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Cheat codes for Lego Marvel Super Heroes

From - Posted: Oct 28, 2013 - 49,878 viewsGame | Cheat codes for Lego Marvel Super Heroes | Cheat codes for Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Cheat codes for Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Cheat codes for Lego Marvel Super Heroes
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Lego Marvel Superheros Cheatcodes!

Today, I'm going to show you, Lego Marvel Superheros Cheatcodes! CHEATCODE: Thor (classic)- H8CSE6 Spider (F.F)- WFOZXQ M.O.D.O.K- SZ8QO6 Hydra- B7AA3K Duck- J58RSS Spidy Bike- SH9M2Q By Roxio Game Capture HD PRO http:www.roxio.comenuproductsgame-capturehd
88,399 views | Jan 26, 2014

lego marvel super hereos cheat codes

made with ezvid, free download at
36,559 views | Jan 11, 2014

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Cheat codes

Steve shows off some cheat in the in-game menu to help your gaming experience.Website: Facebook: http:www.facebook.compagesEveryday-Gaming-Society133538616709730 Twitter:
155,703 views | Jan 03, 2014

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Brick Apple? 1,000,000 Stud Challenge Lib...

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bonus Level on Lady Liberty Island (unlocking Union Jack). This is a 1,000,000 stud challenge called 'The Brick Apple'. Keep in mind, this challenge is not available until you complete all 15 levels of the game in story mode. In this mission we get to play as Doctor Doom and Galactus and the goal is simply to collect 1,000,000 worth of studs from destroying. Completing this mission unlocks 2 new characters designs: Captain America (Classic) and Union Jack. Sometimes these challenges in the previous LEGO titles have been extremely tight in terms of how many studs you can miss. This particular challenge is not bad, however. You can get 1,000,000 and still have plenty left to do.LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 100% Walkthrough Playlist:
173,730 views | Oct 24, 2013

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Chapter 6 Red Head Detention Black Widow Hawke...
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TOP 10 LEGO Marvel Superheroes Characters

Are you excited? Time to dive into the Marvel Lego Universe! If we can get to 2500 Likes that would be absolutely awesome :-) Leave a like and subscribe ! ===Awesome Sauce=== SUBSCRIBE TO MY VIDEOS HERE : http:youtube.comsubscription_center?add_user=Blitzwinger FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER HERE: http:www.twitter.comblitzwinger CHANNEL (MORE VIDEOS) : http:www,youtube.comblitzwinger I GET MY AWESOME TOYS & COLLECTIBLES- I GET MY AWESOME SHIRTS - GET SOME AWESOME BLITZWINGER MERCH-
707,666 views | Feb 13, 2014

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Gaming Part 2

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Video Game: Gaming Part 2 gaming with Arcadius Kul and Sammie Gaming Channel We going to play and make live commentary to our play :) Subscribe pls: actually our 2nd YouTube Channel and it is about Video Games. Visit our main Channel when we mostly open some Kinder Surprise Eggs, Some Toys Unboxings Reviews . We play with Lego or Playdoh a lot :) here is the link : Enjoy !
41,093 views | Sep 06, 2014

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes All 8 DLC Super Pack Characters Free Roam Gam...

I had a request to show all of the DLC Super Pack characters in one video so I did a fairly quick free roam with all 8 characters as well as the 2 unique vehicles from the DLC Super Pack. Here are the times for each character:00:06 Rick Jones A-Bomb 02:11 Thanos 03:57 Beta Ray Bill 07:39 Dark Phoenix 10:41 Falcon 13:03 Hawkeye (Classic) 16:43 Spider-Man (Symbiote) 20:39 Winter SoldierLEGO Marvel Super Heroes 100% Playlists
1,330,499 views | Dec 28, 2013

Lego Marvel Superheros How to Unlock Deadpool, Gameplay and, More

gameplayAll copyright gameplay goes to Lego Company
51,916 views | Oct 27, 2013

Playskool Heroes Electronic Spider Man Stunt City Marvel Superhero Jus...

