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Best 100 Arcade Games Ever Made

From - Posted: Jan 02, 2017 - 269,725 viewsGame | Best 100 Arcade Games Ever Made | Best 100 Arcade Games Ever Made
Best 100 Arcade Games Ever Made
Best 100 Arcade Games Ever Made
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This is in my opinion the Best 100 Arcade Games Ever.... wont be to everyones liking but i bet when you watch this video youll remember some of the forgotten gems from a lost childhood...enjoy and if you like or dislike leave a comment please :-)

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game | Arcade 90s and 2000s Gratest Hits Top Games in 60 fps 426 Arcade Coin op Games from 1990 to 2009

Arcade 90s and 2000s Gratest Hits Top Games in 60 fps 426 Arcade Coin ...

A new personal and more complete Tribute to remember the awesome 1990s and 2000s arcade times!! The History of arcade videogames from 1990 to 2009, includes 426 best selling games of these years from "1941" to "The Bishi Bashi"!! Recorded in 1080p @ 60 fps!!!Complete list of 426 games present in this clip: https:pastebin.coms4m5fWN4Un nuovo tributo personale e molto più completo per ricordare i fantastici tempi passati in sala giochi con i grandi classici degli anni '90 e 2000!!! La storia dei videogiochi arcade dal 1990 al 2009, inclusi 426 grandi titoli di quegli anni, da "1941" a "The Bishi Bashi"!!! Video registrato in 1080p a 60 fotogrammi al secondo!!!Lista completa dei 426 giochi presenti in questa clip: https:pastebin.coms4m5fWN4Songs in this video:"Street Fighter 2 - Guile's Theme (Treeboi&Kone Remix)" by Treeboi&Kone https:bit.ly2Ljbf3C"Puzzle Bobble (Gymmy J & Daniele Crocenzi Remix)" by Joseph Creatura https:bit.ly2IybR7E"Daytona USA - Let's Go Away" by MovieMovies1 https:bit.ly2rXhguJ"777 Lucky Run (Daytona USA -King Of Speed- Remix)" by RoBKTA https:bit.ly2LhogdK"Sky High'14 (Daytona USA Remix) Wrong Way Edit" by RoBKTA & Hajime Iwadate https:bit.ly2ka4XH8"Dj Miller Tekken Sample" by Lee Miller https:bit.ly2KHAXxk
3,294 views | Nov 05, 2017
game | 1992 60fps Tenchi wo Kurau II Chouun Hardest Nomiss ALL

1992 60fps Tenchi wo Kurau II Chouun Hardest Nomiss ALL

天地を喰らうII -赤壁の戦い- Tenchi wo Kurau II - Sekiheki no Tatakai (Japan 921031) Capcom 1992 ハーデスト設定 Player P21 収録Ver DDEmeMAME0.37b16.98.4 ノーミスALL 使用キャラ趙雲mame replay site http:replayburners.web.fc2.com天地を喰らうII -赤壁の戦い-発売年:1992.11 開発/発売元:カプコン ジャンル:格闘アクション コントローラ:8方向レバー+2ボタン システムボード:カプコン プレイシステムダッシュ(CPS DUSH) CPU構成[68000, Z80] 音源チップ[QSound] 本宮ひろ志原作の同名コミックをゲーム化した作品「天地を喰らう」の続編。馬に乗って戦う前作とは内容がだいぶ異なり、どちらかといえば同社の「ファイナルファイト」タイプの格闘アクションゲームとなっている。攻撃方法も連続技、つかみ技、投げ技をメインに使用するのが今回の特徴。ゲーム開始時に前作より1人多い5人のキャラクターからプレイヤーを選び、3人まで同時にプレイすることが可能。また、プレイヤーは冒険の途中で強力な武器を手に入れることができる。 Tenchi wo Kurau II - Sekiheki no Tatakai (c) 1992 Capcom Co., Ltd.Shang-Lo, a country ruled by murder and violence under the iron fist of the dark lord Akkila-Orkhan. Having driven his own country into ruin and despair, Akkila-Orkhan now casts his covetous eyes on his neighboring countries. As his conquering shadow spread, one man rose up against this black tide. His name was Kuan-Ti, and with the aid of the five greatest warriors and the one wisest mind in his realm, Kuan-Ti would fight to defend his people and lands. The battle begins. A very good side-scrolling beat'em up.- TECHNICAL -Capcom Play System Hardware (CP-S) [CP-S No. 23]Main CPU : 68000 (@ 12 Mhz), Z80 (@ 8 Mhz) Sound Chips : Q-Sound (@ 4 Mhz)Players : 2 or 3 Control : 8-Way Joystick Buttons : 2 = [1] Attack, [2] Jump- TRIVIA -Tenchi wo Kurau II was released in October 1992 in Japan.The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Heaven and Earth Recieving Blows II - Battle of Red Wall'.This game is known in US as "Warriors of Fate [CP-S No. 23]" and in Asia as "Sangokushi II [CP-S No. 23]".- SERIES -1. Tenchi wo Kurau [CP-S No. 04] (1989) 2. Tenchi wo Kurau II - Sekiheki no Tatakai [CP-S No. 23] (1992)- STAFF -Planners : Noritaka Funamizu (Poo), Kin Programmers : Domesan, Xor, Tsu-Zy, 34-Sakontz Character Designers : Fukumoyan, Kyochan, Tenman, Tama Chan, Tanuki, Ball Boy (Ballboy), Mizumo, Yuusuke, Nonsuchi, Youjiro, Saotome, Kurata-N, Ume Onnanoko Designer : Akira Yasuda (Akiman) Sound : Masaki Izutani (T. Yomage), Toshio Kajino (Bull), Oyabun, Inu Special Thanks : Akira Nishitani (Nin), James Goddard (DJames.), Alex Jimenez- SOURCES -Game's rom.
3,501 views | Jun 10, 2016
game | The Story Of Atari s 1983 Nintendo Console Featuring Guru Larry

