 17 Minutes Fishing in Baku Gameplay Reveal
Battlefield 4 Official 17 Minutes Fishing in Baku Gameplay Reveal
Battlefield 4 Official 17 Minutes Fishing in Baku Gameplay Reveal
Game Trailer Duration: 17 minutes 14 seconds 
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(Source: Battlefield 4 will release Fall 2013. The "Fishing in Baku" video is shot entirely in-game and is the first glimpse of the human, dramatic, and believable single player campaign in Battlefield 4. Available for pre-order now.

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✦ Submit YOUR videos here: ✦ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https:twitter.comGameSprout►►Second Channel: http:youtube.comchannelUC4WJYtc0ywHqbxZU1xofswA ►► Enjoy the video? Subscribe! http:bit.ly13ma8CS ◄◄ ✦Submissions by: http:youtube.comchannelUCJGNOWHbyHUaqIRedcGmY-A (Hello There!) Xbox User: Dylster5288 http:youtube.comchannelUCkwGIv3P_V-cuVaJRUnCD1A (Cicoo) http:youtube.comchannelUC_3nKiqbCTEVcVfJU3PMMjA (ELarceusdavid) http:youtube.comcFaDeLegitBoss (FaDe_Legit_Boss) http:youtube.comchannelUCdtNT9FnGm4tqj_kGXFatnw (Redish) http:youtube.comchannelUC6ujzBNEL5i-wyKfXRVKFRw (ZeRoSNiPeZzzz) http:youtube.comchannelUCdHvu7FD6SO-3ho_KRuDGVg (ddogisDustin) http:youtube.comuserMrDonkeyhouse (TJLPowell) http:youtube.comchannelUCXHjtSJ57kdUGBayeAczJLw (Battlepalyer2001) http:youtube.comchannelUCDpbBNebDg0vb3yMpMPFrKw (Jedi Waffle) http:youtube.comchannelUCK2DatHyDpu6d9SgglOKMWQ (HALOFREAK1115) http:youtube.comchannelUCMJDrs1bkwiYx-L6j2XaBfw (Thunderbutt47) http:youtube.comchannelUCdQcY2_hjCDw6rHwDs2jACg (MotherfocaPT) http:youtube.comchannelUCsaWTXtQSpdn01nphgdXRBw (ZOMBIE_POPCORN) http:youtube.comchannelUCq-e3zI_LGH9duAYOXwdy5Q (Misha Mironov) http:youtube.comchannelUCjWxNlH9tQUQbq7hEpzX8TA (MR SHBNH) http:youtube.comchannelUCl_nNSjjao666S1XXiW9MpQ (KingM4gnusVIII) http:youtube.comchannelUC5gHliKwt0X3EOg2uh9ffOA (Kubste) Xbox User: xxxJokerxxx076 http:youtube.comchannelUCgNbkmx9Iy6CqEdF9n7f8uA (blacklight9699) http:youtube.comchannelUCl8aY7Sru-4YGt2Vd-Smllw (djlase81) http:youtube.comchannelUCXB8ccVxkK9Iwmlv0wM79hwvideos (ENE12) Xbox User: OddArtistHD http:youtube.comchannelUCMU2wdcQTM9uoMBDyDycW-w (Player2801) http:youtube.comchannelUClz5Zf309FxpD-X6V5ask1w (Mirai Sekai) http:youtube.comuserHagakureization (Alfonso) http:youtube.comchannelUCiMNG9v87-6W9gJd96FNrYQ (pie-ninetyever) http:youtube.comchannelUC1Ei2PsYdiCvC4IwrhGChjw (Arc3lore) http:youtube.comchannelUCAnqpb_VqgbQ6FEyfIt-uqA (DovahkiinBR1) http:youtube.comchannelUCHLoVSTNocMzLioUsIHpbOQ (LittleNinja) http:youtube.comchannelUC2KYRAtQo78XcBuSSzDkglw (Fox_killer_Pl) http:youtube.comchannelUC0kX75jXoRmyWqoZ0K3lv_g (sK Turned) http:youtube.comchannelUCQCm0LZ8B3TGpXkAAFgVuHg (RoostersMan) http:youtube.comchannelUCq1tHduLjSNynHsJkGt3i4Q (ucandoit7474) http:youtube.comchannelUCq6KGFNfLiGRiFtHMpVwtrQ (TW - MonsterRPG-7v2)Gun Sync by: http:youtube.comchannelUCBDixn29a4BAJKbaRGaIteA (DaoBao13) Track: PIXEL Artist: Tokyo Machine iTunes Download Link: Listen on Spotify: https:open.spotify.comalbum1YlLhiC9tiIRKwZ2NCma25 Video Link: from Bona Fide - Martin Landh Chocolate Chip Cookies 2 - Peter Sandberg Dollar Needles 2 - Niklas Ahlström Free At Last 3 (Indie Pop Version) - Josef Falkensköld Sad Drama 5 - Anders Mörlin Slow Ride - Niklas Ahlström Time To Strut 2 - Gunnar JohnsénThumbnail by: https:twitter.comREC_XptrebeloOutro by: http:youtube.comchannelUCAtXit98GL3mTAObUVwcajg (TheSlothsDen)✦ GAMESPROUT STORE:►► SOCIAL MEDIA ◄◄✦ Twitter: http:twitter.comGameSprout ✦ Facebook: http:facebook.comGameSprout ✦ Instagram: http:instagram.comgamesprout►► GameSprout's PC Specs ◄◄ Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2643 @ 3.4 GHz Noctua NH-U12DX i4 Supermicro X10SRA 32Gb DDR4 2133MHz ECC Samsung RAM 250GB SSD Samsung 750 evo (main drive) 500GB SSD Samsung 850 evo (Source files) 2TB WD Black (renderedfinal files) GTX 970 ASUS Turbo Fractal Design Define R5 – Camo wrapped blue Windows 10 Pro Seasonic 650 80+
