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Best 100 Arcade Games Ever Made

From - Posted: Jan 02, 2017 - 351,664 viewsGame | Best 100 Arcade Games Ever Made | Best 100 Arcade Games Ever Made
Best 100 Arcade Games Ever Made
Best 100 Arcade Games Ever Made
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This is in my opinion the Best 100 Arcade Games Ever.... wont be to everyones liking but i bet when you watch this video youll remember some of the forgotten gems from a lost childhood...enjoy and if you like or dislike leave a comment please :-)

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The 1980s was the height of the arcade gaming industry and featured some amazing games including Outrun, Bubble Bobble, Rampage any many more. Why not tell me your favourite arcade games in the comments section below and please like and subscribe as there will be plenty more gaming countdowns on the way.
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Full walkthrough of the arcade version of Altered Beast by Sega
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game | Double Dragon On Every System It Was Released On

Double Dragon On Every System It Was Released On

I had to do this video just for myself, Double Dragon is my favorite Game of all time (Arcade) so i took a trip down memory lane of a game that defined my arcade days in the 80's early 90's I have included some new remakes just to give every system a shout. Some good some not so good and some......well let me say ive completed DD on 7 systems tonight....and i loved every minute of it :-) As usual Like if you like, dislike if you dont, leave comments and dont forget to subscribe if you like my stuff :-)
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game | TAS Arcade Marvel vs. Capcom by SDR in 25 37.7

TAS Arcade Marvel vs. Capcom by SDR in 25 37.7

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http:tasvideos.org2098M.html. TAS originally published on 2012-09-03. Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is a 1998 Arcade fighting game developed by Capcom. It continues the lineage of Capcom fighting games featuring characters from Marvel comics, and is the game that paved the way for the hugely successful Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Each team has two characters (which can be simultaneously controlled at certain times), plus a third summon assist character. This leads to quite a few things happening on the screen at once. There are quite a few glitches showcased; see the author's comments (http:tasvideos.org3685S.html) for a complete listing.
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Hola Amigos De Youtube... Este Es Mi Primer Gameplay... Comenten, Puntuen.. Informacion: Chuzas En Todos Los Niveles... Pero En Algunos (2 - 31) Me Dio La Carita Y No Me Dio Los Pergaminos... Nota: En El Nivel 28 (15:14) Se Me Lagueo El Fraps Y Se Corto La Grabacion Por Unos Segundos.. Disculpen =D Solo Falta La Parte Que Agarraba Los Pergaminos Y Los Sushi xDProgramas Utilizados: Frarp 3.0.3 - Camtasia Studio 8 - Audacity 2.0.3Saludos Y Hasta La Proxima..!!
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game | Top 60 Arcade Coin op Racing Games from 1976 to 2018 with original game sound in 60 fps

Top 60 Arcade Coin op Racing Games from 1976 to 2018 with original gam...