Just4fun290 presents this Spider-Man Stunt City! Spiderman can climb the wall! Yes! We said it! Spider-man Actually climbs the wall and shows us inside the Stunt City! Thanks For watching! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!Make sure to check out our other videos with playskool imaginext Batman, Robin, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Riddler, Cat Woman, Bane, "Justice League" Justice League, Lightning McQueen, "Lightning McQueen", Mater, Ramone, Sarge, Sally, and "Disney cars" Disney cars, "Custom Disney cars" Custom Disney cars! Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen as BatCar McQueen saves Batman from Imaginex Gotham City Jail Imaginext Batman Batcave with Robin & Batman Bane tries to to take Gotham City Imaginext Batman & Robin save Lightning McQueen & Mater from Joker, Riddler, Penguin Batcave Disney Pixar Cars Rip-Start Challenge Loop Track Set with Lightning McQueen Mater Doc Hudson Lubewig The Joker tricks Wreck it Ralph into getting Superman Disney Imaginext the penguin Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Muir Deluxe Die Cast with Avalanche Blackout piston peak blade Imaginext Mr. Freeze Gift Set Batman Clayface Custom Lightning McQueen Batcar Robin Mater We have lots of fun videos with Disney Pixar Cars and Planes! Here's how Cars2 and Planes are called in other countries: Arabalar, Autogrotesky, Аутомобили Cars2 "Arabalar 2" "Auta 2" "Auti 2" "Automobili 2" "Autod 2" "Autot 2" "Bilar 2" "Bilar 2" "Cars 2" "Carros 2" "Les Bagnoles 2" "Mankanebi 2" "Masini 2" "Ratai 2" "Тачки 2" "Tachky 2" "Verdák 2" "カーズ 2" "Les Bagnoles animées" "Cars Motori Ruggenti" e "Cars Quatre roues" "bujdy na resorach" "汽車總動員2" "Aviones 2 Fuego & Rescate" "플레인즈: 파이어 & 레스큐" "飛機總動員:打火英雄" "Aviões 2 Heróis do Fogo ao Resgate" "Samoloty 2" "Les Avions 2" "Самолёты Огонь и вода".Music by audionautix,com
48,230 views | Sep 16, 2014

lego marvel superheroes cheat codes

lego marvel superheroes cheat codes
37,901 views | Mar 31, 2014

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Unlocking Heimdall Gameplay All Heimdall Miss...

This video shows how to unlock Heimdall for purchase in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. In order to do this you must find and complete all 3 of Heimdall's missions. The first mission is at the east docks in the Industrial Area. The 2nd mission is in Times Square and you must rescue 4 citizens trapped in blocks of ice. Now, before you can access the 3rd and final Heimdall mission, you must have completed another mission at the east docks in Industrial District. There is a man from Asgard who wants some new clothes so he can fit in on Earth. This appears to be the same man that you need to escort in mission 3, so until you complete his mission Heimdall will not appear on the map in Little Italy (Mission 3).LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 100% Walkthrough Playlist:
509,489 views | Nov 04, 2013

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Blue Venom Big Fig Gameplay

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Playlist► Subscribe for more Videos! http:bit.lyDoMbA ● My Twitter - http:bit.lyWbiz3v ● My Facebook - http:bit.lyWt0u0x ● Koenigc Facebook - http:bit.lyX48cue
65,098 views | Aug 22, 2014

Lego Marvel Super Heroes How to Unlock Stan Lee All 50 Stan Lee in Per...

How to Unlock Stan Lee in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 720P HD. Filmed on XBOX 360, but also available on PS3 and Wii UHow to Unlock Deadpool - http:youtu.beGtr0DkUh15Y Check out my Skylanders Swap Force videos - or my Disney Infinity videos - - http:www.twitter.comjojopetv Facebook - http:www.facebook.comjojopetv
1,833,414 views | Oct 31, 2013

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 100 Walkthrough Part 9 Doctor in the House Gr...

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes walkthrough part 9 for the Xbox 360. This video shows level 9 called 'Doctor in the House' where we get to play as Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing, The Human Torch and Nick Fury. The boss fight on this stage is Green Goblin. This walkthrough is going to be a complete 100% walkthrough with all characters unlocked, all Minikit locations, Red Bricks, Stan Lee in Peril's, all vehicles and gold bricks. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 100% Walkthrough Playlist:
626,114 views | Oct 23, 2013

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