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just stupid nitpicks
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More content on You are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will become the spark that ignites the revolution into a full blaze. Your crusade will lead you through blood-soaked battlefields. You will not only witness will make it.
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Battlefield 1 - I play my first game with hackers and there were 3 of them! EA Dice Report Electronic Arts help me!DID THEY GET BANNED?? Follow up video here --► https:youtu.beeiDfbDPRaRw12:30 is when they really switch on their hacks against me! 15:20 is when the fighter 1-hit's are really obviousI suspect they had their hacks on a "Low setting", and then got pissed off and turned up the dialThis is on the Operations game mode, - "Oil Of Empires". The map is "Fao Fortress"Twitter......................►https:twitter.comniccamanThis is gameplay from the PC: GeForce GTX 1080 i7-4790k 1440p MonitorI use a Keyboard and Mouse when flyingWanna learn how to crush with the plane? Bomber, 89-0, http:youtu.beTExH1kweo9s Attack Plane, 128-1, http:youtu.bes9zV_X5GD_A Fighter, 161-1, http:youtu.bey4qsw8Ec-1I
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Best Dedicated Servers by & Battlefield 4 features several changes compared to its predecessor. The game's heads-up display is much the same, composed of two compact rectangles. The lower left-hand corner features a mini-map and compass for navigation, and a simplified objective notice above it; the lower right includes a compact ammo counter and health meter. The mini-map, as well as the main game screen, shows symbols marking three kinds of entities: blue for allies, green for squadmates, and redorange for enemiesMy Cyberpower PC : CPU: i7-970 Hexacore 3.2GHz Motherboard: Asus Rampage Gene III Graphics card: 7870XT Tahiti LE 2 GB SSD: Cyberpower Kingston 64gb HDD: Samsung 250 gb & Segate 500gb Memory: 6GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX T1 Power Supply Antec 850W PC Case : ThermalTake Dokker
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Play the Battlefield V Beta for free on September 6*: http:x.ea.com49461. Watch a deep dive on Battlefield V, including details on our new Battle Royale mode 'Firestorm', Single Player War Stories, Multiplayer maps and modes, and our free post-launch live service, Tides of War. This is World War 2 like you've never seen or played before. Welcome to Battlefield V.Pre-order to get early access to the Open Beta starting September 4, alongside EA Access and Origin Access subscribers: http:x.ea.com49462Subscribe and be the first to see all official Battlefield V videos: http:bit.ly270eMcAFollow Battlefield 5: https:www.ea.comgamesbattlefield https:www.facebook.combattlefield https:www.instagram.combattlefield https:twitter.combattlefield *REGISTRATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE ACCESS TO BATTLEFIELD V BETA. REQUIRES PERSISTENT INTERNET CONNECTION, EA ACCOUNT, ACCEPTANCE OF BATTLEFIELD™ V BETA AGREEMENT, (II) PRIVACY & COOKIE POLICY, AND (III) ORIGIN END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT AND INSTALLATION OF THE ORIGIN CLIENT SOFTWARE (WWW.ORIGIN.COMABOUT) . YOU MUST BE 18+. GAMEPLAY PROGRESS, ACHIEVEMENTS, CHARACTERS, CHARACTER DATA ANDOR ANY OTHER VALUE OR STATUS INDICATORS ACHIEVED IN THE BATTLEFIELD™ V OPEN BETA WILL NOT TRANSFER TO BATTLEFIELD™ V MAIN GAME. BATTLEFIELD™ V OPEN BETA IS PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE, MAY CONTAIN ERRORSDEFECTS AND IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY. CONDITIONS, LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS APPLY. SEE ea.comea-accessterms (http:ea.comea-accessterms) AND origin.comstoreorigin-accessterms (http:origin.comstoreorigin-accessterms) FOR DETAILS.
