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Champions Live A Cosplay Celebration, a cosplay show like no other League Festival 2016

From - Posted: Oct 28, 2016 - 9,572,942 viewsGame | Champions Live A Cosplay Celebration, a cosplay show like no other League Festival 2016 | Champions Live A Cosplay Celebration, a cosplay show like no other League Festival 2016
Champions Live A Cosplay Celebration, a cosplay show like no other League Festival 2016
Champions Live A Cosplay Celebration, a cosplay show like no other League Festival 2016
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Champions Live: A Cosplay Celebration, hosted by AllChat hosts Jessica Nigri and Jimmy Wong, as well as Riot artist Shannon ���RiotPhoenix�۝ Berke, and featuring more than 20 League cosplayers from around the world. Expect a cosplay show like no other, with host commentary, accompanying musical and visual effects, and themed groupings including Star Guardian and Arcade!Worlds Playlist:���Match statistics and vods Leaguepedia: http:bit.ly12F8GSq������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ��� Social media below - Follow for regular updates�ҥ��� KazaGamez �мhttp:on.fb.me1N5j0EH �ҥ��� LCS Channel �мhttp:on.fb.me1Sqnusq ���+ �мhttp:bit.ly1Bpjrba �ң��_����ң�ң��Ӊ�� �мTwitter - http:bit.ly1BkVAtG �ң��_����ң��Չ�� �мLivestream: http:bit.ly1BpjzYd ��҉�_�ҝ�Ґ�ң��� �мPaypal: http:bit.ly1cBU6JnSubscribe: http:bit.ly1oZa2wJ

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Cosplay Fanvideo from Riminicomix 2011 July 22nd-23rd-24th 2011 at Rimini, Italy.NOTE: I made this video not for profit but only for the pleasure of people who love cosplay and for my dear friends. (:________________________________________________________ Ed eccoci qui finalmente con il fanvideo riassuntivo del Rimini Comix! Le persone da ringraziare sono davvero moltissime, in primis tutti coloro che si sono offerti di comparire in questo video e hanno sopportato la nostra presenza e le nostre richieste u.ù Devo poi assolutamente ringraziare anche tutti coloro i quali mi sono stati accanto e mi hanno aiutato nella realizzazione delle riprese. Mi spiace se ho dovuto effettuare dei tagli (un paio di riprese non sono state inserite e altre sono state accorciate) ma i video erano troppi per un unico montaggio, e troppo pochi per farne due separati TwT Chiedo ancora perdono per la scarsa professionalità nonostante fossi munito di attrezzi potenti(?), per non aver ripreso eo inserito tutti quelli che volevo, spero possiate capirmi! Grazie ancora, è stata una bellissima vacanza. :3 ________________________________________________________ Persone con le quali mi devo scusare perchè non sono state inserite nel video: - Alberto e il suo magico gruppetto - Yuriko nel cosplay di Ikky Tousen - Lau e Sacchi con il cosplay di Macrosse Frontiere - Izma - Yoko, Pally e Vale nel cosplay delle Super Chicche - Andrea il magico aiutante, doveva esserci nel video mentre dice "chack si gira!" ma questo avrebbe causato la totale non-serietà del tutto u.u Ti vogliamo bene!SCUSATEMI, VE NE PREGO ç___ç
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YASUO WIND WALL SAVES - OUTPLAYS - PENTAKILL ( lol - league of legends montage )credit : https:plays.tvuPiff_Paff https:plays.tvuKitros https:plays.tvuLenell https:plays.tvuKuniDaBezt https:plays.tvuZWilson888 https:plays.tvuARBIONNEVERF0RGET https:plays.tvuAaronSurfeis https:plays.tvuflexfinesse1 https:plays.tvuspiriterino https:plays.tvuxDany11 https:plays.tvu51n5tr1x https:plays.tvujnova888 https:plays.tvuS0urce https:plays.tvuDolan1994 https:plays.tvuAxelCritical https:plays.tvuFlight55 https:plays.tvuLenell https:plays.tvudesignedkill https:plays.tvuSamGroome1 https:plays.tvuArcadeExile https:plays.tvuPawindevil https:plays.tvuJiggybro https:plays.tvuwhiteshark1999Music : NoCopyrightSounds TheFatRat - The Calling ft. Laura Brehm (Boston Remix) [No Copyright Music] Varus- As We Fall [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] - League of Legends Music Tobu & Itro - Sunburst [NCS Release]🛑 Watch more videos ⚡TOP 50 ULTIMATE COMBO : ⚡TOP 30 ONE FOR ALL 2013-2016 : ⚡TOP 50 "1vs1 OUTPLAYS EVER" : ⚡BEST PRO SAVES : ⚡1 HP YOU CAN OUTPLAY : ⚡HUGE JINX ULT ONE SHOT : ⚡RIVEN FULL COMBO ULTIMATES : ⚡DARIUS PERFECT COMBOS : ⚡200 IQ BAIT : ⚡BEST PRO SNIPES : ⚡LUX ULTS -200 IQ : ⚡BOX BOX 😎 The king of RIVEN : ⚡VIDEO FOR FAKER FANS : ⚡LEGENDS NEVER DIE : ⚡ONESHOT "Only 0.00 Seconds" : ⚡OUTPLAYS With STOPWATCH : ⚡ADC 2018 : ⚡AP ALISTAR vs AD ALISTAR : ⚡AD MISS FORTUNE vs AP MISS FORTUNE : ⚡AP JHIN vs AD JHIN : ⚡AD BLITZCRANK vs AD NAUTILUS : ⚡YASUO WIND WALL vs BRAUM UNBREAKABLE : ⚡GOD OF PREDICTIONS : ⚡ Best Escape Ever : ⚡JHIN IS BROKEN 😎 : ⚡THE THINGS YOU CAN SEE ONLY IN ONE FOR ALL 😜 : for watching ! ☛ If a video I have influence, or influence the company, individual or organization please inform me. We will consider carefully and oppressive conduct, edit or remove it immediately.
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