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CALM TIME A Free Indie Horror Game

From - Posted: Nov 24, 2013 - 25 viewsGame | CALM TIME A Free Indie Horror Game | CALM TIME A Free Indie Horror Game
CALM TIME A Free Indie Horror Game
CALM TIME A Free Indie Horror Game
Game Trailer Duration: 18 minutes 35 seconds 
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Beatstarz plays Calm Time... but is it really calm?!?! Download Link - http:bit.lyCalmTime Thanks for watching guys! Have Fun.. I guess...-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us.... err.... me now! http:bit.lyViewZehBEATTALION

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Once I realized what the game's premise was, I decided to play along the character. I'm not insane, I swear! :D Click Here To Subscribe! ► http:bit.lyJoinBroArmy New Brosite ► http:bit.lyPewDiePieNetCalm Time Download ► http:bit.ly1g09YsiFacebook ► http:facebook.compewdiepie Twitter ► https:twitter.compewdiepie Awesome PewDiePie merch ► Newest collection! http:bit.lyTshirtsPewdiepie ► (EU+US) ------------------------------------------- Please: Respect each other in the comments. Thanks for all your support bros, rating the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! ........... ...................__ .............´¯'...'´¯¯`·¸ ..........'..............¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~'...') .........\.................'..... ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( BROFIST ...........
4,975 views | Nov 21, 2013
game | YOOOUUUU!! Calm Time

YOOOUUUU!! Calm Time

Play here: http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354… Share this channel by sending people to !└ Subscribe to this drek: └ I am on the Twitter: http:twitter.comslimebeast└ My website has other stuff:… Cool Playlists.└ Town of Salem: └ Horror Games: └ Retro Gaming: └ Minecraft:
2,120 views | Apr 25, 2015
game | Horror Plant Walkthrough Both Endings

Horror Plant Walkthrough Both Endings

This is a video of me, Tasselfoot, beating the point and click adventure game Horror Plant. The end of the video shows both endings. Game: http:www.kongregate.comgamesgudo1horror-plant?referrer=Tasselfoot
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Zeh First Attempt on Static XD It really was a fun game to play!!!Download Link http:gamejolt.comgamesplatformerstatic11329 Dev http:gamejolt.comprofilecharlie-mcshane18442http:bit.lyViewZehBEATTALION
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I've never had a game make me feel this uncomfortable about my actions before...Subscribe Today ► http:bit.lyMarkiplierDownload The Game ► http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354Follow me on Twitter ► https:twitter.commarkiplier Like me on Facebook ► https:www.facebook.commarkiplyT-Shirts: Livestreams: http:www.twitch.tvmarkiplierOutro Song: https:soundcloud.comsukuninjamarkipliergame-remix
3,471 views | Nov 23, 2013
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• SUBSCRIBE TODAY! - http:bit.lyRLJIH8 Let's play Calm Time. A free pixelated indie horror game by the creators of 7 days and Imscared. Created in 10 days for a competition of GameJoltWELCOME ALL! WELCOME MINIONS! .✔Like! ..✔Share! ...✔Favorite! ....✔Download it! http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354 .....✔See me live on Twitch! http:bit.ly1f60lWyNOW ACCEPTING PAYPAL DONATIONS for a limited time. I don't want to stop making videos, donations will help keep the channel alive until it can sustain itself. THANK YOU in advance! Click the link that says "Keep the channel alive" on the main channel page bannerFacebook→ http:on.fb.meSHHTuT Twitter→ http:bit.lySWAMyu Minion Gear US→ http:bit.lyTOcKa3 Minion Style UK→ http:bit.ly176u3Ym Minion Style EU→ http:bit.ly13kSJue-------------------------------- Outro Music;"Rocket" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0
3,942 views | Nov 26, 2013

game | I am Calm... Calm Time

I am Calm... Calm Time

Calm Time is an indie horror game developed by GoosEntertainment. Check it out and download it here! -- http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354Follow me on Twitter! -- https:twitter.comAlphatealOutro music -- Illusion (Instrumental) by Approaching Nirvana http:music.approachingnirvana.comtrackillusion-instrumental
4,042 views | Jan 15, 2014
game | Shining 2014 Calm Time indie horror DOWNLOAD

Shining 2014 Calm Time indie horror DOWNLOAD

Diventa un Homie con la stessa passione. Iscriviti ► http:bit.ly1b8ySE2 --------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook ► http:on.fb.me1mRmWKmTwitter ► https:twitter.comN3v3rStopToPlay ---------------------------------------------------------------Download: http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354Un Like 👍 e un commento carino sono sempre graditi grazie mille Homes :)
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Horror Plant 2 me pls...:)
2,752 views | Oct 29, 2012

game | Calm Time JUMPSCARES GALORE! Complete Game

Calm Time JUMPSCARES GALORE! Complete Game

Calm Time is a free indie pixelated horror game. It is similar to Imscared, 7days, and I See You. "Calm Time" is not a Calm Time.Download Link for Calm Time the Game! ► http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354Subscribe here! ► http:bit.lySwingPoyntFacebook ► http:www.facebook.comswingpoynt Twitter ► https:twitter.comSwingPoynt Submit Fan Art HERE! (Via Tumblr) ► http:swingpoynt.tumblr.comsubmit I Livestream every Saturday at 3PM US Central ► http:www.twitch.tvswingpoyntTwitter and the facebook fan page is the best way to reach me outside of youtube :) (Links listed below)Leaving a LIKE and SHARING really helps our channel! All the awesome-sauce people do it :D....So do cats.And as always, Please leave a comment below about ANYTHING!..Seriously, anything. I'll respond as soon as I can!If you want to be a part of the SwingPoynt channel and get updated on when I upload videos for our channel, then subscribe! (It's free if you didn't know :D )------- Outro Music ------- Horizon by Kazbo Follow Kasbo: https:www.facebook.compagesKasbo... https:soundcloud.comk-sboRoyalty Free Music by http:audiomicro.comroyalty-free-music Sound Effects by http:audiomicro.comsound-effectsLarry the CatThis video is a complete Let's Play lp walkthrough playthrough of Calm Time. It includes an informal review at the end of the gameplay. New this week hd
1,562 views | Mar 28, 2014
game | UNANGENEHM Let s Play Calm Time Deutsch Facecam Indie Horror Game