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High Definition video of the F18 mission in Battlefield 3 single player mode.{GHOST} Kevin[R] Webmaster of the {GHOST} WebsiteVisit Us Athttp:www.ghostclan.euwe are recruiting
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🔴 Live Almost Everyday on TWITCH! http:bit.lyFrankiesHideout ➡ JOIN for Members-Only *Behind the Scenes Funny Moments* Videos! http:bit.lyJoinFRANKIE ➡ SUBSCRIBE and ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS if you enjoyed this video! ➡ Twitter Updates! http:bit.lyTweetFRANKIE ➡ My Friend Sada! http:bit.lySadaTwitch - http:bit.lySadaYouTube ➡ My Setup Recommended PC Gaming Gear! http:www.FrankiesHideout.comDayZ Standalone Launcher: https:www.dayzsalauncher.comEmail Frankie if you would like to help: Film Videos Mod YouTube or Twitch Develop Arma or Arma Map Creation. (Good to include what experience you have! Looking for help with Season 2!)Thanks for watching and all the support over the years!
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Top 100 kills: lucky, epic, feed, wins, fails. Clips range from epic sniping to funny moments. Top plays in Battlefield and Call of duty. Black ops, Hardline, Advanced Warfare and more in PART 2. Best video game kills and plays of all time. Best Clips Playlist (clip # is clip episodes, credit links on respective episodes): Next Episode: COMING SOON SUBSCRIBE Previous Episode (PART 1): Recommended: your clip: http:bit.lybestclip - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ● Twitter: http:www.twitter.comStoneMountain64 ● Facebook: http:www.facebook.comStoneMountain64 ● Twitch: http:www.twitch.tvStoneMountain64 ● Instagram: http:www.instagram.comStoneMountain64 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - T-SHIRTS: Intro Design: SwampTGA (https:twitter.comSwpAndrei)StoneMountain64 is a gaming YouTuber. Most known for top plays, top kills, and top clips of the week. There are also top bonus plays of the week. Features the best kills and plays in all categories: Sniping, epic, feed, long range, best headshots, best collateral, win, fail, lucky clips, fail clips, worst fails, most skilled clips. Best kills and top plays also come for many games, but mostly Battlefield and Call of duty. Episodes include Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black ops 2, Call of Duty Black Op3 in the future, plus CoD Advanced Warfare. The full variety of the video game industry and first person multiplayer gameplay can be featured on StoneMountain64's Gaming YouTube channel.
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Battlefield 3 12 Minutes Of Gameplay

Watch 12 minutes of gameplay from Battlefield 3, featuring never before shown footage! Join us as we follow Staff Sgt. Black and his team of U.S. Marines into the bad part of town, as they move to the rooftops to eliminate an enemy sniper in an abandoned hotel. This in-game footage from Battlefield 3 shows off the ANT animation technology in all its glory and as the explosive finish to the Battlefield 3 Fault Line series draws near, Sgt. Black is tasked with disarming a home-made bomb, leading to first-person melee combat with the bomber and a large-scale firefight in the streets against massive opposition. Now see unseen footage from the Fault Line series in the full 12 minute video. Battlefield 3 is in stores this Autumn. Pre order now and get classic Back to Karkand maps from Battlefield 2 for free. http:www.ea.comukbattlefield3
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Battlefield 5 VS Call of Duty WW2 Gameplay Graphics Comparison

Battlefield 5 VS Call of Duty WW2 - Gameplay Graphics ComparisonBefore going into the video i would like to mention that battlefield 5 is in pre-alpha stage. Through this video i'm not trying to prove that one game is better than the other. Both are unique in their own way. BF5 clips are not my own they are taken from other sources...checkout their full
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