A personal list of top 60 games that define history of arcade coin-op racing games. Driving games from 1976 "Night Driver" by Atari to 2017 "Daytona Championship U.S.A." by Sega. Recorded in 1080p @ 60 fps. Games recorded with original in-game sound.Una lista personali dei migliori 60 giochi che costituiscono la storia dei giochi di guida arcade da sala giochi, da "Night Driver" di Atari del 1976 fino a "Daytona Championship U.S.A." di Sega del 2017. Registrato in 1080p a 60 fotogrammi al secondo. Giochi registrati con il suono originale.Top 60 arcade coin-op racing games list:1. Night Driver (Atari, 1976) 0:10 2. Drag Race (AtariKee Games, 1977) 0:35 3. Monaco GP (Sega, 1979) 0:53 4. Speed Freak (CinematronicsVectorbeam, 1979) 1:17 5. Turbo (Sega, 1981) 1:42 6. Pole Position (Namco, 1982) 2:10 7. Pole Position II (Namco, 1983) 2:43 8. TX-1 (TatsumiAtariNamcoTaito, 1983) 3:15 9. GP World (Sega, 1984) 3:44 10. Road Fighter (Konami, 1984) 4:15 11. Buggy BoySpeed Buggy (TatsumiData East, 1985) 4:44 12. Hang-On (Sega-AM2, 1985) 5:13 13. Championship SprintSuper Sprint (Atari, 1986) 5:46 14. Out Run (Sega-AM2, 1986) 6:24 15. Continental Circus (Taito, 1987) 7:04 16. Final Lap (Namco, 1987) 7:40 17. Super Hang-On (Sega-AM2, 1987) 8:10 18. Chase H.Q. (Taito, 1988) 8:46 19. Hard Drivin' (Atari, 1988) 9:19 20. Power Drift (Sega-AM2, 1988) 9:46 21. Winning Run (Namco, 1988) 10:23 22. Super Monaco GP (Sega, 1989) 10:56 23. Turbo Out Run (Sega-AM2, 1989) 11:24 24. Cisco Heat (Jaleco, 1990) 12:09 25. Race Drivin' (Atari, 1990) 12:49 26. Rad Mobile (Sega-AM2, 1991) 13:36 27. OutRunners (Sega, 1992) 14:17 28. Virtua Racing (Sega-AM2, 1992) 15:07 29. Ridge Racer (Namco, 1993) 15:47 30. World Rally (GaelcoAtari, 1993) 16:46 31. Cruis'n USA (Midway, 1994) 17:28 32. Daytona USA (Sega-AM2, 1994) 18:11 33. Ridge Racer 2 (Namco, 1994) 19:01 34. Rave Racer (Namco, 1995) 19:58 35. Sega Rally Championship (Sega, 1995) 20:48 36. Cruis'n World (Midway, 1996) 21:35 37. GTI Club (Konami, 1996) 22:19 38. San Francisco Rush (Atari, 1996) 23:03 39. SCUD RaceSega Super GT (Sega-AM2, 1996) 23:44 40. California Speed (Atari, 1998) 24:29 41. Daytona USA 2 (Sega-AM2, 1998) 25:13 42. Sega Rally 2 (Sega, 1998) 26:02 43. Thrill Drive (Konami, 1998) 26:50 44. Crazy Taxi (Sega, 1999) 27:16 45. Ferrari F355 Challenge (Sega-AM2, 1999) 28:03 46. Hydro Thunder (Midway, 1999) 28:54 47. 18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker (Sega-AM2, 2000) 29:40 48. Initial D: Arcade Stage (SegaSega Rosso, 2002) 30:36 49. The King of Route 66 (Sega-AM2, 2002) 31:11 50. F-Zero AX (SegaNintendo, 2003) 31:52 51. OutRun 2 (Sega-AM2, 2003) 32:28 52. OutRun 2 SP (Sega-AM2, 2004) 33:12 53. Chase H.Q. 2 (Taito, 2007) 34:01 54. Sega Race TV (Sega-AM2, 2008) 34:34 55. Sega Rally 3 (Sega, 2008) 35:26 56. Dead Heat (Bandai Namco, 2010) 36:17 57. Road Fighters 3D (Konami, 2010) 37:02 58. Storm Racer G (WahlapSega, 2014) 37:51 59. Cruis'n Blast (Raw ThrillsNintendo, 2016) 38:43 60. Daytona Championship USA (Sega, 2017) 39:15#RacingGames #arcade #coinop
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game | WINNING A PS4 AT KEYMASTER Arcade Games


Hey guys! Today we head off to the arcade and win a PS4 from the arcade! Enjoy!CARSON CLAWS MERCHANDISE! http:carsonclaws.cujographyx.comFAN MAIL! Po box 722 Walled Lake, MI 48390Shoutout to Claw Craziness for making the thumbnail! YOU GUYS ROCK! :D Thanks For Watching! Please comment, rate, and subscribe! :D Follow me! Instagram: @carson_scheer Snapchat: @carsonscheer Twitter: @carsonscheer
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game | The Best Looking Sega Megadrive Genesis Games Ever!

The Best Looking Sega Megadrive Genesis Games Ever!

