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Brony plays Vinyls silent wish 0

From - Posted: Apr 28, 2013 - 36 viewsGame | Brony plays Vinyls silent wish 0 | Brony plays Vinyls silent wish 0
Brony plays Vinyls silent wish 0
Brony plays Vinyls silent wish 0
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i play vinyls silent wish at 11:30 at night tired as fuck sorry if i read slow....... game is made by Kitsunaga and its awesome thanks for making such a great but simple game. thank for watching /)

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Pony Tales MLP Fanfic Readings A Silent House by Enter Madness tragedy...

Summary: One year after Vinyl Scratch has passed away, Octavia struggles to cope.Original fanfic can be found here -- http:www.fimfiction.netstory100950a-silent-house Since this fic is so long, the download file had to be split into two parts. Part 1 -- http:www.mediafire.comlistenc53yufklal5d3s6A_Silent_House_(part_1)_by_Enter_Madness_(romance%2C_tragedy_-_OctaviaVinyl).mp3 Part 2 -- http:www.mediafire.comlistenvxkz6944ama0ecqA_Silent_House_(part_2)_by_Enter_Madness_(romance%2C_tragedy_-_OctaviaVinyl).mp3Please leave feedback in the comments below. I promise to read and answer every single one. If you have something you'd like me to read, pop that in the comments too and I'll take a look. The beautiful art of my ponysona used in the intro were created by TaserTail, CeeHoff, Catnip Fairy and Matty4z. -- -- -- -- http:matty4z.deviantart.comAnd if anyone feels like checking out my own fanfic it can be found on (http:www.fanfiction.netu139401Scribbler) for non-pony stuff and (http:www.fimfiction.netuserobabscribbler) for pony goodness.Music Used:Here Without You (3 Doors Down) -- The Nature of Daylight (Max Richter) -- Unseen (Adam Hurst) -- The Kingslayer (Cyberwave Orchestra) -- Longing (Adam Hurst) -- Realm of Avatar (Ceres Regnum) -- M25-3 (Darker than Black OST) -- Solace in Darkness -- Celtic Rock Cello (Ilse de Ziah) -- [This is the track Octavia plays at her concert. Be sure to check out this artist's epic cello covers of songs here on YouTube.]Soundscape to Ardor (Bleach OST) -- The Back of an Angeloid (Heaven's Lost Property OST) -- Prayer For Peace (Jon Brooks) -- Astro (Jon Brooks) -- Future Is Now LIVE! -- Dubstep on Cello (DaGamba) -- [This is the track at the end. I still can't believe how good these guys are for a live act. Their sound is what I think a track from Octavia and Vinyl would really sound like.]Art Used:They Both See the Traps by vulpessentia I'm Simply Fabulous by evemonsta Background -- Ponyville Hospital by hawk9mm OctaviaVinyl Hugs by rainbowplasma Disappointed Octavia Vector by kyrospawn Hugs for Octavia by artpwny Octavia by Briskby Octavia Vector by grendopony Octavia by misterlolrus Octavia by nianara Vinyl Scratch Vector -- Proud Moment by namelesshero2222 Vinyl, Stop! Tavi Does Not Look Ok! By drpancakees Wedding Dress Octavia by soapie_solar Worried Octavia by nickscottofficial Octavia's Bedroom by DILeak
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Playing with my Heart Chapter 10 A Dramatic Reading

A Dramatic Reading of the excellent Fimfiction, "Playing With My Heart" by ObabScribbler.Description: Four years ago Vinyl and Octavia broke up. It was messy, painful and left scars on both of them. Four years on, now one of the most successful DJs in Equestria's history, Vinyl receives news that Octavia has been in a terrible accident. The doctors say she may never recover from her coma, but Vinyl refuses to believe them. There are all sorts of stories about coma patients who are brought back by the voice of someone they care about, right? No matter what anypony else says, offers or threatens, and no matter what it costs her personally or professionally, she is determined to stay by Octavia's side and do all she can to wake her.If you enjoy this reading, go and check out some of Scribbler's fictions over on her fimfiction page here: http:www.fimfiction.netuserobabsc...Or, if you prefer, you can go to her youtube channel and see some of HER awesome readings. I'm even in some of them, so you know they're good quality! Find those here:, if you enjoyed the lovely cover art I've used for the story, well, that's because Scribbler commissioned it specifically for her story from the mighty artist Ceehoff who does many excellent works just like this one. Interested in his stuff? Here's his deviantart page: http:ceehoff.deviantart.comBe sure to let me know what you think of the reading! More chapters of this story to follow! Enjoy!
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Twilight Sparkle Plays With Dolls SFM Pony Tales

fimfiction story http:www.fimfiction.netstory58146twilight-sparkle-plays-with-dollsObabscribler started back in mid February. delayed by a phew distractions (*cough* biker-brony and work)Deviant ART channel: http:s80lar.deviantart.comover 1000 screenshots to be sorted out and yes i had to have a phew beers to get it doneComent Hit That Like Button Add To Your Favourites Tell & Share With Your Mates SUBSCRIBE!!!
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Deep Clean Your Vinyl Records

A short video tutorial on the best method I have found for deep cleaning vinyl records. This method is inexpensive and restores records in about a day. It is perfect for turntablists with really dirty records. Enjoy!
230,393 views | May 22, 2010

Cutting a vinyl Record from a Solo Plastic Food Plate

I've cut records from CD's, CED's, and of course acetate. But what about a plastic food plate from Walmart? The correct technical name for the "string of stuff" is swarf. Also: Here's the link to the follow up video:
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HxLxP Astraea Black Ops II Game Clip

Game Clip
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Witch Encounter Minecraft Animation Slamacow

An Original Minecraft 3D Animation by "Slamacow" Steven Subscribe for more Animations ► http:bit.lyslamacowsubscribe ♫ iTunes: http:bit.lywitchtunes ♫ Bandcamp: http:bit.lywitchbcCheck out my other Minecraft Animations ► http:bit.lyslamacowanimation Follow me on Twitter: https:www.twitter.comSlamacow Follow me on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comslamacowVFX Buy one of my Shirts! : http:www.sharkrobot.comcollectionsslamacowThis witch is brewing up some trouble.Rigs and Scene Assets: BootstrapBuckaroo Lil Deuce Deuce Justin Goran Talent: RicePirate Dan Pugsley is copyright to Mojang. Go buy it! minecraft.netTools: Autodesk Maya 2013 Adobe After Effects CS5.5 Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
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How It s Made Vinyl Records

219,726 views | Apr 09, 2009

Let s Insanely Play Pony Space Challenge 79865

I might be getting a little cocky but I think I can beat anyones challenge. Yep I said it.
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EDIT: Thank you for 2,379 views and 13 likes! I never knew how much bigger this video was getting! ^^UPDATE: I am going to make a cleaner audio version on Daily Motion with episode 2. Episode 3 will be posted there as well, and perhaps some episodes on here. I am trying to avoid copyright since youtube is strict with it.Episode 1 is up! May the series begin! The Doctor arrives to Equestria as a brown magical equine and he meets two temporary assistants. What could possibly go wrong?Channel: Follow me on Tumblr: (it's a bit of a mess and still needs more decoration, but it'll get better in the years.)Voice Casting and Credits: SamofBob as The DoctorDoctor Whooves CreeperPaige as Derpy Hooves, Vinyl Scratch and Golden Harvest Over9000Wolf (also co-script writer) as the Newsponies and mysterious stranger. TheEmoGak as Lyra Heartstrings Background Music by the BBC MLP ThemeDoctor Whooves music provided by Michael Kirkland Artist is mechanicalmasochist on DA
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