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Bé Đi Học Mẩu Giáo Baby Hazel In Preschool

From - Posted: Nov 15, 2013 - 31,952 viewsGame | Bé Đi Học Mẩu Giáo Baby Hazel In Preschool | Be Di Hoc Mau Giao Baby Hazel In Preschool
Bé Đi Học Mẩu Giáo Baby Hazel In Preschool
Be Di Hoc Mau Giao Baby Hazel In Preschool
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Bé Đi Học Mẩu Giáo [Baby Hazel In Preschool] Today is Baby Hazel's first day at the preschool. Baby Hazel is in a playful mood and not interested to go. Convince Baby Hazel and get her ready to go to the preschool. When she is in the preschool with other kids, help them perform different activities by fulfilling their needs. Check hint bubbles to know the needs of Baby Hazel and others. Fulfill their needs quickly to earn bonus points. You lose the game if you make the kids cry. - See more at:

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Buổi Học Về Phương Tiện Giao Thông [Baby Hazel Learns Vehicles] It is another day at Baby Hazel's preschool. Today Baby Hazel and her friends are going to learn about vehicles in their preschool. Help darling Baby Hazel to pack her school bag and then drop her to the school bus. Join Baby Hazel and her friends in the preschool and explore varieties of toys and games related to vehicles. Be with the little kids during their snacks time and help them to learn snacking etiquette. Finally enjoy fun ride on different toy vehicles with Baby Hazel and her friends. Wish you a blissful day at Baby Hazel's preschool. - See more at: http:www.topbabygames.combaby-hazel-learns-vehicles.html#sthash.ebpNofD1.dpufGame Tags: Baby Games, Baby Girl, Baby Games Online, Baby Games For Kids, School Games, Fun Games, Kids Games, Baby Hazel Games
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Tiệc Sinh Nhật Bất Ngờ Baby Hazel Birthday Surprise

Baby Akito from Japan has joined Baby Hazel's preschool. Today is Akito's birthday. So, Baby Hazel and her friends want to give a surprise party to him. Baby Hazel needs to go shopping for buying birthday party supplies. Then along with her friends she has to set up the table for the party. As Baby Hazel and her friends are too young, can you help them in completing these tasks? Also join them in the birthday celebration and make it a memorable birthday for Akito. - See more at: http:www.topbabygames.combaby-hazel-birthday-surprise.html#sthash.GKrXkhjj.dpuf
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Baby Hazel`s festive holidays are almost over; however she is yet to complete her crafts assignment. This is the right time for our little angle to show off her creativity. As she is too young to do everything on her own, she needs your assistance in stationery shopping and craft making. Help her to come up with the best preschool crafts within given time to get a surprise gift from Sofy teacher. - See more at: http:www.topbabygames.combaby-hazel-craft-time.html#sthash.mO712coF.dpuf
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Game Làm thú nhồi bông [] Nhiệm vụ của bạn là hoàn thành những con thú nhồi bông dễ thương.
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