Oh lets get this out the way First My good Youtube friend Ed Gizzi (as featured in the hijack add video at the start) needs subs and views. If you havent seen Eds channel please go check it out you wont be sorry him get over 200 subs and then onward and upward to youtube fame where he belongs :-) Man some of these games are beautiful.... Its amazing that these are over 25 years old. This is in my opinion the best looking games to ever be released on the Sega Megadrive (and a lot of them would also be on many people best games ever list) Obviously i will have missed some so if you have any that you think should be on here let me know so i can check them out :-)Games featured in this video :- Advanced Busterhawk GleyLancer @ 00:29 Aladdin @ 01:00 ALIEN SOLDIER @ 01:34 Beyond Oasis @ 02:08 Castlevania Bloodlines @ 02:42 COMIX ZONE @ 03:16 Contra: Hard Corps @ 03:49 Dynamite Headdy @ 04:23 Earthworm Jim 2 @ 04:57 Ecco: The Tides of Time @ 05:31 Flashback @ 06:04 Flink @ 06:38 Garfield: Caught in the Act @ 07:11 Golden Axe 2 @ 07:45 Gunstar Heroes @ 08:19 Herzog Zwei @ 08:52 The Lion King @ 09:26 Mega Turrican @ 10:00 Mickey Mania @ 10:34 M.U.S.H.A @ 11:08 Panorama Cotton @ 11:41 Pier Solar @ 12:15 Pulseman @ 12:49 Ranger-X @ 13:23 Ristar @ 13:56 Robocop vs. Terminator @ 14:30 Rocket Knight Adventures @ 15:04 Shinobi III @ 15:38 Sonic and Knuckles @ 16:11 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 @ 16:45 Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition @ 17:19 Streets of Rage 2 @ 17:54 Streets of Rage 3 @ 18:24 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Hyperstone Heist @ 18:57 Thunderforce IV (Lightening Force) @ 19:31 Vectorman @ 20:05 Vectorman 2 @ 20:41 World of Illusion @ 21:14Please like and subscribe if you like my stuff
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game | MY TOP 10 ARCADE GAMES Happy Console Gamer

MY TOP 10 ARCADE GAMES Happy Console Gamer

top 10 arcade games Subscribe! and add us on Twitter!!HCGSHOW
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game | Top 100 SNES Games In 10 Minutes

Top 100 SNES Games In 10 Minutes

The Top 100 Super Nintendo games - according to gaming website IGN. Full article on IGN here: http:ca.ign.comlistssnes-gamesNote: I rarely do "top 100" lists as they are extremely subjective and tend to devolve into flame wars. However, in this case, I'm using IGN as the source. If you have a problem with this list ... go take it up with IGN!
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game | Double Dragon 2 Nes Full Playthrough Supreme Master ♛ No Death

Double Dragon 2 Nes Full Playthrough Supreme Master ♛ No Death

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Make sure you follow me on dailymotion for exclusive videos. http:www.dailymotion.comHeroesOfXanadu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Player:Heroes Of Xanadu - My Favorite Side-Scrolling Beat 'em up on any Home System ever Released.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Double Dragon II: The Revenge ( Daburu Doragon II: Za Ribenji? ) is a side-scrolling beat 'em up produced by Technōs Japan originally released as a coin-operated arcade game in 1988. English localization was published by Acclaim Entertainment, which was released on January 1990 in North America and later in the PAL region. It was later re-released on the Virtual Console in North America on June 21, 2012 for the Wii and on June 12, 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS.The NES version of Double Dragon II has many little differences from the original arcade game. Unlike the first NES game, the game now features a co-op mode. There are two different co-op modes: in mode A, the player's attacks will not hurt each other; in mode B, they will. There are also three difficulty settings, which also determines the length of the~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~game.The final mission is only available on the hardest difficulty setting.The story is the same as the arcade version with the only difference being the true ending in which Marian is resurrected, the game now has story sequences between each stage which serves to advance the plot. The level designs are also completely different, with the NES version featuring nine missions instead of just four. Most of the enemy characters from the arcade version are featured in the NES version as well, while a few were replaced by new ones. Notably, the ninth and final mission is a battle against the "Mysterious Warrior", character introduced in the NES version.The NES version is not a port of the arcade game, but rather serves as a loose adaptation, much like the first NES game. While the basic premise of Billy and Jimmy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lee going on a mission to avenge Marian's death is the same, the main antagonist was changed from Machine Gun Willy to a new enemy known only as the "Mysterious Warrior", a rival martial artist who challenges the Lee brothers with his own supernatural fighting style. Unlike the first NES game, Double Dragon II can be played by up to two players simultaneously. The game offers an "A mode" where both players can't harm each other and a "B mode" that allows friendly fire.The structure of the game is completely different. While the first stage resembles the one from the arcade version, the level designs deviates completely from Mission 2 and onward, with scenes set in a variety of new locations such as the interior of a moving helicopter, an undersea base and a series of trap rooms. There are a total of nine~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~stages in the NES version. Before each stage, a cut-scene is shown (similar to the ones in the NES version of Ninja Gaiden) consisting of still imagery and text which provides the setting of the stage. The enemy characters are roughly based on the ones featured in the arcade version, but some of them carry different weapons or have new fighting techniques, such as Rowper's ability to throw boomerangs at the player. Besides the final boss, the other enemy characters that are introduced in this version are the "right-hand men" that serve as recurring sub-bosses from Mission 2 and onward, and the ninjas that appear at the end of Mission 2 and later on in Mission 8.The game retains the directional-based combat system from the arcade version. Unlike the first NES game, the player has full access to Billy or Jimmy's~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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game | Arcade Longplay 244 WWF Wrestlefest