The Story Of Atari s 1983 Nintendo Console Featuring Guru Larry

When people talk about 1983 they almost always refer to it as the year of the video game crash. But 1983 also almost became the year that Atari had it all, when they nearly reached an agreement to sell the Famicom in all markets outside of Japan under their own name. This is the story of the Atari Nintendo Entertainment System that almost was.Have a small correction on the video. I accidentally used the NES NY trial run for the full launch date and the 7800 full retail launch date. I meant to use the full launch date for both. The NES full launch only beat the 7800 to market by a few months, which if anything it makes the sales number comparison more jarring in favor of Nintendo.My Other Gaming Docs ► https:goo.glq2RjA9Twitter ► https:twitter.comWrestlesGamingFor More Of Alexis' Art visit: Sakebombchu.tumblr.comSuper Jump Online Gaming News & More ► https:superjump.onlineCheckout Guru Larry's Channel ► RumandApple's Channel ► animation by Michael Lanning (with additional editing by me)Link Word DOC with sources: https:goo.glL9nDSwMusic provided by:Motion Array licensed music
4,323 views | Dec 16, 2017

game | Altered Beast Arcade Gameplay Playthrough Longplay

Altered Beast Arcade Gameplay Playthrough Longplay

Full walkthrough of the arcade version of Altered Beast by Sega
4,849 views | Jul 08, 2013
game | Tecmo Arcade Shoot Em Ups In Order Of Greatness some real Gems here

Tecmo Arcade Shoot Em Ups In Order Of Greatness some real Gems here

Please take a couple of seconds to hit the like button and also if you have any requests that you would like me to cover ask in the comments Tecmo probably best known for Silkworm but they made some other great shoot em ups too.... some real gems in this countdown This is in my opinion the order of how good they are...and believe me ive played the hell out of a few of these latelyPlease Like and Subscribe if you like my stuff
3,168 views | Jul 04, 2018
game | Top 10 Most Underrated NES Games Please Give These Classics a Chance

Top 10 Most Underrated NES Games Please Give These Classics a Chance

Top 10 Most Underrated NES Games | Please Give These Classics a Chance - Today I'm gonna show you my top 10 underrated NES games. You need to try these classics at least once. I hope you can discover a new NES game that will become one of your favorites.Check out our Most Overrated NES Games video here: https:youtu.be8uHuZYCe4_kYOU CAN SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR GENERATIONGAPGAMING BELOW:Please subscribe to GenerationGapGaming for free on Youtube here: for Donations to GenerationGapGaming: https:streamlabs.comgenerationgapgamingFacebook: https:www.facebook.comgenerationgapgamingvideosInstagram: https:www.instagram.comgenerationgapgamingTwitter: https:www.twitter.comgengapgaming
1,806 views | Aug 10, 2018

game | Top 100 SNES Games In 10 Minutes

Top 100 SNES Games In 10 Minutes

The Top 100 Super Nintendo games - according to gaming website IGN. Full article on IGN here: http:ca.ign.comlistssnes-gamesNote: I rarely do "top 100" lists as they are extremely subjective and tend to devolve into flame wars. However, in this case, I'm using IGN as the source. If you have a problem with this list ... go take it up with IGN!
1,274 views | Feb 07, 2017
game | 15 DOS Games Still Worth Playing MS DOS

