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Blender Level Editor 3.0 Game Maker in BGE Project Six

From - Posted: Nov 21, 2013 - 2,036 viewsGame | Blender Level Editor 3.0 Game Maker in BGE Project Six | Blender Level Editor 3.0 Game Maker in BGE Project Six
Blender Level Editor 3.0 Game Maker in BGE Project Six
Blender Level Editor 3.0 Game Maker in BGE Project Six
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Simple Level Editor in BGE. This is a project "Six", and the idea is : Make a "Simple Game Maker" in BGE , for the newbies or children. The current idea is : Create your map, add entities, objects, AI, and others, and create your level aplication and simple game, objectives etc..... BR ___ Level Editor simples na BGE. Este é um projeto "Seis", ea idéia é a seguinte: Faça uma "Game Maker Simple" no BGE, para os novatos ou crianças. A idéia atual é: Criar um mapa, adicionar entidades, objetos, AI, e outros, e criar o seu aplication nível e jogo simples, objetivos etc ....

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