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Caine s Labryinth Amazing New Game Caine s Arcade!

From - Posted: Jun 04, 2012 - 225,339 viewsGame | Caine s Labryinth Amazing New Game Caine s Arcade! | Caine s Labryinth Amazing New Game Caine s Arcade!
Caine s Labryinth Amazing New Game Caine s Arcade!
Caine s Labryinth Amazing New Game Caine s Arcade!
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Marc Humpert, inspired by Caine's Arcade, created this amazing cardboard marble labryinth as a gift for Caine. Caine thought the game was so cool that he added it to his arcade and started a "Guest Artist Game" section where people can submit games for consideration. Caine's Labryinth has a leaderboard, and a template where you can create your own levels and bring them in for other people to play!

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