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Bau cua tom ca Android game

From - Posted: May 05, 2010 - 1,556 viewsGame | Bau cua tom ca Android game | Bau cua tom ca Android game
Bau cua tom ca Android game
Bau cua tom ca Android game
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Bau cua tom ca Android game .

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Năm nay (Canh Dần 2010), xuất hiện 1 gương mặt mới (mặc áo 2 dây) ... hehehe... và bầu cua là món mới của nhà 61 năm nay, chi tiết thêm là luật đánh nhà 61 vừa dc thông qua vô cùng khó khăn, hở 1 chút là phạt gấp đôi, đánh bài lớn... ăn thua lên đến 300k - 500k USD..... ý nhầm... VND
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The game bầu cua cá cọp (bầu cua cá cọp "squash-crab-fish-tiger") is a Vietnamese gambling game using three dice.The six sides of the die, instead of showing one to six pips, have pictures of a fish, a prawn, a crab, a rooster, a calabash gourd, and a stag. Players place wagers on a board that has the six pictures, betting on which pictures will appear. If one die corresponds with a bet, the better receives the same amount as their bet. If two dice correspond with a bet, the better receives two times their money. If three dice correspond with a bet, the better receives three times their money. For instance, if you place $3 on fish, and the dealer rolls 2 fish and one stag, then you would get $6.
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