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BG My Wrist Game Is Sick! Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood

From - Posted: Dec 08, 2009 - 23,254 viewsGame | BG My Wrist Game Is Sick! Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood | BG My Wrist Game Is Sick! Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood
BG My Wrist Game Is Sick! Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood
BG My Wrist Game Is Sick! Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood
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BG My Wrist Game Is Sick! Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood

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Joey's channel: https:goo.glQFRWDI Sponsor my channel: http:goo.gl2szkAm http:twitter.commeloniemac http:facebook.comthemeloniemac http:instagram.commeloniemac_officialGfuel - save 10% off with code: MAC http:gfuel.comOur League of Legends Freelo picks to help you with your ranked Bronze, Silver, and Gold climbs. Top: Melonie's pick: Gnar Joey's pick: KledJungle: Melonie's Pick: Xin Zhao Joey's Pick: ZacMid: Melonie and Joey: AnnieADC: Melonie's Pick: Miss Fortune Joey's Pick: VayneSupport: Melonie's Pick: Sona Joey's Pick: ThreshStream Schedule:Every night at 10:00 pm PST (unless I'm traveling or need a day off - follow me on twitter for updates)My Stream PC:Xidax 2x GTX 1080 SLI X6 Gaming PC (video: https:youtu.beCfMg77atL3o)My Stream Gear:Corsair K65 Mechanical Keyboard: http:amzn.to2cp5scY Logitech G403 Prodigy mouse: http:amzn.to2cKLDen Logitech C920 Webcam: http:amzn.to2c8xxXz Corsair MM300 Mouse Mat: http:amzn.to2ctWRTH Audio Technica ATH-ADG1x headset: http:amzn.to2cVeygs Astro Mixamp: http:amzn.to2cpD9tV Asus VG248QE 24-inch Dual Monitors: http:amzn.to2cGHNo0 DXRacer Chair: http:amzn.to2cjv8uqAbout Me: Name: Melonie MacEthnicity: I'm so mixed I don't know what I am, honestly. Spanish, Native American, English, Italian, other stuff???Favorite game: Tomb Raider seriesFavorite music: Rock and MetalFavorite color: PurpleEducation: College Graduate - IT Web Development degreeTattoos: Gojira in Kanji on my arm and SMJ (my brothers and my initials) on my wristYes, I am the girl from the first season of League of Legend's All Chat :p Business ONLY contact: melonie@meloniemac.comBG Music:
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