Arcade Longplay 244 WWF Wrestlefest

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: JagOfTroyVery nostalgic arcade game that robbed me of many quarters. Another great four-player game that featured the classic wrestlers from WWF. If you see my energy levels mysteriously returning to full, it's because using another credit replenishes it which you pretty much have to do in order to beat the game since you don't get enough back after each match. Royal Rumble is saved for the end of the video.
1,570 views | Sep 08, 2012
game | Mame top 150 games HD

Mame top 150 games HD

2,595 views | Dec 27, 2016
game | 10 Most INSANE Arcade Games You Won t Believe Exist

10 Most INSANE Arcade Games You Won t Believe Exist

Have you ever heard of these crazy and rare arcade games? 10 Most INSANE Arcade Games You Won't Believe Exist!Subscribe to TheHub: http:goo.gl87YJzGTry out ThePremium Network for free:*:y:cF5zjNLVdPkGET MORE AWESOME VIDEOS AT: The Gamer: https:goo.gl9cpWgf Screen Rant: http:goo.glho3Hg6 The Talko: https:goo.glHnoaw3 The Richest: http:goo.gl4ytLE3 The Richest Espanol: https:goo.glgzXpQH The Things: https:goo.glcv6b96 The Sportster: http:goo.glmZKUfd The Trendy: https:goo.glhHvOf8 The Hub: http:goo.gl87YJzGThe arcade is coming back into style. With barcades popping up in major cities, old-school systems like the original NES being repackaged and resold by Nintendo, and new books and movies filled with nostalgic references like Ready Player One, the games of yore are back for a new renaissance. Yet, for every new Super Mario adventure, there are those forgotten, goofy or just plain bad video games collecting dust in a bunker in Russia or in a Landfill in the Gobi Desert. Here are some of their stories. Just like a bar in an old MTV music video, TheHub has assembled the 10 Most Insane Arcade Games. They’re crazy first-person shooters, unbelievable RPGs, lifelike failures of storytelling, shameless tools of self-promotion, exhausting excuses for exercise and mysterious urban legends too crazy not to be true. Punch a dino with Sonic Blast Heroes, pedal up to Heaven with Prop Cycle, pour out a pint with The Last Barfighter, take a risk with Takeshi’s Challenge, clear a house with Exterminator, play a detective in Who Shot Johnny Rock?, pack yourself full with Snack n’ Jaxson, don’t stop believing with Journey, team up with a dummy in Tsukkomi Yousei Gips Nice Tsukkomi, and unmask a conspiracy in Polybius.Once we’re done going through this list, get out there to your nearest pizza joint or ageing movie theater. See if you can find these ancient gaming boxes, bust out your quarters and play.For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]
3,671 views | Nov 06, 2017

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