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CelluFun How To Get Free FunCoins Stuff for Free on CelluFun!

From - Posted: Jan 29, 2011 - 13,744 viewsGame | CelluFun How To Get Free FunCoins Stuff for Free on CelluFun! | CelluFun How To Get Free FunCoins Stuff for Free on CelluFun!
CelluFun How To Get Free FunCoins Stuff for Free on CelluFun!
CelluFun How To Get Free FunCoins Stuff for Free on CelluFun!
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Hacking Cellufun by xNeroX

Ethical hacking for a just cause. Give me a thumbs up if you agree with my ethics, and and a thumbs down if you don't... All comments are encouraged
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how to ghost on cellufun tylted .avi

this video will show you how to ghost into groups on tylted formally known as cellufun
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Multiple Cellufun logins remake....

May be confusing but the gist of it....Most people log in under,, etc... what some of you dont relailze is ANYTHING.cellufun can be used as a holder for a log in. eg: is how i log into vvkingofthedamnedvv. is my vvdamn, so on and so fourth. futhermore, if you bookmark these pages, switching profiles is A LOT FASTER.COMMENTS, GOOD AND BAD WELCOME ::]
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game | Cellufun... Low, Broken and WRONG!

Cellufun... Low, Broken and WRONG!

It might be good to pause and read the posts if your having a hard time following along! made this video to give people a brief idea of what is going on in Cellufun. It's a matter of seconds to make a profile on this website and claim to be 18 (when your actually 12) to get into sex groups. Likewise, it is easy to say your 13 (when your 35) just to fit in with kids, exploit their trust. There are forums on that website that have postings asking for nude pictures of children! Their are postings discussing raping little girls in detail! IT IS SO BAD THEIR ARE EVEN POSTINGS WHERE THEY ADMIT THEY ARE PEDOFILES 0.0 This has to stop, cellufun admin needs to clean up their website, because personally I am getting sick and tired of it. I have been attempting to destroy these groups, but why the fuck do I have to?? They should! Mark my words, IT WILL HAPPEN EVENTUALLY! Please note: FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF PRESS
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getting a cellufun Tylted account jailed

this account was jailed with in 4 hours of terror and fun and this video shows a few funny parts and what u can do to get jailed your self
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I decided with all the hackers on cellufun to toss a monkey wrench in the fun and allow everybody to know how stuff is done bendhack wise. I will be making more videos in the near future, Taking requests of the glitches you wanna see, all my knolage will eventually be on here but yea..... Please comment, I will not take down these videos either without an official request. Don't go complaining to me, cellufun is in charge of keeping the website secure, not me.Here is the text you saw in the video word per word.---- --------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Hello, it is VvKingOfTheDamnedvV again...Gonna show you how to unblock anybody you want on cellufun. I will be using VvKing to block UNBLOCKHACKER, my demo profile. Prior to this, I set up everything, logged in and sent the friend requests. Both profiles are friends.I will now block UNBLOCKHACKER from VvKingOfTheDamnedvV...Now to unblock people, you need to send a friend request.. simple ehh? Except the "Make JOHN DOE a friend" button is removed when you block somebody. To get around this, you can do a few things. Go to a war game such as Mob or Vamps and add them by choosing the game and clicking the lower link..."Invite VvKingOfTheDamnedvV to be my friend"Or, my favorite teqnique is to manually type out the url...cellufun.compfrMng.asp?V=STAR409&a=rq&p=*****That URL is the friend request order, the p=***** is the name of the screename you are attempting to unblock. So to unblock VvKing, the url would look like this...cellufun.compfrMng.asp?v=STAR4O9&a=rq&p=VvKingOfTheDamnedvVThis will be the first of many videos, cellufun is well aware of this problem and has been informed many times, so posting this video is an attempt to get this fixed faster, feel free to abuse this, as long as cf doesn't fix it, who cares?Credit for this goes to DemonSeed, og hacker of cellufun. Far as I know, he was the first to know downing this knolage to me.Thanks for watching, *409 -------------------
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some of the most awesome people on cf, with the most true captions.
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This is a video guide on how to hack Bloons Tower Defense 5 with Cheat Engine. NOTE: This method applies to ANYTHING premium. You find the value once, you don't need to again (unless you reload the page, or reload Cheat Engine, of course). Cheat Engine is a free program to download. Game: http:ninjakiwi.comGamesTower-DefensePlayBloons-Tower-Defense-5.html Cheat Engine: http:cheatengine.orgdownloads.php
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game | How to hack user accounts!

How to hack user accounts!

the first time u type in... net user then you type in user (users account name that ur gonna hack) * then press enter :)
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game | Cubugs!


Professor Science needs YOU! He's programmed the cubots to bring you a whole set of colorful cubes. Drop them on the field and connect matching cubes to free the enigmatic cubugs from their icy prisons. If you have a Tylted avatar, you can gather up the cubugs you free and store them in your lab after each game. As you play, you'll collect resources to create new cubugs. Play games with your new cubugs to discover even more new items! Trade, compete, and cooperate with other Tylted players to meet all the CUBUGS!
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game | Spaming SX4RL on Cellufun, 409

Spaming SX4RL on Cellufun, 409

Figured I would have a little fun, the forums of that group were pretty nasty too so an easy target. For those who aren't aware, cellufun is a mobile gaming site that needs a bit of moderation. Their are groups in which explicit content can be posted, dubbed smex groups. The problem I have is the lack of censorship with minors, pedophiles can possibly interact with kids and we can't do a thing about it...... well almost nothing.
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Cellufun password change tutorial

This video is for newbs, or the poor fools who call cellufun support to get no help.... Please comment and share.
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