15 DOS Games Still Worth Playing MS DOS

Here's a list of fifteen DOS games that I think are still really enjoyable, and worth playing today. It was hard picking only fifteen as there are so many good games. This is by no means a 'top 15', just games that I recommend playing, and in no particular order.I hope you find something you like the look of. Below are some resources for playing them:https:www.gog.comhttps:classicreload.comhttps:www.dosbox.comhttps:archive.orgdetailssoftwarelibrary_msdos_gameshttp:www.abandonia.comhttp:dopewars.sourceforge.nethttp:www.kongregate.comgames5minutesoffdope-wars
2,980 views | Sep 24, 2016
game | Amiga Top 50 Games

Amiga Top 50 Games

Top 50 Amiga GamesEmulator used: WinUAE 2.3.2Roms can be found at https:www.emuparadise.meThis is MY top list, so please be nice.. thanks :) Enjoy!0:00 Alien Breed 0:33 Another World 1:09 Badlands 1:41 Barbarian 2:16 Batman - The Movie 2:52 Battle Chess 3:25 Beach Volley 4:01 Buggy Boy 4:35 Cannon Fodder 5:07 Chaos Engine 5:42 Elite 6:18 Fire & Ice 6:55 Ghostbusters II 7:32 Gods 8:10 Great Giana Sisters, The 8:47 IK+ 9:24 Ikari Warriors 10:01 It Came from the Desert 10:38 Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road 11:15 Kick Off 2 11:49 Lemmings 12:27 Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 13:04 Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2 13:41 Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's revenge 14:18 North & South 14:55 Panza Kick Boxing 15:32 Pinball Dreams 16:08 Pinball Fantasies 16:45 Pipe Dream 17:23 Populous 17:58 Prince of Persia 18:35 Project-X 19:12 Rick Dangerous 19:47 Rick Dangerous 2 20:20 Rick Dangerous 2.5 20:56 R-Type 21:31 Secret of Monkey Island, The 22:09 Sensible World of Soccer '96-'97 22:46 Shadow of the Beast 23:23 Shufflepuck Cafe 24:00 Silk Worm 24:37 Skidmarks 2 25:13 Speedball 2 25:48 Stunt Car Racer 26:26 Super Cars 27:01 SuperCars II 27:36 Turrican 28:12 Turrican II 28:50 Xenon 2 29:25 Zool
1,627 views | Jan 29, 2017

game | Top 150 MAME Arcade Games 50 1

Top 150 MAME Arcade Games 50 1

Un TOP 150 de juegos Arcade para MAME. (Hay 3 partes en i canal) El TOP MAME del puesto 51-100: https:youtu.beVvKRrt77L5c El TOP MAME de del puesto 101-150 https:youtu.beYjCHZ3Uw9boEs muy difícil hacer una LISTA de los mejores juegos del MAME. Yo he puesto los que pude jugar en mi juventud en los Recreativos, ya que el resto de Arcades para el MAME los estoy metiendo en otras listas o colecciones de mi canal. Además he intentado poner todos los géneros, para que haya variedad, porque un juego esté por debajo de otro no significa que sea mejor o peor. Hay algunos juegos que por problema de Copyright no los he puesto como por ejemplo TETRIS. Pero lo importante es que en este top 150 descubráis grandes juegos ARCADE de otros tiempos, algunos muy antiguos y otros más nuevos. Por último, cuando pongo "Series" me refiero a toda la saga del arcade.SUSCRÍBETE:https:goo.glMqmhKQ
3,714 views | Sep 03, 2017
game | 20 Cancelled Super Nintendo Games

20 Cancelled Super Nintendo Games

Join me as I take a look at twenty of the many unreleased Super Nintendo games...Several of the games mentioned have playable prototypes, some of which can be found here (for use on an emulator or, even better, an Everdrive): https:www.emuparadise.meromssearch.php?query=proto§ion=all
4,423 views | Feb 07, 2018
game | The 75 Best Commodore Amiga Games Ever!

The 75 Best Commodore Amiga Games Ever!