UNANGENEHM Let s Play Calm Time Deutsch Facecam Indie Horror Game

Woah. Nach dem Spiel fühlt man sich wirklich schlecht. Krasser Shit. Tritt der #CorruptedArmy bei! http:bit.lyDieCorruptedArmy ▶Günstige Gamekeys (Supporten mich) http:mmo.ganS4i ▶#CorruptedArmy SHIRTS: ——————————————————————————— ▶Calm Time Download (free) (indie horror game) http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354▶Let's Play Horror Games (deutsch facecam) Indie Horror Playlist! http:bit.lyCorruptedHatAngst▶Let's Play Ragegames (deutsch facecam) Ragegame Playlist! http:bit.lyCorruptedIstSauer ——————————————————————————— ▶Intro Song: Nero's Day at Disneyland - Action Winter Journey▶Outro Song: Andreas Boldt - Calm Ocean 4 (Epidemic Sounds)▶Social Media: https:twitter.comCorruptedCast https:www.facebook.comCorruptedYT http:www.twitch.tvcorruptedcast Instagram: Corruptedcast Steam: Corrupty▶Sind sexy as federball Padergamez: Lunatic1988: Hacki: Lukaster: Hey Stan: Bador: Killer13: 2014
3,057 views | Oct 17, 2014
game | I M A MURDERER! Calm Time Free Horror Game

I M A MURDERER! Calm Time Free Horror Game

This is the first game that's made me feel genuine guilt for my actions! I felt so terrible after a certain part (you'll see).Calm Time: http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354Thanks for watching! Please leave a comment, I will always respond!Sound Effects: http:www.freesound.orgMusic: (Also the You Tube music kit)EquipmentSoftware used: Audacity Sony Vegas Pro 12 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended Version Fraps Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Behringer C1U Studio Condenser Microphone Tiger Pop Screen Fold-able Desktop Microphone Stand
2,571 views | Sep 01, 2014

game | Calm Time Free Indie Horror

Calm Time Free Indie Horror

Calm Time - http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354 Click Here To Subscribe! ► http:bit.lyYARckK VLOG ► http:bit.ly14KjyfL Streams ► http:bit.ly1911ZGK Twitter ► http:bit.lyZ71AgE T-Shirts ► Facebook ► http:on.fb.meYARpEy Interested in a YouTube partnership? ► http:awe.smaDnK3 Outro Song - http:bit.ly1pkgUF4 ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻
1,229 views | Jun 18, 2014
game | Der Massenmord Simulator! Calm Time Download Let s Play Gameplay Deutsch HD

Der Massenmord Simulator! Calm Time Download Let s Play Gameplay Deuts...

►► Calm Time... Ein Horrorerlebnis aus der Sicht des Mörders! ► Über Feedback und Kritik in Form von Kommentaren wär ich sehr erfreut ;)Was gibts schöneres als einen tollen Abend mit Bekannten und Freunden? Stimmt, sie einfach grundlos alle niederzumetzeln! In diesem Spiel muss man nicht nach dem tieferen Sinn fragen... Wir haben es ziemlich offensichtlich mit einem Gestörten zu tun der nicht nur gern seine Mitmenschen jagt und tötet sondern zu alledem auch noch Wahnvorstellungen hat. Nettes spiel...genannter Monolog: http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354Let's Play Indie-Horror Playlist: Trashkanal: Facebook Newspage: http:www.facebook.comLunatic1988.Fanpage Twitter: https:twitter.comlunatic1988_LP Steamprofil: http:steamcommunity.comidlunatic1988 Instagram: http:instagram.comlunatic1988lp Graphicguestbook: http:www.graphicguestbook.comlunatic1988Ihr möchtet mir all euer Gold, Wertpapiere oder das Erstgeborene schenken? Kein Problem! Einfach in einem kleinen Päckchen oder via Brief an:Daniel E. Postfach 52 03 16 12593 Berlin
4,111 views | Nov 29, 2013
game | Calm Time Full Playthrough

Calm Time Full Playthrough

Warning: this game contains some very disturbing content. Those who are faint-of-heart may want to consider not watching.Welcome to my Let's Play of Calm Time, an experimental game created by a collaboration between Revolab, Ivan Zanotti's MyMadness Works and Bellini Virgil. It was created in a week for GameJolt Contest 10 and is completely free to play (link below).For those unfamiliar with what I do, let me introduce the kind of videos I make. I usually take my time and absorb everything I can from the games I play. I also like to examine them; I'll often talk about how the game is affecting me, what I think of it, what works, what doesn't work, and game design. So my videos are typically a mixture of Let's Play, criticism, and examination. I suppose you could say I'm an analytical let's player. I'm no expert, but I love games and I view every game as a new piece of art waiting to be explored.Learn more about Calm Time and play it for free at: http:gamejolt.comgamesothercalm-time19354
2,559 views | Nov 25, 2013

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