When i first started this channel i made a series of videos called the 30 best games ever. 9 months on and a load of comments later i feel that im now in a much better positions to make a better list Over the last year i have pretty much played retro games every night while either making videos or doing challenges. This list is what i would consider to be The 75 Best Commodore Amiga Games ever so will not have everyone's favourites in there but hopefully there will be a lot that is. I have realised that there are some missing from the best 30 list but on reflection...maybe they werent as good as i originally thought. Games in this video:- No 75. Soccer Kid @ 00:07 No 74. Dragon ninja @ 00:38 No 73. Toki @ 01:11 No 72. Gunship 2000 @ 01:45 No 71. Deliverance @ 02:18 No 70. Heart of China @ 02:50 No 69. Lethal Xcess @ 03:25 No 68. Wiz 'n' Liz @ 04:00 No 67. Rick Dangerous @ 04:35 No 66. Dune II @ 05:08 No 65. Darkmere @ 05:42 No 64. The Lost Patrol @ 06:15 No 63. The Faery Tale Adventure @ 06:47 No 62. Cruise for a corpse @ 07:17 No 61. Wings of Death @ 07:51 No 60. FA18 Interceptor @ 08:26 No 59. Powermonger @ 08:59 No 58. Rainbow islands @ 09:30 No 57. The Settlers @ 10:05 No 56. The Duel Test Drive 2 @ 10:40 No 55. Superfrog @ 11:14 No 54. James Pond 2:Robocod @ 11:49 No 53. The Great Giana Sisters @ 12:24 No 52. Xenon II @ 12:59 No 51. Magic Pockets @ 13:33 No 50. Chuck Rock II @ 14:04 No 49. Ruff 'n' Tumble @ 14:37 No 48. Pirates! @ 15:13 No 47. Pinball Dreams @ 15:48 No 46. Alien Breed @ 16:21 No 45. Armor-Geddon  @ 16:55 No 44. Defender of the Crown @ 17:21 No 43. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis @ 17:52 No 42. Beneath a Steel Sky @ 18:27 No 41. Crazy cars 3 @ 19:00 No 40. Deluxe Galaga @ 19:33 No 39. Gods @ 20:07 No 38. New Zealand Story @ 20:42 No 37. Wizzball @ 21:12 No 36. Populous II @ 21:43 No 35. Shadow of the beast @ 22:14 No 34. Silkworm @ 22:49 No 33. Stardust @ 23:24 No 32. Speedball II @ 23:59 No 31. R Type @ 24:33 No 30. Kick-Off 2 @ 25:07 No 29. Flashback @ 25:39 No 28. IK+ @ 26:12 No 27. Last Ninja 2 @ 26:47 No 26. lotus 2 @ 26:56 No 25. Lemmings @ 27:21 No 24. Cannon Fodder @ 28:31 No 23. Hunter @ 29:02 No 22. Another World @ 29:32 No 21. Traps n' Treasures @ 30:05 No 20. Hybris @ 30:39 No 19. Wings @ 31:14 No 18. Project X @ 31:49 No 17. Syndicate @ 32:24 No 16. Jim Power @ 32:55 No 15. Sensible World Of Soccer @ 33:30 No 14. Mega lo mania @ 34:05 No 13. Chaos Engine @ 34:39 No 12. Agony @ 35:11 No 11. Hostages @ 35:45 No 10. SWIV @ 36:18 No 9. Stunt Car Racer @ 36:53 No 8. Supercars 2 @ 37:28 No 7. North and South @ 38:01 No 6. Apidya @ 38:36 No 5. Battle Squadron @ 39:08 No 4. Moonstone @ 39:36 No 3. The secret of Monkey Island @ 40:10 No 2. Turrican 2 @ 40:45 No 1. Banshee @ 41:20Please Like and Subscribe if you like my stuff
1,894 views | Dec 19, 2017

game | Arcade Longplay 231 Double Dragon

Arcade Longplay 231 Double Dragon

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: Georgc3Marion has been kidnapped by the black warriors and demanded the lee brothers to disclose their martial arts secrets in return for Marion's freedom. The Lee brothers retaliate by going on a mission to rescue and save Marion. They use whatever technique they have like basic punches, kicks, jump kicks, elbow strike, head butts, as well as weapons. That comes to their hands. The Lee brothers must pursue the gangs through city slums, industrial areas, and the forest reaching out to the black warriors' hideout to confront big boss, Willy the gunman. This is easily the best version of the original Double Dragon. I used to play this game a lot in the arcades. At the very last level where the final boss, while I was attacking Abodo, he grabbed and threw me up in the balcony where Willy the gunman was standing. Wow, did not notice it. It gave me the shortcut to beat him at an instant. After defeating Willy the gunman, all other enemies start to retreat. I only managed to kill one enemy which was Jeff preventing him from escaping. I assumed the difficulty was played on medium or hard since I did not check the settings at all. Tried playing this game on MAME-Rerecording but the emulator movie file desync so I had to play it on MAMEUI with directing AVI recording instead.
4,045 views | Jun 19, 2012
game | Capcom Arcade Beat Em Ups

Capcom Arcade Beat Em Ups

Review about all the classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up arcade games made by Capcom. #retro #retrogaming #nes #snes #jamesrolfe #mikematei #atari #playthrough #gameplay #gamereview
4,300 views | Jun 13, 2017
game | MAME top 250 Games HD

MAME top 250 Games HD

4,570 views | Mar 10, 2018

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